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3 Months go by, SS - or is it?

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Hearing the snarky comments about killing him brought a small smile to his face. Now that he knew how much information they gathered about him, there was no more reasons to play nice. He hoped that the demon ash he consumed would give him an edge over his enemies this time. Clenching his fists he did not activate his runes yet, keeping them dormant for now was key to success.

I'm sorry....but I can't die just yet...

Saying that Alexander broke the chain keeping his arms handcuffed and made a circular motion with his hand, grabbing the fatso's arm and breaking the elbow with a simple upwards movement, making his ground to the floor.

It all happened in a split second, the fatso shrieked in pain like a small kid before Alexander punched him in the face, sending him flying backwards with a broken nose and jaw.

Jumping over the table and the guy that remained silent and sitting this whole Alex disappeared out of their sight, in the darkness of the warehouse.

Monique's heart was beating fast, ever since she got on this mission she hoped Alex would turn back to them and come back to the village with them, all the injustice done to him by the elders and his father she would make up. But ever since she saw him step out into the, even when she heard him enter the warehouse she knew it would not end that way.

Now that he escaped their sights she remembered how terrifying he can be when he's serious. Getting her short daggers out she stood in a defensive stance, not letting her guard down.

Seeing his soon escape and one of his men go down already just made him remember why he got sent here. Without thinking he pulled out his sword and held it up high, looking at the other two he commandingly yelled;

Be ready! Keep your guard up!

Alexander minimized his breathing and making any noise as he hid behind a wall of crates in the dark and listened to the others. It looked like his father and Monique were ready but he couldn't tell if Nathan made a move yet.

He needed to get his swords fast if he was going to go against them all. His father was a skilful swordsman. Slowly moving around the crates towards his belt and swords, Alex heard another sword leaving its sheath.

Nathan stood up after letting out a loud sigh, he never wanted to end up in this situation, he was on many missions with Alex before and he was well aware of his strength, the thought of him being bitten by a vampire was just terrifying. Unsheathing his sword Nathan took a step away from the table and stood ready for the inevitable...

Alex saw his swords on the ground only a few steps away from him but reaching out for them would mean revealing himself. There was no going back now and there was no time to feel regret, this had to be done in order to secure a somewhat peaceful future for him and Yuviel.

Turning on his runes Alexander made a small jump and rolled on the floor as he drew out his katana...

Hearing the familiar sound of a sword being drawn out of its sheath he jumped towards the source of the noise, landing over the crates, leaving Monique and Nathan behind in the light he could clearly see Alexander glowing faintly in the darkness in front of him.

Without a second though he charged at the man that was his own son with the intention to cut him down. Charging, his first attack was deflected without a problem but his second one missed its target much to his surprise.

Deflecting his father's attacks with ease, Alex felt glad he used the demon's ash to this end, he remembered how hard sparring with him used to be.

Stepping to the side, Alex cut his father's leg and then the chest, there were so many openings. That didn't stop him though, he still went on attacking very slowly as it seemed to Alex. Parrying yet another attack Alex swung his sword to the side and with that pushed his father's sword aside.

Making a clean cut across the chest he watched the man once filled with pride now drop down to his knees, filled with regret. His chest was cut wide open and the blood that once created him was now spreading across the floor beneath his feet.

Seeing their captain getting cut down, Nathan jumped down from the crates and cut Alexander across the chest. His blade definitely connected, it had blood dripping down from it but it didn't seem to affect Alexander at all which was terrifying.

Feeling the cold steel splitting the skin on his back had a completely new sensation. His own blood running down his back felt oddly cold, soaking his white shirt.

Turning around Alexander just looked at his old time friend, Nathan, standing in a defensive stance in front of him. He did not want to kill him so he said calmly;

...just walk away.

Hearing Alex say that Nathan took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment, knowing that walking away would only mean dying later by someone else's hand. Firmly gripping his katana Nathan said;

You know I can't do that...

...I know

Alex said saddened as he heard his response but only a second after that he charged. The metal of their swords clashed together, sending sparks flying around in the darkness. His second attack hit and Nathan fell down beneath him, not wanting to see his dying breath Alex walked away holding his katana lowered, drenched in blood of his friend and father.


Walking out of the shadow and into the light of the lamp above them Alex looked at Monique that stood in front of him. Her hands were hanging down next to her body loosely holding the daggers she let drop down on the floor when she saw him.

Hearing the clang of metal on impact with the floor Alexander calmly asked her; won't give up on this, will you?

Hearing Alex talk, Monique smiled slightly, knowing that this was the end. She had nowhere else to go and having the clan against her would only lead to a death by someone else's hand, something she did not want. Talking back in a lowered voice;

...why do you ask something you already know..

Alexander listened to her answer as he walked to her. Standing in front of her for a few moments before thrusting his sword through her. He held her back with his other back once her legs gave up, feeling her warm blood run down his sword and his right hand, saying;

I'm sorry...

Being held by Alexander, Monique forced a smile on her face as she watched him. Raising her hand up to his face she caressed his cheek and said softly;

...I've lost you a long time ago.....didn't I?

Her hand then fell down and her eyes went blank as her body hanged on Alexander's hand lifelessly.

Placing the now dead body on the floor, Alex stood up again when four gunshots could be heard throughout the warehouse and outside it. Alexander fell down to his knees as all four shots went through him.

Turning slightly behind he saw the bloodied fatso's face above him, holding a gun to his head. Alexander remembered well what that guy had coming. Moving almost faster than the eye could follow Alex cut off the guy's hand holding the gun.

Pushing the screaming man back into the wall of crates Alex walked up to him holding his katana high. Standing above the screaming man that was desperately holding his cut off arm.

Placing the tip of his katana Alex made him silent but once he pulled it out again, ripping his right cheek apart while doing so, the screaming ensued again. Not being able to be bothered Alex sliced his throat in a second, watching him suffocate in his own blood.

Alex walked out of the large pool of blood beneath him, he went and picked up his belt and put it on, feeling his wounds stopping the bleeding and closing themselves. Sheathing his sword back Alex left the warehouse and slowly started walking back towards the school, throwing out the left overs of the demonic ash into the wind as he walked...

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As Bruno heard Aiya story's the things he she told him raised many questions and speculations yet knowing he shouldn't interrupt her with them right now he said nothing and merely listened to her. Having finished telling her the story of her past Aiya was now crying next to Bruno. Having no clue what do or say he thought about it and then placing his right hand on her head says in a warm voice while patting it.

Come on now don't cry Aiya...I'm sure Zane wouldn't like you being like this I'm sure he'd like to see you smile.

With this he takes his hand out of her head and says.

You're story is really something so thats how you ended up in the school...

With this he thinks for a moment about how it must have been for Aiya all this time and now with a determined voice and expression while standing up says.

Okay I've decided!

Extending his right hand as if awaiting for hers he says.

If you ever need help or just somebody to talk to call me and I'll be there. There may be not much I can do but if you ever need a friend and a helping hand let me know!

With this he stands there his right hand out in a greeting fashion, his face filled with a mixture of an embarrassed, determined and kind expression.

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Hearing Michael agree with her made Yuviel feel considerably better for some reason – it might be because he seemed to have gained some value for life, or just wanted to make sure only a few vampires would be around for Lillian’s safety; whatever the reason Yuviel was happy he was helping her.

Asking for the next move was something Yuviel really had not thought about at all – giving it literally a few seconds of thought, she came up with the best course of action.

First, we need to stop these girls from becoming vampires. Then we need to gather a few people up, and kill the horde off – whilst making a small fortune I guess.

Yuviel paused a bit, as her stomach rumbled a little…

and I’m hungry…

Yuviel sighs at her lack of ability to not eat…

Time passes to 19:00

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Aiya listened to him, and looked at the outstretched hand and she shook it slowly then let go quickly, a little flushed.


she stood up and walked to the door but didnt open it or anything, turning around to look at bruno

im going to head back to the school... if thats alright with you

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As Aiya shakes his hand a grin appears on Bruno's face. Looking at her as she goes up to the door and talks to him he says in a normal tone.

Sure I'll go with you if you don't mind need to pick up some stuff...

With this he walks over to her smiling and gets ready to move out.

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Turning back to the girls as they tightly held his hands he actived the seals on his eye a mass of dark magic surrounding the three of them pulling the venom into Michael's body. For the next 10 minutes Michael absorbed the venom in their veins feeling weaker and weaker as he did. Once he couldnt take any more he resealed his eye letting go of the girls who didnt seem to be in as much pain anymore. Attempting to stand Michael found himself unable to stay standing and only managed to turn towards Yuviel but soon after had fallen onto the bed his breathing getting slightly heavy.

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Aiya turns around and opens the door, she could feel the cold air hit her, she wondered how late it was as she walked down the stairs until she was back down the first floor. she shivered as the breeze hit her and the rain was coming down light enough to not really effect her much. she waited for bruno to catch up, her arms crossed as she tried to ignore the cold.

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Watching the events unfold, Yuviel couldn’t help but enjoy the lack of light show – everything getting quite dark; the pair on the bed as well as Michael seemed quite tired after the whole ordeal, with Michael seemingly desperate.

Walking over and sitting on the bed, the two girls had passed out – their vampire turning stopped all thanks to Michael’s black magic, as he laid partially on the bed – he seemed to want something, fangs extruding from his mouth much like a vampire.

Yuviel, hungry herself realised she had to make herself even more hungry in order to make sure she could get a decent feed herself.,,


Yuviel’s fingernails turned into sharpened claws – as they dug into her skin, blood drew out slowly – filling her hand … as this happened, Yuviel quite literally shoves her hand into Michaels mouth making him taste it.

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Walking through the cold night, back to the school, Alex could his wounds completely close as well as his blood giving him a cold sensation all over his body as it cooled off and dried.

Thankfully his black jacket was hiding the blood beneath it quite well, apart from the cut over his back and then gunshot wounds it would be hard to notice anything was wrong with him, the darkness helped a lot as well.

Walking through the city Alexander tried not to think about what he has just done but no matter how hard he tried he cold not stop the thoughts.

Going into a small and empty alleyway Alex leaned on the wall and threw up. The thoughts were making him sick that much. Getting off the wall he wiped off his mouth and walked away.

He knew that what he did had to be done and that none of them probably wouldn't do anything different than him, he still couldn't help but feel bad and saddened. Not to mention, if Yuviel talks to him...he would have no idea how to explain the mixture of his feelings.

As he left the city behind him and went down the familiar road Alexander made a small stop and entered into the outpost. Sitting straight at the bar, ignoring everything and anyone on the way he ordered a bottle of vodka and started drinking straight from the bottle...

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The smell of blood filled the room as Yuviel broke her skin and as she shoved her hand into his face he grabbed ahold of it with both hands and started to feed from her unable to stop himself all this a side effect of taking on the venom. He only fed for a couple of minutes but the cravings had dropped dramaticly and he guessed this would be more than enough for what he needed to do. Bringing himself to his feet still shaking slightly he focused on a portal managing to create one but not without harm to himself as he fell to his knee still weakened he knew the portal wouldnt hold for long with him in this state so turning to the girls on the bed he held one under each of his arms and used the last of his strength to get them through the portal shortly followed by Yuviel as it closed behind him. They had arrived back in the cantina and Michaels strength had given in as he collapsed managing to save the girls from hitting into the floor he placed them both down carefully before he finally hit the floor himself.

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Noticing Aiya go down Bruno does so as well. While heading out of the door he snaps his fingers and most of the things ain the apartement are turned offLamps,water faucets stove etc. and exiting it the door closes behind them. Going down until he reaches Aiya he looks at her and it appears she is feeling cold. Sighing and noticing that it as indeed turned a bit chilly placing his right arm down at the floor and opening his hand wide a warm breeze begins to fill the area around them. Turning to her and smiling he says.

Much better wouldn't you say? So lets get a move on

Having said this he stands beside her ready to follow her.

Note he as used magic making his surroundings warm if one is walking along side them they won't feel the cold as well.

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Aiya led the way, it was late enough that not many people would be out, but she could feel something following them but not moving close enough to put her on alert. by the time they made it to the school they werent bothered by anything, she hummed a lullaby of sorts, she really didnt care who heard it. she stopped a decent ways away from the cantina, pondering the thought a bit then turned to bruno

hey bruno, didnt you have an errand to run, you dont have to wait on me anymore, i doubt anything is going to get me while im in the school

she smiled a bit, looking around the quiet school a bit.

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Appearing in the cantina, all the lights apart from those around the kitchen area seemed to be switched off – Michael had collapsed whilst the two girls were still out for the count; feeling quite hungry and unbothered of the state of the demon – knowing once she’s fed she can feed him and he’ll be bright as anything.

Walking over to the cantina, several of the goblins realised who it was and got straight to the blood supply kept for her, opening up the locks on it – Yuviel simply moved them out of the way without any effort and grabbed the whole inner storage, easily taking all 15 bags stored in one side of the unit.

The goblins, glad she didn’t actually damage the unit watched carefully as Yuviel wondered over to the fallen girls and Demon – kicking the Demon over so he was face up. As she broke the blood bags seal, she downed half and dripped the rest into Michael’s mouth causing him to cough upwards and back onto himself.

Forcing his hand onto the bag, so it held the slow dripping into his mouth – Yuviel was content to sit next to the storage basket feeding from the bags one by one, not breathing as she gulped them down.

Finishing 10 bags to herself, Yuviel fell asleep using Michael’s stomach as a pillow.

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Following Aiya until school he was surprised by her comment yet that was when he realized he had forgotten to go pick up the bounty. Turning to her n a shocked expression somewhat worried expression he says.

Oh shoot I forgot to go pick up the bounty!

Looking around it does indeed seem the school is quiet and examining his surroundings he senses no one dangerous that he didn't already know. Turning back to Aiya he says in a flustered tone.

You're right...Well Aiya i got go pick up the bounty from the demon we killed so I'll catch you later.

Not even letting her have a chance of refusing to accept the bounty he turns and using the wind takes to the sky. Once he is up high a slight glow can be seen in from the sky as he changes into his half form. Flying full speed he is above the flat in less than a minute. Landing on the roof he opens the storage container and takes out the armor grabbing it by the neck area and flies out of the roof towards the outpost. Landing with some distance from it in an alley he changes back to his human form and starts dragging the armor until the entrance. Upon arriving he does the usual process saying the password and passing the scanner. Slightly entering the door he shouts at the barkeeper.

Hey I got the armor! Come check it out!

The barkeeper makes an annoyed expression and grumbles a bit but complies with the request. Walking over to to the armor and inspecting it he nods and going back to the bar he takes a bag from underneath it and throws it at Bruno who catches it swiftly with a grin while saying.

Thank you very much

At this most hunters in the bar make shocked and angered expressions while looking at him probably wondering how someone like him could take on such a demon. Walking inside and leaving the armor with some men who came to pick it up with a grin on his face he finds Alex drinking who seems to be in a somewhat bad mood. Yet ignoring this he walks over to him and sitting down takes some money out of the bag and places it at the table near him Money amount 600 crowns and says.

Since you gave him the finishing blow you can have the extra 100 plus it was you who found the bounty anyway. Oh also don't worry about Aiya i treated her wounds and she was fine when I left her. Anyway so whats up?

Having said this he orders a bottle of whiskey which is quickly brought to him and placing a cup down fills it while saying smiling.

Victory drink!

He then chugs the alcohol down in one go and smiling and waving the bottle of whiskey at Alex awaits his answer.

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Downing half the bottle in a couple of minutes only Alexander waited and hoped the alcohol would kick in soon and cloud his mind, help him forget...

It didn't happen, surprised at it Alex picked up the bottle and started drinking again. The burning sensation of vodka running down his throat was there but the after effects were not. Angered once he realized that he would not be able to become numb with booze due to the demon's ash inside him Alex took the now empty bottle and threw it against the wall, smashing it to pieces.

Slamming his head down onto the counter Alexander sighed but at that moment someone opened the door and called the barkeep over who was about to scold Alex.

Noticing it was no one other but Bruno, towing in their bounty Alex straightened up in his seat and looked over to him. He couldn't possibly let him know what happened or what he did just a while ago.

Trying to push his thoughts to the back of his head, Alex forced a smile on his face when Bruno sat next to him and started talking. Replying in a lowered voice;

I'm glad Aiya is all right...she's a strong girl but I'd hate it if something happened to her..

Picking up the money Bruno gave him Alex couldn't be bothered arguing about fairness at the time and just placed the money in his pouch. Not sure how much it added to his savings but he knew that now he had a small fortune in the pocket of his jacket...but no one to spend it on now that Yuviel didn't want him near...

Catching himself drifting off into his depressed state Alex forced another smile on his face and said;

..I'm fine..I'm fine...don't overdo the drinking Bruno...

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Aiya watched as bruno took of, she looked around and made her way to the cantina, stopping at the door as she cracked it open slowly to only get hit with the smell of blood which killed what little appitite she did have at the moment. her curiousity was sparked as she poked her head in the cantina and looked around the dark room her eyes adjusting quickly. she removed her head from the doorway and closed the door then let out a sigh thinking to herself

i dont need anymore trouble tonight, i think ill just go to bed

she made her way to the dorms, only to be stopped by one of the goblins as she reached the courtyard, the goblin gave a stern look before talking

heads office, now...

she knew it wasn't wise to object, she turned and headed towards the main building at a pace that the goblin set. after reaching the door to the heads office, the goblin knocked and opened the door, pushing her inside. aiya looking around, not in the mood she spoke up first

may i know the meaning of all this headmaster..

The headmaster picked up a package from under his desk, he set it on the table, it was about 2 feet long, and cylindrical. it looked like it could hold parchment or another old papers, it also had a bow at the end of it

sorry for the way i had you brought here, but after ignoring the note i sent i had to use something a little more "secure". but anyways take this, call it a christmas present that i found when i was looking at your file. but ill say this, unless you want your thoughts filled during the christmas party, dont open it until afterwards understand.

Aiya looked at the tube then back at the headmaster, then down at the tube again before speaking.

thank you, ill keep that in mind, if you dont mind i would like to get some sleep

she could tell the head was ignoring her tattered clothing, she took the tube and left his office then slowly walked back to the dorms, trying to ponder what was inside. she got to her room, it didnt look like anyone had been through here since they left for drinks earlier. she shrugged and went to her room, closing the door behind her and setting the tube down and opening her dresser. she tossed some clothes onto her bed then got undressed completely. putting on fresh pantsu and bra she looked at the pajamas before she put them on, they were heavy enough to keep her warm in the winter weather but she never liked the color pink but she put them on anyways. laying down on her bed she stared at the ceiling a bit then over at the tube thinking to herself

i really should listen to him, but now im curious.. i wonder how the guys are doing.

before she knew it she covered herself in her blanket and was asleep before she could think about how tired she actually was.

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having already drank another glass by the time Alex tells him to take it easy he puts the glass and the bottle at the table and crossing his arms sighing says.

Come on cheer up! We just took one heck of a demon and still have our heads we should be celebrating.

With this a wide and somewhat mischievous grin appears on his face as he raises his right hand and yells out turning towards the bartender.

Bartender ring us two of the strongest and and most expensive drinks you got!

At the boy's yell the bartender makes an annoyed expression yet smiles strangely as most hunters in the room get somewhat pale looks... He reaches beneath the balcony and picks up a strange flask which seems quite old.Walking over to the two of them with a smiling strangely he pours a strange green glowing liquid like substance into both their glasses. When Bruno is about to pay up he says.

You don't need to pay me right now...I'll put in your tab kid,just remember you asked for this...

with this he places his right thumb up and walks over back to the bar placing the flask where it belongs and afterwards starts cleaning glasses yet looking strangely at the two. As Bruno looks at the glass filled with the green glowing liquid various whispers can be heard around the bar.

hunter 1
Are you kidding me that kid ordered "the nuke"!?

hunter 2
Are you serious the last guy who ordered that and drank it ran out of here screaming and crying.

With this most people at the bar while still maintaining what they were doing begin to to look at them from the corner of their eyes. With this Bruno turns his head towards Alex and says after gulping down with a somewhat intimidated expression.

*gulp* So ready?...

He then awaits Alex's response before drinking.

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After being fed from the blood bag Michael started to feel a bit better but could still feel the venom moving through his veins but that much didnt bother him it would go through its course and be done with before he knew it. Watching out of the corner of his eye as Yuviel consumed the blood with a great amount of speed it wasnt long before Yuviel was asleep using his as a pillow he just sighed but the feeling of exhaustion from earlier hadnt gone completely so using his hands to cushion his head Michael started to fall asleep.

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Picking up the glass with the strange liquid, Alex didn't pay much attention to the talk around them. Raising the glass he looked at Bruno then smelled the liquid...the smell was bad and strong it made his eyes water up.

What the hell did you order Bruno?

Alex said somewhat surprised, he never thought Bruno would be knowledgeable about drinking, he seemed like the typical nice guy. Goes to show how surprising people can be.

Putting all that aside Alex hoped that the demon ash in him would prove to be as effective with this as it was with the vodka before. Bringing the glass to his mouth Alex drank it all in one go.

The burning feeling in his mouth, throat and stomach was indescribable, making him cough and gasp for breath. Looking up at Bruno as his vision became somewhat blurry he said;

...your turn now big shot..

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Looking at Alex with a blank face while he was talking he answered.

What you talking about I rarely drink...all I did was order the strongest thing they had.

The mere way he innocently said that would make one wonder how good Bruno's judgement is. Watching Alex drink the stuff down and not look so good he gulps yet again. However shrugging this off in one swift movement he downs the green liquid and places the glass back on the table. Silence fills the room as the people await a reaction. Bruno's face gets wide red, his throat feels like he just misused his fire dragon breath his stomach like acid was poured on it his head like he nose dived from the sky to the ground head first. After just two seconds his arms go for his throat as he points his mouth up.From it an enormous flame bursts trough it striking the roof and going right trough it like a cannon shot. A large scream can be heard among flame.


After about 5 seconds the flames subside as does the yelling and Bruno's arms each fall down and his head hits the table face first. His vision gets blurry and he seems to feel extremely light.Still with his head on the table he raises his right arm up slowly and banging it on the table he can be heard saying with a very dry voice.


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Looking at Bruno, Alex wanted to burst out laughing but he wasn't feeling much better either, if it weren't for the demon's ash this stuff could've killed him.

Alex was still good enough to notice all the looks Bruno's excessive magic usage caused. Grabbing a big glass of water Alex shoved it down Bruno's mouth and then threw his hand over and picked him up, telling him;

Come on man, let's go...get up!

The two of them started walking towards the school, Alex almost carrying Bruno and not supporting him. The cold air helped him get his vision cleared up as well, just a small buzz and the burning sensation were still present.

Soon they reached the north gate and entered the school grounds, at that point the drink completely took over Bruno as his feet started dragging on the ground. Activating his runes Alex picked him up and threw him over the back, only hearing some noise that couldn't be understood Alex carried him to the dorms.

Reaching his room, Alex opened the door and went inside, dropping Bruno on the bed he took his shoes off and placed him on the bed properly, covering him as well.

Leaving the room Alex quietly closed the door and started walking down the hallway, taking off his jacket he noticed how bloodied his white shirt underneath is, that demon's ash really saved his life there.

He walked until he reached the door to Yuviel's room, wondering if she was inside now. He leaned on the door but couldn't open it. He needed some air, fast.

Leaving the spirit dorms Alex started walking around the school grounds, enjoying the cold seeping into him.

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The winters night gets colder and darker, the clouds and drizzle begin to fade away – leaving a star filled sky to illuminate the ground in a silver light only to be disturbed by the crescent moon in the sky.
- Time skip 22:00
- Wind is of medium strength and cold.
- Alexander has walked all over the school and found his way at the vending machines, only to find them empty and the cantina door ajar.
- The vampire horde is sat outside the school contently. (After killing the council and arming themselves with Glocks, stun batons and the police car).
- “the nuke, Svings idea” has side effects which include
Resurfacing memories.
Reflex enhancement or downer.
Personality change(opposite yet one still remains most of their morals.
loss of magic control.
Increase in aggressiveness.
Increase in sexual desire.

- Yuviel was re-arranged herself to the point of resting perfectly around Michael sleeping with her head on his chest and her groin over his lower belly. (still fully clothed, no transforming, no ecchi)
- The two girls have been escorted to the heads office by the goblins and are having their living arrangements changed.

Yuviel is still sleeping… drooling slightly with a content face.

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Feeling quite cold after spending three hours wandering around the school, he surely must've spent one hour alone on staring at the tree in the middle of the school that was now completely naked, stripped of the leaves that usually filled its reminded him of him in his current state.

The time spent alone did him good, he managed to cry his sorrow and regrets out in the silent darkness before the clouds above disappeared and he also decided not to let Yuviel know about it, she could feel guilty about it and it was not her burden to carry.


Cursing the goblins for not refiling the machines outside Alexander turned around and saw the doors slightly open. If he was here he might as well get himself a drink from the kitchen directly.

The inside of the cantina was dark, only slight lightning coming from the kitchen and the bright moonlight seeping in from behind him as he opened the door, letting his shadow stretch out to a sight he wished he did not see.

Not believing his eyes for a moment he just stood there, watching, almost not breathing. But getting over the initial shock Alexander walked inside, if that demon was the reason she was leaving him after all he did for him, he would want it said in his face.

Standing above them now, a bright red glow can be seen under his shirt and coming out the four holes in the front, illuminating the darkness around him a reddish glow. He leaned down and picked Michael up by his collar, raising him up with ease and letting Yuviel slide down on the floor. Looking at now awake Michael in the eyes, Alexander asked him;

What the hell are you doing?!?

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Awakening slowly he looked up to see Yuviel ontop of him and beyond her a faint red glow but his waking was interupted when he was lifted up as Yuviel feel to the floor looking into the face of his aggresor he saw it to be Alex demanding answers of him Michael sighed and grabbed Alex's hand putting his own strength behind it even in his seemingly boosted state it was enough to make him losen his grip and using the chance to break free of his grip Michael knocked Alex's hand to the side and thrusting his palm into Alex's chest knocking him back a few meters he said.

What do you think im doing?

Just looking at Alex disapointed he would think Michael would do such a thing.

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Being pushed away like that only made Alexander more angry. Instinctively he pulled out his sword and held it high, not listening to Michael's excuses he charged and with the extra strength behind it, caught Michael with the back end of his sword across the stomach, making him fall down to his knees.

Spinning his sword swiftly Alex stopped the sharp end of the blade below Michael's neck and looking down said almost too calmly considering the situation;

I asked you something...

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