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SS - or is it? II

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326SS - or is it? II - Page 14 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on May 6th 2010, 10:23 am

A couple hours go by that seemed pretty slow, she managed to learn how to play chess, but couldnt win a game for the life of her. leaving early so she had enough time to make it class on time for once she reached her classroom and headed to her seat. after the bell for the start of class went off she looked around, seeing a bunch of her fellow students that she actually talked to not there again. she sighed, wondering what they were up to this time.

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327SS - or is it? II - Page 14 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on May 6th 2010, 10:25 am

if it means my daughter stays pure i'll sleep in the same bed as you Every Single Night.
He says for only michael to hear.
Putting michael down and dusting him off.

Why are you guys hugging?
Lily says tilting her head slightly to one side.
Is that what guys do at a wedding?
She asks innocently.

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Alexander slowly walked up the steps to Yuviel and stood by her side, apologising for the wounds he took in the fighting – Yuviel didn’t have a scratch or smear of blood at all on her… thinking back, Yuviel still had the change of clothing.

I’ve given my reasons… and you should live a while longer.

Yuviel gave Alexander the Crossbow, it weighed a tonne – smiling to herself, she let down the bag and walked back inside, before entering…

Look after that Alexander, I have something to give the little …


Yuviel thought back to what the demon had said, wondering where she’d have gone off to – the young girl she had borrowed and abused, only to tend to the following morning… entering the Church, she found the father-in-law-to-be letting Michael go from what seemed to be a hug.

Stopping a few feet behind the pair

I have a change of clothing, if the bride wants to get out of the dress.

Yuviel began to pull out the boots, gauntlets, tight fitting pants and top (supportive) – then the facemask and robe came out, just in case – handing it to Michael.

I’ll likely nibble on her if I dress her, you do it.

Yuviel stood back and started to zip up the bag…

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He hugs lily and sides steps away with her a little.
Thats just as bad as him...My baby
He says hugging lily tight.

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After being handed the clothes by Yuviel he turned to Lily to find her father moving away with her again as Michael said to the father.

Come on.... Dad... you have to let her get changed now.

Michaels grandfather was quite amused by the goings on and a slight laugh could be heard coming from under his cloak. The general of Michaels army arrived behind Michael kneeling down to him he said in demonic that the bodies of the fallen had been moved and the demons were starting to withdraw and as Michael thanked him he enquired as to what exactly was going on being told in demonic the events the general bid him farewell opening a portal and leaving.

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He says with a raised eyebrow.

Lily ducks out of his arms and over to michael to look at the clothes.
No bra, means you dont have to put it on me
Lily says smiling at michael.
Lily then turns around so the back of her dress is facing michael.
Take it off

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Turning to his grandfather he said.

Gramps could you give us a little privacy.

As the grandfather raised his hand the two were surrounded by a wall of the smoke-like substance. Inside the smoke the two were in a room with a decent amount of lighting. Michael started to help Lily off with the dress saying as he did.

So have you decided yet?

The ring still in his hand he presented it to Lily once again.

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my answer is yes
Lily said while being helped out of her dress.
Before getting dress in the new clothes she accepted the ring, kissing michael.

Looking at the new clothes she had been provided with, she looked puzzled.
I have to ask, will the things married people do be like cake?

Outside the father is pacing back and forth but not wanting to mess with the one called gramps.
he better not be touching her
he said clenching his fist, vain in his forehead sticking out.

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Alex half listened to the commotion inside the church, it seemed like Michael made a big leap and they didn't even have a boy's night out. Still, he was happy for him...all the fighting has paid off.

Yuviel was still outside, taking her time to come back. Alex got rather bored waiting outside, holding the heavy crossbow. Pulling it up he aimed with it above him himself then behind him, acting like a kid as he pressed the trigger.

The recoil almost threw him on his back but he managed to get back into balance, only staggering back a couple of steps. Looking down in front of himself he saw a somewhat straight line of bolts stuck in the floor. Confusedly he looked around if anyone noticed what he's done...

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Lily gave him the answer he had hoped for as well as a kiss although brief Michael enjoyed every second of it. The question Lily then asked him struck him as a bit odd and yet he had no actual answer instead just saying.

I cant honestly say.... I guess its just something we will have to find out someday...

Michael then turned to give Lily some privacy and said.

If you need any help just say.

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Lily was already tangled in the top.
She hadnt even gotten to the bottom half, she was still wearing her garter with bullet shells tucked in to it.

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Aiya was sitting as comfortably as a desk would allow to be possible. the teacher walked up to her, he seemed annoyed as is, probably with the constant skipping she did. she stared at him, the two of them in a glaring fight that caused most of the class to move their desks away. aiya was the first to speak.

Can i help you teach..

the teacher raised slammed his hand on the desk and spoke in a tone that most of the class knew he wasnt happy with the outcome of the current class yet.

so where are your delinquent buddies at now, or maybe i dont have to worry about them anymore

aiya shrugged, she really didnt care, or at least enough to want to deal with this teacher about it, but she wasnt in the best of moods herself after the mornings "teachings". she took her legs of the desk and sat up straight, staring the teacher in the eye and speaking quietly with a politeness that none of the class expected.

I'm Sorry teacher, but last time i checked.. i only know of one of the people that are gone personally that i would call friend, the others i havent yet got to know, but my father always says that if your going to bad mouth someone you should do it to their faces.

the tone of her voice went from polite to strict.

the teacher, now completely taken off guard by the actions of aiya took a step back and regained his composure thinking to himself

why cant i have a class that just behaves and not talk back, im tired of these stubborn children that think they can make me look bad.

he went back to the blackboard and started writing something in german, for those who were actually studying, or those that already knew the language well, saw that he wrote pop quiz then turned back to aiya and spoke in a self confident tone

i have a test here, for you aiya, if you can answer every question of this quiz right ill let you and your skipping friends have your freedom to not have to come to my class ever again, giving you a free period... but if you get one question wrong, any one question wrong, you and your little gang will have absolutely no freedom whatsoever, do i make myself clear.

Aiya was shocked at this quiz, she knew the language, she was born and raised around it... she sighed and looked at the rest of the class who were whispering among one another, she looked back at the teacher thinking about it

i could probably ace this test. but if i dont... blah i guess i have no other choice, this teacher is going down

she stood up and walked to the teacher, taking the test from his hands, the test was suppose to be the german final, but she didnt know that. she went back to her seat, and watched as the teacher gave everyone else in the class a study day as she took out a pencil and scanned over the test.

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Turning back around to see Lily already having trouble he just shook his head laughing and said.

Need some help I take it....

Michael moved over to Lily and started to help her with the clothing.

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Lily didnt mind being helped into the top and bottoms of what she was given, but as soon as she saw the boots she was being given.
Where are my boots?
She asked michael.
You didnt leave them behind did you?
She said getting close to him and looking him in the eyes.

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Watching the cloud go up, Yuviel slipped the bag up onto her back and headed outside, only to hear the sound of the crossbow fire no less than 9 shots into the ground… flashstepping quickly to see what had happened, Alexander was looking around thinking he was safe.

Grabbing the gun, Yuviel slammed Alexander slight, enough to force him down – and switched the safety on. Looking at the mess he had caused, she rolled her eyes.

You pressed the trigger… why …

Sighing to herself, Yuviel dislodged the cartridge and fired the final bolt right in-between Alexander’s legs hoping for a reaction.

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Being pushed down on the floor and almost "decapitated" by that last shot, Alex wasn't sure if she was still mad at him or if she was just messing around with him.

Raising his hands slowly as if he was giving up he said in an apologetic tone;

..I'm sorry, I got, I'll pull those bolts out..

Saying that Alexander tried to get up...

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At the request for her boots Michael reached into a storage dimension bringing them out and giving them to her he said.

I wouldnt leave them behind... I know how fond you are of these boots.

Smiling as Lily took them she seemed to be pleased by this.

Just tell me when you are ready to leave here.

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*Huffing* as Alexander attempted to apologise, Yuviel walked off – not happy with the fact she couldn’t leave him with something like a weapon without breaking something or abusing it.

You can fill in the holes you left behind too.

Yuviel walks back into the church and sits at one of the back rows, holding her stomach as it growled.

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Standing up on his two as Yuviel walked away from him. Dusting of his back Alex looked outside at the bolts pinned in the floor and then looked at Yuviel sitting and holding her stomach.

She must've been still hungry, and all those elves around that were off limits were probably not helping any either. Going against what Yuviel told him Alex walked inside and over to her seat.

Wrapping one of his arms around her he pulled her closer to him. He pulled out his wakizashi and turned it around, looking at Yuviel he told her;

...I'm aware my blood is not the tastiest around here, but having you drink someone else's here would be..bad....take some of mine, but...don't bite down..

Alexander neared the blade of his short sword to his wrist that was around Yuviel, ready to cut it open if she said yes or pull back in case she was against it. He was not afraid of the bite either in case it happened but he wouldn't let her stay hungry.

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Alexander following Yuviel didn’t make her feel any better, mostly because he wasn’t listening like she told him to – holding onto and pulling her towards his arm, with his smaller sword’s sharpened edge near his arm… Yuviel hated what came next, offering his blood for her feeding pleasure, almost disgusted by this Yuviel pushed him onto the floor.

I’m not taking your blood, Alexander… put that away.

Looking around the room, Yuviel let go of her crossbow and jumped up into the higher parts of the church, taking a sitting position in one of the support beams in the roofing.

Note : She’s not too happy with the temptations she keeps being put through.

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Getting up from the floor Alex put his sword back into its sheath. Shaking his head, he was not sure why she acted the way she did, there was no need for it. Looking up he said loud enough so she could hear him;

...why do you have to be so stubborn?

Alexander walked away towards the doorway. He only wants to help her but she keeps pushing him away, feeling a bit disappointed Alex wondered if she even knows how he feels.

Once he reached the entrance to the church Alex crouched down and went to his knees. Grabbing one bolt he shot in the ground with his right hand he tried to pull it out but it didn't budge. He sighed realizing his right arm was nothing but a human arm now that the rune got broken. Grabbing the bolt with his left hand Alex activated the runes on it and started pulling out the bolts one by one...

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Aiya was already about half way done with the test and getting more and more bored with it. she continued despite half the class watching her, writing answer after answer she stopped at the last question and went back, double checking all of her other answers, she filled in the last answer, then took out a pen and reanswered all the questions in pen so he couldnt cheat his way to her demise. after completing her task she stood up walked to the teacher at his desk and held out the test speaking loud enough so the whole class could hear her.

there you go, but your going to grade it right here, right now, while i observe.. and actually...

she signalled one of the students to come over..

he will observe too, so we have witnesses.

the student nodded and the teacher sighed, going over the test, he was amazed enough as it is that she managed to complete the test as fast as she did, but he couldnt find an error so far, not even a misinterpretation. after scanning it over, he tossed it in the trash next to him. then spoke quietly

ill leave you and your friends alone, just try not to interupt me teaching everyone else ok?

the class cheered, aiya walked back to her seat, the expression on her face showed no emotion as she sat back down in her seat, after a moment she sighed and put her head down on her desk and closed her eyes not even noticing the letter that she still hadnt opened yet.

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Trying to put her boots on she then tips them upside down. and a lot of things fall out, including her dagger.
Oh, thats where that was
She says.
Grabbing the bullets full of blood from her garter she adds them to the pile and sits down.

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Watching as Lily emptied her boots watching various objects falling out including the bullets he had filled with his blood earlier and Lily's dagger. Moving over to Lily and sitting down next to her he said.

I still need to get you new daggers cant believe I forgot.

Laughing as he said this he just looked at Lily happy to have her back.

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Pulling out all nine bolts from the ground Alex picked them up and stood up. He looked back at the inside of the church but nothing seemed to have changed. He wondered what Michael was doing with the girl in that black thing... Not believing that would actually be true he walked down the stair and disposed of the bolts.

Going with his hands through his hair he walked around the grounds of the church, looking at the tall building from the sides. Somehow he was glad they didn't damage the church, apart from the truly was a beautiful building.

He leaned on the eastern wall with his back and watched at the still rising sun, unsure what time it exactly was. Alexander wondered how long will Yuviel avoid him now and if her and his behaviour would affect their relationship.

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