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SS - or is it? II

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101SS - or is it? II - Page 5 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 18th 2010, 12:28 pm

Lost in watching Yuviel in one moment Alex found himself turned around by her, face directly in between her breasts, even pushed down by her wings.

Managing to get up just a little bit by pushing himself off the bed Yuviel's body stretched beneath him, taking his full attention.

Looking up from her cute, sleeping face, down her neck and chest covered in her purple bra. His look went even further down Yuviel's stomach where her skirt began, slightly pushed up and wriggled by Alex's knee in between her legs.

Needless to say the view was pretty distracting, many lewd thought crossed his mind as his right hand reached out for her breast, stopping only an inch away.

The school bell rang and almost gave Alex a heart attack but Yuviel seemed to stay unphased by it. Frozen in the position he was in due to a certain reason, Alex softly spoke to Yuviel after the bell stopped ringing;

..hey, Yuvi...wake up..the nurse might come soon..

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Vaguely hearing the bell, and then Alexander's voice telling her the nurse might come - unlocked her wings and tail from him.

Opening her eyes and carefully stretching her arms and wings - Yuviel saw Alexander resting his head on her chest. Pushing Alexander off, slowly ... she looked at her attire...

I had a shirt, why's it in peices...

Looking around as she sat up, she saw the fragments of it all over the floor.

I can walk around naked it wont bother me, but people have a habit of over-reacting to a naked girl.

Yuviel said, half dozed but otherwise recovered.

At that time ... the Nurse's assistant walked in and shouted at the nurse to not enter.

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Hearing someone at the entrance and her talking about her shirt Alex took off his jacket and turned towards Yuviel, saying;

..pull you wings back Yuviel then use my jacket for the time being..

Leaving the jacket with Yuviel, Alex jumped down from the bed and went over to the entrance, pushing the assistant aside Alex took the nurse under her arm and literally dragged her over to the bed Yuviel was on and said worriedly;

...something is not ok with her, nurse..can you help her?

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Retracting her wings as she was presented with a shocked Nurse who made it painfully clear she did not want to be near here at all - Yuviel edged towards the scared Nurse.

Would you close the door, Assistant... and stay in the office.

The Nurse flintched but otherwise nodded to the Assistant to do what was asked.

Wha-what s-s-s-s-seems to b-b-be the p-problem?

Yuviel stopped edging and signaled Alexander to let her go, rubbing her belly a little...

I had some milk and bread... and the world decided to spin and well... I kinda puked.

Hearing the strange reason about Yuviels appearence in the office, the Nurse did not seem willing to give a direct answer.

Go to the Head for your food, Vampire... I do not heal your kind.

The Nurse headed towards her desk and looked to the right, noticing the door ...

and don't help yourself to my stock!

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During the time they spent in the classroom a man calling himself Mr Vanhiking someone he had been told handled the human side of the school or something to that effect had appeared before him and Lily telling them that her family wanted to meet both of them in the punishment dorms with the head present. Michael was unsure about the whole thing but knowing he would go with Lily if she wanted to go he said.

So are we gonna go and meet them?

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Quite upset about how the nurse went around Yuviel, Alex walked over to her and turning her facing him said angrily; can you say that?? she's a student here no matter her being a can you call yourself medical staff when you turn down ill people??!

Alex didn't seem like he would take no for an answer from the nurse at the moment.

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Yuviel watched Alexander walk over to the nurse, holding out her arm but not saying anything - he seemed quite angry with her words.

Being turned around by Alexander the nurse blushed if only for a moment;

Do you know what they do to my kind? They'll drain us bit by bit untill we die... or torture us because we don't turn ... we become their playthings!

Yuviel flintched at the harsh words but accepted them as her opinion... getting off the bed, Yuviel pushed the assistant out of the way and slammed the door - her borrowed coat was completely buttoned up and started to head for the spirit dorms.

note : Yuviel is holding back tears.

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A dark, sinister, almost tangible aura appeared around Alex when he heard Yuviel slamming the door behind herself.

It took him every bit of self-control he had to stop himself from doing or saying anything he might regret later. Simply saying to the nurse in a cold tone before he turned around from her;

....she's not like that...she's not..

Walking away Alex pushed the innocent assistant out of his way, catching him in the back of his eye, running to the nurse worriedly.

Looking around in the hallway Alex couldn't see any signs of Yuviel. Running out he saw her leaving the building, running some more Alex caught up to her and stopped her.

Raising Yuviel's head slightly Alex looked into her watery eyes, it was painful for him to see her like that. Wiping off a single tear going down her cheek Alex hugged Yuviel tightly and said softly; matter what they say i still love you Yuviel..

Suddenly realizing this is the first he openly said that he loves her, Alex blushed slightly but kept on holding Yuviel in his arms.

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As Bruno sat in class he began witnessing a confrontation between some students and the teacher. Among them were people he knew from the spirit dorms however he didn't interfere and merely watched as it continued. He did the normal student routine of switching classes and taking notes until it rang for lunch time. He then started heading for the cantina however noticing some people looking at him strangely and whispering among themselves most probably about him. He then thought while walking towards the cantina.

Hum strange wonder why they are reacting like this...wait they didn't find out about last night did they!?

A somewhat worried look appeared on his face however soon faded away as he walked trough the cantina doors He stayed in line awaiting his turn while wondering where he was going to sit down. When it was his turn he asked for 6 slices of pizza some soda and strawberry ice cream for desert. After a few moments the kitchen staff showed up with his order which he picked up and then started to look for a place to sit down. As he searched most students around him were giving him strange looks again. He got somewhat nervous but finding a table with no one on it sat down and quickly ate his lunch and placed the tray in its appropriate location and headed out of the cantina without talking to anyone. He then took a walk around the school viewing the many sites. When he heard the bell ring he started to head for class and noticed the girl form earlier passing by him appearing to be very upset.He was about to say something when the student who was with her earlier ran up to her and started to do what appeared to be comforting her. Not wanting to ruin the moment he looked back at the main building and started running towards class.

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Being stopped by Alexander wasn’t something she wanted to have happen, unwillingly surrendering a lone tear which was captured by him. Blushing in his embrace she heard something she’d been waiting for… Yuviel hugged Alexander back and whispered something in his ear.

Prove it…

Yuviel started to lick Alexanders neck playfully but stopped herself and went back to embracing him, the clouds in the sky were breaking up and the sun became slightly stronger.

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Feeling the sun rays warming his back as they overshadowed Yuviel in his embrace. Slightly pulling away, Alex placed his right hand on Yuviel's cheek, caressing it gently as he pulled her head slightly up.

Looking her in the eyes, true happiness could be seen on his face, eyes sparkling and a slight smile he wasn't able to remove. Alex feared his feelings would be rejected but it didn't seem to be like that.

Closing in a bit Alex slowly placed his lips on Yuviel's, his left hand gently holding her back while his right hand rested on the soft skin of her neck.

Alex enjoyed the simple but long and passionate kiss they shared in public. Unwillingly pulling himself slightly away from Yuviel, Alex spoke, almost whispering as his voice was almost completely lost;

...i-i don't even know how to put it into words, let alone prove what i'm feeling for you Yuviel..

Placing his head down on Yuviel's shoulder Alex hugged her even tighter as if he didn't want her to leave him there.

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112SS - or is it? II - Page 5 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 19th 2010, 3:25 am

When Mr Vanhiking appeared in the room lily just stared at him, until he mentioned her "family" wanted to see her.
Then she looked at michael as he asked if they should go.
Lily shot out of her chair, threw open a window and jumped out into a near by tree, dropping down from the tree she then ran towards the gate.

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Lily's sudden actions surprised Michael and as she landed he reached the window she seemed to be running towards a gate and most likely away from the school. In a single flash step Michael caught up to Lily grabbing ahold of her he held her close to him and whispered to her.

So where to then?

He moved slightly away from her smiling at her his hands now on her shoulders.

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Lily gets a fright when michael grabs her, letting out a little scream but she calmed down as soon as she heard his voice.
Before he even had a chance to speak she threw michael to the ground.
Sucking air through her teeth and clenching her eyes shut she then sits up putting her hand on her shoulder, taking it off blood covered her hand.
and a few feet away from the a silver headed arrow was stuck in the ground.

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Enjoying the confession and embrace, Yuviel stayed for a while before noticing the Elf and Demon flying out of the window, the demon gliding through the air with an almost graceful presence, whilst the elf looked like it was falling for ages.

I think we should help the elf… my lover.

Looking around for the culprit, as watching events unfold – Yuviel noticed several elves dotted around the courtyard armed with what looked to be bows of all things, Yuviels mouth started to drool a little without thinking about it.

Flashstepping, the Elves reactions seemed slow – stopping just to the side of the male elves arrow head, Yuviel grabbed the shaft and snapped it – a long with a cut to the string … walking around the Elf, Yuviel snapped all the tails of the arrows and finally ran her hand through their back… spraying the ground infront of them, apart of their spine held in her hand which was sticking out of his chest… Yuviel began to feed on the Elves neck.

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As he fell from being pushed he wasnt sure what was going on but as he landed it slowly started to make sense Lily was injured he could see the arrow made of silver knowing it was clearly ment for him he turned to find they were surrounded rage the only thing he could feel. The two elves closest to him took up aim but they never got the chance to fire their bows shattered into thousands of pieces as Michael took on his demon form holding the two of them by their heads he slowly started to squeeze the sound of bone breaking filled the surrounding area as the elves took their last few gasps of breath dropping them when he had finally finished with them he turned to the vampire who had appeared from somewhere and was feeding on another of the would be assassians and said.

Good to see you're of some use.

He then turned his attention to Lily moving quickly over to her he kneeled down next to her and said.

They will pay for this I promise you.... They... Will... Pay

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Lily sat unable to do anything or even speak as she watch the weird girl and michael take the lives of the attacking elves.
But very quickly her eyes werent on the dead elves.
She stood up shakely as her mouth lay open, her hands shaking, then her whole body shaking.
Her eyes lay apon a woman, in the distance who was standing with the silent man and the other man from the bar.
the words fell from her mouth.
Lilys legs began to move, carrying her towards the woman. still shaking.

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Realizing something bad is going on when Yuviel suddenly disappeared in front of him. Running into the open area he quickly noticed what was going on.

The girl with Michael seemed to be wounded but still walking towards a group of people. Yuviel was feeding on an elf with two corpses nearby that didn't look like they were killed by her. Demon showed no signs of restraint, emitting a dark aura as he was in his demon form.

Alex ran up to the wounded girl, grabbing her under her hand to prevent her from falling down, her legs seemed shaky...

A sudden gust of wind appeared in the middle of the clearing the fighting has going on. The Headmaster appeared in his long white coat that seemed to be illuminating light, raising his hand up a ray of dark matter ran out, rising high into the air and creating a perfect black globe around the scene.

The Headmaster lowered his hand, now clearly shining in the darkened environment. His voice was inhuman and terrifying when he spoke as he walked over to remaining elves;

What do you think you're doing??! Assassinating MY student on MY grounds??

He reached the elves and made a single sweep with his hand, they disappeared from their places as if they were never there.

Turning around, facing Michael, Yuviel, Lillian and Alexander his mood didn't seem any better.

Giving Yuviel a cold stare he said to her;

Miss Silverstone, put that corpse down! Get a hold of yourself, you're disgracing your pureblood bloodline with your behavior.

The Headmaster walked over to Michael, not listening to any excuses Yuviel might have had. Standing in front of Michael the Headmaster placed his hand on Michael's shoulder, instantly returning him to his human form;

You seem to be the cause of this whole mess, demon. Maybe I should not permit your reckless kind on the grounds after all.

Glancing over Lillian that was supported by Alexander, his look stopped on Alex when he harshly said;

It surprises me how far an apple can fall from the tree...but you are a human, it is only natural for your kind to pick all the wrong choices.

Making another move with his hand, Lillian and Michael disappeared without a trace. Turning around the Headmaster did the same with Yuviel and Alexander before disappearing himself, the dark globe collapsing on itself, leaving the grounds intact as if nothing happened.

Notes: - Lillian and Michael are in a spacious room, Michael is chained down to the chair, both sitting on the opposite side of the table from Lillian's mother, Fiance and his companion. The Headmaster is present.

- Yuviel and Alexander are in a room that resembles their owns but no windows and the doors are magically locked.

-Lillian's wound has disappeared.

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Putting the elf down, Yuviel found herself in a new room but still feeling the effects of the elven blood in her system - her clothing was gone, as it was blood stained.

Examining the room, it seemed to be a copy of her room the door felt strange and a normal uniform was placed on the side table, along with some normal underwear in white.

Ashamed of herself, Yuviel curled up naked on the bed and cried - knowing what the Nurse said was true about her people.

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When they were removed from the grounds and placed in a room with a table, lily looked around.
Seeing michael next to her chained up, shock coming across her face grabbing at the chains trying to pull them off them.
Only to be disturbed by a cough from her mother who lily finally noticed was across that table from them.
Her hands drop off the chain as she cant help but stare at her mother, her mother then stands up and walks round the table and right up to lily.
Lilys body had turned to face her mother.
Her mother then swung her hand back and slapped lily very hard, the noise was loud enough to echo through the room.

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Being in a strange room he looked around noticing the elves from before and the one he guessed to be Lily's mother then looking around he saw Lily who had seen him and attempted to get his chains off until a cough came from the other side of the room which caused Lily to freeze and turn to face the woman who was moving closer to her but when she hit Lily Michael lost it once again trying to struggle against the chains he could feel the magic running through them and knowing he wouldnt be able to escape so easily he shouted out.

I thought she was your daughter and yet you hit her? You're no better than a demon yourself.

Struggling against the chains he was still getting nowhere looking at the headmaster in a state of dibelief that he was allowing this to happen.

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Finding himself in a room he immediately noticed Yuviel on the bed. She was curled up on the bed, crying.

Alex took off his shirt, the left sleeve was stained in blood from the elf girl he supported.

Alex pulled the blanket over Yuviel's naked body, a human habit, and sat down on the edge of the bed. Gently stroking her head he said to Yuveil soothingly;

...don't cry..

Slamming his hand down on the table loudly the Headmaster looked up at the present people and then said in a raised voice;

I placed you all here so you can work out an agreement between you, it is much more than I should have done after your recent actions so DO NOT test my patience and limits any more!

Looking at the older elven woman he simply said;

Sit down!

Waiting for the woman to return to her seat, reluctantly. Daishi looked at Lillian's fiancée and asked him;

What do you have to say? Are you aware of your actions?? You almost killed the woman that is to be your wife!

Giving a cold look towards Michael he said;

Don't even try anything! In this room even your ancestors would fear me, demon!

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Hearing and feeling Alexander nearby Yuviel started to mutter words out in a mixture of words - getting up slightly, Yuviel pulled Alexander onto her and pushed him down onto the bed... still curled up, Yuviel rested her head onto his chest.

I am a monster...

Yuviel fell asleep crying.

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Wrapping his hands around the girl he loved, now resting on his chest. He hold her tightly, feeling sad himself as she cried herself to sleep, Alex only said to himself, unsure if she heard him or not;

...aren't we all..

Alex stared at the ceiling, wondering what they want from them to put them in such a room. Time passed on and Alex didn't move at all, only gently caressing Yuviel in her sleep.

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Lilys mother sat down in her seat again, not arguing with the head.
When the head turned to the fiance he replied.
that filthy thing put its hand on my woman, the arrow was meant to get rid of him
He said this while pointing at michael.
Then taking a breath he looked over at lily.
we have come to take you back with us, since your form has "changed". It has been decided that the wedding will be brought forward.

i'm not going anywhere with you..
lily said harshly but not looking up not wanting her eyes to meet her mothers.
I'll never marry you
Clenching her fists and gritting her teeth as she knew her mothers eyes were on her.

you will be coming with us
the fiance said in a confident voice.
Seeing that lily didnt believe him, he stood up and walked round the table to her.
Stroking her hair out of the way to whisper in her ear. as he did this she flinched away but he carried on this action and whispered in her ear.

As he spoke in her ear lilys face grew paler and her hands still clenched as fists began to shake slightly. Her eyes grew wider the more he spoke.
you wouldnt...
She said in a voice so quiet it was hard to hear that she said anything.
She looked at him with a worried expression as he walked back round the table.

its your choice, make your decision
he said sitting across the table smirking

Lily clenched her fists tight in her lap for a minute or so, then her hands went limp.
Looking up at the fiance.
I'll go...

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