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SS - or is it? II

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301SS - or is it? II - Page 13 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on May 6th 2010, 5:17 am

Michael dashed off in the direction he pointed him in at which Alex smiled knowing he would soon be reunited with his girl. There was no time to think about him though, blood splattered all over him as demon crushed an elf next to him was a nice reminder.

Wiping off his face with a sleeve Alex decided it was time to get serious, pulling out his wakizashi in the other hand he spun it and caught it with its blade. Walking fast almost running as he noticed a small group of elven archers going towards the hill, trying to get the advantage of higher ground.

Alexander reached them quickly enough but they noticed before and started charging their crossbows, aimed at him. Grinning as the arrows flew towards him, Alex jumped to the side, not losing any of his speed, blocking one arrow with his katana and simply moving his head to side, dodging the second.

Jumping up above the archers that were in the middle of reloading their crossbows, creating a shadow beneath him. Landing in the middle of them all Alex made a small spin and killed two out of six that were not fast enough to make some distance in between them.

They all had discarded their crossbows and pulled out their swords knowing that he will not give them time to reload them. Parrying one attack Alex took on the offensive, gliding below the stretched out arm he stabbed the elf in the back with the wakizashi and kicked his right knee in, pulling it out from his back he held the blade under the elf's neck.

Observing the other three elves that were trying to surround him as he used their comrade as a shield, Alex made a quick swipe and cut his throat wide open. Pushing the dying body away Alex jumped at elf on his right, the elf managed to block his first strike but he didn't expect the swipe from the left hand that cut open his chest.

The next elf didn't last much longer as Alex stepped to the side and swung his katana from the ground up and threw the elf's sword high into the air as he tried to block the attack. The now defenceless elf took his last breath as Alex's sword pierced through his chest.

Pulling away from the dead body Alex looked at the sole survivor left in front of him. Grinning how he managed to kill five out of six elves without a scratch was definitely too early. A single arrow flew towards him from the commotion below him, he was unable to dodge it or block it. Raising his right arm in order to protect himself the arrow stuck deep into his forearm.

Anger filled him at the same time when the pain kicked in. Quickly throwing his wakizashi with full force from his left hand at the attacker below, hitting him straight in the head. The elf in front of him didn't give him time as he immediately charged Alex.

He tried to block with his katana but the arrow stuck in his arm didn't help any. As the metal clashed Alex lost the grip on his sword and it fell down on the ground. Somehow managing to avoid the attack Alex took a couple of steps back and gained some distance.

Not liking the fact that the elf was smirking, thinking he had the advantage here, Alex charged at him barehanded. The elf's smirk quickly ran off when Alex dodged his swing and locked his stretched arm with his left arm. Pulling up Alex broke the elf's elbow, hearing the sound of his sword falling down behind him Alex punched him with his right hand, ignoring the pain...for now.

Once his fist connected with the elf's face Alex noticed the punch didn't have the usual force behind it. Looking at his hand and then at the bloodied face of an elf that was half unconscious, Alex realized that the arrow must've broken a rune on his right arm. Punching the elf a few more times in anger, he let the half dead body drop down on the ground.

Turning towards the battle he happily noticed the fight was almost over. In the crowd he saw Yuviel, slowly walking towards the church, she seemed unharmed which was a relief to him. Looking back at his blood soaked sleeve and an arrow pointing out he sighed...he couldn't go to her like this.

Gritting his teeth, Alex grabbed the arrow and pulled it out, letting out a moderately loud painful sound. Throwing the arrow to the side he looked at his arm that was now dripping in blood...sighing again, he picked up his sword and slowly started walking down the hill....

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Yuviel wondered what was happening when the demons had stopped … pushing through the horde, not caring what they were doing, Yuviel found herself at the entrance to a huge party full of horrified Elves.

Michael seemed to be socialising with some elder Elf with his stomach, to which Yuviel let it happen – something picked up not to her liking, something about ‘I do’s’.

Pointing the crossbow, Yuviel fired 3 bolts over the priests head, the 2nd knocking off his silly pointed hat.

How about, you shut up.
In a almost shouting tone of a voice.

Checking over what was around her, and trying to recall what weddings do when they set up – Yuviel decided the right side was the Nobles side… either way, she was taking the first person she could grab. Managing to flashstep and grabbing a young child – pointing the crossbow to it’s ribs.

Yuviel starting to walk across the seats on their backs, making her way to the front of the church.

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Overwhelmed by the sudden attack from the elf he stumbled backwards the elves next comments made Michael realise he was in some way related to her. He fell to his knees catching his breath from the attacks looking up to the elf he said in a humble tone.

Sir... Please may I ask you for Lily's hand I promise I will always do my best to keep her from harm and shall always put her life before my own from this day forth and I swear I will never mistreat her like that scum who calls himself a noble continues to.

Turning to Yuviel he said.

Put the child down our fight is not with them so just leave them.

Michael then bowed his head to the elf as he awaited his judgement.

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you take my little lily off into some random demon realm, age her by 6 years. Turn her into a rude mouthed fighting girl, god knows if you touched her inappropriatedly and you dare to have the cheek to ask me for her hand?!?!....HaHaha! You've got some guts boy!
he says sternly then laughs at the end.
Picking michael up by the collar he pats him hard on the back.
Getting close to michaels ear.
but seriously if you've touched her, i swear i'll kill you.
He whispers holding onto michaels shoulder tightly.

The priest was hiding behind the alter, fiance had a hold of lily and was moving slowly away with her.
Lily was looking at michael almost crying.

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Walking across several rows, Michael seemed to be making progress with the silent man - was told to put the boy down, to which she did - dropping the child down into a sitting position. Yuviel continued to walk across the rows, watching as the bride was forced away by the groom and the priest decided to hide, shame really.

Michael... should I chase the one in the dress?
Pointing at the bride and groom escaping.

Yuviel hopped down, breaking the floor stone under her - leaving the red carpet crumpled. Holding her Crossbow casually over her shoulder not pointed at anything in particular.

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The fighting has stopped outside and Alex slowly walked over the dead corpses and some that weren't so dead but the demons quickly made sure they wouldn't get up again. His arm hurt like hell and again the silver wouldn't let Yuviel's blood to heal the wound.

Finally dragging himself over to the church entrance he stepped inside. At first sight it all seemed ok, Michael had a strange man holding onto his shoulder and whispering something in his ear, from his point of view he couldn't see the girl they were supposed to rescue but he saw Yuviel standing not too far away and casually holding her crossbow...everything must've been all right.

Alex sheathed his sword and leaned on the wall, his hand hanging down and creating a small puddle of blood beneath him.

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Looking at the elf infront of him Michael said in a serious tone.

I never did anything of the sort that much I can swear to you and I have definatly never made her do something against her own will... unlike this noble.

Walking passed him he said to Yuviel.

No Yuviel shes the one we are here to save... and I will deal with this.

He continued to walk towards the two of them with his sword drawn and shouted to the fiance.

Its only the two of us left here coward so how about you let her go and fight me instead.

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you better not have done anything
he says smiling. he then some what flash steps over to lily, grabs the fire ropes around her and breaks them. picking her up he walks her away safely but not before kicking the fiance towards michael.

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A wicked smile crossed Michaels face as the fiance landed at his feet turning and trying to lash out at him Michael grabbed his arm breaking it with a simple squeeze and then dragging him outside of the church hall as demons started to look on at him wondering what was going on throwing him to the ground Michael says.

Without all your guards your nothing. You call yourself a noble but you cower at the first sign of danger.

Grabbing his other arm and breaking it followed by kicking him a small distance causing him to land on his back Michael walked to the side of him and looked at him with anger.

You have the cheek to call me scum yet you treat Lily like she is your property.

Michael raises his leg and stomps down on the fiances leg shattering it and cracking the ground under it as he screamed out in pain.

You arent even worth all the effort im putting into killing you slowly...

Looking to his demons he says.

Breakfast Time.

Turning away from him the look of sheer terror in his eyes he returns to the church the sounds of the fiances final screams echoing through the halls. Michael returns to the front of the hall seeing Lily still in the arms of the elf he says.

I told you I would always protect you.

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As soon as michael comes back into the chruch lily pushes herself out of the silent mans arms grabs her skirt up a bit and runs to him. throwing herself at him and hugging him tightly.
What took you so long?
She said talking into his chest.
lily has bruises on her shoulders and on her wrists her wrists also have small burn marks. veil is still over her face etc. golms are rolling around the floor fighting each other.

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As Yuviel watched the events unfold, she couldn't help smell Alexanders blood - looking around, all the Elves had moved to the sides making sure they weren't involved in any of the fighting - the child back with it's parents seemed to have wet itself.

Finally getting on track, Yuviel faced Alexander who had managed to ruin his nice new suit already - not only that but he was dying the carpet a new tone of red pointlessly.

Alexander, don't you come near me... you heal, now.

Yuviel walked up the steps to where the priest was and shot the book on the floor, as it was some kind of holy book - quickly following that, Yuviel grabbed the holy symbol on the table and bent it out of shape - throwing it through the main window of the church, standing in the sunlight - Yuviel caught sound of the two Golms fighting and hopped onto the table on which the symbol was planted - watching them briefly, Yuviel then averted her eyes to Michael and the bride.

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Lily held on to Michael tightly and he held her close to him removing the veil from her face he said.

I got a little side tracked but im here now.

Looking around at all the people he saw they were slowly starting to come out of their paniced state. Looking back to Lily he said.

But you are safe now that im here.

Michael said smiling at Lily as she held tightly into his chest noticing the bruises on her shoulders but knowing that the cause wouldnt be a problem any longer.

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Auu~! How could you get side tracked, they made me wear dresses and strange pants. Stupid! get here sooner next time.
She yells punching michael in the jaw.
Looking up at him with tears in her eyes.

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Laughing off the punch to the jaw he looked at the clothes she was wearing and said.

Well its not what you normally wear but it doesnt look that bad on you.

Continuing to hug Lily he said.

But dont worry I wont ever let something like that happen to you again.

Time Passes to 8:00 and Skips to 9:00 (1 hour)

- Yuviel is cold towards Alexander the whole time.
- Alexanders wound healed after the effects of the silver had ceased.
- Lily's Mother is shouting at her Father about the events that had occured.

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Alexander was sitting on the edge of the stairs at the church, rubbing his right arm and looking at the patch of new skin that formed once the wound healed, it was literally breaking the rune on his arm in half.

He has long taken off his jacket and threw it away and his right hand sleeve was rolled up. Watching as the demonic army cleaned up the mess they left he could feel anger building up inside him...

He listened to Yuviel and stayed away from her, hoping she would come to him but she didn't. His blood must've put her off him. He squeezed his hand tighter in anger, why was he so weak...

Sighing, Alex stood up and walked off into the army of demons in hope he would find his sword he threw before. The useless piece of metal on his left leg annoyed him and he threw away the holster together with everything.

Standing above the corpse with his wakizashi stuck in its head. Crouching down he grabbed the handle and pulled the sword out. Wiping off the blood and other pieces caught on it in the soldier's clothing he stood up and sheathed his sword.

Taking off his belt and sticking it into the ground next to him Alex rolled up his other sleeve and picked up the corpse from the ground, least he could do now was help pay respects to the fallen in the battle.

Alexander can be found helping carrying corpses amongst the demonic army.

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ok now thats enough touching
Lilys dad said picking up lily who had been hugging michael for a long time.
unless you plan to marry her here and now no more touching
he had ran away from his wife to say this

heeeeyy! dont pick me up, grrrr
Lily said trying to push herself out of his arms.

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Sad that Lily had been taken away from him the elf had told him he couldnt have Lily back unless they were married to which Michael said.

I wouldnt have it any other way.

Turning away from them Michael shouted out.

Gramps get over here.

As the smoke-like substance started to appear infront of Michael the cloaked figure emerged without his scythe looking at Michael wondering what was going on Michael said.

Do you still have that ring gramps?

The figured reached inside its cloak for a few seconds bringing out a ring a few seconds later and throwing it to Michael. Looking at the ring Michael turned getting down on one knee and looking Lily in the eye he said whilst presenting the ring to her.

Lillian White will you marry me?

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Not paying attention to michael lily pushes harder, then she hears him call on gramps. Still attempting to push herself out of her dads arms michael asks her something she wasnt expecting. At the same time she had managed to push herself free of her dads arms but out of shock just fell to the floor with a thud. Staring michael in the eyes, she crawls over to him touching the ring hes holding.
Are you sure?
She says with a puzzled expression.
Getting close to his ear she whispers.
You know married people have to...
The whisper gets quieter as she goes on.

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Spending an hour watching the Elves and demons move around, the bride seemed quite close to Michael, hugging him for most of the hour – after the parents split them up, the demon did something quite odd infront of everyone… but she hadn’t accepted yet.

I’ll … be outside … congratulations.

Yuviel walked out of the church to find Alexander, his blood was drying in the air… the wound was obviously starting to heal, if not already had done.

Standing at the door, Yuviel began to watch the bodies being moved around, waiting for Alexander to notice her. (still casually holding the crossbow)

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As Lily whispered to him he started to wonder where she had been told all about this but he just said.

Lily no matter what im sure about this decision I want to marry you.

He noticed the elves in the room seemed completely unsure of what to do with the demons outside so most of them remained seated a few were moving around the room checking on others to see if they were ok.

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hmm, say come with me a second
Lilys dad says grabbing michael by the shoulder and off to the side.

how about, you can/do marry lily and dont do those things with her
He said quietly to michael squeezing his shoulder with his arm round him.

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Wiping off the sweat from his forehead Alex wished for a shower right now. Most of the bodies have been dragged away and placed elsewhere, out of sight.

Looking back at the church Alex wondered what Michael's up to, he's been in there for a while now, and that's when he saw Yuviel looking at him.

He picked up his swords from where he left them but didn't bother putting them on, just placing the belt over his shoulder and held it with his hand.

Slowly walking up to her, he looked up and then pulled himself over the edge (she's on top of the stairs-entrance) and stood next to her. Unsure if it was his fault or not he said softly;

...i'm sorry..

He wanted to add that she should have bitten him and let him turn so he could stay by her side not having her worry about the things that are troubling...them, but he remained quiet about and just waited for her response.

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Being taken away from Lily by father he started to talk to him and squeeze his arm and in reply Michael said.

You could always leave that kind of decision up to Lily.

He wasnt entirely sure how the father would react to this.

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Picking michael up the father gives him a very tight long bear hug.
Arent you cute!
He said through gritted teeth.

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Lily's father surprised him with a bear hug but Michael didnt mind anything to allow him to be with Lily.

So then... dont you think we should let Lily give me her answer?

Michael was surprised by the sheer strength of the father and continued on to say.

Or do you want to keep me all to yourself?

Michael said with a slight smirk at the end.

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