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SS - or is it? II

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1SS - or is it? II Empty SS - or is it? II on April 13th 2010, 9:16 am

i dont know who she is anyway
Lily said following michael to her room.
Shutting the door behind her when she entered, she walked over to the clothes and the dresser and began getting changed as well.

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2SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 13th 2010, 9:34 am


Washing herself down whilst examing her entending fingers ... Yuviel eventually realises the water has gone cold... stepping out, she looks around and finds no towels in the local area - only a holster with two stakes in it.

Picking the holster up - Yuviel poked the stake only to find it was burning hot ... throwing the holster into the wall, it made a loud thud crackle sound, as it imprinted into the wall.

Annoyed at the painful objects... yuviel started to walk out - her hair down to her ankels and wrapping around her as it was still wet - opening the door she smelt something new - leaping from the door onto the table with her coins, she looked at the resting man. Confused ...

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3SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 13th 2010, 9:38 am

Changing into his school uniform he waited by the door leaning on the wall for Lily to be done and said.

I guess we should go and get some breakfast... or cake depending on what you want.

He feels the vampire move from the showers to the middle of the living area but as the dragonboy was near her he didnt bother to much about it.

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4SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 13th 2010, 9:47 am

Cake sounds good
She said half heartedly, walking over to michael she holds out a bra.
Looking away.
its not like i cant do it, i just cant be bothered to
Once michael had helped her with the bra she carefully put on a blouse.
Staring at the pair of shoes that had been left for her.
What good will these do if i need to kick someone?
She decides to put on her normal boots.
Turning round about to say shes ready to michael she catches her reflection in the mirror.
Staring was all she could do for a moment, she then lifted a hand to her neck and touched the marks.

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5SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 13th 2010, 9:55 am

As Bruno went over the previous night in his mind he felt someone approach him and turned towards them. Much to his surprise he finds a naked girl looking curiously at him. Getting up from his seat with a jolt he just stares at the girl completely embarrassed while saying. are!EHH excuse me!

With this he bows at the girl and runs off towards the spirit dorms exit. Right when he exits the door, He changes into his half dragon form and takes flight while thinking in his mind going at a very fast speed.

What the heck was that about!And just who was that girl!?

After a few seconds he is on the roof of the main building and lands on it.Going back to his human form, he then takes a few steps and going to the roofs edge leans on it looking down at the ground.

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6SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 13th 2010, 9:56 am

After helping her get dressed they were just about ready to go but he noticed as she moved her hand up to the marks on her neck he moved next to her and said.

If you want we could try and find something to cover them up.

He started to search the room for anything that resembled a scarf or atleast something that could be used as such but couldnt find anything coming back over to Lily he said.

Im sure we can find something on the way.

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7SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 13th 2010, 10:05 am

Finishing up his breakfast Alex stood up from the table and walked away. As he left the cantina a girl ran up to him, watery eyes and pleading for him to follow her. Alex had no intention to get involved in whatever she wanted and barely listened to her but when she started dragging him he just walked away, looking away uninterestedly.

She brought him into a small path between two school buildings he did not bother to look at when they came. Disappearing behind a corner Alex followed half arsedly, taking a step around the corner a metal pipe to the face sent him on his back.

It turned out the girl is a girlfriend of the guy he messed up earlier. She lured him into a trap his jockey friends have set up.

Laying down Alex took the beating, cackling as the pain received would soon go away thanks to Yuviel's blood in his bloodstream.

After 5 minutes the students scattered away, looking at Alex in disbelief as he continued laughing on the ground.

Standing up, Alex spat the blood from his mouth and wiped it away from the chin with his hand. Going through his hair started walking out into the crowd. Straightening his wrinkled and in places torn uniform he started walking to his old place - the bench.

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8SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 13th 2010, 12:44 pm


Watching the guy run out, he had an interesting smell - Yuviel pondered about following him but she found the coins on the table with the bag ... pouring them back in - it felt a little lighter, no matter.

Yuviel proceeded to head for her room ... which was a mess - examining the room she eventually found something resembling her uniform.
- long skirt
- shirt
- 4th year tie
- sandals
- brimmed hat

Assembling what she wanted to wear for school was one thing... Yuviel had an issue, that was her hair, it didn't seem to want to retract like the tail and wings, and she didn't want to cut it either.

Bam! An interesting idea occured to her... put everything on upside down, Yuviel picked up her bra and put that on promptly, then flipped onto the ceiling and did her shirt up, or down. Once she was done with that everything else wasn't getting in the way of the hair and vice versa.

Everything attached in the right places - Yuviel finds her hat and gloves and puts them on as well ... leaving a small tip and vague map of what the room should be like on paper. (10 crowns)

Exiting the room, Yuviel finds her throat isn't running as smoothly, she'll need to feed again soon - pondering her next course of action she heads out into the sun and looks around, noticing the boy watching her from the top of the roof.

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9SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 13th 2010, 11:56 pm

Alexander looked up in the sky, partially blinded by then sun he closed his eyes and pulled up his hand to protect himself from the pesky light. He must have spent at least 5 minutes just sitting the beforehand, enjoying the warmth and peace of no one interrupting him.

Sitting straight up now he looked around, seeing nothing but unfamiliar faces he wondered what Yuviel was doing right now. Thinking back more he remembered he hasn't seen the demon in quite a while either or the little girl from that night. Knowing he would eventually bump into them Alex stood up and walked over to the school rest rooms.

Looking at himself in the mirror Alex realized how bad he looked on the outside after the beatings he took. If it weren't for Yuviel's blood he would have been seriously hurt right now. Washing his face Alex had to take off the jacket, it was covered in dirt with smears of blood, did he get stabbed as well?

Not seeing any signs of blood on his shirt he shrugged it off and threw the jacket into the trash can, there were plenty spares. He took a last look in the mirror and smiled for the first time this idea came to his mind.

Slowly walking away, keeping hands in the pockets he reached the west gate, slightly surprised when he realized that this gate was never used by him before.

Making his way through the coming and going students, people going to work and generally going on with their normal and peaceful lives, Alex found himself in the city again.

Watching all those people around him made him wonder if he would be able to fit into the human society one day, it looked too surreal with all the knowledge of the real world he had. His past or the present would surely come and haunt him. Thinking some more about it Alex came to a conclusion that seemed to have affected his mood greatly.

As he walked on, a certain building caught his attention. Playfully going into a hair dressing saloon, Alex came out maybe half an hour later now with completely black dyed hair, slightly shortened as well.

Taking a deep breath Alex started walking back to the school grounds, speeding up his usually slow pace he planned on not being late to class.

Stretching out his now black fringe as he walked, he wondered how Yuviel would react to his new hair colour once she sees him.

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10SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 12:50 am


Watching herself being watched bored after 20 minutes or so … and so Yuviel began to move around the grounds, following smells and sensations left behind by the increasing human population of the grounds.

Sensing still that she was still being watched, Yuviel headed inside traveling through the corridors – she eventually found the nurses office and opened the door, disturbing the salt purposely left on the ground – moving over it with a reduced speed, Yuviel checked the beds, all empty … the desk … empty.

Traveling through the room – Yuviel reached the desk and it’s barred window … looking down, she found some paperwork – then it clicked, rummaging through the draw she found some sheets of paper that resembled stock usage and permissions – looking around, one side had a cabinet and bin, the other a door …

Walking up to the door, Yuviel tried opening it but it had a lock; shaking the door slightly it came off it’s hinges but was still locked – So Yuviel simply crushed the handle and let it fall, making a loud noise. Looking inside, multiple shelves and cold storage boxes filled with drugs, needles, electrical and magical equipment alike all used for healing – even a herblore section with crushed plantlife.

Finding what smelt the best, Yuviel opened a chest of red gold – full to the top with well spaced and organized blood plasma with no blood types, under them were simple and complex variations of fusing magic.

Grabbing 4 bags of the plasma – Yuviel looked around to find something that would make them taste of something, walking out Yuviel stepped over the door and started to head out not caring for what she had done to the place – closing the nurses office normally she headed for the dorms again.

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11SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 1:07 am

Alexander finally got back to the school, used taking the old route he entered through the north gate. He didn't know what time it is but seeing students on the grounds and still more coming showed him that the classes have not started yet.

Passing through the gate he started going towards the school but then remembered he didn't have the uniform jacket on, not wanting to get in trouble with the teachers here Alex turned around and started going to the dorms in order to get a new one, maybe even change the shirt.

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12SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 2:24 am


Exiting the main building, Yuviel smelt Alexander and saw him walking towards the dorms in an almost casual manner … other smells filled the air but she ignored them – Yuviel had her potential meal in a bag and wasn’t going to spoil her chances to not harm anyone.

Looking around, she saw someone who was around the right height … was rough around the edges but his hair was off – sneaking some extra speed, Yuviel eventually reached them and called out.


Yuviel playfully ran around the person and got a glimpse of his eyes – realizing it was Alexander she pounced him onto the ground without thinking at all. Holding up the four bags of blood plasma …

Help me turn these into food

Yuviel was mounted on Alexander holding two bags in each hang smiling – rubbing against Alexander without a 2nd thought.

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13SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 2:52 am

Laughing heartedly when he found himself thrown on the ground by Yuviel, Alex looked up and saw what she meant by saying "help me turn".

Getting himself up somehow with Yuviel in his hands Alex started walking towards the spirit dorms, telling her;

We better not do that in public.. by the do you like my new hair?

When he wanted to hear the answer they reached the doors which he opened by pushing them with his back and they were inside.

Alex carried her all way to the living room where he put her on the couch. Taking one of the blood bags she held he sat down on the table and looked at it, turning it around in his hands and then asked Yuviel; do i help you with this, do you need some of my blood?

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14SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 3:30 am

After michael didnt manage to find anything to cover lilys neck, she reach into one of her boots and pulled out a small amount of bandage.
She then proceeded to wrap the bandage around her neck until all the marks were covered.
Sighing heavily she looked in the mirror again, turning away she grabs michaels arm and leaves the room with him.

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15SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 3:33 am


Being carried into the Spirit dorms like a princess, Yuviel kept her happy face until she got planted on the couch – Yuviel put two of the bags on the table next to Alexander whilst looking at the one in her left hand … it was yellow instead of red, but smelt of the same stuff.

They smell the same as your blood … but yellow, are these safe?

Yuviel shook the plasma and smelt it … at the same time, Yuviel smelt an Elf nearby – entering the area, the demon seemed to be nearby – leaping over Alexander … Yuviel crouched on the ceiling facing the way the Elf was coming – messing around with the plasma.

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16SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 3:45 am

Walking out into the living area he saw the hunter sitting around and the vampire was on the roof but she was doing something he could see she was watching Lily as they were walking and he said to the hunter.

What is she up to...

He looked at the hunter again and noticed his hair and said.

And what happened to your hair?

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17SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 3:55 am

Looking at the bag in his hands as puzzled as Yuviel, Alex scratched his head in confusion.

Seeing Yuviel jump on to the ceiling and Mike come into the room with a cute girl, Alex turned around, still sitting on the table and answered his questions with a smile on his face;

...ahh, don't mind her, she's...harmless..just hungry...figuring out how to feed her..

Alex then quickly changed the subject and answered his second question regarding his hair;'s a small change..don't you think it looks good on me?

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18SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 3:57 am

Lily looked up at the person on the roof, then at the guy on the table.
you look stupid
Lily said bluntly.
Turning to michael.
I want to go eat some cake
She said while holding his arm shaking it a little as she spoke.

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19SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 4:17 am


Listening to the coversation between everyone, Yuviel heard the elf call her stupid – stopping what she was doing Yuviel’s eyes began to glow slightly.

It’s not wise to insult a hungry vampire, Elf.

Yuviel thew the bag in Lillian’s face and dropped down … jumping over to Alexander and hugging behind him – she wasn’t going to fight the Elf, just annoy her.

I may need to feed on someone if I can’t find a safer way…

Yuviel said in a lone tone, in Alexanders ear.

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20SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 4:25 am

Turning his head and torso half way around when a particular sentence ended up in his ear, Alex looked at Yuviel, their faces extremely close to each other.

Remembering what has happened last time Alex told her calmly;

....are you going to impale me on a stake again then?

Finishing his sentence Alex leaned forward an inch, almost kissing her but he pulled back a bit and then said;

..if you need my blood, you know i'll give it to you..

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21SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 4:35 am

Ugly creatures should learn to recognise when they arent being spoken to
Lily retorted.
Grasping michaels arm tighter out of anger.

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22SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 5:17 am

As Lily suddenly commented Michael burst out laughing he knew the vampire wouldnt like this but he couldnt help himself and said.

I guess we will leave the two of you to.... whatever it is you are going to do and we will go grab breakfast might see you in class later though.

Leading Lily out of the spirit dorms and towards the cantina he noticed the students looking at Lily's neck obviously wondering what had happened and he also noticed a few members of the track team looking at him in a state of shock but they didnt seem like they were going to come over after what Lily had done the day before. Reaching the cantina he moved to the front of the queue ordering a plate of cakes for Lily and a ham sandwich for himself taking them both with Lily still holding onto his arm he searched for an empty table seeing one in the corner he started to moved towards it and on reaching it he placed the food on the table taking a seat and waiting for Lily he said.


He started to eat his meal waiting for her to take a seat.

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23SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 5:46 am


Hearing Alexander say it was okay to drink from him again - this made Yuviel feel at ease for some reason but she simply shook her head.

The elf decided to insult Yuviel again and Yuviel simply replied


Yuviels mouth adapted for a moment to one full of sharp teeth then it reverted back to normal.

Watching the Demon take the Elf away, Yuviel looked at Alexander then the bags of useless plasma.

Maybe I should return these... useless bags.

Reajusting her hat, Yuviel kissed Alexander but only for a few seconds - wagging her finger at him...

No, I can't turn you untill you've lived a little more.

Getting up, Yuviel went and picked up the plasma bag she had thrown at the Elf, then back to the Table - grabbing the other packets.

Time passes to 08:15

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24SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 5:58 am

Alexander stood up and gave Yuviel the one bag he held. Standing in front of her he wrapped his hands around her and squeezed her tightly.

Leaning over he kissed her hair and caressed the back of her head, saying softly before letting go off her;

...i'll wait for you will be your decision..

Letting go Alex walked off and went to his room to find a new uniform jacket but seeing some dirt on his shirt he decided to change it as well.

His doors are open and he's in the process of changing shirts.

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25SS - or is it? II Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 14th 2010, 7:22 am


Following Alexander slowly, she stopped at his doorway and watched him change clothing - which wasn't exiting her as much as it would have done two nights ago.

Should we try the nurse, again? She should have the right stuff...

Yuviel didn't show any strange signs of Yuviels earlier wrong doings - instead she just watched and smiled at Alexander, hiding both her actions and desire to feed which was ever growing.

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