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SS - or is it? II

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Remaining on his back Alex watched as Yuviel walked away, on the ceiling nonetheless. Needless to say he was a bit disappointed at the turn of events but he was still happy. Pulling himself off the bed Alex put on his jacket and the tie around his neck but not tying it up just letting it hang around.

He left his weapons on the side of the bed for now and left the room. The dawn was coming quite rapidly and Alex wondered when they would move on. Stepping outside the house he took a deep breath of the morning air and stretched a bit, yawning as he did so.

Noticing Michael sitting down on the ground not too far away, Alex walked over to him and saw an empty bottle of whiskey next to him. Must've been drowning his problems down... Kicking the bottle aside Alex sat down next to him and asked;

...Any news Mike?

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He spent the next four hours trying to find Lily getting closer every second using the golm the was still on his shoulder to track her faster. During the time he had followed her trail quite a distance but it wasnt long before he had found her storing the information inside the golm so he could easily find his way he had started to come out of his trance and just in time it seemed as Alex appeared asking about the situation to which he replied.

I know where she is... but its quite a distance so I suggest you prepare cause we shall be moving soon.

Standing up he smiled at the hunter walking towards the dinning hall ordering a rather large meal to keep his strength up he summoned his general to him telling send the message to the troops that they would be moving soon. At that moment his meal arrived and he offered some to the general who gladly accepted taking a seat two meters away from Michael as they both started to eat.

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Hearing they would start moving soon was great news. The sooner they get that girl back the sooner they'll all go back to the school, only worrying how the girl will react to all they have done so far. He saw Michael going to the dining hall and rumbling of his stomach reminded him to get some food as well.

Alex stayed sitting there for a couple of more minutes, watching the rising sun before he stood up and slowly started following Michael's footsteps. As he was walking towards the hall Alex though about Yuviel, she warned him she might bite him and if it was under different circumstances he would gladly give his blood to her but now it would make him useless. He wondered if she is hungry and if that's why she said that.

Entering the dining hall he was approached by the same maid from before, ordering some scrambled eggs he sent her off. Noticing Michael and one his demons with him in one part of the hall, Alex decided not to disrupt their talk and he probably wouldn't fit in with the demons anyway.

Taking a seat on a table that was a bit further than theirs Alex got served his breakfast and he started eating, enjoying it as it was really good, those nobles really had a good chef.

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Lily woke up slowly to light peeking through the window, still in the clothes from the other day.
Stretching out on the bed she yawned widely, picking up the purse next to her, she let the golm out.
sorry you were stuck in there so long
she said with a small smile.
Closing her eyes again dozing off slightly she hears foot steps, she opens one eye while pushing the golm under a pillow.
As the door opened to reveal her fiance.
why are you here?
She said sitting up abrutly.

What i cant visit my beautiful wife to be?
He said closing the door behind him.
Sitting on the bed he ran his fingers through her hair and touched her face.
it wont be long before we're married
He said stroking her cheek and leaning in for a kiss.

As he did this lily slid off the bed as fast as possible, wiping her hand across her cheek to get rid of the fact he had touched it.
dont touch me...Dont Ever touch me.
She said while taking a few steps back.

haha, you know we are going to be a married couple soon, dont you?
he laughed standing up off the bed and walking round it towards lily.
you know what we are meant to do after we get married, dont you?
he smiled at her expression.

Lily didnt understand what he meant.
what are you talking about?
After she asked this he leaned in towards her and whispered in her ear the explanation of what he was talking about.
As he explained lilys face went red.
She instantly pushed him away.
i would never do something like that with you!
She yelled backing away from him.

im afraid you have no choice, you will be my wife and i will be your husband. And on our wedding night we will make sure to do things properly.
he smirked.

Unless you want to learn about it now.
He pushed her against the wall, and as she tried to push him away he held her arms above her head by the wrists.
Kissing her on the lips and then on the neck.

She screamed kicking him, which shocks him a little loosening his grip. one arm now free she slaps him.

Unamused by this he grabs her wrists again harder this time, lily can feel the room get very hot and he wrists feel like where his fingers are is being burnt.
do not mess with me lily, i am not always a gentleman
Lily begins to struggle and spits in his face, this angers him even more and he throws her to the floor.
Grabbing her by the shoulders he holds her on the floor kissing her, he then begins to move her clothes when there is a knock at the door.

We're here to put the lady into her dress master.
came a polite voice through the door.

Standing up he brushed himself off.
He walked over to the door letting the maids in to get lily into her wedding dress.


The golm saw everything while hiding under the pillow and sent all the information to the other golm to show michael.

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Finishing off her shower, Yuviel found herself back to her usual self – the Alcohol was definitely out of her system and her experiment was obviously a failure … or a huge success, she hadn’t decided yet.

Dripping wet, Yuviel stepped out of the shower and looked at herself in the mirror … her hair was down to her ankle and she really could not be bothered to do anything, letting her vampyric nature take it’s form – Yuviels eyes reverted back to their crimson colour.

Walking out of the bathroom, Yuviel walked down the stairs leaving a soaking trial with her, grabbing one of the maids on the stairs, Yuviel walks into the dining room and sits down on the opposite side of the main table with the two dining demons.

Morning Michael … Alexander … Random demon.

Yuviel sat the Female maid on her wet lap and whispered into her ear – only getting a nod in return, Yuviel held the maid by her crotch and arm, fingering as she licked the maids neck – Yuviel eventually put her fangs into the Elf maid.

Orgasmic screams of pleasure could be heard from the Elf – who was let go after only a few mouthfuls … Yuviel licked her wet hand from the maids short comings.

Thank you… I hope you got something out of that as well.

Yuviel followed the Elf out of the room and back upstairs, as the maid went to tend to her messy appearance.

Note : Yuviel is drying herself off, and getting ready – feeling quite happy with herself.

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Sighing as Yuviel had her.... breakfast Michael just continued to eat his food as the general got up from his seat Michael told him to get some transport ready for them. As the general moved into a portal he created disappearing through it Michael got up moving towards the door a burst of magic came from the golm breaking both seals on his eyes Michael his vision taken over completely. He was now in a room on what appeared to be a bed but the room seemed much bigger than him with what was going on he guessed it was the other golm that hadnt reappeared. Through its eyes he saw the scene between Lily and the fiance unfold before suddenly being sent back to his own body.

5 Minutes...... or I leave without you... get the vampire I will be outside...

Moving outside of the house the general arrived followed by three giant demonic creatures 15" tall and 25" long with a tiger like appearance complete with harnesses bringing themselves down to the ground ready for a rider. Michael mounted up on one which lifted itself off from the ground awaiting commands as the general disappeared through another portal. Michael trying to subside his rage but becoming more and more impatient as he waited he looked at the golm on his shoulder he said.

We will get her back little one dont you worry... dont... worry...

Michael was slowly becoming angrier but knew nothing he could do now would get him there any faster.

Note: Once both other demons have a rider all three will start to move towards the church that Lily is located in.

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Even with all the recent happenings around him, Alex just finished his meal when Michael approached him and told him they're moving out and that he should go get Yuviel, not appreciating him caller her a vampire.

Getting off the chair Alex ran up the stairs and into the room, finding Yuviel in there. She was sitting on the bed, still naked and in the process off drying herself. Alex walked up to her and kneeled down on the bed, grabbing on of the towels he started helping her out.

It looks like Michael found out where she is... we're moving out in five so, let's get you ready..

Making a small pause he looked at the swords resting on the bed in hand's reach and then he continued drying her off.

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Drying herself casually, Yuviel hears something going on and Alexander began to run up the stairs barging in through the door - knocking what was left of it off the hinges.

Alexander began to dry her off, with something about leaving straight away, to which Yuviel decided to stand up and put the gun holster with the Glock34 and grenades in on her back, opening the bag she threw in her clothing and put it on her back, making sure to avoid her hair.

Passing the other bag to Alexander – Yuviel walked out as she was not bothered by the lack of modesty. Outside, some beasts were waiting and it was well within the limited time limit given to her to get ready.

Alexander followed Yuviel out – as he was ready, Yuviel put Alexander onto their beast and got on in front of him, letting her tail out she wrapped it around his torso so she had a hold of him and took the reigns – letting Alexander do whatever he wanted along the way.

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Waiting for a few minutes only to see Yuviel and Alexander leaving the house heading towards one of the beasts and mounting up as the beast lifted itself up from the ground while the third without a rider joined with Michaels and the three started off towards Lilys location. Michael's general appeared as an image infront of them and the two started to converse in demonic about the preparations for the battle ahead.

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Some time has passed as they were riding on the strange looking creature. Yuviel's hair fluttering around the pair. She looked pretty much dried now and the demon they were riding seemed to be able to follow Michael's even without being pointed in the direction.

Alex took Yuviel's tail that was wrapped around him and gently unwrapped it, there was no need for it seeing as he was sitting firmly on the demon's back. He placed the bags he was carrying on his back only leaving the one with clothing in front. Pulling out Yuviel's bra he leaned forward and kissed her neck, a small distraction as he pulled the bra beneath her and then pulled it up, smiling as he took her right then left hand and pulling them through the shoulder straps. Closing the clip at the back the victory was his.

Pulling Yuviel back by grabbing her by her shoulder, Alex somehow managed to turn her around, facing him now. The demon they were riding wasn't affected by it at all and just continued following Mike's. The surprising look on her face was just too cute to resist, leaning forward Alex gave her a small kiss.

Pulling out her tight fitting shirt Alex pulled it over her, pulling her long hair out of the back of the shirt. Smiling at his success so far Alex pulled out her panties from the bag and holding them in front of them confusedly, looking down only distracted him even more. Shaking his head Alex heard Yuviel giggling at his failure.

He wasn't having none of that, grabbing Yuviel around her waist he pulled her up and placed her in his lap. Her legs were now easily reachable and placing her arm around his neck Alex leaned down and pulled her panties up. Getting stuck at the last stretch due to her bottom being on his leg, Alex smiled and told her, suppressing laughter;

...would you..please..

Both of them laughing as Yuviel raised her tush and him pulling her pantsu up. Repeating the same process with the skirt but leaving the armour bits for later, Alex pushed Yuviel's back on his chest and kept his arms around her. Exhausted from all the strenuous work of dressing his girl, he let his head rest on her shoulder, his hands wrapped around her waist.

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The maids came in the room and sat lily in a chair and started to mess with her hair as far as lily was concerned.
then they Began pushing and pulling her into the dress, this was not fun for lily. Especially not when her body was hurting from when she was thrown to the floor.
Looking down at her wrists there were marks.
Once in the dress the maids told her to look in the mirror. She looked into the mirror and frowned, picking up the skirt of the dress and letting it drop.
Turning away from the mirror but almost tripping over the skirt, she grunts angrily picking up the skirt she walks over and sits on the bed flopping on it side ways only to have the maids rush over to get her up off her hair.

The golm sends images to the other golm of lily in her dress.

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As they continued to travel Michael trying to calm himself all the while he noticed the scene going on between Yuviel and Alex sighing slightly he guessed it was his fault for making them move so quickly but he didnt much care. Continuing on, the golm on his shoulder once again unleashed a small burst of magic the seals on his eye breaking his vision once again taken to that of the other golm in the room Lily was in. This time she was walking over to the bed in a wedding dress and while he knew this was against everything she wanted he couldnt help but notice how beautiful she looked. As his vision returned to him he knew the time was close and he couldnt afford to be late the seals on his eyes remaining active the eyes of the demons around him started to glow a deep crimson as their speed started to rapidly increase until it was close to double the original speed the image of Michaels general recieving orders in demonic from Michael to start deployment as soon as they are ready. Looking back to see if the other two had managed to hold on after the sudden increase in speed he was slightly relieved to see them both their still mounted on the demon.

We still have quite a distance to go I just hope we can make it in time.

He said to them and then looked back forward concentrating on Lily completely.

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After being dressed and put back into her starting position, Yuviel enjoyed the whole experience despite Alexander becoming quite tired – who took the liberty of holding on Yuviel.

Thank you Alexander.

After they had finished the demon upon which they decided to ride on sped up considerably almost causing Yuviel to lose her grip – Alexander seemed fine holding onto her, to which she simple smiled.

Letting out screams of enjoyment, not really caring the reason – Yuviel started to have more fun on this mission to save some random elf.

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After they had sat lily back up, they put a small amount of some sort of make up on her.
Handing her flowers and leading her out of the room.
Lily swung the flowers down by her side as they walked, this caused the maids to panic and take them off her for now. Walking into another room that was filled with other girls in dresses lily slowly comes to realise she knows them.
Her eyes widden and she smiles running over to them and hugging them tight as they hug her back.
They all chat for a while touching lily, looking at her in an excited confused manner seeing how much shes grown.
Then music begins to play, the girls grab sets of flowers and start to get into some formation.
The ceremony is starting.
The maids flip lilys veil over and hand her the flowers from earlier standing her behind the others.
The girls walk ahead of her enough that there is a gap when she walks behind them, as she walks she looks at the mass of people in the seats realising she pretty much knows them all.
The girls reach the end before lily leaving her walking alone to the music.

The golm sneakily follows lily out of the room and when shes walking it gets infront of her right at the bottom of the room.
Sending all this to michael.

when michael sees the bottom of the room part it will feel like lily is walking towards him

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They are closing in on Lily's location when the golm causes Michael to see through the eyes of the other once more. He finds himself moving through a large room with seats on either side and an altar at the end he knows whats going on and to top it off the golm turns to face Lily surrounded by her bridesmaids who pass the golm and Lily is left alone to walk it was in this moment the reality that he was running out of time finally struck Michael and as his vision returned he found himself coming up to a clearing and just passed it he could see the church in which Lily was now in. His general was already there and vast numbers of demons had assembled. Michael dismounted and moved next to his general as the two demons that had no rider moved down to the assembeled demons the third waiting for Yuviel and Alexander to dismount. Michael can be found talking with his general the demons looking ready to start the attack.

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Once the demons they were riding came to a halt Alex jumped off. Taking a step away he took the bags from his back and put them on the ground. Pulling out his swords from the bag he buckled the belt and adjusted them properly, he then took his gun he has yet to use but still doubting he will.

Turning around he saw the demonic army assembled and ready for battle, this time he didn't feel that uneasy around them, he must've gotten used to them by now. Shrugging it off he looked further down and watched the church where Michael's girl was supposed to be. It seemed pretty well guarded, not like the last house they attacked, seems like they'll be in for a good fight.

Alex turned back and saw Yuviel getting ready as well, standing where he left the bag. Walking up to her he pulled her up, gently holding her chin and kissed her. The kiss was short but nonetheless sweet. Smiling as he pulled away Alex said seriously;

..don't do anything reckless Yuvi~...I don't want to see you hurt..

Giving her a brief hug Alex stepped away and let her finish gearing up. He looked back at the church, half listening to the Michael talking in demonic which he can't understand. Alex then looked at himself and did up his tie a bit, but giving up soon after and letting it loosely hanging. He was about to crash a wedding but at least he wore a suit.

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Stopping on a hillside, Demons gathering all around – Alexander got off first and started to gear, Yuviel got off as well – only to find she’d received a small kiss and hug from Alexander who sounded concerned about her safety.

I’ll be fine, you be careful.

Yuviel started to rummage through her bag and dropped her pantsu – slipping on the tight fitting stuff on instead under her school uniform, the shirt and bra also came off right in front of everyone; letting Yuviel slip on the tight fitting top which covered her completely in skin tight clothing.

Putting her shirt and skirt back on, Yuviel found her tie and started with that as well… once done, the plated boots and gauntlets fitted nicely into her make-shift battle outfit. Clipping the holster and the gun and 3 grenades back on, Yuviel checked the bag, which still have two P90’s, a full council outfit ammo, a stake grenade amongst other things.

I’m all set.

Throwing the bag onto her back, Yuviel was fit for battle.

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The general and Michael finished their final plans telling the general to keep the demons out of the church and to focus on the vast numbers of guards who were waiting for them. Moving forward to the front of the mass of demons Michael took a deep breath while unsheathing his sword and the demons started to get restless until Michael shouted.

Go forth and destroy.

The demons and Michael charging forward the sound echoing for miles around the elves already alerted to their presence the archers taking up their positions and starting to fire a selection of silver and stell headed arrows while those with melee weapons started to form up to stop the charge. At the head of the charge Michael was the first to reach the elves a group already attacking him he was parrying attacks from all over but they werent more than he could handle as he sliced them down one after another. The demons and the elves each fighting to stop the other the sounds of battle echoing for miles around. Michael was trying to fight his way to the church but depite his own skill their numbers were the biggest challenge for him to overcome he is now fighting through waves of elves the golm holding on tight and the grenade launcher box attached to his back that he was partially using as a shield.

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Finally reaching her fiance one of the girls takes the flowers from lily and she is turned towards her fiance.
He takes her hands and smiles at her, this causes her to roll her eyes and he holds her hands tighter making her wince slightly but not enough for others to notice.
Once all the guests have reseated themselves and the room has become quiet, the priest begins to speak.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the presence of God and in the face of
these witnesses, to join together this Man and this Woman in the holy estate of Matrimony.
If anyone can show any just cause why this man and woman may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter forever hold his peace.

Lily unable to hold herself back, looks around the room mainly with her eyes. Worry can be seen in her eyes, looking to windows and doors at the people sitting down everywhere. Biting her lip her head drops slightly and she looks down at the floor holding back a sigh.

Hes not coming for you, you're mine now...
smirking the fiance says this only loud enough for lily to hear.

The priest clears his throat ready to speak again.

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Combination post : Alexander and Yuviel.

Watching Michael rile up the demons leading the charge, Yuviel didn’t seem too enthusiastic about running anywhere and walked slowly letting all the demons wave past her and Alexander, who she had held of his hand – as if to tell him not to rush.

We aren’t rushing this Alexander, if they have a barrier… we’ll get through it all the same.

Reaching the bottom of the hill, walking over and around corpses of Demon’s that fell to arrow. At the back of the horde, the corpses of Elves started to mix with those of the demons that took their punishment – the corpses turning to ash as they are banished back to their respective realms.

Alexander nodded knowing what Yuviel meant when she took his hand even before she spoke. Pulling out his sword from its sheath with his free hand as they were walking down the hill, carefully stepping over the corpses of demons and elves that have already fallen in the battle. The sounds of metal clashing, blood being spilled and bones being crushed could he heard from any direction.

It was clear this battle was far more serious than the last one. Alex activated
his runes to their full potential, a red glow could be clearly seen under his sleeves
and his collar. He was afraid he might hurt Yuviel now, with his strength being
more than that what he’s used to, and his hand slipped out of hers.

Firmly holding his sword he looked at her with a confident smile on his face, he didn’t need to talk to relay his message over to her. They would definitely win here… with that thought in mind Alex charged at the small group of archers to his left

The hand slipped, as Alexander smiled he began his charge at some Archers who were having some fun shooting into the horde that had already passed them – picking off the stragglers.

Rolling her eyes casually, Yuviel pulled off her bag and yanked out her automated crossbow friend – making sure it was primed and ready for use, which is was.

Taking aim around Alexander, Yuviel took down two of the four Archers before he was able to sink his sword into their flesh.

Yuviel smiled at Alexander, regardless if he was watching or not – almost mocking his slow movements as she continued behind the horde of demons.

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Seeing a couple of arrows flying from behind him, hitting the first two archers in front of him down. He knew it was help from Yuviel, she finally got to play with her was almost nostalgic, reminding him of that rainy night when they hunted down those ghouls...much has changed since then, he probably the most.

...a clean swipe with his sword cut the archer's crossbow in two, the poor archer tried to get his sword but it was way too late. Pulling out the sword from the now dead body of an elf, Alex turned towards the last one standing.

The elf shot the bow and missed Alex, merely tearing the clothing on his arm. This elf managed to pull out his sword before Alex reached him and stood in a defensive stance but his swordsmanship was hardly a match to Alexander's. Soon after he was just another dead body on the floor.

The fight seemed to have gone into the seemingly endless number of demons, the elves were being pushed back hard, now almost fighting at the walls of the big church. In the fighting and commotion he saw an elf being thrown away and slammed into the wall, looking at the direction from where he came Alex saw Mike and an elf charging at his back.

Jumping over one of the demons near him, Alex managed to cut down the elf that wielded a silver headed spear pointed at Michael. As the lifeless body fell to the floor Alex spotted an opening that led towards the church, patting Michael on the shoulder he pointed him towards it and said;

Go! We'll take care of things here!

Turning around he parried an incoming swing, pushing the opponent's sword to the side Alex spun on the spot and kicked the elf in the chest, sending him flying straight back into a group of demons that finished him off.

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With the help of his demons Michael was starting to carve a path towards the door but more and more demons fell around him but this wouldnt stop him. His progress was getting more difficult and the number of enemies around him slowly increased but they were no match for him only serving to slow him but a few had managed to hit him the wounds slowly healing on their own. At that moment Alex came from behind him slaying an elf and tell him they would deal with the rest.

It was then Michael heard a bellowing roar from behind him turning to find his mount charging towards him trampling demons and elves alike in its path as Michael jumped towards it grabbing ahold of it as it charged towards the door crushing any who got in its way. As they reached the entrance of the church many more elves were concentrated here but the demon threw Michael off directly at the door and started to lash out at elves claiming many lives with every swing.

As he flew through the air towards the door he noticed only a few at the actual door striking the first down as he landed and killing the other two in a the moment of surprise he had open to him. Over the sound of battle he could hear the sounds of the ceremony starting knowing it was now or never he rushed at the door slamming into it with full force sending it crashing into the walls inside causing many inside to turn and face the door and Michael shouted out.

Hold your tounge Priest I have an objection to this joining.

Walking into the church hall the looks of fear on the elves faces were clear all but one. Lily stood with the fiance at the alter and just to see her once again brought joy to Michael but he knew it wasnt over looking to the fiance he said.

I told you if you ever so much as touched her again I would never forgive you... but youve done much more than that so prepare yourself elf... this is the end for you.

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As the priest was about to speak again the doors burst open, lily immediately turned to face them seeing michael, her instant reaction was to try and run to him.
But her hands were held firmly by her fiance and he was obvious in the fact he had no intention of letting go.

Pulling lily close to him he frowned at michael.
I see you turned up to crash our beautiful wedding filthy demon
He looked michael up and down.
You could have at least turned up more presentably, well never mind you're not going to take lily from me.
He looked over at the silent man.
White, Deal with this moron would you.
Turning back to the priest.
Carry on old man, keep reading dont mind the intruder.
He said forcefully.

Lily tried pulling away from him several times but only once managed to get a hand loose stretching it towards michael.

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Michael continued down towards the alter as Lily struggled with her fiance and Michael shouted.

Let go of her right this second elf and maybe I will make your death slightly less painful.

Looking passed him to the priest he said.

Like I said before old man hold your tounge or it will be the last thing you ever do.

As he approached the end of the seats just before the alter an elf crossed his path. he recognised this elf from before in the bar and said to him.

You are that bodyguard arent you? So I take it this one of those "You have to go through me deals then?"

Michael awaits some sort of responce from the man infront of him all the while looking back to Lily just happy to see her again.

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Standing up the silent man cracks his knuckles and neck. Stretching his arms and legs.
Putting his hands in his pockets he pulls out a bunch of rocks, throwing them up and catching them they incase his hands. He steps forward but his step seems to carry him further than would be expected and his hand plumits into michaels stomach sending him back a bit.
Hmm, its not because im a "bodyguard"
He said moving his face close to michaels ear.
it is a case of you have to go through me though, no way im just gonna let you have my little lillian
He says while punching michael in the stomach again.
Cant say im best pleased to see what you did to her. and you know before you go rushing down there towards could at least bother to ask me for her hand instead. Or do demons not have manners?
He said smirking at michael.
Standing back he looks at michael.
nowwww do you have something you want to ask me or do we have to drag this out?

Lily watches in horror as the silent man punches michael. Trying to run away from her fiance more, stomping on his foot she gets a few steps away before he grabs her again tying her up with ropes of fire, that wouldnt burn her until he wanted them to.

i wont let you run away
He said holding onto her face making her look at him.
old man skip to the i do's so we can get this over with
he said waving a hand at the priest.

People in the church are screaming and in panic.

Golm 1 and 2 have met up with each other.

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