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SS - or is it? II

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51SS - or is it? II - Page 3 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 15th 2010, 3:51 am


Exiting the toilet after only a few moments, Yuviel sensed then saw the Elf and the Demon again, ignoring them she entered the showers to wash herself off.

5 Minute mini-skip 08:40

Coming out of the showers, still wet … Yuviel smiled as she passed the pair in the living room, her tail and wings had retracted into her body for now, her hair wrapped around her body as she moved.

Entering her room, she quietly closed the door and pounced Alexander – resting on him and examining his broken rune of his face, her hair dripping all over him and the bed – covering most of the two in a damp cooling blanket.

We might be late for class.

Yuviel giggled a little, she seemed completely relaxed and comfortable with herself, listening to Alexanders’ heartbeat.

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52SS - or is it? II - Page 3 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 15th 2010, 4:01 am

..yeah, we might be...but who cares..

Alex simply replied to her, gently holding his hand on Yuviel's back under her damp hair. She seemed quite content in the position they were and seeing that Alex then asked her; you want to go to class?...we should dry you off and get you dressed if you do..

Alex gently caressed her cheek with his other hand as he waited for her response.

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Smiling and embracing the caressing she was receiving – Yuviel looked at her hair and smiled.

Class would be good, but this might take a while to dry off.

Getting off of Alexander, Yuviel looked around the room for her clothing – it all seemed undamaged and she started to gather the items, realising she can’t get dressed until her hair is dried off – she looks at Alexander with a puzzled face.

This will take ages to dry…

A moment of clarity hit Yuviel and she gave Alexander her clothing and pulled the Wardrobe out a bit, making a wall between the space between the bed and window.

Stand behind that if you want to stay dry.

Watching Alexander get behind the wardrobe – Yuviel stood on the other side and began to spin around extremely quickly – causing masses of water to spray around the room.

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I still have my old bracelet, we could sell that...and other things the gave me.
She said in reply.
Following him into the spirit dorms.
new daggers sounds good, these ones are kind of old.

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Laughing, hiding behind the wardrobe as he could hear and see water spraying around. Couple of moments later she finished and Alex walked out from the improvised cower.

Walking up to Yuviel he said to her in a happy tone, thumbs up;

..that was a great idea! hehe...

Alex threw her clothing over his left hand and walked up behind her, giving Yuviel her bra first he helped her put it on. While he was still standing behind Alex couldn't resist it so he pecked the back of her neck and then pulled away.

Alex continued standing next to Yuviel and handing the clothes over to her as she dressed up.

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Well new daggers wont be so hard all i have to do is ask gramps getting money together for the gun is our main problem but there are some people who will trade for just about anything so we can try trading your bracelet and stuff later.

Sitting back on the couch his arm around lily he said.

We better get to class at some point no reason to make the head anymore angry than he already is dont ya think?

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going to class sounds boring
Lily said pouting and crossing her arms as she slouched on the sofa.
And will gramps really give you good daggers?
That mean old branch holder...
She said while huffing more

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Having her bra put on by someone else was a new sensation, the kiss on the neck was a nice touch - Yuviel started with her shirt after adjusting her bra accordingly,
buttoning it up she stood bottomless and asked;

Do you like big breasts?

Yuviel asked quite casually, after finishing her shirt she grabbed the skirt next and pulled it up right infront of Alexander awaiting an answer.

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Gramps gave me my sword so I dont see why he wouldnt but if you dont want to go to class then... we can always just stay here I guess or we could go try trading stuff for a gun its up to you.

Michael was now looking at the ceiling with one arm still around Lily he wondered if they would find anything up for trade Lily would like.

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AS Bruno looked at the ground he saw many people walk by including the girl from earlier.Every now and then looking at her he was scouring the ground looking for anything interesting to pass the time.Not finding anything he moved away from the edge and headed towards the roofs door. Opening the door which seemed to be unlocked he started to make his way down the stairs passing some students. While heading for class he noticed the two students from last night excitedly talking to some other students in a big group.

Human 1
I'm telling you guys it was awesome! We were down by the abandoned lot when we were attacked by these zombie guys!

Yeah thats right! Just when we thought we were done for this guy in white armor with wings just dropped out of the sky! He was holding this big spear and suddenly made this circle of fire around us like magic and took out those zombie guys! Then he moved his arm and the circle disappeared next thing you know he waves to us and flies away! There were these two guys that took us home though they also looked pretty strong.

The students surrounding the two human boys started whispering among themselves when one said out loud.

Yeah right! From what I heard you two were drunk and when you got home you got told off!

At this some students begin to laugh when the first human says.

First human
Yeah I admit it we were drunk! But come on theres always been strange rumors about this school and town and besides it was two of us out there and we both saw the same thing.

Second human
Yeah thats right I'm telling you those zombie things did attack us and that guy was real he was like one of those anime heroes I'm telling you!

At this statement the students all start talking among themselves and seem to have begun believing them. At this Bruno literally face palms and heads for class while thinking.

Hum...I hope I don't get in trouble for this.

Shortly after he enters the class room and sits down leaning his head on his right hand looking outside at the window awaiting class to start.

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Finding himself in a tricky situation when Yuviel asked him if he likes big breasts, Alex waited for a moment until she pulled up her skirt.

Alex then walked up to her and placed his hand right hand on her left breast, gently squeezing it over the thin fabric of her shirt and the bra.

Pushing Yuviel back slowly until they reached the wall behind them, Alex leaned in and kissed her, groping her breast the whole time.

Pulling his head slightly away and removing his hand from Yuviel's chest, Alex smiled and answered her question by saying;

...i like yours just the way they are Yuviel..

Making a small pause Alex hoped his message was sent clearly, he loved her just the way she was. He then smiled again and asked her playfully; there a special reason why you're not wearing any under that skirt?

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Being pushed into the wall, and her breast mauled by Alexanders hand, Yuviel let out a playful "ah" as they impacted the wall - kissing her over and over whilst playing with her breast, Yuviel was happy to let him abuse her like this.
Blushing a little after Alexander commented on liking her boobs the way they are, he then threw a different question that she was strangely expecint - she Mearly grabbed Alexander by the head and stuck him under her skirt whilst she did up her tie that she ninja'd from Alexander as he assaulted her breast.

No reason, thought you'd enjoy the view more.

Before Alexander could take advantage of anything - Yuviel jumped up the wall and walked on her hands across the ceiling, landing on the bed and turning around, getting off the bed she stuck her tongue out and straightened her tie up a little more. Looking at the sandals, she shook her head.

I don't want shoes today.

Opening the door, she smelt the Demon and Elf still in the living room - taking a left instead of a right Yuviel walked into the living area holding Alexanders hand - as they got into the living room, she pushed Alexander onto the couch and as he recovered, she sat on his crotch and bent over forward slightly, knowing it would cause huge problems for him.

What are you two up to?

As she sat rearranging herself.

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the head will be a lot more angry at us if we skip class
Lily said playing with her hair.
I suppose we should go, but i dont have anything to hide these
Lily said now touching her ears.

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As the vampire and the hunter appeared and asked a question of them Lily didnt seem to be paying attention and just continued to talk to Michael he said to the vampire quickly.

Nothing that would intrest you.

Lily then commented on how she had nothing to cover her ears and to this Michael simply activated his eye a small aura appeared around Lily's ears and he said.

For now that wont be a problem.

Getting up from the couch he said to the hunter.

See you in class.... or not.

Not to bothered he started to lead Lily towards the door leaving the Yuviel and the hunter behind them they left the dorms and started to make their way towards the main building.

Note: The aura around Lily's ears will make it seem as if she has human ears aslong as she remains close to Michael.

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Alex faked a cough as he was sat on the couch and then had Yuviel sit in his lap, in an interesting position nonetheless. Trying to keep his composure at least somewhat he listened to the conversations people around him had, staying silent himself the whole time.

When the demon walked away with his girlfriend Alex waved at him, smilingly. They would definitely meet again, seeing as they shared the dorm and all.

As they left them Alex immediately went to return the favour to Yuviel, tickling her on both side of her body. When he stopped laughing Alex asked her nicely;, what are we going to do Yuviel?

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Aiya woke up in the tree she remembered passing out in for the night, she stretched and looked around, noticing someone heading out of the spirit dorms but couldnt make out who it was from the distance she was at. she hopped down from the tree, she was already in her uniform, a couple of the human students scattering so not to get stepped on. not caring so much she headed to the spirit dorms, seeing michael going in the other direction she waved to him.

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Lily followed michael out of the dorms.
When they were outside lily noticed someone waving staring for a while she realised it was the girl who threw the silver coin.
Making a licking motion at the girl and then smiling lily turned back to facing where they were going.
you sure this will work to hide them?
She asked curiously.

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Well aslong as you stay close it will work.... atleast on humans but beyond them it doesnt matter if anyone knows what you are.

Waving at Aiya as he passed her the two continued on towards their classroom. Nothing much happened along the way a few members of the track team could be seen looking disaprovingly at the pair but noone disturbed them and reaching the room he led Lily to the back of the room taking his seat in the corner as she took the seat next to him.

Dont worry about the class itself its more of a formality than anything else for us.

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Giggling a little at the tickles, Yuviel just moved up and down gently several times and slid off him slowly – landing on the floor she stood up. Sticking her tongue out at Alexander.

The warning bell for first lesson rings. (08:55)

Yuviel looks up, her face slightly surprised by the sound – then looking back at Alexander, playfully thinking about what she did first…

We have languages first if I recall – lets go!

Yuviel pulled Alexander up and mounted him on the front side and hugged him – cutting her thumb slightly with her little fingers nail – Yuviel sticks her thumb in Alexanders’ mouth.

Take a little of me, so I’m not heavy

Taking her thumb out, she replaces her arm to it’s previous holding position and rests her head on his chest, legs wrapped around Alexander.

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Sucking on her thumb more playfully than seriously Alex finished and then told her;'re not heavy enough for my human strength you silly girl....but how can i say no to your blood?

Giving her a quick kiss Alex started walking out carrying Yuviel carefully.

When they got outside almost all student were already in the classes but those few who were not gave them funny looks which didn't bother Alex in the slightest and hopefully Yuviel either.

Fortunately for them they reached the class before the sensei and letting Yuviel down in the hallway Alex opened the door, waiting for her to enter.

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Aiya continued to the dorms, stopping outside the dorms then turned around thinking to herself as she walked away

i think i might actually head to class..

she continued walking away from the dorms, wondering to herself why she didn't sense that presence earlier.

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Arriving at the classroom, Yuviel was let down - holding onto Alexanders' hand she pulled him in and took the back seat ... moving two desks closer together despite what other students were doing.

Sitting down at the desk closer to the window - she pulled out her books... luckily this was where she normally sat - checking over the notes on the boards, Yuviel smiled.

I know this lesson in and out, I speak English and German.

Yuviel put her head on the desk and started to doze off... her hand was on Alexanders desk whilst her left arm was acting as a pillow - Yuviel's hair was all over the desk and her back, from a distance it would almost look like a brown bush was sat on the seat, if it wasn't for her black dress, bare feet and white shirt showing gaps through the hair.

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Seeing Yuviel was dozing off on the table Alex leaned into his chair, leaving her to rest a bit until the sensei comes.

Alex looked outside the window, the courtyard seemed empty. Shaking his head as he remembered where he was and what he was doing yesterday at this time.

The entrance of sensei snapped him out of his thoughts and Alex gently nudged Yuviel and leaning slightly to her he told her; german is everything but usable....i might need help..

Returning back to his chair properly Alex took Yuviel's hand from his desk and held it in his.

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Looking up, the Sensei had funny short scruffy hair and mini-shades that looked impractical … he looked western, likely half-German and something else – not that it mattered, Yuviel plopped her head back down and mumbled something in English.

The teacher noticed a mountain of hair and two desks too close and began walking over, the class went deadly silent.

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Watching the two who had taken up seats at the back of the class he just sighs but suddenly the class falls silent and he watches the teacher walk over to Yuviel and Michael suddenly says.

Hey dont you have more important things to do than split up two people like .... teach a class? Just leave her be shes not harming anyone... for now...

Michael then returned to his state of not caring for the class as the teacher looking suddenly embarrassed and returned to the front of the class and started to lesson.

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