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3 Months go by, SS - or is it?

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101 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 10:46 am

Thinking for a moment about her question he said.

Well you would gain some of my abilities I guess... but drinking demon blood can lead to an addiction so I wouldnt want you to drink it.

He leant in and kissed Lily pulling the cuff of his shirt down over his hand and taking one of the bullets from her hand he held it up and said.

But you can mix it with your golms like you did back then and make them more powerful if you need to.

After saying this he handed the bullet back to Lily and started to kiss her again.

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102 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 10:55 am

Instantly breaking the kiss.
Looking at the bullets.
is that so...
Getting off the bed and going back to her box again, she rumaged and found a small silver container.
Tipping the container she made a cirlce around herself on the floor.
She then sat inside the circle looking at michael.
Smiling at him as she sat there.
salt circle

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103 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 11:09 am

Not sure what Lily was doing he wasnt quick enough to stop her rushing over to her he was stopped by the wall created stumbling back a few steps he said.

Lily what exactly are you doing?

He sat down infront of the salt circle keeping a slight distance from it unable to stop her from what she was planning to do.

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104 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 11:20 am

As michael stumbled away lily knew the salt her dad sent her had worked.
Putting the container down on the floor withing the circle she looked at him.
She looked down at her hand moving the bullets around in it.
The blood has been in these a long time...I doubt its even safe to drink this...
She thinks to herself.
She looks around the room, holds back a small smile.
Looking at michael again she smirked.
Crouching she looked at michael narrowing hers eyes tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth.
She jumps on him throwing him backwards onto the floor sitting on top of him.
She manages to grab the dagger she dropped on the floor earlier, ripping michaels shirt open she makes a cut on michaels shoulder leaving the blade in at the end.
Putting her mouth to the freshly made cut before it heals.

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105 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 11:20 am

Watching how the friendly ghost replaced what once was a book with a pillow for Yuviel he smiled at the act and in a lowered voice said to the ghost;

..thank you...

For a while he watched Yuviel sleep, she seemed at peace and he had to resist the urge to touch her. Letting out a small sigh he went back to reading the book.

After a few moments he found a phrase that caught his eye and the words were easy as well. Calling the ghost over he whispered the phrase into the ghost's ear, pronouncing it to the best of his ability. Pulling away he looked at the ghost curiously. The ghost smiled at Alexander and patted his back before floating away.

Reassured he got the phrase right Alexander smiled at the success and closed the book, placing it in front of him. Leaning on the table Alex looked back at the sleeping Yuviel and stretching out his hand across the table, gently moved her hair from her forehead. Pulling his hand back he continued to watch over her...

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106 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 11:33 am

Watching Lily moving around in the barrier he was unsure of what was going through her mind until suddenly she pounced at him and ripped his shirt open followed by the pain of a dagger to his shoulder followed and he saw Lily moving for the newly opened wound and wasnt quick enough to stop her she had her mouth on the wound for a few seconds before he managed to push her off the top of him pulling the dagger from his shoulder and throwing it across the room he pinned Lily down to the floor and said in an angry tone.

Why would you do something like that Lily? I warned you about my blood but you didnt listen...

He keep her held down unsure if she had gotten any blood feeling the wound closing up and mostly healed.

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107 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 11:45 am

Lily wasnt sure what happend after she put her mouth to michaels shoulder.
All she knew was she was now the one on the floor.
Her eyes were filled with fear as she looked up at michael. It didnt take long before she began to cry.

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108 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 11:53 am

As he looked at Lily he saw something he had seen plenty of times before... just never from her... fear. He let go of Lily and got off of her and said to Lily.

Im sorry I dont know what possesed me to do that... are you ok Lily?

He moved back over to her helping her from the floor and hugging her unsure how she is going to react to him.

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109 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 11:59 am

Being held by michael didnt stop her crying.
Why so ma-ad? you let that...that creature taste your blood that time
Lily said sniffing in between parts of the sentence.

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110 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 12:06 pm

As he held her she didnt stop crying and went on to talk about a creature tasting his blood to which he said.

I dont care about anyone else drinking my blood... its dangerous to most... including you... I just dont want to see you ending up like one of them... Ive watched good people turn bad off of my blood... and if that were to happen to you... I... I..

Holding Lily closer to himself Michael had started to cry unable to finish what he was saying.

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111 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 12:13 pm

Listening to michaels reason, lilys eyes filled with heavier tears, and she began to shake a little.
Putting her arms up to hug him back but instead letting them drop.
I just...I didn't...sorry.
Lily said struggling and getting free of michaels embrace, still crying herself.
She walks over to the bed, lifting the plate with the cake on it up and putting it on the edge of the bed side table. It feel off but she didnt care, she climbed under the covers pulling them all over herself knocking the rest of the school uniform from earlier onto the floor.
She curled up as tightly as possible, crying more.

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112 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 12:21 pm

As Lily left him alone he continued to cry for a few moments hearing some movement as Lily moved back into the bed. He got up and walked over to the bed kneeling down beside it he said.

Its not your fault you didnt know... I just dont want anything bad to happen to you... because I love you...and I dont know what I would do without you..

He said all of this holding back more tears trying to be strong for Lily's sake.

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113 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 12:24 pm

When michael said it wasnt her fault she bit her lip because she felt that it was her fault for sure.
She had never seen him make such a scary face towards her.
Not saying anything back she lay there is silence for a while then not turning over she stretched her hand outside of the covers to michael, basically inviting him under with her.
She lay waiting to see if he would take it or not.

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114 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 12:32 pm

Waiting for a while after he had told Lily it wasnt her fault he wasnt sure what her reaction was but he would wait as long as it would take until she suddenly held her hand out to him from under the covers. Michael got off of the floor and slowly got under the duvet with Lily hugging her around the waist and kissing her once on the cheek he brought his head to rest just behind hers.

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115 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 12:43 pm

Lily felt relieved some what when michael took her hand and joined her under the covers. As he kissed her on the cheek she closed her eyes and tears spilled out. She could feel his breath, and his body heat was making being under the covers a lot warmer.
She didnt want to lose these feelings.
Grabbing michaels hands she pulled them up to her mouth holding onto them and kissing them.
I'm sorry, i'm so sorry
She said in a quiet strained voice.
After every kiss she gave his hands she would whisper sorry while crying.
She was holding onto his hands very tight.

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116 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 12:52 pm

Lily held his hands tightly kissing them as she did he could feel tears running passed them.

Im sorry for getting so angry at you... I just dont want to lose you.

Slowly moving his hand down to Lily's shoulders he turned her around to face him smiling at her he started to wipe the tears from her eyes and then kissing Lily hoping it would never end.

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117 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 1:00 pm

Being turned over and looking in michaels eyes while he wiped away her tears she wished she hadnt done what she did, it was stupid and she knew it.
She kissed him back when he kissed her.
Lily moved her hands up to michaels face, holding his face in her hands she put her forehead to his.
Im sorry, i dont want to lose you either
She said begining to cry again, stroking his cheeks with her thumbs.
She began to kiss michael again.

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118 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 1:07 pm

As Lily told him she never wanted to lose him he felt happier as she stroked his cheek and started to kiss him again he kissed her back feeling happier every moment he spent there with her a few tears still rolling down his face.

I love you.

He said breaking the kiss for a moment before rejoining them in another his arms around her back holding her close to him.

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119 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 12th 2010, 1:00 am


Yuviel, despite minor interruptions remained asleep as Alexander adjusted her hair so he could peek on her sleeping face – almost smiling as he did it.

3 Hours passed, the curfew has taken effect and all normal students not living on the grounds have left. (16:00)
- The rain has died down to a drizzle and mild wind.
- The last remnants of daylight are escaping the sky.
- 2 Council members are at the North gate.
- 4 Council members are patrolling the block around the school.
- Council car is parked in the south gates parking lot.

Bounty information:
- Dopplegangers have been found lurking around the local market place. 2GC/vial.
- Ghoul horde in the sewers. 3GC/vial.
- Vampires guarding several manholes near the town center. 7GC/vial
- Lycan spotted at the Graveyard. 100Crowns alive / 25 dead.
- Rogue goblin and orc kin at the cities parkland. 2GC/head.
- Axe murderer – 150 Crowns alive, bring back to outpost or Graveyard.

Yuviel woke up, somewhat drowsy from the sleep – her hair was a mess but otherwise fine – looking around, she saw Alexander laughing at random phrases in the book she gave him but didn’t feel like making Alexander aware of her being awake.

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120 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 12th 2010, 2:22 am

As he finished reading the notebook Alexander let out a tired sigh, the language was pretty interesting but now his head was hurting from all the new information. He was afraid that after reading so much of it he would mix up words as he did the last time.

Getting off the chair he stretched out, the sound of his bones crackling as he did so echoed throughout the room. Slowly walking around the room he looked at the covers of the books scattered around, recognizing some of the words on them.

As he walked around the room Alexander was lighting up the candles who's fire has ran out, noticing that it has gotten almost dark outside and that the rain has finally calmed down. Turning around he looked at Yuviel's back covered by the blanket, if she stays sleeping like that her back will hurt.

Sitting down next to her Alex put his hand around her and nudged her gently in order to wake her up.

He's sitting to her left.

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121 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 12th 2010, 2:23 am

Michael and Lily had spent another hour awake before falling asleep facing enough other Michael holding onto Lily around the waist as she held her head into his chest.

After a few hours asleep Michael started to awaken opening his eyes and seeing Lily's face he smiled and kissed her on the forehead. Slowly getting out of the bed trying not to wake Lily he looked at the time seeing school had ended and the curfew would be in effect by now. Turning back to Lily who was still under the duvet he moved back under it and slowly shook her and said.

Lily im going to have to go soon the head wants me to do some work for him... you can come with me if you want but I plan to drop by the cantina before I go if you want something to eat.

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122 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 12th 2010, 2:27 am

Aiya woke up drowsy, she was laying on her back, still on the couch, a damp cloth on her forehead and a blanket covering her up. she didnt know where the blanket or cloth came from but almost didnt care. she sat up and took the cloth off her head, she sighed and got off the couch, folding up the blanket and putting the cloth on the blanket. looking around the room, she was alone and she couldnt hear the rain anymore, feeling a bit better she stretched and walked around a bit then looked back at the couch, just noticing a envelope on the floor. she picked it up thinking to herself

more letters, notes, etc. how about a break..

she opened it in a rush and looked at it, then blinked. it was a note from the head. she read it over and nodded to herself a bit then sat back on the couch.

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123 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 12th 2010, 2:49 am

Slowly opening her eyes to the sensation of being shaken. Smiling when she saw michael, as soon as he started speaking she looked puzzled.
Work? i dont wanna work
She said in elvish turning her face into the pillow.
Turning back again she sat up rubbing her eyes.
I dont think im hungry
She said in elvish again yawning.
Her stomach growls.
She looks down at it and narrows her eyes.
Moving to the edge of the bed she sat there sleepily for a second then fell side ways onto the bed.

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124 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 12th 2010, 3:36 am

As Lily woke she started to talk in elvish but from his basic understanding he got something about working and then something about not being hungry but guessing from her actions she didnt like the idea of going out to work which didnt bother him but her stomach growling made him smirk slightly turning to the bedside table he picked up one of the cakes moving next to Lily he sat down and said.

If you arent hungry then you wont mind me having this then will you.

He brought the cake up to his mouth opening it ready to take a bite of it.

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125 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 12th 2010, 3:43 am

Lily eyes followed michaels hands as he picked up the cake, as he brought it to his mouth lily licked her lips and narrowed her eyes looking at it. but didnt bother to get up, as she lay there her stomach let out a long and loud growl. Looking away she go up off of the bed.
I dont think i need to eat anymore body is already starting to show how much cake i've eaten....
She said quietly to herself.

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