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3 Months go by, SS - or is it?

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51 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 8:25 am

He continued to kiss up her neck his hands moving slowly down her back once again. As he reached her ear on the other side he just whispered.

I love you.

His hands moving around her he hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

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52 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 8:32 am

When he got to her ear again she shivered again, jerking a little away from him.
Michael, you know my ears are sensitive dont do that to them...
She said pouting.
Turning around in his arms she kissed him on the lips a couple times.
I love you too
She said and then began to blush.

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53 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 8:39 am

She didnt like him being so close to her ears and she pulled away from him slightly but then turned around and started to kiss him a few times and after he said.

Im sorry I just lose myself whenever im with you.

He then moved them both under the shower letting the water flow over them both as the soap washed off them both he started to kiss her again.

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54 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 8:45 am

You dont need to say sorry
She said with a slightly sad look on her face before he moved them under the water and kissed her again.
Eventually breaking the kiss
It doesn't feel "bad" when you touch them, its hard to explain...I feel weird when they are touched...
She said looking at him shyly.

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55 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 9:05 am

The shy look on her face just made him smile and he kissed her on the forehead and continued to hug her.

Your ears are just very sensitive theres nothing wrong with that.

Bringing one hand up and resting it on the back of her neck he kissed her again trying not to touch her ears for the moment.

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56 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 9:11 am

Being told nothing was wrong with her ears made lily happy again.
Kissing michael back she couldnt help but smile.
Hugging him tightly as they kissed.
After a while she began to trace her fingers gently all over his back again.
Breaking the kiss finally
We should probably get out now you know
She said looking him in the eyes.

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57 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 9:25 am

Happy to just be there with her but even so she did have a point they better get going. Giving her one last kiss he moved out of the shower and grabbed the towels wrapping one around himself he then turned and threw a few to Lily watching her catch them he said.

I think we are quite late as it is.... so best not to keep them waiting.

Saying this relucantly he waited for Lily to join him so they could return to their room.

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58 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 9:32 am

Putting the towels round herself lily exited the shower, getting her clothes and michaels. Once she had the clothes she held michaels hand and led him back to the bedroom.
Closing the door behind them.
Sitting on the bed she flopped backwards and lay there slowly closing her eyes after a yawn.
The towel that was on her head falling open and off her head.

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59 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 9:39 am

Entering the room Lily moved over to the bed while he moved to the drawers and the wardrobe grabbing a school uniform for each of them as well as underwear, his shoes and Lily's boots. Moving over to Lily he placed everything she needed on the bed for her before giving her a quick kiss and started to dry off and get changed into his clothes.

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60 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 9:49 am

As michael dried off lily pulled her legs up onto the bed and curled up like a cat.
Yawning once more with her eyes closed.
Lily starts to shiver from still being wet from the shower and being cold. goose bumps raise on her skin.

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61 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 9:56 am

With only his boxers and trousers on at this point Michael looks over to Lily who is shivering on the bed and he walks over to her taking the towel she is wearing he holds her close to himself and starts to dry her off and while he did he said.

We cant have you being cold now can we.

Kissing her on the forehead and he continues to help her dry off not bothering with her hair for the moment.

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62 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 10:05 am


Time passes to 10:00 … the bell rings for 2nd lesson.
Sitting in class, Yuviel endured math even though it was likely one of her not-so-good lessons out of all them, although she never understood computing either, luckily she managed to escape that one by skipping out of class and back to the library – not seeing anyone she personally interacted with on her way, Yuviel flash stepped between shelters when possible, avoiding other students sight.

Arriving in the Library … Yuviel makes her way to the adult section and begins her lessons with the Pirate ghost again, behind a locked door.

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63 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 10:09 am

When michael decides to dry lily she opens her eyes a little to look at him. As her kisses her forehead she smiles sweetly at him.
Then on spur of the moment she decides to push michael down on the bed and use his chest as a pillow.
Curling up she closes her eyes again.

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64 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 10:15 am

While he continues to dry Lily she suddenly pushes him down to the bed and he is unsure what she is trying to do until she rested her head on his chest. Michael managed to very slowly pull the duvet out from under them and placing it over them to keep Lily warm he watched her as she lay with her head on his chest stroking her hair as he did.

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65 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 10th 2010, 11:50 am


Time skip – lunchtime!
- The rain has become solid in down pour, drenched in seconds.
- PE is cancelled.
- Free study period.
- Student council head is required to report to the head for school matters. (Note left outside dorm door)

Yuviel heard the sound of the lunch bell, and the raining outside – having learnt a few more sentences and phrases in Formal and Informal Vampyric – Yuviel was happy to call it a day for the language learning.

I better go eat, Sensei… stay out of sight~

Yuviel locked the door as she headed out and put the key back on the hook at the receptions desk area, heading out – Yuviel did well to avoid the rain, it had gotten a lot worse since earler.

Arriving in the cantina without a drop on her, she seemed slightly upbeat considering what had happened earlier.

Note : Yuviel can be found feeding in the cantina kitchen area.

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66 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 12:07 am

Slowly waking up in an uncomfortable position Alex felt pain in his back and shoulder he slept on. As he sat up he let out a small sigh then stretched out and moved his shoulder a bit.

He looked up at the clock on the wall and it said 11:55. It was time for lunch soon. Alexander stood up and grabbed his still damp jacket, glancing at the window he noticed the rain falling down even harder.

As he reached the doors he put on the jacket and pulled up the hood. Reluctantly he opened the door and stepped outside into the cold and the rain.

When he reached the cantina he was properly soaked, cursing as he was taking off his jacket and throwing it on the hanger next to the entrance. Sneezing once he started rubbing his hands to make them warmer as he walked over to the counter.

Ordering the daily menu he took his plate and sat down at an empty table. The cantina was pretty empty for this time of day, probably most of the students didn't feel like going through that awful rain. Shrugging his shoulders Alexander started going through his meal somewhat uninterestedly...

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67 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 12:45 am

Waking up slowly after falling asleep on michael, lily sits up rubbing her eyes, stretching and yawning. Crawling to the bottom of the bed she grabbed her pants and put them on.
Stepping off the bed she went to the bathroom to look in the mirror at her hair.
It had gone all curly and messy so she started to brush it while looking around the room. Then seeing a letter sitting next to the alarm clock she remembered
Oh yeah!
Dad said he plans to visit us soon.
She said this loudly as she walked back to the bathroom to look at her hair again. It hadnt been tamed yet.

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68 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 12:59 am

Feeling movement on the bed Michael slowly started to wake up from his sleep as Lily moved off to the bathroom and he started to get out of the bed looking around for his shirt until Lily told him the news.

Well... I cant wait to see the old man.

Michael knew any visit from Lily's father would be interesting to say the least and he started to overthink the whole situation in a slight panic but managing to calm himself he grabbed his shirt putting it on and starting to button it up he said.

At least this time things wont be so hectic.

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69 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 1:04 am


Finishing another 7 blood bags, Yuviel felt satisfied more than usual – rubbing her belly, thinking that these little monsters will be more trouble than this, when it comes to feeding them outside the womb.

Shrugging it off and thanking the goblin – Yuviel walked out of the kitchen area, the cantina began to fill with students drenched from the rain; but she could smell someone familiar, Alexander.

Looking around for him, she found him sitting alone at a soon to be filled table to which Yuviel walked up and sat down before they could.

I hope you rested well in the dorms, Alexander.

Yuviel had a strangely playful look on her face, despite Alexander’s doom and gloom written all over his.

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70 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 1:05 am

He said something weird about expect him anytime..even when you least expect it?
She said with a puzzled expression.
Hes a weird man, but whatever he never stated when he was gonna visit
she said shrugging.

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71 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 1:12 am

When you least expect it? Whats that old man up to.

Michael said finishing up the buttons on his shirt and moving into the bathroom turning Lily around and kissing her for a few moments and then leaving her continue getting dressed he grabbed his shoes and sat on the bed and started to put them on.

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72 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 1:20 am

Alexander picked up his head when Yuviel sat on the opposite side of the table. He made a small smile and replied to her question;

..yeah, I had a nap on the couch in our dorm...

He put down the fork after eating half of the meal, he couldn't force himself to eat more. Not sure what to say to her, Alex leaned on his hands that were on the table and asked her; were the classes? did I miss something interesting?

As he spoke to her Alex noticed that she looked a bit happier and it cheered him up a bit, drawing out another small but genuine smile on his face.

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73 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 1:35 am


Hearing that he managed to sleep for a while, picking up somewhat as he started to converse with her – he asked how classes went –

I went to math, skipped in favour of something else in the library… I’ll show you when it’s done.

Yuviel smiled a little, noticing Alexander wasn’t finishing the meal infront of him.

Are you thirsty for something else, instead of hunger?

Yuviel playfully messed with her hair, which seemed to droop around the chair and herself excessively as she said these things.

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74 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 1:44 am

Aiya was still in the cantina, one of her fellow kendou students sitting with her but she had managed to nod off here and there throughout the slow morning. after she heard the bell for lunch her friend waved and headed out, hearing the rain coming down pretty solid now she sighed and put her head back on the table mumbling to herself.

i hate the rain...

despite actually getting some rest she looked worse than before, she coughed a bit then waited for more people to show up which she doubted with the rain as it is. one of the goblins showed up and brought her a cup of tea that apparently her friend had ordered for her.

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75 Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 11th 2010, 1:59 am

Alexander was quite surprised by her sudden change of mood but it was a welcomed change. Her behaviour so far was cold and distant towards him and without an explanation it was killing him on the inside. He was intrigued by what she was doing in the library but he didn't feel confident enough to ask her what it was about before she was ready to tell him.

Smiling back at her he was still not sure how to go about it all, so he just said feeling a bit insecure;

...I just want to be with you Yuviel..

Making a small pause as he was standing up from his chair Alexander leaned over the table slightly and asked her;

I'm going back to the dorm......are you coming with me?

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