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SS - or is it? II

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351 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 5:00 am

Lily put all the items back in her boots, and puts them on.
I smell like flowers
Lily frowned sniffing herself.
Putting her hands up to her hair she trys to undo it.

Lilys mother and father are arguing in the corner again and lilys mother says loudly.
what kind of ugly grandchildren are we going to end up with from that...that thing?!
Lilys dads eye begins to twitch
he says begining to laugh nervously.

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352 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 5:15 am

Helping Lily with her hair allowing it to fall down he said.

I guess we better get back out there before your father goes crazy.

The room starts to disappear around them as the smoke disappears from the room Lily and Michael still sitting together on the floor he looks up and says.

Well shes dressed now and we have an answer... Dad.

Looking to Lily's father on the last word.

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353 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 5:24 am

we're leaving!
lilys mum yells grabbing the father by the ear.
She walks over to lily and kisses her on the cheek, gives a disapproving narrow eyed look to michael and then drags the father away.
The father out stretches his hands to lily
my baby!
he looks like hes ready to cry.
dont you dare touch her or i'll find you.
he says pointing at michael.

Lily hugs michael tight and sticks her tongue out at her dad, causing her dad to struggle but not get away from her mum.

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354 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 5:40 am


Jumping down, after noticing the father being dragged off from the church – the ground cracked under the landing, Yuviel not caring if she damaged it.

I’ll be outside, when you’re ready to go.

Yuviel was hungry but kept it at bay as she headed outside – not wanting to hold up the return trip.

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355 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 6:01 am

Letting the world pass around him Michael didnt much care just being there with Lily was more than enough for him finally snapping out of it when Yuviel passed him. Looking to Lily he said.

Better not keep them waiting.

Lifting Lily as she still held onto him he leant in and kissed her lost in the moment he almost forgot what he was meant to be doing but finally he said to gramps.

Can you do me one last favour and create a portal for us just outside the church.

Watching as Gramps clicked his fingers feeling the presence of a portal opening outside. Carrying Lily outside with him he met up with Yuviel and Alexander and said.

Well looks like its time to go back to the school.

Walking up to the portal he waited for the others.

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356 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 6:42 am

Alexander has gotten bored of watching at the empty space in front of him and dwelling on things he could not affect now. Slowly walking back to the front of the church he saw Yuviel standing there, probably waiting for everyone else.

Standing next to her Alex was not sure if she was still mad at him or not but he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, pulling away he said;

..I'm sorry Yuviel...

At that moment Michael came out of the church holding that girl in his arms. He took a step away from Yuviel and smiled at the new couple, they looked really nice together. Who knows, maybe one day him and Yuviel would walk out of a wedding like that.

When a portal spawned next to them and Michael said it's time to go back to the school grounds Alex motioned for him to go first with his girl. As they stepped through Yuviel and Alexander followed.

All four of them were now standing in the school grounds, not too far away from the north gate. Alex stretched out and took a deep breath, it felt good to be back.

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357 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 9:20 am

As they arrived and the portal disappeared behind them Michael turned to Yuviel and Alex and said.

Thank you both for your help.

Leaving them both Michael carried Lily towards the spirit dorms. Reaching the dorms and opening the door whilst still holding Lily he moved into the living area taking a seat on the larger couch with Lily sitting in his lap he leant in kissing her he then said.

Please never leave me like that again im lost without you.

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358 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 9:47 am

you live with me for 6 years and now you cant do without me? Silly boy.
She smiles kissing michael.
i promise i wont go anywhere again, i dont want to go through that again.
She said stroking michaels cheek.
my dad seems to like you
She says with a wide smile.

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359 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 10:22 am

Laughing slightly at the concept of her father liking him he said.

It seems that way.

Then a thought entered Michael head and he said.

Do you think that we should tell the head of our engagement?

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360 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 10:24 am

At the mention of the head.
Do you like being chained up?
She asked with a raised eyebrow.

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361 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 10:43 am

At Lily's answer Michael said.

Good point... but what we do need is a larger room... not much point in us using two rooms anymore.

Kissing Lily on the cheek he wondered if the dorms actualy had any larger rooms.

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362 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 10:51 am

i'm sure it could be arranged
Lily said smiling.
Hugging into michael she yawned.
Its been a busy day today
She said closing her eyes.

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363 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 11:14 am

Smiling as Lily yawned he was also feeling quite tired and he lifted Lily back up and started to make his way towards Lily's room feeling her breath against his skin as he opened the door and moving inside closing the door as he entered. Moving over to the bed he pulled back the covers and placing her onto the bed he then moved in beside her pulling the covers back over them holding her close to his chest smiling at just how cute she looked.

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364 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 11:28 am

being placed in the bed lily snuggles up to michael, keeping her face close to his neck.
Closing her eyes.
Its nice to finally be back, and be able to relax
She said quietly

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365 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 11:46 am

Watching Lily cuddle into him Michael stroked her hair and said.

Ye its always good to relax a bit.

He then started to hum a nursery rhyme to Lily feeling himself slowly drifting off as he did.

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366 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 7th 2010, 10:34 pm


Acting quite coldly towards Alexander, Yuviel watched the love birds enter the portal – following them with Alexander behind, they find themselves in the school to which Yuviel found herself alone with Alexander.

I’m heading for the Cantina… you go see the nurse and make sure you’re fine.

Yuviel flashstepped away, leaving Alexander to ponder his next move.

Time passage : 10:00 AM 2nd lesson.

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367 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 8th 2010, 12:50 am

Alexander pulled his hand through the hair in frustration as Yuviel left him standing alone in the courtyard. Was his offer of blood something that made her that mad...he just couldn't figure it out.

Letting out a loud sigh he started walking towards the spirit dorms, he felt just fine...physically. But what he needed and wanted badly was a shower.

As he entered the dorms he started unbuttoning his shirt immediately, having it off before he even entered the bathroom. Placing his swords and rest of the clothing on the bench Alex went into the shower cabin and let the hot water run, getting rid of the blood and sweat from the battle and work after it.

After good 10-15 minutes have passed Alexander came out clean and feeling refreshed but he was still worried about Yuviel and it was clearly showing on his face. Walking over to the sink and the mirror, completely naked, water still dripping down from him, Alexander looked at himself in the mirror.

The hole on his chest was still there, rendering his runes useless, now accompanied by the broken rune on his right hand it posed a serious problem for him, something he would have to look into soon.

Alexander brushed his teeth and then dried off, picking up his clothes and swords he walked out. He left the clothes to wash before going to his room.

Once he entered his room it felt like he wasn't there for a very long time when in reality it was not longer than a day. Hiding the new swords under his bed Alex went to his closet and started putting on the school uniform...

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368 Re: SS - or is it? II on May 9th 2010, 7:27 am


The roleplay is now closed, the roleplay has skipped 3 months ahead in a new thread.

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