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3 Months go by, SS - or is it?

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13 Months go by, SS - or is it? Empty 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 7th 2010, 5:19 am


Three and a half months pass since Lillian white was saved from the Spirit world by Michael, Alexander and Yuviel. In that time, things had settled and the headmaster arranged special classes for those involved to better their control over various lusts and powers.

The time is now 1 week before Christmas day (18th, a Monday no less).

- Has joined the Kendou club.
- the other martial art clubs still havent left her alone regardless of her joining a club already.
- Is excused from languages.
- hair is now cut short for club activities, is now shoulder length
- a small grave was made outside school grounds to give her late parents a proper place for prayers
- has taken charge and became head planner for upcoming christmas party, has been working on this even since late november/early december.

- has moved into Yuviel’s room.
- Is Excused from languages.
- has fixed all his runes, minus the one on his face.
- hair dye has ran out. (white again)
- Alexander has been doing odd and usually simple jobs that were short, saving some money on the side, he has not been harmed in any of the missions.
- He's been suspicious and worried about Yuviel's change in behaviour, suspecting some illness but nothing like pregnancy
- He's been attending most of the classes and been getting good grades, all of the spare time in between jobs and school he spent with Yuviel
- Alexander has received a letter he has hidden away from Yuviel and not told her about it
- The unnamed girl he bumped into and that asked him out on a date has been seen stalking him and/or Yuviel at times

- is 3 months pregnant.
- Allowed to feed in the cantina anytime.
- Is excused from languages.
- Allowed training in the Punishment dorms.
- Has not told Alexander about the Pregnancy.
- Is only cold towards Alexander when naked or when asked to engage in the act.

- has moved into Lillian’s room.
- Is excused from languages.
- Michael has been doing a few of the more high paying jobs on offer at the outpost with ease in a effort to gain money if he ever needs it and to keep his tab at the bar payed.
- The house he took during his rescue of Lily has been reinforced by a force of demons and all damage has been repaired and the elven staff is still working there.
- The track team was shocked at first to hear of his engagement but most of the members have decided to leave him alone although a few members still stalk him.

- has used magic to triple the size of her room to include bath area and small kitchen.
- Is excused from languages.

- has been doing well in his studies, has been granted access to the punishment dorms for hour training session 8AM every morning.
- A winged vigilante has been seen around the city, it's actually Bruno doing odd jobs around the city from outpost.

- Was given a room in a local flat for other occasions.

- Shares the flat with Hinata, rent free.

- Was found deceased several miles out of town, after causing local fire spirits trouble.

- Has hooked up with Andrea, they share a room together on the grounds
- now works as a groundskeeper with Malus.

Recap on living arrangements

Michael and Lillian
- Tripled in size magically.
- Kitchen area added (tiled)
- Bathtub, sink, toilet added (half wall)
- Redecorated bed area to include plants and demonic themed items.

Alexander and Yuviel
- Room has remained the same size
- The window has been covered up with steel planks blocking the sun out completely.
- The walls and cieling have been padded to accommodate Yuviel’s odd sleeping habits.
- Wardrobe has been placed in the room.
- Bed changed to Queen sized to accommodate two students in a single bed.

Malus and Andrea
- Have overcome their differences and now both work on the grounds in the spirit dorms.
- King sized bed.

- Has been allowed to have a desk in his room, and a permit for a flat has been allowed.
- Flat includes : Roof access, bedroom, spare room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom.

Hinata and Izzabelle
- Flat includes : 2 bedrooms, spare room, kitchen, toilet/bathroom, living area.

- can be found 6ft under in the local graveyard behind various barriers and under guard of contractors.

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23 Months go by, SS - or is it? Empty Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 8th 2010, 9:01 am


Changes to the school
- Ghouls and vampire kind have started to gather around the school in relation to a pureblood being on the grounds.
- Curfew for students, home before dark.
- Increased Security to the grounds.
- Police from the council patrol the street 24/7 (6 men, 1 car)
- The barrier has been changed to disallow vampires to enter or leave. (This includes recently bitten)

Changes to the student base
- Michael was appointed student council head.
- All Elves have left the school (Excluding Malus, Andrea, Lillian and the Nurse)

Changes to the world / misc.
- Dawn is now around 8AM (08:00)
- Dusk is now around 4PM (16:00)
- Rain is increasingly common.
- It’s usually cold.
- Snow has fallen twice in the last week.

Bounty information and misc prices to take into consideration.
- Ghoul ash has gone down to 3 Gold crowns / vial.
- Vampire ash has gone down to 7 crowns / vial.
- Demon prince bounty revoked.
- Elvish blood per 10ML has gone up to 5 crowns.
- Pureblood bounties increased to 2600 Crowns. (Does not include Yuviel)

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33 Months go by, SS - or is it? Empty Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 9th 2010, 6:58 am


Welcome back to the roleplay, it is 07:00 AM - it's cold and raining. (Still dark)

Opening her eyes, acustomed to the near-pitch black of her room - the light from outside creeping through the bottom of the door - alluminating the entire room for her eyes. Looking around, she found herself in bed for once and ontop of Alexander; which was even rarer for her.

Slowly getting off of Alexander, causing him to curl up and roll over - thankfully not waking up, unless he was faking it. Yuviel walked to the door with just a school Tshirt and Bra on - opening slowly, Yuviel holding her stomach headed for the toilet somewhat groggily.

Sounds of throwing up can be heard by anyone passing the toilet at the time, several minutes pass and Yuviel exits the toilet - looking slightly pale. Entering the shower room - Yuviel heard and smelt someone else in the room, ignoring them and putting her bra and T-shirt next to the Kendou club outfit and entered the other shower - quite content to remain silent, feeling the life growing within her.

Hearing the other person leave the room - Yuviel came out herself, and walked over to the mirror and sideways examined herself, sighing.

Won't be long before I tell him... These two will be quite the problem in 6 months...

Drying off with towels, Yuviel put her Shirt and bra behind something quickly then stepped back and span around quickly enough to spin-dry her hair to an almost dry status.
Taking her Bra and putting it back on, Yuviel left the Shirt undone, heading out of the room she noticed the same smell as before sitting in the living area...

Good morning, Aiya.

Yuviel smiled, or at least tried to and made it back to her room without much trouble - Alexander was awake, or so it seemed... but was faking his sleeping, obviously trying to get a glimpse of Yuviel - to which she denied him by getting dressed quite quickly, changing her bra and putting on pantsu, then taking off his shirt in favour of one of her own.
- White Shirt.
- 4th year tie.
- Winter coat, long. (Black).
- Long school skirt.
- Council plated boots.
- Black underwear.

Standing up after getting dressed - Yuviel headed out of the room and closed the door, without saying anything to the faking Alexander who didn't seem to feel like getting up 2 hours before school. Time passes to 7:30 AM.

Finding her way to the Cantina, perfectly dry from flash-stepping between shelter outside, Yuviel begins feeding as usual in the back of the cantina's cooking area.

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43 Months go by, SS - or is it? Empty Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 9th 2010, 7:02 am

Aiya was practicing even though no one else was around due to break. it was quiet for once which gave the place an eirie feel. aiya walked over to a bench and sat down after she was done, running her fingers through her short hair listening to how quiet the rest of the club room was.

after a little bit she stood up, placing her equipment back where it belongs then leaving the club room. heading back to the spirit dorms, still in her club uniform which was a basic red and white kamishimo. she darted across the school the rain starting come down, heading for the spirit dorms, heading inside as fast as possible to get out of the cold and wet. she made it to her room, shivering from the cold weather that had been plagueing the area due to winter season now rolled in.

she looked around, picking up a clipboard that had a bunch of things she had to get done today. setting the clip board down on her bed she collected some clothes that consisted of a heavy long black skirt, a green longsleave turtleneck, socks.

she took the clothes and headed for the showers, stepping into the first empty cabin, she took off her club uniform and folded it properly then set it outside the cabin. she sat under the warm water but not for a long period of time, but long enough to get clean. getting up and turning off the water she took her towel and dried herself off as well as she could then got dressed, her hair still a bit damp.

she made her way back to the room and looked at the pocketwatch that was sitting on her bed, it was about 7am, she still had plenty of time so she grabbed her jacket and clipboard and headed out into the living area, sitting on the small couch looking at the list of things that she needed to get done.

Notes- for those looking over her shoulder, the list consists of

- Speak with student council head about upcoming event planned for christmas

- Contact kitchen staff about earlier spoken arrangements.

- Make an announcement for those staying in the school over break to contact her to see whos coming and whos not.

- Find large enough space for the event.

- Collect decorations and get help with finding a christmas tree.

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53 Months go by, SS - or is it? Empty Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 9th 2010, 8:49 am

Waking up to the sound of the alarm clock lily curled up more in the bed nuzzling into michaels neck to wake him up, expecting him to turn off the alarm.
But after he managed to sleep through for 4-5minutes it started to get on her nerves.
Michael turn off the alarm.....Michael.........Michael!
Shaking him a little as she spoke getting more frustrated.
sitting up in the bed with sleepy eyes and slapped him in the face.

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63 Months go by, SS - or is it? Empty Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 9th 2010, 9:26 am

Michael lay in his bed in a fairly deep sleep not noticing anything around him. As he lay there he was sure he heard something but decided to ignore it and keep on sleeping until suddenly he felt something hitting him across the face. Opening his eyes slowly and starting to sit up he sees Lily and then hears the alarm turning it off he turned back to Lily and said.

Good morning.

Kissing her on the cheek he said.

Guess its time to get ready for another day of school.

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Rolling over to the side after he felt something move Alexander continued to sleep, shrugging it off as his dream or imagination...he almost forgot how her soft skin felt. It was very worrisome but she wasn't telling him anything but still she let him sleep in her room which was confusing him.

Rolling over on his back, slowly getting out of his sleep by the noise made with Yuviel's comeback to the room. Laying on his back he watched her silhouette in the dimmed light from the corner of his eye. She was dressing up quickly, not giving him much of a chance to take a glimpse at her. Soon after the doors have closed and he was left alone in the dark...

Letting out a sigh as he covered his face with his palm, rubbing his sleepy eyes Alex turned to the side and tried to get some sleep in. Almost half an hour has passed, spent rolling around the bed not managing to fall asleep.

Standing up Alexander stumbled across the dark room eventually reaching the door and opening them, twitching as the artificial light hit him. Yawning, stretching and scratching his head, only wearing his boxer shorts he passed by the living room and by Aiya.

...*yawn* ..good morning Aiya..

He said as he passed by her, waving as well. Soon after he entered the bathroom and leaned over the sink. Looking at himself in the mirror he noticed he looked quite tired even though he couldn't sleep. As he was brushing his teeth Alex decided to take a small break from the jobs he was taking, lately the money for the simple jobs was getting lower and lower...

After he took a shower and dried off, Alex returned back to the room, this time turning on the light. He walked over to their closet and started putting on his school uniform...

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Grabbing all the covers and looking at michael with sleepy eyes lily faces away from him and pulls all the duvet over herself, curling up under it.
i dont wanna
though it was muffled through the covers.
Wriggling to get snug under the covers she closes her eyes again.

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Watching Lily moving under the duvet in protest to the idea of going to school Michael pulled some of the covers away from her giving himself room to move under them next to her he cuddled into her and said.

I would much rather stay here all day with you... but its something we have to do.

He then said to her whilst stroking her hair.

But we can always grab some cake on the way if you want.

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Being cuddled made her lean into michael smiling, but as soon as he said she had to go to school she pouted.
But when michael started stroking her hair she started to relax.
you can't bribe me with cake...
She said folding her arms and resisting.
i wont leave these covers
She says while pulling her legs up towards her chest to curl up.

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Aiya looked in one direction when she heard a hello from the quick moving yuviel, then another more tired hello from alexander. she couldnt keep up as the two of them made their way to doing their respective things. she stretched then stood up from her area and looked at her list again, then made her way to michael and lillian's room, knocking politely and speaking up

hey michael, if your awake, when you get a chance can i talk to you about upcoming events.

she leaned against the opposite wall for a moment just in case he does answer the door.

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Smiling as Lily pouted not wanting to go to school he said.

I guess we could take a day off...

He leaning in and kissed lily lossing himself for a moment until a voice at the door brought him back letting go of Lily he started to get out of the bed and said.

Let me deal with this and I will be back with you in a minute.

Sighing as he got out of the bed and stretched he moved over to the door opening it slightly to see who was outside and seeing Aiya he said.

What can I do for you?

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Being kissed made lily happy but being rudely interrupted didnt please her at all.
Leaning over the side of the bed she put a hand under the mattress and pulled out a dagger.
Sitting up out of the duvet with one eye open she threw the dagger right into the part of the door frame next to where it opened.

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Aiya saw the door open and the dagger hit the doorframe which gave her a jump. she bowed low, starting off mumbling something that seemed like 'im sorry' over and over again before she regained her composure and spoke clearly and politely still bowing and head low

im sorry for bothering you this early but when you get a chance, you think you can get an announcement out to those who are staying for break to get ahold of me in the cantina... i have to take a number count for the party on christmas. but anyways ill let you go.. sorry again

she walked off in a hurry and went back to the couch and grabbed her jacket, putting it on and making her way out of the dorms

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Getting into his uniform Alex tied up his tie somewhat neatly but still far from properly. Grabbing out his black jacket with a hood Alexander walked out of the room, shutting off the light as he left.

Slipping into his jacket he started walking outside, and reaching the door he heard someone walking quickly behind him, pulling his hood up as he turned around he saw Aiya. She seemed in a rush.

Alexander opened the door for her and then followed her out. The doors closed behind them as they stood outside. It was cold and raining. Looking at Aiya, Alex casually asked her;

Did something happen?..I'm going to the cantina..wanna come along?

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Watching Aiya leaving Michael grabbed the dagger pulling it from the doorframe he closed the door once again and locked it saying.

Just another thing I need to do... guess I will do it later.

Moving back over to the bed he placed the dagger back under it before moving onto the bed next to Lily and said.

Now... where were we...

He then leaned into Lily and started to kiss her once again.

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Finishing 7 blood bags instead of 2 which was her allotted amount - Yuviel let the goblins take the bags away before anyone noticed ... patting her belly and rolling her eyes, Yuviel started to head out of the cantina and towards the library - making it to the library without bumping into any students felt a little strange to her, but the curfew was obviously causing the school problems to which she'd obviously have to fix at some point.

Inside the Library, Yuviel can be found learning how to speak Vampyric formal and informal from the Pirate ghost whom resides in the place.

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Aiya looked at alex then slowed down a bit, probably a bit overexagurated moving at that speed. she shrugged a bit then replied

sure, i have to head that way next anyways, so much stuff to get done, oh, are you going to be here for christmas, or are you doing something else.

she kept her hands in her pockets and her eyes on the ground, they started moving towards the cantina she spoke again, this time out of her own curiosity.

hey alex, hows things on your end, you seem. . . i dont know the word for it..

she went quiet again, small talk wasnt her best subject.

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that better not have been a member of that stupid track team
She said while michael walked back towards the bed.
Kissing michael back lily pulled the cover over the two of them and pulled herself close to him.
As she lays close to him she puts her arm over him and out the cover dropping the other dagger on the floor, wincing a little when it made a noise as it hit the floor.
She tried to act like she didnt notice it.

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...yeah, I'll be here for Christmas and I'm looking forward to your party...

Alex replied casually as they walked over the wet ground. The second question she asked hit the nail on the head. Taking a deep breath Alex sighed and said;

I'm not quite sure to be honest...

Taking a small break Alex opened the cantina door for Aiya and again followed after her inside. As they walked towards the counter Alex continued talking;

...I'd be lying if I told you everything was good but I don't know what's wrong either..heh..

Alex pulled down his hood as he ordered the breakfast and then looked at her, waiting to see if Aiya would join him or go on with her business.

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213 Months go by, SS - or is it? Empty Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 9th 2010, 10:48 am

Aiya turned around after ordering a basic cheese omelet and looked at alex, she was glad he was looking forward to the party but the answer to the other question made her look away

im sorry, its not my place to take this conversation any further, i would be prying into something that doesnt involve me.

she turned as her food arrived and she took it and started moving to a far corner table that seemed to be set up for her with a sign up list and a couple pens.

if you want to talk more alex, come on over, ill be here for a while and i could use the company

she picked up her pace to normal and sat the table a couple of the human students in the area came over to sign there names for the party. they had a couple laughs before they wandered off. aiya was having trouble keeping a friendly looking composure

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Being pulled under the covers with Lily he felt her reaching over him hearing something hitting the ground he just smirked slightly but then continued to kiss Lily stroking her hair away from her face with one of his hands and allowing it to rest on her cheek he stopped for a moment and said.

I really am lucky to be with you... I love you Lily...

He started to kiss Lily again after saying this his hand still resting on her cheek.

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233 Months go by, SS - or is it? Empty Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 9th 2010, 10:55 am

Lily brought her arm back under the covers and layed her palms on michaels chest as he stroked her hair out of her face.
But as soon as he said he loved her she began to blush a vibrant red colour, but as michael kissed her again she managed to calm down.
Laying her hand on top of his she put her fingers through his giving his hand a small squeeze.

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Picking up his plate with cereals and milk Alexander slowly walked over to Aiya's table. Taking off his jacket he left it hanging on the back of his chair and then he sat down. His tie was annoying him quite a lot so he just loosened it up a bit.

Before he started eating he looked at Aiya, feeling like he made her uneasy with his last reply, forcing a smile on his face as he said;

...It's ok, don't worry about it...I'd probably tell you more if I knew what was going on..

At that point he started eating and in between spoons he asked her casually; are you lately?

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Aiya sighed and took a bite of her omelet, moving her plate away so she could lay her elbows on the table and place her heads in her hands.

its not that im worried

she closed her eyes and thought about the question a bit

i... i dunno anymore, i think i put myself in a position that is making me tired. i just really want this party to turn out well you know... i shouldnt of been so hasty when the head gave me the opportunity.. and the weather isnt helping my cause

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