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3 Months go by, SS - or is it?

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Aiya watched as Michael bolted out the window, most of the class crowding her to watch what he was doing. The noise bothering her a bit she stood up pretty fast which caught everyones attention before she started shouting

get back to your seats…NOW!

Most of the students had never seen aiya angry before which caused them all to return to their seats in fear of what might happen next. The sensei was surprised by the actions but she didn’t care to much. Sitting down she put her head back down on the desk watching the snow some more thinking to herself.

the one time I come to class…

The teacher walked over to window that Michael had opened and shut it along with the other ones the students had opened to see what was going on. After a little bit he walked passed aiya he was going to say something but decided against it. with a sigh he went back to the front of the class and started teaching.

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Having looked at the ceiling for a couple of hours Bruno eventually went to sleep at about 8 pm. As he slept trough the night and day he was awoken due to feeling a large burst of magic. Suddenly sitting up but still on his bed half a sleep he says out loud.

What...what! I'm up! Uhhhh this magic it feels familiar but in this quantity it couldn't be...

Looking around him he didn't feel like going to class straight away so he slept for a bit more. After getting up from his bed he went for a quick shower and then back to his room. He quickly puts on his uniform and heads towards the cantina. after arriving he orders a normal breakfast and stays in the cantina for quite a while slowly eating his breakfast thinking about what to do. Finally getting bored he decides to go to class. Walking to the main building and then to his class room he sees Alexander running naked outside trough a window and thinks.

What the heck happened to him!?His aura feels different...colder like, it can't be...Maybe he drank a nuke...

Arriving in his class he apologizes to the teacher for being late who lets him off the hook surprisingly easily. It is probably due to him usually getting good grades and being on good terms with most teachers. Walking over to his desk as most students look at him he sits down and looks out the window and sighs hearing the teacher from time to time awaiting time to pass.

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Sighing at Yuviel who didnt seem to be grasping the serious nature of what she had done he had finally given up and just walked back to class quickly and retaking his seat in the back corner away from the window as his classmates bombarded him with questions and even the teacher was slightly curious but Michael denied them any information and promptly returned to his trance as he could feel his insanity moving deeper into his mind.

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Slowly waking up, still shivering, Alex had a killer headache and felt pain in his left leg, remembering what has happened sent a cold chill down his spine. It wasn't a dream.

At that point he realized that the culprit was sleeping on him, feeling her chest on his back and drool going down his shoulder. He looked up slightly and saw his hands were tied up on the bed poles and quickly felt his legs were tied as well, with his own clothes nonetheless.

He let out a sigh, even with what she had done for no apparent reason he could not just throw her off from him and he didn't feel like moving his left leg at the moment either. So he just said in a frustrated voice;

What was that all about Yuviel?!?

It is now 11:00. 3rd class has started.

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Having fallen asleep quite quickly, she found herself being shouted at by an angry pillow who had finally come around – he didn’t sound too happy, moving slowly… she rubbed playfully against him before mounting him slowly.

You need to learn how to feed in small amounts… but for now, I’m going to fix you up…

Leaning slowly in, Yuviel began to lick the back of Alexander’s neck including some of his face; whispering in his ear…

You better start thinking about those runes, I might mess this up if you don’t…

Yuviel licked a while longer and pierced her fangs into his left shoulder taking a few gulps before letting it heal; getting off of Alexander she started to accumulate all the herbs and oils and started to mix them together as instructed by the memories Alexander had left for you… mounting Alexander slowly with the needles and alcohol to the side, she began working on him slowly – making sure the ink ran deep and connected correctly…

Alexander’s body became infused with the runes magic before too long making Yuviel quite pleased with herself in many ways… looking over the back, she had to decide where the rune was going to go … taking another gulp this time from Alexander’s right shoulder – she found where he wanted it… smiling to herself, she got a few new needles and pulled the ink next to his head, as she leant into him slightly and began work on the new rune on the back of his neck … his whole body glowed blue this time and Yuviel almost completely lost her head with immense pleasure as her body remembers the same sensations of her own tattoo.

After messing up Alexander’s back slightly with her own fluids, she finally came around to untying his left binding and slumped to his left side, completely tired but still awake.

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As much he felt cold before, Alex felt hot now, sweat, ink, blood and Yuviel's juices going down his back. Breathing heavily Alexander remained laying down for a few moments still recuperating from the immense pain of the runeing process and pleasure received by Yuviel's bites.

Getting up slightly Alex untied his right hand, letting himself fall down on the side right after that, facing Yuviel. He didn't feel angry at her any more and he leaned in and kissed her, softly saying after he pulled away;

Thank you...I love you..

He would have gone further again but Yuviel looked tired so he just smiled and caressed her cheek. Their romantic moment got rudely interrupted by a knock on their room's door.

One moment!

Reluctantly, Alex got up and taking one of his pants from the bedpost after setting his legs free, put them on. Slowly he limped over to the door, moving the wardrobe slightly aside and opened them, in front of him was a small goblin giving him a note with the school seal on it.

Closing the door Alex opened the note and started reading it as he slowly made his way back to Yuviel. Reaching her he threw the note away and smilingly told her as he sat on the bed again;

It looks like the headmaster knows about what we turning that is, hehe. He decided to move us over to the other dorms and you are...I quote, personally responsible

Finishing his last word with a smile on his face Alex leaned over and kissed her slowly again.

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Hearing those words, Yuviel felt a little embarrassed about it all – the kissing was all she could manage at the moment feeling the way she did… she managed to at least move her tongue around a little with Alexander… watching him go answer the door, it seemed their love nest will be moved around … what he had to say was like digging daggers into her head.

You’re like a child at the moment, Alexander… I’m going to have to punish you a little more if you don’t dress me correctly… the stuff under the bed is dirty… dress me in clean stuff … presentable stuff…

Yuviel couldn’t find the motivation or will to move so she just laid still spread open like an all you could eat buffet…

and if you even think of it… I’ll make you do something stupid again.

A sound of determination and promise came from her voice… ending with a slight giggle.

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Michael and Aiya in the classroom

Aiya got up before the class got started, looking around the class she noticed Michael in his usual spot away from everyone. Moving over to him she sat in the desk in front of him and turned around in the chair to look at him.

are you alright Michael?

She seemed to be in a better mood but she stilled seemed worried about what happened earlier

Not actually making any progress and only being able to slow his insanity spreading for the rest of the classes Michael sat not being bothered at all for a while until the familiar voice of Aiya reached his ears opening his eyes and looking at her as she asked if he was alright Michael just shrugged and said.

I don’t know… I feel like I’m losing my mind…. More to the point I might actually be losing it…..

Michael sighed as he hear the voice of his insanity speaking once again.

Well isn’t this a lovely surprise they want the one who’s out to kill you to befriend you and lull you into a false sense of security before they strike… DON’T LISTEN TO HER LIES…. Just listen to the sound of my voice and it will all be fine….

Michael was trying hard to show no signs of the battle going on in his mind but it would be slightly visible on his face that something was going on.

Listening to Michael for a moment then watching the expression on his face she was curious about what was going on, she kept her voice to a whisper so not to disturb the class, the teacher didn’t bother making a fuss so he could teach. Noticing that the teacher wasn’t caring so much she turned back to Michael and her own struggle was finally taking visual effect as her aura became a bit more visible then died down again.

is there anything I can do to help?

He felt Aiya’s aura picking up and could actualy see it slightly sighing as Aiya offered him her help he said.

I wish there was something you could do but this is my problem…. Although I guess being around people might help to keep me sane just a little longer…. Or it might not…..

He leant back in his seat and looked up at the ceiling he could feel the insanity constantly spreading slowly but surely taking over.

Aiya shrugged, she tried to come up with a couple of decent ideas. Looking around the classroom she thought of something and turned back to Michael.

you said you were felt like you were losing your sanity right, do you have any ideas on what might be the cause

She leaned back in her chair, placing a hand over one of her eyes the extra concentration needed to keep her power in check was giving her a headache.

sorry if I seem nosy but is it about lily? I mean…

She tipped back a little further but didnt realize she had tipped too far back, the chair fell backwards with her in it as she crashed to the floor with a bang causing the entire class to turn and some of them laughing as she tried to get herself up.

As Aiya fell Michael got out of his seat and grabbed a hold of her pulling to her feet he brought his face next to her ear and whispered to her.

I think it might just be link to Lily… when she left it started need her back before this consumes me… but I fear that even with her back it might be too late already…

Members of the class started to make mocking sounds towards them and Michael figured it didn’t quite look right from their point of view but he also didn’t much care pulling back slightly from her as the teacher asked them to retake their seats.

Aiya got back up with the help of Michael, with a quiet thanks she listened to what he said then turned and picked up his seat ignoring the rest of the class. Turning to the teacher she bowed and apologized then took her seat her face was really red and her head hurt more than it already did. She turned back to Michael and sighed and spoke quietly while she rubbed the back of her head.

and if it does consume you, what happens…

She finally managed to completely control her aura and presence, keeping them as minimal as possible and most of the headache went away but not completely thanks to her fall. she could imagine the aspect of an insane Michael to a point but not how much damage it would cause.

He finally felt the insanity reaching out and lose control of himself for a few seconds but in that time it had enough time to grab Aiya by the throat unnoticed by those around them and whisper in her ear.

When I finally do consumed him… you’re first…

His grip on her throat released as he brought himself back to his senses and he said in an apologetic tone to Aiya.

I’m sorry…. I lost my concentration for a second and it almost got you…

A student had noticed them and gave off a wolf whistle as the teacher turned and said.

Please keep your little relationship for outside my class Mr… ehhh….. Michael…

Sighing as he moved back from Aiya he moved back to his seat.

Aiya didn’t have a chance to react as she was grabbed by Michael and heard the declaration of her being the first. She was terrified as she moved away a little bit then listened to the kid who had whistled. She ignored the kid for now, still a bit stunned as she stared at the floor speaking quietly not even bothering to hide the fear she felt.

I guess *mild chuckle* that I’m first huh… I don’t hate you cause you’re my friend and ill do what I have to in order to stop you if you get consumed.

She was shaking a bit, turning back around with her chair she faced her desk putting her head down and left herself to her thoughts. She didn’t feel like talking anymore so she decided to wait for class to end quietly.

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4093 Months go by, SS - or is it? - Page 17 Empty Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 25th 2010, 7:46 am say that hun~..but you don't make it easy on me..

Alex said as he was eating Yuviel up with his lustful eyes but this time he listened to her. Turning around on the spot he ignored the pain as he put pressure on his left leg.

Going over to their drawer Alex started picking out clothes for Yuviel, taking his time until he was sure she would be satisfied with what he chose for her.

-Long school skirt
-White shirt
-School jacket
-Long black tights
-Black underwear with purple lace

Carrying all of that in his hands Alexander returned to the bed and leaving it next to her started dressing her up. Starting with her pantsu Alex slowly pulled them, pulling her bottom up by himself. Next he took the tights and started putting them up, very carefully as he was afraid he would rip them apart.

Alex could feel he was getting more and more excited as he was dressing Yuviel, much to her amusement but he was determined that he would prove her that he's not just a "kid".

Once he was finished with her tights he kneeled over her and gently and slowly pulled her up in a sitting position, placing her hands around his neck Alex took her bra and put it on her. Buttoning it behind he then made sure her breasts were placed properly in the cups. Taking the shirt he pulled her right hand through first and then the left one, slowly buttoning her up.

He needed a moment's pause before he would go on, hugging Yuviel he placed his head on her shoulder, holding her tightly he said softly;

I love you Yuvi~...all right, let's get your skirt on..

Letting go off her Alex got himself off her and took her skirt, pulling her legs through it he pulled her tush up again and zipped the skirt, smiling at the task successfully done. I need to get dressed...

Alex sighed a bit and then got off the bed, picked up a shirt from the floor and wiped off his back with it. Throwing it back down he walked back to the drawer, taking off the wrinkled pants he had on.

Standing completely naked in front of the drawer Alex started rummaging through it, saying to Yuviel;

You know, when we move over...we need to make some order in here..

Quickly enough Alexander got himself dressed on the spot and started walking back to the bed, fighting a war with the tie. He is now wearing the school uniform minus the jacket which he dropped off on the bed next to Yuviel's. Sitting down on the bed next to Yuviel, Alex took her chin and gently pulled her closer, kissing her softly, enjoying the taste of her.

Pulling away slowly Alex bit his lower lip, fighting back the idea of taking off the clothes he just put on them but it seemed like Yuviel knew what he was thinking and just smiled devilishly. Alex smiled back to her and raising his head up, pointing at the tie;

Hun...can you please help me with this?

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Complying with all the various movements Alexander had her go through, Yuviel felt a little hornier than usual, she couldn’t deny that nor could he lusty face do so either… but she was determined she was not going to be a plaything for now.

Watching and enjoying all of Alexander’s various movements, he finally managed to get completely dressed after picking some interesting under garments for her – being unable to find the will to move around and fight it she came across an amusing problem for him… being unable or unwilling to do his own tie.

Yanking Alexander towards her a little forcefully, she gave off a small tut and started to do up his tie by turning him around… she wasn’t sure why he could do hers’ but not his own, either way… she shoved him off her after she was done and found she was still sapped of strength to move very far…

I think I know why my kind live alone in giant castles… we tire too easily when pregnant…

Falling back, annoyed at the lack of strength… she maintained her easily accessed position and pondered a moment;

So we have new living arrangements? Call the goblin in… well, several … we – or rather – you need to get me over there, we’ll have a little freedom over in the PD.

What Yuviel said was true, but it could also be a way to contain them in a single location until the whole horde issue was resolved.

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After she did his tie up Alex watched and listened what Yuviel was telling him. Picking up his jacket and putting it on, he took hers and said;

All right...come here now..

Putting the jacket on her, Alex put Yuviel's hand over his neck and picked her up. Carrying her princess style Alex left the room, telling the goblin outside to gather some comrades and then take their stuff over to their new place. Reminding him to take special care of his swords.

He then carried Yuviel out into the school grounds where the snow has slightly picked up and now big snowflakes were slowly gliding down on them.

Looks like we'll have a beautiful Christmas together..

Alex said as he looked up, squeezing Yuviel closer to himself. Continuing the walk Alex soon got into the punishment dorms and walked up the stairs, going straight to their new room.

The room was quite bigger and the bed in the middle of it was much larger than the one in their old room. Letting Yuviel down on the bed Alex looked at her and asked her worriedly;

Are you still feeling weak...Would you like some blood?...

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As the lessons kept on Bruno just kept looking out the window looking at the teacher to so to keep appearances every once in a while. During one of these times he notices Aiya whispering something to Michael,although he didn't usually like to do such things increasing his hearing he started to listen in on their conversation while looking at them side ways. As they are about to finish he notices Michael say something awful to Aiya and grab her by the neck.

At this sight something like a button is flipped as his magic is barely able to withhold itself. just as he is loosing it and about to intervene Michael stops and then a small commotion takes place. Afterwards he glares at Michael clear killing intent can be seen on his face and aura.

Note to magic sensitive people in the area a magic peak could be sensed off him during the event.

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Being carried across the school under the snow by Alexander made her feel amazing, to the point she couldn’t hide it in her face at all; squeezing together Yuviel loved every moment of the snowfall; arriving in the punishment dorms and led up the stairs – Yuviel found herself being put onto a bed where she was breathing a little heavily holding onto her stomach…

Too restrictive…

Her eyes were obviously looking at her now useless clothing… looking around before considering making it an order; the ceiling and walls were padded, the window seemed to be gone if there was one at all – a side table on Alexander’s side with a chest whilst on her side was a wardrobe with a desk… it seemed to have two seats as well as a mirror of all things.

Well? I’ll feed later… I want to sleep…
Yuviel falls asleep before Alexander had a chance to do what he wanted…

Time skip to lunchtime – the bell rings and an announcement is said in the main building and sports hall only.

“The snow is getting heavier, for the safety of all students, please either head home or to the sports hall until your parents can come pick you up, thanks you.”

The voice was that of Mrs.Vanhiking.

Snow notes : Stronger, faster, harder… the clouds are greying up and the winds have started to pick up.

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Aiya’s sat up as the bell rang and the announcement was sent out, after everyone was out of the room except herself, Michael, and Bruno she got up and walked over to bruno. Her eyes didn’t show the fear that was once there but she couldn’t hide it from her aura which was now almost filling the room her eyes turning red. Grabbing bruno by collar of his shirt she picked him up enough with both hands so they were eye to eye.

your going to tell me what you heard right now bruno or so help me you wont like what ill do to you next.

Her voice had a very unusual seriousness about it. A glow appeared around her waist and the majority of it behind her back as a wakizashi formed sheathed. She kept Michael in sight with her peripherals as she kept bruno held there.

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As Aiya comes up to him and grabs him and starts talking to him in a threating tone and menacing him he looked at her with surprised and shocked face yet when he looks into her eyes he notices it...fear.Noticing this it makes him reach the boiling point as he gets up and out of her grip and says loudly yet not yelling at her.

What I heard!? Shouldn't you be more worried about what he just did to you or said!Yes I'll admit it I heard everything, I eavesdropped on your conversation but I had a bad feeling about it and guess what I was right!

As he kept talking he noticed his tone getting more violent and stopping himself he clenches his right fist and looks at the ground for a second and then passes by Aiya not giving her a chance to answer back. Before leaving he passes near Michael and says in a low voice clenching his fists with a cold yet violent and serious tone while placing his hands in his pants pockets and looking straight at the door.

I know that I'm no match for you right now but you listen to me...If you ever follow trough on what you said and hurt her or any of my friends I promise on everything I have that even if I have to die 100 times I'll come back and hunt you to the depths of hell not matter how strong you are...

Having said this he just keeps walking exiting the classroom heading towards the cantina.

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While Michael didnt much care about the threats of the dragonboy he knew it would send the insanity wild and he was right as he fell to his knees his head in his hands trying to hold it back so it wouldnt go on a rampage through the school.

Its just like I told you they want us dead... let me kill the girl and then the reptile and while im at it the vampires... and maybe a few of these humans... ohhh yes that would do nicely... wouldnt it? ... I think it would... dont you?

He knew it was dangerous when the insanity became irrational and it was slowly moving in that direction but pulling himself to his feet Michael started to stumble towards the door hoping he could reach his room before he snapped.

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Watching Yuviel fall asleep in a moment, Alex picked her up again and moved her from the edge of the bed onto the middle of it. Kneeling next to her Alex unzipped her skirt and slowly took her off, undoing her tie he took that off as well. Giving her a soft kiss on the forehead Alex left the sleeping beauty rest.

Leaving her skirt and tie on the edge of the bed, Alex quietly left the room. Going down the much shorter hallway he reached the stairs which he jumped down on instead of walking down. Looking around the dorm a little bit he remembered the scene where Yuviel kicked all those guy's asses alone, it made him laugh a bit.

But soon he left the punishment dorms and found himself outside in the, what's slowly but surely turning into a snowstorm. It didn't bother him much for what he was about to do would probably make him wet and dirty anyway.

Alexander need to test out the power boost the turning gave him and what effect it had, if any, on his runes. Looking down, Alex looked at his hands then clenched his fists. Making sure no one was around Alex started sprinting, following the wall of the PD.

His speed even without runes has increased significantly, storming around the like a child Alex jumped on the wall and pushed himself up, reaching the rooftop in less than a second, somersaulting over the edge he gracefully landed on his feet.

He was already soaked by the snow melting on him but he was not bothered by it. Clenching his fist Alex started to activate his runes slowly, they didn't feel any different than before. Reaching the maximum he noticed the difference, the red glow has turned into a dark purple glow and when he pulled his sleeve up to examine it more carefully he noticed that the glow actually turned into purple smoke that disappeared few inches away from his skin.

It still didn't feel any different, the change could have been affected by two things but it made no difference. In order to test out his power with runes on Alex ran forward and jumped up as he reached the edge, sending himself flying up high.

Landing almost in the middle of the school grounds, leaving a small crater on impact. Alex stood up and walked away, smiling satisfied. He went towards the spirit dorms to help the goblins move...

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A letter has been delivered for Michael from Lily’s family, once opened the letter will inform Michael that -

Lily has passed away from a rare terminal Elvin illness she has had for a long time, the illness finally took over and weakened lily greatly. The letter will say that she died painlessly.
Date and time of the funeral are listed, it explains only Michael is invited.
(She had been given a certain amount of time to live when she was 10, this is why when the noble where interested in lily the family jumped at the chance.)
Lily’s engagement ring is the envelope.
A smaller piece of paper is also inside, with the words “I love you” written in Lily’s hand writing.

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Aiya walked out of the classroom, her eyes still red but a little bit darker. She dragged her way through the halls passed the students and started following bruno’s presence. Passing Michael she managed to keep her aura completely suppressed along with most of her presence despite her emotions. Getting out of the building she saw Bruno walking over to the cantina, almost all of students had cleared out already due to the announcement.

She ran up to him and grabbed the back of his clothing and whirled him around then proceeded to slap him across the face, the snowy weather could sort of hide the tears that were slowing down the side of her face. When she spoke it was more of a yell more than anything.

baka! Do you understand what you might of done you moronic imbecile… you probably just drove this situation in the worst possible direction… and you say you heard the whole thing, and probably saw part of it.. Do you think before you mouth off like that or

she cut off for a moment.

never mind I give up... Bakudo #1 … Sai!

pointing a finger at bruno she watched as his arms crossed behind his back and as he fell to his knees his head hitting the snow. She walked away from him and back towards the dorms, she was worried about Michael’s condition.

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As Bruno headed for the cantina anger still filled him. Noticing someone following him but not knowing who he didn't really care and just kept walking until Aiya grabbed him. Next thing he knows he gets slapped across the face and a shocked and hurt expression appeared as he looked at her while she yelled noticing she was crying. When Aiya places the binding spell on him he doesn't even try to resist and falls to ground.

When he feels she is somewhat distant he powers out of the spell and using his right arm to remove the snow from his face a sad expression appears on it as he thinks while looking p at the snow.

What did I do...So he's the one that attacked her and she's angry at me for trying to stick up for her...

Feeling no one around he changes into his half form and flies out of the school. Reaching his flat roof after some time he lands and changes back to human form and enters the building.Making his way to his flat he enters it and taking off his uniform, puts on some pajamas hops into bed in a depressed mood wondering what he did wrong.

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Michael made his way down to his room passing by the multitudes of students who had gathered to go home for protection from the blizzard. Reaching his room he walked towards the bed and noticing something strange about it... there was a note on the pillow but it wasnt the seal of the head it was the seal of Lily's family and Michael approached it slowly the insanity retreating back to the depths of his mind for fear of what the letter had to say and what he would do to it.

Taking the letter and slowly breaking the seal and pulling out the note inside his heart sank at the first line as his eyes filled with tears as he read on he couldnt make it halfway through the letter before he collapsed into a heep on the floor curling up and just crying deeply to himself the envelop falling down on the floor next to him and a smaller piece if paper falling out and landing softly next to Michael's head. Taking the piece of paper and through tear-filled eyes he read the three words over and over again sitting still in shock at what was before him.

Placing the letter and the note back in the envelop Michael turn his attention to Lily's silver box grabbing it by the lid the pain was extreme but he no longer cared opening the lid and looking inside he saw a mass of different kinds of paper all that seemed to be used as the silver slowly burning the skin on his hands he turned the box upside down emptying the notes onto the floor. Picking up the first one that came to his hand he found it to be in Lily's handwriting but written as a letter to Michael slowly reading his way through many of them they seemed to show her path through the illness that had taken her life her thoughts and how much she loves being with Michael every one ended with the same words on the small sheet he spent a good hour reading through them his door locked to give him privacy, tears never once stopping ignoring all else.

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Aiya had made it back to the dorms, looking around she immediately went to her room but being quiet about it. She sighed and sat on her bed staring at the ceiling thinking to herself.

why do things have to be so difficult.

Laying down, her legs still hanging off the edge of her bed she left herself to her thoughts

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Going into the spirit dorms Alexander went to their room where he found a bunch of goblins working in full swing. Seeing as they had everything pretty much covered Alex crouched down and nicely asked one of the goblins to wash their dirty clothes, the goblin agreed and Alex stood up.

Before he left the room, Alex took his swords that and went on, buckling the belt on his way. He was not sure how long he was out playing with his new found powers but it seemed to be a long while without his beloved.

Remembering it has been a while since Yuviel ate, Alex took a turn and went for the cantina. Making his way through the snow he wondered if the headmaster would make them clean it up. Eventually he found himself in the cantina where he shook off the excess water from himself before moving on - he was completely soaked.

Getting into the back of the kitchen area Alex got access to the blood storage from one of the goblins quite fast. This time Alex licked his lips at the sight of the tasty liquid but shook his head, not wanting to feed alone. He was given a small carrying bag from the goblin which was a nice gesture from the small creature. Thanking him Alex packed 15 bags of blood and left.

Again in the heavy snowstorm, holding the bag filled with smaller ones, as if he was casually shopping. Alex activated his runes and ran off at full speed, reaching the PD in a couple of seconds. Going inside he turned off his runes and slowly made his way up to their room, leaving a wet trail behind him.

As he entered the room Alex started undressing his completely wet clothes until he was left with only his, still somehow dry, boxers on. Taking the bag after he placed his swords on their desk, Alex slowly got onto the bed where Yuviel was still sleeping. Leaving the bag in hand's reach he decided to wake her up so she could eat.

"Ecchi: Just for Lethan.":
Slowly crawling up to Yuviel, Alex uncovered her and started unbuttoning her shirt, he didn't want it to get stained with blood. As the final button was undone and he opened the shirt, he could see she was slowly waking up. Smiling at her Alex slowly ran his hand over her stomach, stopping his hand as it reached the edge of her bra.

She looked damn good in that black underwear, just looking at her for a moment made him want her. He smiled at the sweet selfishness he caught himself in and decided not to do anything...yet. Still smiling Alex leaned in and kissed her deeply, now certainly making sure she was woken up.

She looked beautiful as her eyes were slowly opening, just watching her like that made Alexander happy beyond any measure. Finally opening his mouth he said as he reached out for the bag and let out it's content;

I've brought us food...

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Awakening to Alexander backing away from a kiss, Yuviel looked around to find herself mostly undressed; glaring at Alexander’s slow timing in passing the food – instead he simply dropped it all out of the bag and onto the bed… sitting up slowly keeping the shirt on, just unbuttoned – Yuviel grabbed most of the bags, leaving 6 near Alexander and put them between her legs, as she crossed them a little.

Yuviel began to open a bag but it tasted off; somehow it wasn’t satisfying her at all for taste or flavouring… passing the bag to Alexander, Yuviel opened a 2nd bag and again… it tasted off.

Do these taste off to you?
Note: Nothing wrong with the blood bags.

Yuviel downed the bag regardless but it was obvious she wasn’t happy with the contents; sighing to herself she resigned herself to grabbing the remaining 7 she had stolen, leaving Alexander with 6 of his own – and planted them on the desk… Yuviel decided she wanted to get dressed again and started to button herself up.

Finding the other items of clothing wasn’t so hard, but one key item seemed to be missing – which annoyed Yuviel.

So you manage to pick my nicest underwear, my tie, my coat, some Thighhighs… but you forget my favourite boots?

Anger was on the edge of her voice, as she finished up her re-dressing… heading to the desk, some basics had already been put on it for maintaining appearances – grabbing the brush she sat on the bed.

You’re taking me to see the head, with my share of the blood… I’m obviously missing something in my diet.
Passing the brush to Alexander.

Make me presentable, eat… then take me.

Yuviel began to catch her breath a little as she said way too much and was still feeling fatigued.

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Realizing that Yuviel didn't find satisfaction in the blood bags he brought, accusing them for being off, Alex took one and bared his fangs into the tasty liquid. The blood seemed just fine to him and quickly he started more of it.

Once he stopped feeding on the share of his meal Alex stood up, smiling, and going over to the new wardrobe he put on a new school uniform, clean and representable this time around. Seeing Yuviel's complaint to be true, he left her boots in their old room, Alex said in a apologetic tone;

I'm sorry about that...

Finishing her make up Alex went back to the chair she was sitting on in front of the mirror. He went back to Yuviel but this time not zipping up her skirt as he picked her up so she could feel comfortable, not waiting for anything else Alex carried his dear Yuviel out of the room.

Before too long the couple was in front of the PD doors, looking at the heavy snow falling in front of them. Alex did his best not to get Yuviel wet and activating his runes, quickly stopped as he went inside the main building, smiling at the girl in his hands, feeling proud at himself.

Slowly going down the reception office, carrying Yuviel the whole time, Alex reached the headmaster's doors and knocked on them, patiently waiting for a response.

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