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3 Months go by, SS - or is it?

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Yuviel smiled and blushed at what Alexander had to say, but he did something she didn’t want to do, at least not yet … and that was heading back to the dorms, either way – it would mean he wanted something more than bedrest.

I’m sorry Alexander, can you… come up with something else? I’m not in the mood… for … that.

Yuviel was looking around, thinking of something that might be enjoyable for the pair without being alone together…

How about, I teach you what I’m working on? You have to keep it a secret though, kay?

Yuviel stood up, and took a step back, sticking her tongue out at Alexander.

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Alexander was a bit surprised at her choice of words, blushing as well when he realized what she was trying to say. Thinking back at how their relationship started it did seem logical that it would end with something like that but they were not intimate in almost over a month.

Walking around the table Alexander approached Yuviel that took a step back from him and then slowly and gently wrapped his hands around her, holding his right hand on the back of her head and stroking her hair, softly speaking next to her ear as he leaned closer to her;

..I did not mean that Yuvi~....I only wanted to hug you and hold you close to me..

Enjoying the smell of her hair from this close Alexander found it extremely hard to pull away from her. Somehow managing to do so he didn't dare to kiss her on the lips, just smiling at her as he stood in front of her, loosening his grip around.

..I'd be happy to learn anything...and you should know by now that I'm not giving away our just lead the way..

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Alexander approached Yuviel and put his hands around her, and smelt her hair – whispering in her ear, it made Yuviel feel quite uneasy – he confimed he’d be happy to go off with her to learn instead of attempting perverted things back in the dorms.

Okay, our secret.

Yuviel bumped into Alexander and embraced a sideward arm interlock, Yuviel digging slightly into Alexander as they walked towards the Library – stealing an Umbrella from a sitting student who wasn’t paying attention.

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As they walked out of the cantina Yuviel opened an umbrella and held it over them, walking close to him. Alexander was a bit surprised to see it since she didn't have it before but he just smiled about it.

Walking through the pouring rain Yuviel soon led them to the entrance of the library. Alexander's curiosity was rising and rising, wondering what she would show him. But at one moment he started to worry, what if she shows him something that affects her recent behaviour.

His thoughts got dispersed as the two of them entered inside. Stepping a couple of times on the doormat to wipe the water off his shoes Alex looked at Yuviel and seemingly happy asked her;, what will you teach me here?

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Aiya reached under the table, which was covered enough with a cloth to allow her to use her powers under there, with a bit of focus she noticed she was having trouble drawing the power she needed to make a simple item. she focused harder until she had enough power and shaped the thought in her mind, after a few seconds and umbrella appeared under the table. after the task was complete she felt even more exhausted, but she tried to shake it off a bit as she took the umbrella, and her paperwork and made her way out of the cantina, opening the umbrella when she got outside.

she shivered when she felt how cold it was outside, but it wasnt as cold as she expected it, it was just wet and more wet as she made her way to the main building the sound of the heavy rain banging against the umbrella. she was glad it wasnt windy, the wind would of made the day even more of a pain. she reached the main building and went into the reception and spoke with mrs.vanhiking for a bit while also handing over the paperwork and other notes, after a bit of a discussion managed to get the sports hall reserved for christmas and its eve. after a couple thanks she made her way out of the main building, wondering what she was going to do about decorations and the tree. she already had presents done for specific people. she stood in the rain, listening then made her way quickly to the dorms, she needed the break.

by the time she got the courtyard, a student walked up to her and handed her a letter which she took and continued on her way. the dorm seemed quiet enough when she entered, but before moving further than the doorway she opened the letter, reading it slowly then sighing thinking to herself

my health is fine, i was never good with the cold, wish we had more snow then rain though.

taking the umbrella from over her head she closed it then released the magic to cause it to vanish she felt a little bit better. she walked to couch and sat down, rubbing her tembles slowly which caused the throbbing in her head to die down a bit.

note:besides the obvious tired headache look, she shows signs of a fever

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Arriving in the Library, not as drenched as she thought she would have been – she walked over to the desk and retook the key from the hook before anyone could say anything.

I’ll show you, come on.

Walking back over and dragging the somewhat dreary but happy Alexander – they reached a door near the back that was locked, unlocking the door; Yuviel pulled Alexander in and locked it – keeping the key in place to prevent anyone else entering.

Sit down Alexander… what comes next will be – interesting.

Yuviel sat down on the seat opposite to Alexander who sat down somewhat confused, Yuviel rested the Umbrella on the floor next to her and suddenly the room became filled with candles and ancient books covering the table they were at as well as the one behind Yuviel.

Welcome to the Vampire knowledge room, Alexander.

Yuviel held up a book with strange symbols on the front – as she did that, a Ghostly figure came through the floor armed with a chessboard and box of pieces.
Note : It’s the Pirate ghost. (He’s to Yuviel’s right, and Alexanders left).

Chess, again – Sensei?

Yuviel didn’t seem to bothered by the events.

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Alexander was completely astound by what was in front of him. The appearing ghost startled him a bit at first but it was something Alexander has seen before, and this one was completely harmless by the looks of it.

Was this what Yuviel was doing all this time? Crossed his mind as he picked up one of the books on the table and flipped the pages, glancing over the unknown symbols and even translated parts that made no sense to him. Was vampirism really the cause of her sudden coldness towards him? It didn't add up.

Alex let the the book down and picked up another one, it was a big and old book that was exactly like the last one, unreadable to him. Still holding the book in his hands Alex looked up at Yuviel and curiously asked her;, vampire knowledge? what are you trying to find out?

At that moment the worries came back and he continued asking her but now worriedly;

Is something wrong that why..?

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Wondering why Alexander was asking such strange things, Yuviel shook her head – as far as Yuviel could tell, everything was perfectly fine and normal.

I’m a Vampire, Alex… I need to know what my kind are like, isn’t that normal – wouldn’t you try to look up your history if you found out you were actually adopted or different to what you thought you were?

Yuviel stopped before it sounded like she was angry or ranting, she didn’t intend to say so much towards the subject – pulling the book out of his hands…

Besides, these books only hold the knowledge of the language – I’m learning both forms of it… and this one helps the informal learn the formal.

Yuviel stuck her tongue out and pulled out a small book – it had no more than 100 pages if that, it was looking slightly sorry for itself to boot.

This is a small phrase book, filled with the basics… I started from this, I got lucky I think – it didn’t have enough for to me learn from.

Not really thinking much about it, Yuviel skipped half the book she had in her hands that was just stolen from Alexander’s hands and started to pronounce words that sounded like gibberish to anyone else.

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Alexander leaned back into his chair, feeling relieved that nothing was wrong with her in this department. It didn't answer his worries but he didn't want to pry any more and ruin this now. He hoped that soon she would trust him enough and tell him what's causing her to act so distant.

As she explained to him that she was learning the vampire language here Alexander listened carefully. It's been some time since they talked this much together.

Picking up the small book which she explained was the first one she used here Alexander opened it and started reading it slowly. He was never really good with languages but it wasn't due to his inability to learn, he was a quick learner, it was due to his teachers being extremely bad so far. Thinking back it did make sense to him, the educational system he had wasn't really meant to be used for talking things over but rather killing...things.

Some time has passed and he was still reading the book, letting out small laughs and giggles on occasions as he read some rather interesting phrases, blaming the vampire's lustful nature. Slowly the primary basics of the language started making some sense in his head, listening to Yuviel reading the book she held out loud helped a lot with pronunciation of some words he saw.

Alexander flipped another page and let out another giggle but then he found an interesting phrase. Gathering his courage he looked at Yuviel and grabbed her attention;

..Hey Yuvi~

Taking one last quick peek into the book and then back at her he started saying;

in vampiric wrote:...Can I ..suck.... your dress?

As he finished the sentence he looked back into the notebook, something didn't feel right and as he looked back at Yuviel the expression on her face clearly told him that somewhere along the way he messed up that sentence.

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Time passes to 12:50

Yuviel seemed somewhat puzzled by what Alexander finally managed to blunder out of his mouth, wondering what kind of phrases he was trying to mutter out – giggling somewhat…

You might want to re-read that, my dress doesn’t have any blood in it to suck.

Pausing a little, Yuviel rethought what she said and cleared her throat.

In vampyric informal : Let me suck your blood.

In vampyric formal : May I drain your neck.

Letting the two different phrases sink in, Yuviel put her book down and looked at Alexander.

Those phrases are blunt, you normally have to ask for other things – instead of asking for what you’ll be sucking, just ask for blood when it comes to feeding … it mixes better, when you talk formally – you ask politely to drain what you’re after – a neck, usually.

Putting up the book again, Yuviel awaited the next blunder.

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Learning that there is an informal and formal way of asking for someone's blood to be sucked was strange to Alexander. It gave rise to a number of questions in his head which he first tried to answer by himself but his knowledge about vampires was almost non-existent, apart from the knowledge on how to kill them.

Taking Yuviel's attention again by calling her name, Alex curiously asked her;

..tell me, do you know what happens if a vampire bites a vampire and drinks his blood...I mean, does it help with the hunger?

That question bothered him the most, why else would they have such a way to address the act of feeding when they can take a humans blood with ease. Before she answered his first question he asked her one more;

...also, is there a way for a human to get bitten without turning?

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Once her hair was tamed lily sat down on the bed next to michael and leaned against his side with her head on his shoulder.
Unexpectedly her stomach growled and she looked away as if it wasnt her. She stops leaning on michael and moves to be kneeling behind him, throwing her arms over his shoulders she leans on his back and rubs her cheek against his.
She then puts her legs round his waist and hugs him.

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Michael had sat with Lily leaning against him until her stomach growled he just smiled and let out a slight laugh but shortly after she had wrapped herself around him, her arms over his shoulders and her legs around his waist he turned his head slightly and kissed her on the cheek and said.

Seems you need something to eat.

Starting to kiss his way up and down her neck avoiding her ears as he did.

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Having her neck kissed she tilted her head a little closing her eyes.
food? i dont need any, im not hungry...
Her eyes then opened wide after saying that.
You have council work to attend to you should go now
She said letting go of him and moving away from him a little bit on the bed. Crossing her legs she held back a sigh.

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Turning back to Lily he moved across the bed giving her a kiss and then he got back of the bed and started to make his way out of the room. After leaving the room and closing the door he noticed a note outside the room and upon inspection it was a call for him to meet with the head to discuss something passing Aiya she wasnt looking to good but he guessed she needed a bit of rest and left her. Walking out of the dorms he flash stepped around the grounds hoping to find a member of the student council he was lucky enough that a group of them were having lunch together outside and flash stepping behind them he said.

I need you to put out an announcement for the christmas party thats coming up make sure people know to go and find Aiya about it...

Walking away and leaving the student council to get to their job he made his way towards the heads office flash stepping through the halls when he was out of sight. He reached the office and opened the door moving inside he saw the head at his desk and said.

You wanted to see me?

Michael said this while moving into the room and taking a seat infront of the heads desk.

Looking up at Michael he wasnt impressed by how late he was but had more important things to talk about.

We have had incidents of graffiti outside the school grounds and we want you to investigate them.

Michael looked curiously at the head and said.

Graffiti? Im quite sure you dont need someone like me to look into something so... dull... so whats the catch.

The graffiti has been done in blood and from what we have found its a mix of human and ghoul blood meaning something is going on close by... and as I cant act outside of the school grounds you will do it for me. When the night comes and these creatures venture out I want you there to stop them and interogate them for me.

Getting out of his seat Michael made his way to the door and said.

A nice easy job I was hoping for something more exciting but I guess a little ghoul round up aint so bad.

Leaving the room Michael flash stepped his way to the cantina stopping just short of it so as not to be seen and walking up to the counter and ordering a plate of cakes and two beers looking down he realised he didnt have his tie but the one behind the counter knew who he was so he didnt have any problems. Making his way back to the dorm he saw a few members of the student council moving about talking to a couple of the other members and students alike he guessed they were spreading the news of the party along with getting the announcement ready. He made his way back into the dorms passing Aiya once again who seemed to be dozing off slightly or it seemed that way to him and knocking on Lily's door he said.

Im back and I brought something for you.

He opened the door and entered the room hoping to find Lily still there.

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Once michael has left lily went to the end up the bed, picked up her shirt and put it on without buttoning it. Laying on the bed she rolled back and forth for a bit then, just lay upside down off the side of the bed. Closing her eyes.
She began to drift off a little when she heard a knock at the door which made her jump she then heard michaels voice as she fell off the bed trying to roll over and get up.
She said sitting up, she was just in time to see michael walk in the room holding cake. Her eyes lit up.
For me?
She said pointing to herself and looking at michael.
Before he could answer she got up and took the cake from him and sat on the bed with it, running her finger along the top of one and then licking the icing off her finger.

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Hearing the various questions about her race – she wasn’t expecting such odd ones, still since she was in the position to take those weird idea’s out of his head.

You’ve lived with me for 3 months, I’ve resisted biting you countless times… and you never questioned or wondered what we get out of drinking blood? Yes… drinking another vampire blood is beneficial for us.

Keeping her place but putting down the book again – the next question seemed stranger than the first.

There’s only 2 ways to become a Vampire in this world – you are born with it … or you are bitten by a Pureblood like … me.

Yuviel touched her canine tooth with her index finger for a moment before putting it back on the book – keeping her place.

Anything else, on topic – you’d like to ask?

Yuviel seemed slightly serious.

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I did wonder many times have to understand that it's not easy for me either to ask you things like this...for various reasons..

Alexander then stop talking for a moment, watching her touching her tooth briefly. He had many questions to ask her, but her serious tone made him think twice about it...

Even though he was afraid to ask her, in order not to ruin their currently fragile relationship, his curiosity was getting the best of him and so he ended up asking her;

...what would you do if I got turned by someone else?

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Her face almost instantly twitched at the sheer idea of someone else being able to do what Alexander had just put across.

I’d kill them… it would be that simple.

As Yuviel said that, the wall behind Alexander seemed to receive a punch unseen by the eye – enough to shake the room and bring small amounts of dust down as well.

Now, shall we continue?

Yuviel forced a small smile as she looked back into the book.

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Lily took the cakes from him just after he entered the room leaving him with only the beers which he opened with his hands throwing the caps skillfully into a bin on the otherside of the room. Walking over to the bed he placed one beer on the bedside table and sat down next to Lily he gave her a kiss on the cheek and started to drink his beer.

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As the dust was slowly gliding down through the air in front of him, Alexander made an uneasy laugh, pretending nothing had happened, knowing he messed this one up...badly.

Quickly nodding when she suggested for them to continue where they stopped before he let his curiosity take the best of him.

Picking up the small notebook again he readjusted himself in the chair and started reading again. Flipping over another page he became quiet and started smiling mysteriously.

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Lily smiled at michael, after he kissed her on the cheek, with a mouth full of cake (closed mouth smile).
Looking around the room while she ate cake she spotted her silver box.
Getting up off the bed she opened the box, picking up the three bullets from inside.
Coming back and sitting on the bed she looked at them in her hand.
What should i do with these?
She said staring at them.
Picking one up between the tip of her index finger and thumb.
is it good for anything?
She asked michael.
Still staring at it, she put it back in her palm.

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Looking at the bullets he remembered they had his blood in them and he said.

Well its better to keep them just to be safe... you never knew when you will need some demon blood.

He smiled and then started to drink his beer again.

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The bell for lessons had rang, Yuviel continued to read on but before too long – she had managed to pass out on the book, but not before the Ghost managed to replace it with a pillow and well timed blanket.

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Putting the cake out of the way in the safe place, she sat as close to michael as possible.
what would happen if i drank these?
She asked tilting her head to the side while looking at him.

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