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SS - or is it? II

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Involving : Lillian, Alexander, Michael, Yuviel, the class and sensei.

As the teacher walked over, he received some back talk from another student also at the back of the class – he readjusted his silly little pointless shades and looked him over.

The teacher then looks over Yuviel and slams a book on her desk as he walked over to her desk;

Wake up miss Silverstone.

Yuviel moved her head up slowly and looked through her hair… her eyes appeared blue as she looked over to Alexander and Michael, then back to the teacher.

German : What is it teacher? I was just resting my head.

Yuviel planted her head back onto the desk, looking across to the other three but didn’t close her eyes, something resembling a playful glint was caught in her eye.

Michael was just watching and when she replied to him in german Michael laughed and said to the teacher.

If only you had listened to me but no you had to go and do it now get back to teaching the class come on these people need some guidance "Sensei".

As members of the class started to giggle slighlty Michael just sat back in his chair not much caring for how the teacher would react.

The teacher was a little surprised at the almost uncaring and casual answer that Yuviel said out, in perfect German no less.

Switching from Yuviel, the teacher decided to ask Alexander what he was doing, holding her hand as she slept.

Holding this woman’s hand… how is that learning German, mister Mograine?

Alex tried not to get involved into the conversation Mikey had with the sensei but when Yuviel got involved as well he knew it was just a matter of time before the focus would be switched to him and not much to his surprise it happened exactly like that.

Looking at the sensei Alex smiled at his question, almost grinning he answered his question with a question;

How would holding this girl's hand not help me with german?..besides, what german?...the class is already 5 minutes late and you're bothering us and yourself with mundane things..

Alex then squeezed Yuviel's hand tighter and pulled their hands under the desk, at least partially giving the sensei some satisfaction.

Having her hand squeezed and put under the desk, she took the liberty to rest her hands on his crotch but showed no signs of placing anything anywhere of the sorts, instead Yuviel continued to mock the teacher with her perfect German.

German : if you can teach me perfect German, by all means … teach me.

The teacher simply ignored her mocking jest and wondered what Miss white was up to, she seemed to be excessively bored of the class whilst hiding behind Michael’s more than willing mouth.

Have you been studying, miss White?

The teacher stood facing Lillian as she was half-asleep but still sat upright.

Why would i need to know german?
She says in Elvish looking the teacher in the eye.
When i know other more useful languages?
Said in demon.
But from what i can tell, you are an unsuitable person for this position as all you have done since you walked in the door was pick on students. you havent even attempted to start the lesson.
Said in japanese.
Lily finished this sentence with a yawn and stared out the window.

The teacher was dumbstruck with what Lillian was saying and proceeded to the front of the class, he spent the rest of the class being corrected by Yuviel who was half dozed but still somewhat upbeat, which wasn’t the only thing being beaten.

Time flies by and Math and English pass as well, with the same tutor – Yuviel actually fell asleep after Alexander had to be excused,

Lunchtime bell rings. (12:00) Mid day.

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Aiya hears the bell ring for lunch, she ended up sitting around the courtyard all morning. with a sigh she stood up, watching the rush of students heading to the cantina. moving at her own pace, she spotted a couple students from the judo club coming her way. she rolled her eyes and before they got a chance to speak she put a hand up and spoke.


she passed them and made her way inside the cantina, moving to a table by herself, half the students avoiding that table like the plague.

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Returning back to the class just after the bell rang got Alex almost run over by the students rushing out.

Shaking his head Alex went back to his desk, seeing Yuviel sleeping on hers he leaned over her and started licking her ear, gently nibbling on it until she woke up.

Smiling at her Alex tried to put on a serious face as he said;

..i'm gonna repay that favour to you soon enough..

Failing miserably at his serious impersonation Alex slipped in a quick kiss, not caring about the students that stayed in the classroom. Pulling away he asked Yuviel curiously;

...we've got an hour spare before the next classes..what should we do? ..we could go outside....

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Resting calmly as the class ended, the teacher mocked to the extream - everyone apart from a few slower people or the seriousl nerds stayed to complete either their homework or notes.

Alexander walked into the classroom after being excused, and started to nibble on her ear - putting her head up, he snook in a kiss.

With that, Yuviel wrapped herself around Alexander in the same manner she did before - unfortunately he wasn't expecting the sudden weight and Yuviel landed ontop of him without thinking.

Ah, I'm heavy.

Yuviel reluctantly got off of Alexander and stood up - pulling him up without an effort, but not into her.

I guess I should eat something.

Looking at Alexander with an amused face, heading for the door - she realised she had no shoes...

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Walking up to Yuviel, Alex told her, as if he was trying to apologize;,'re not heavy ...i was just not ..prepare

Making a small pause Alex then asked her curiously about the food; eating, do you mean another trip to the nurse or do you want to eat something...solid?

Alex patiently waited for Yuviel's answer, only looking away for a moment when he looked at Mikey and the girl next to him that were still sitting at their desk, but he quickly focused back on Yuviel before she even replied to him.

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Turning around to face Alexander, Yuviel's face lit up a little and started to walk up to him.

Prepare yourself!

Yuviel jumped on Alexander and ruffled her head into his chest, not enough to push him anywhere, pulling her skirt up - she assumed a leg wrap around him, barely covering herself.

I've still got a bag in the dorms.

Holding her right arm around Alexanders shoulder and back, she played with her fingers rubbing a cirlce into Alexanders chest.

Then I need to help you get fixed... those Tattoo's don't repair themselves.

Yuviel then lifted herself up a little and relocked her legs once both arms were in a better holding position.

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Alex decided to ignore her suggestion about runes, for now, he didn't know what new skills she acquired with her vampire blood being awakened. It wasn't hard for him to get distracted, he just looked down and playfully said to her;'re making my job much more difficult, you know..

Smiling as he looked up, Alex walked out of the class. His left hand was on Yuviel's back while his right hand supported her from below.

Alex carried Yuviel all the way to the spirit dorms, every now and then resisting the urge to give her a long and wet kiss.

Entering the spirit dorms, Alex went straight to Yuviel's room. Letting Yuviel down on her bed he started looking around for the bag and noticing it resting one the desk he picked it up and handed it over to her.

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Being dropped on her bed and passes a bag, Yuviel kept her legs open and started drinking the blood without spilling it.

So you're not bothered about those runes, at all? I owe you at least the chest one.

Yuviel giggled a little and finished the bloodbag quite quickly - showing signs of annoyence that it was finished.

Well, I've snacked... I guess you're hungry too?

Yuviel was laid in the same position as when she was put down.

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Alex lowered himself down, almost kneeling in between Yuviel's legs as he leaned over her, gently pushing her down on the bed. He firstly licked the corner of her lips, wiping off any trails of blood before sticking his tongue into her mouth. Pulling away he responded to her;

..i'm not really hungry..

Still leaning over Yuviel he addressed the problem about his runes and said;

..we'll deal with that later, i'm not really in the mood for that painful process right now...and don't worry, i'm far from defenceless..

Alex slipped in another kiss before she replied and then pulled away slightly to see her response.

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Dissapointed with just the kisses and the lack of desire to get back to full strength, Yuviel pulled away and rolled off the bed, landing on her feet.

Pch, missed your chance.

Yuviel picked Alexander up by his lower back of his shirt and started to drag him along with her - slipping some sandals on as she passed them.

Dropped Alexander just before the door, Yuviel opened it and stopped just before it bonked him on the head, then sl-owly walked over him and outward.

Come on Alexander, you need food. Especially if you want to keep up.

Again with a giggle, Yuviel headed for the exit.

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Catching up with Yuviel, disappointed by the lack of any closer events but trying not to show it, Alex walked next to her.

The pair got to the cantina quite fast after they left the spirit dorms. Entering inside Alex was quite relieved when he saw that the line at the counter wasn't that long, must be due to the time they spent in Yuviel's room.

Alex asked Yuviel to find them a table while he waited in the queue. Getting his order Alex got a simple sandwich and juice as well as a bottle of milk for Yuviel.

Grabbing his plate, Alex turned around and started looking for Yuviel, spotting her at an empty table he quickly got there.

Sitting down and placing his plate in from of him Alex handed the milk over to Yuviel, saying;

...i hope you still like this..

Smiling, he took a bite of his sandwich, it tasted good even though he wasn't really hungry.

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Grabbing her usual table in the corner, Alexander came over with some Sandwiches juice and milk for her ... which was passed straight away.

Yuviel opened the milk and smelt inside, it smelt a little odd to her...

Is this off?

Yuviel moved it across to Alexander.

Whilst Alexander was examining the milk, Yuviel took it in herself to steal Alexanders Cheese n' salad sandwich and smelt that too ... it didn't smell the same either...

Nabbing a small corner of it, she tried it - and didn't seem to enjoy it in the slightest. Ignoring whatever Alexander said about the milk she washed it down and gave off a face of disgust.

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Munching on his sandwich Alex noticed Yuviel's taste has changed drastically. Finding amusement in the simple thing he said; seems your taste has changed quite a bit...for the better might i add, hehe..

Finishing his sentence Alex looked at Yuviel, putting his sandwich down on the plate, a devilish smile appeared on his face when he said;

...well, if you ever feel hungry...i'll be nearby..

Leaving his sandwich on the plate, his eyes remained sparkling as his smile hasn't faded since before, watching Yuviel.

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Not finishing the milk, Yuviel held her stomach in an uncomfortable manner.

Alexander, I think ... I ... need ... to go.

Yuviel stands up but staggers, holding her stomach Yuviel makes a runner for it and eventually finds the disabled toilet and leaves it slightly ajar as she begins to paint the toilet and surrounding rim/back in a pink and slightly red mist of vomit.

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Finishing his sandwich quickly after Yuviel left, leaving the juice untouched, Alex stood up and went after her.

Finding Yuviel leaning on the wall above the toilet seat, Alex walked up to her and grabbed her, supporting her and saying softly;

...i guess you better stay away from milk and such for now....

Helping her to get out they started to walk out of the disabled toilets.

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Being helped out of the toilets, Yuviel heard Alexander’s advice and nodded to it – thinking over the current events, she thought it best to go visit at least someone with knowledge on her new found feeding problems.

I’m going to make the Nurse tell me what I need to do.

Unbalanced and drowsy Yuviel staggers around and grabs onto Alexander who seems a little reluctant about the whole prospect of visiting the Nurse again.

If it makes you feel any better, blame me for what she did… she needs to check on you anyway, right?

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Content to just wait for the next class Michael turns to Lily and says.

Want to go get something to eat or are you fine waiting around here?

He watches as the last of the students leave the room leaving the two fo them alone in the classroom.

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I'm not hungry
lily answered while swinging on her chair.
Staring out the window as she did it.

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Shruging as she answered he looked back at her and said.

So is there anything you want to do?

He looked to the window hoping something interesting would happen sooner or later.

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Holding Yuviel in balance Alex listened to her talking and then shook his head as he said to her calmly;'s ok, i'm not blaming anyone but myself for what happened then..

Smiling back to Yuviel he picked her up and started carrying her princess style, saying;'re right, she was supposed to check up on my shoulder this morning, but..

Making a small pause Alex smiled again, looking at Yuviel in his arms he continued;

...thanks to special someone, my shoulder healed up nicely, hehe..

Not long after the couple found themselves in front of the nurse's door. He wasn't sure how bad Yuviel felt so he didn't let her down.

Opening the door without knocking Alex entered inside and noticed the office was empty. Walking over to and putting Yuviel down on one of the medical beds, Alex gently stroked her forehead while they waited for the nurse to return.

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Being carried to the nurse’s office made Yuviel feel a little better, as did the various compliments and the continued carrying all the way to a bed – the stroking didn’t help as Yuviel started to feel sleepy.

Yawning and resting her head inbetween Alexander’s legs;


Yuviel started to fall asleep, her fangs started to show as well as her other vampyric features such as her tail and wings, which seemed to only form slightly under her shirt.

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Seeing Yuviel feeling drowsy, making herself comfortable in his lap. Yuviel muttered one word as her tail and wings started making their way out. It was almost too hard for Alex to move her cute face away from his lap.

Leaving Yuviel alone on the bed, Alex ran off towards the storage. It looked like no one repaired the door yet, quickly going to the same spot he found what he needed. Grabbing two bags of blood he ran back to Yuviel.

Getting back he found Yuviel in the same place and in the same half asleep state. Sitting next to her and picking her up, Alex placed Yuviel's head on his chest and shoulder, holding her tightly with his hand.

...there we go

Alex said, making sure Yuviel was comfortably leaning on him.

Tearing the blood bag open with his teeth Alex slowly brought it to her mouth with his other hand and started pouring the blood in her mouth. Alex hoped this new fix of blood would make her feel good again, smiling as he watched her drink from his hand.

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Finding herself being lifted towards Alexander’s neck, a blood bag was presented to her – it being poured didn’t bother her, nor did the mild spillage on the bed – luckily it missed her and Alexander’s back completely.

Finishing the bag within seconds, Yuviel hugged Alexander slightly more violently and pushed him down – mounting Alexander, she looked for the 2nd blood bag and grabbed it, taking it for herself – her blood eyes turning blood red straight away, “life” refilling her face.

Thank you…

Yuviel put her head onto Alexanders chest and rested it, falling into a slumbered state – wings ripping out of her shirt, leaving fragments of it attached to her along with the tie and bra still intact – they seemed to be wrapped around Alexander and herself, whilst the tail started to interlock around both their left legs.

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Making himself more comfortable on the bed, seeing how Yuviel prepared herself to sleep. Alex didn't feel tired at all, must be Yuviel's blood keeping him high all the time.

Picking up the left over pieces of Yuviel's shirt from her wings Alex threw them down on the ground, one by one, quite amused with doing that.

Running out of the ripped cloth, Alex watched the sleeping beauty's face on his chest. His eyes glittered as he caressed Yuviel's cheek and pulling her hair behind her ear, losing himself in the moe moment.

Alex remained laying down, letting Yuviel rest as much as she wanted while they waited for the nurse to come.

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Time skip in progress to 13:00 Lunchtime ends.

- PE has started, class moving to sports hall.
- MR Vanhiking personally visited class 4F and instructed Lillian white and Michael to visit the family in the Punishment dorms, the head will be present.
- The Nurse is heading back to the office, with the assistant.
- Yuviel has engulfed Alexander within her wings, who's now ontop of her as she hugs him completely.
- Malus and Andrea can be found stalking the Punishment dorms from a tree nearby.

Yuviel rolled over early on... she was flat on her back and her wings pulled Alexander into her bosom ... tail wrapping around his left leg.

The bell rings but Yuviel is unmoven by the loud ringing...

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