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3 Months go by, SS - or is it?

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4263 Months go by, SS - or is it? - Page 18 Empty Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 26th 2010, 8:42 pm


Waiting for Alexander didn’t bother her in the slightest, nor was his first attempt on doing her up with make-up and hair that bad of an experience – it didn’t take long after the little session to reach the main building and reception area, it seemed strangely empty – which it shouldn’t be, as Yuviel heard nothing of the sort.

Arriving in the smaller office before the heads, Alexander knocked on the door to which it opened slightly as if it hadn’t been closed properly… Yuviel let herself down from Alexander and held onto his hand, as she pushed it slightly more open – peeking through the gap.

Headmaster~ are you in here?

Hearing no reply from inside and she couldn’t see anyone around anywhere… Yuviel walks in, pulling Alexander along with her – entering the room, she signals Alexander to close the door properly behind them; doing so… Yuviel takes it amongst herself to drag Alexander to the seat and plant him down… Yuviel then sat on his lap side ways and started to hug Alexander as they waited.

I guess we’ll make ourselves comfortable until he comes back…

Yuviel let out a small smile resting her eyes as her head landed softly on Alexander’s left shoulder.

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Making himself comfortable in the chair he was put on, Alex embraced Yuviel as she sat down in his lap and hugged him, placing her head on his shoulder. The headmaster was not there but Alex couldn't care less, he could wait for an eternity like this.

Gently caressing her head that was resting on him and slowly running his fingers through her hair Alex heard footsteps approaching them. The headmaster came back, loudly opening the door to his office, probably not expecting a couple in there.

Slightly surprised the headmaster walked over to his desk, politely asking them;

I take it the new quarters suit your needs well?

Alexander who was still holding Yuviel spoke up first, a bit excited at how everything got accepted nicely in the last day or so;

Yes, yes...every thing's just fine, right, Yuviel?

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4283 Months go by, SS - or is it? - Page 18 Empty Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 28th 2010, 9:53 am

Aiya sat up from her bed and looked over at the large grandfather clock that was sitting in her room where the pile of junk was. Walking over to it she looked at it with a keen eye as she wondered where it came from even though it felt so familiar. After a little bit she left her room and out of the dorm, looking around in the blizzard like conditions she started walking around the spirit dorms outer edge, not caring how cold it was.

After a couple laps she managed to find herself near the north gate, looking around. Due to the heavy snow she couldn’t see any noticeable evidence of the accident the other day. She sighed wondering what would be next, her mind constantly moving back to what happened earlier in the classroom. She picked up some snow and tossed it in the air over her head thinking to herself as the snow got caught with the rest and it blended and disappeared in a sense. Looking down at the ground she stood there thinking

what should I do… would it be worth going to the head

She held out a hand and decided to test the power she did have, after a moment the snow started to gather into a ball just above her head. With a bit of creativity she managed to make a small miniature person out of snow then watched as it walked up her arm and sat on her shoulder. She giggled a little bit then made a throne out of snow and cased it in a thick layer of ice before sitting down on it. The snow that was blowing around her didn’t seem to touch her or the chair that she had made which made the area more comfortable.

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Waiting for only a few moments, Yuviel felt and heard the Headmaster wonder through the school corridors, eventually reaching his office and entering, taking his time to reach his seat – being quite surprised at the appearance of the cause of the school’s current problems and dilemma’s.

Asking if the quarters were to their tastes; Alexander spoke first and out of place – Yuviel didn’t mind though, she was enjoying the pampering he was giving her, Adjusting herself as she realised it was a little too much pampering to his body.

It’s everything a pair of growing individuals of our nature could hope for… I just have one minor problem, I think I’m missing something from my diet – I know; I know… We only consume blood now…

Yuviel threw one of the blood bags onto the desk gently, enough for it to land dead centre and not slide anywhere.

The blood tastes off somehow, is there anything you can do to help? I figured you’d know and wouldn’t attempt to ash us.

Yuviel adjusted herself again, still feeling a little drowsy – she began to eye up Alexander’s neck for a snack…

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Alexander watched the headmaster as he picked up the blood bag and started thinking about, turning his focus back to Yuviel he noticed she was looking at his neck.

She probably wanted to bite him, seeing as she didn't feed much back in their room. Finding himself in a moral dilemma, whether to get bitten in front of the headmaster and give in to pleasure of it or not...Alex left it for her to decide.

Taking the blood bag Daishi thought about it for a minute. It made sense that miss Silverstone would need some supplements to her diet now that she was pregnant but how to make it efficient and easy to produce.

Daishi opened his desk drawer and pulled out a small piece of spirit ore, spinning it in his hands he looked at it then in a split second fused the energy from it with the blood, the goblins knew how the handle spirit ore so it should be perfect if it works the way it's intended. Still holding the bag in his hand he looked at Alexander then threw the bag back to Yuviel.

Try this miss Silverstone, tell me if it suits your taste now.

Alexander watched the headmaster as he infused the blood with something unfamiliar to him, as soon as he's done that the blood let off an incredible smell. He fed before but he could feel the thirst rising exponentially in him, his fangs elongating on their own.

Following the blood bag with his eyes as it flew from the headmaster to Yuviel's lap, Alex fought the urge to grab the bag and devour it. Whispering to Yuviel, with his eyes still fixated on the blood bag;

S-stop me..

The blood is now almost identical to elven blood, just with a bit more magical energy in it.

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Having the single bag of blood thrown back, it’s smell was off the chart and Yuviel’s attention went straight to the bag, as she started to open it she heard Alexander ask him to stop – drifting back to reality, she knew he’d steal the meal.

Voice of command: Sit still and be good.

Content with her efforts, she smelt the bag once more and fell into ecstasy over the smell – Yuviel gorged herself of the blood bag and fell backwards, not spilling a drop; her body tingled over the sensations of the entering blood.

All over, she felt content and revved up to move around… like she had been recharged by a jump start.

Ah~ that was… too good, not fair … your gonna hook me on this Headmaster…

Twitching slightly realising Alexander was unable to do anything, before passing out from content;

Voice of command: You can do whatever again~

Side note: Alexander will have felt a small flooding of the groin/leg area.

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Happy that his student was helped, if not even a bit too much, Daishi laughed at the couple in front of him and then replied to them seriously;

I will let the goblins who are taking care of your meals know, however, you will only get three of those bags per day, no exceptions! And mister Mograine, think of it as a good training.

Smiling at Alexander, Daishi waited to see if they would want something else.

Holding Yuviel after she had released him and passed out on him, Alex's ears twitched as he heard the headmaster say his old surname. Standing up, holding Yuviel princess style and keep her head on his shoulder, he said calmly;

I don't go by that name any more...I am a Silverstone now. Thank you, Headmaster.

Turning around he walked out of the office and started going back towards the PD, looking at Yuviel's satisfied sleeping face.

You~...didn't even give me a single drop, cheapskate.

Carrying her over to the PD as fast as he could to avoid the insane cold and snow outside, Alex felt the difference in power from before and liked it, but he didn't like how that blood made him lose his mind, it was definitely something he would have to work on.

As he entered their room Alex firstly laid Yuviel on the bed and then took off his jacket. There were still some blood bags scattered around the bed because Yuviel didn't eat her share. Ignoring them for now Alex started undressing Yuviel, he couldn't leave her like that.

Pulling off her skirt with ease Alex saw her ruined pantsu and slowly, almost playfully took them off too. Leaving her tights on Alex couldn't help but stop and stare at Yuviel for a moment. His hand started moving up the inner side of her thigh on its own as he leaned down and started licking her neck, turning it into kisses that went over her neck and chin until his lips found hers.

No've had your fun..and I didn't~..

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Waking up to a familiar smell and feeling, she found Alexander kissing her and half of her clothing removed; not quite sure how she got back to their room or how he managed to remove her clothing without feeling anything – Yuviel pulled up her knee and pushed Alexander off and at the wall.

Watching him recover, Yuviel wondered where her clothing was… noticing the pantsu was sodden from her obvious flash flood – Yuviel took off her tie, unbuttoned her shirt and took off the bra, reaching the wardrobe – she found her stuff quite easily and began putting on a basic white set of pantsu and bra, doing up her shirt and tie once finished.

So these little monsters have been consuming my magical power and not the blood, clever things… and you, Alexander… You’re going to go out and bring home the bacon, trying things like that.

Finding her boots had been delivered – she put on her skirt followed by the boots, content that she was once again dressed she looked angrily at Alexander and headed for the door.

My tiredness has subsided… I guess the head was right, I’ll be downstairs.

Closing the door, Yuviel flashstepped casually until she was in the classroom area where the Pirate ghost had brought the entire collection of books, Yuviel can be found writing sentences on the board – practicing her writing skills whilst pronouncing other words and sentences.

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Alexander watched Yuviel as she was getting dressed and as she left with sadness. Standing up he walked over to the bed and took a blood bag, opening it he started chugging down the red, tasty liquid.

Throwing away the empty bag he realized there were more of them scattered around, covering his face with his palm he stood up and collected all of them, it would be a shame if they made a mess out of their new room in only a couple of hours.

Stretching out in the room, all alone, Alexander wondered what to do next. He disliked the fact there were no windows in this room but he quickly remembered how it felt when he first went out in the light, even through the barrier...and there was no way he would rune their children immediately after birth. Thinking about their kids made him smile.

Walking over to the desk he looked at his swords and realized that when they come to world, these swords would only be used to protect, nothing else. Leaving them there for now Alex walked out of the room and slowly walked down the stairs, hearing Yuviel's voice coming from the classroom down the hall.

Leaning on the doorway he didn't feel like studying himself right now, he was just watching her for a bit. After a couple of moment he walked up to Yuviel and hugged her around the waist, keeping the palm of his hand on her stomach, giving her neck a brief kiss he said softly;

I'm gonna go play outside for a you need anything?

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Yuviel had written out several sentences on the chalk board, sensing Alexander’s movements slowly going around above her and eventually watching her, still slightly annoyed by his previous advances whilst unable to enjoy or resist. Hearing his approach and advance on her stomach, Yuviel stopped writing on the board and enjoyed it with a slight bitter feeling, feeling a ticklish kiss on her neck.

Need? I’m always hungry Alexander… what I need is somewhere safe to release these children from my body, or sleep the whole thing off… I want them to be safe and out of me.

Yuviel thought to herself, thinking she said far too much at once… wondering Alexanders reply, Yuviel broke the chalk without thinking… crumbling to dust onto the floor; the Pirate ghost rolling it’s eyes as it left the two to talk.

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He listened to her as she spoke, not moving an inch until she stopped and only the sound of the breaking chalk remained echoing in his ears.

Alex slowly raised his right hand along Yuviel's arm that held the chalk only a moment ago and took her hand into his, intertwining their fingers, leaning his head down next to hers, softly saying.


Not able to resist it as he paused, he pulled Yuviel closer to himself and continued talking... have to talk to me Yuvi..I can't know what's going through your mind... but you know I'm here for you and that I'll do anything to help you...all you need to do is tell me..

Remaining close to her, holding her hand and her stomach with his face next to hers as they stood in front of that board... Alex felt at ease.

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Being called stupid and embraced at the same time, Yuviel couldn’t really put what she was feeling into words; she knew one thing, her ability of self-control was always been tested but lucky for Alexander he wasn’t facing her.

I want to eat, Alex~ - all the time.

Pouting slightly; grabbing Alexander’s manhood with a backward grab.

and this… when the result’s already in my womb as we speak!

Letting go and pushing back a little, as to make Alexander let go himself, Yuviel turned around and lent against the side of the board slightly; looking to her right… she rolled her eyes.

But I can’t, we can’t Alexander. Purebloods need to learn all of their language, learn how to behave – because if I’m not ashed before the delivery, we’ll both need to move to the world of the spirits and live in the lands of Darkness.

Yuviel points to a small pocket bible sized book.

”Translation: Origins of the fanged ones”

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Alex followed where she looked at with his eyes and walked over, picking up the little book that has seen better times and walked back to Yuviel.

Opening the book Alex flipped the pages and blankly stared at them, his vampiric was far from enough to understand this apart from an occasional word.

Looking up at Yuviel with the book in his hand Alex asked her worriedly..

..why will we have to go there?...and what do you mean by ashed?! is this book saying something about... that?

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Sighing slightly, crossing her arms above her stomach.

Why? … vampire young need to be kept in constant darkness before their birthing, some come out as Egg’s others come out in vampire true form – hybrids though, are sensitive and hunted down before they get … skilled in the darker arts.

Nodding at the book;

Many pregnant vampire are targeted because they are creating a life that will only ever kill, new life like this lacks human memory, lacks any kind of moral fiber for life – usually.

Walking over and Glomping Alexander over the desk, belly resting over his; Yuviel’s eyes glistened slightly with both mischief and sadness.

I’m a pureblood that is baring monsters that will drink the blood of innocents, who in their right mind wouldn’t hunt me? You would have 3 1/2 months ago.

Resting herself over Alexander, forcing him to be pinned on the desk – Yuviel seeming to have passed out again.

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Alex laid there on the desk, gently stroking the back of her head as he sighed. She was right again, he more than likely would have done exactly that. He always thought that they would be safe in this school but the unfortunate events with Lillian have proven him wrong.

Wrapping his arms around the sleeping Yuviel, Alex knew he wouldn't let anyone touch her or their children... but neither would he let their children hurt the people at their whim, but slowly he was starting to realize it would be a task much harder than he first imagined.

Slowly getting up and holding Yuviel in his arms, he left the classroom and started going up the stairs to their room. Reaching it they entered the pitch black darkness to which his eyes adjusted in a moment.

Letting Yuviel down on the bed, Alex laid down next to her, facing her and closed his eyes, wondering if he was going to be able to fall asleep...

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An hour passed, waking in darkness Yuviel found herself with Alexander facing her sleeping true sleep beside her; casting a simple sleeping spell over Alexander to maintain his slumber… Yuviel removed her sweaty clothing and left him her underwear by his nose; giggling to herself as she figured he’d enjoy it.

Changing into a standard uniform and coat, Yuviel headed out of the room leaving the door slightly ajar purposely. Arriving back in the class area of the dorms; Yuviel summoned for the Pirate ghost to bring forth combat gear and practice targets – one thing Yuviel wasn’t having was herself feeling useless… nor did she want to be near the father of her children when her cravings start.

Roleplay locking; moved to :

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