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3 Months go by, SS - or is it?

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3763 Months go by, SS - or is it? - Page 16 Empty Re: 3 Months go by, SS - or is it? on May 22nd 2010, 1:53 am

Alex was unable to suppress the feelings coming from the back of his head, completely taking him over...squeezing what he held. He watched Yuviel as she tore up the remaining blood bags and poured the blood over herself and him, letting out moans and screams of pleasure that only contributed more to Alexander's state of indescribable pleasure.

He tried to say something but the words would just not form and come out of his mouth when Yuviel removed his pants, breaking the belt and the cloth in one go with ease, helping Alexander greatly as he was way past his limit already...

Moment after as the pleasuring feeling focused on one particular part of him, giving some breathing room for his brain to process what was happening.

Realizing that Yuviel has let her vampire features out he looked at her mesmerized, his eyes glued to her beautiful body that was encircled in a red mist of evaporating blood that mixed with the pink aura her wings were giving off in the flickering light of the candle next to them...the sight was truly surreal.

Alexander stretched out his hand to reach her and touched her cheek, pulling himself up at the same, kissing her again...feeling the blood sticking their naked bodies together as they touched.

The moment of clarity was slowly drifting away as the euphoric venom started kicking in again but this time their position a moment Alexander found himself embraced by Yuviel and hanging upside down from the ceiling.

He heard her say his name with a new surname, he was finally hers in every way. It made him smile as that was all he was able to do, looking at her in a haze...the red mist seemingly following them as he enjoyed the warmth of her body that enclosed him from all sides as the first signs of the bitter sweet pain started going down his spine.

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Aiya spent the next couple of hours sitting around in the outpost, watching people occasionally look at the bounty board or come in and collect rewards. The occasional drunk guy being dealt with as they tried to hit on her. After about the 3rd guy nobody else tried to bother her again so they didn’t get the same punishment. Not realizing how much time was actually going by it felt like it was late enough when she left the outpost heading back to the school by herself.

Hopping over the wall like she did when she left she made it back to the school and to the dorms, ignoring everything that was going on she made her way to her room. Laying down on the bed she stared at the ceiling for a bit before dozing off

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After classes were done Bruno left without talking to anyone. Walking towards the spirit dorms he was met by a goblin when he entered who handed him a letter. After reading the letter which said he was to report to the heads office tomorrow after classes he shuddered a bit wondering what he was in for.

Burning the letter on his hand after he was done reading he headed for his room ignoring anyone else and went straight to his bed. changing into his night clothes which were boxers and a white t shirt he lays on top of the bed staring at the ceiling with his right arm above his head as his mind is filled with thoughts about the recent events and his past.

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Michael spent the next few hours drinking nuke by the bottle to the amazement of those around him and laughing off the guys who hit on Aiya and stayed for a few more hours after she left to return to the school. He spent the night drinking bottles of nuke down being bet by those around him he couldnt down another and those in the bar had started to bet on how many more he could drink but he easily drank more than they had expected and walked out with close to 900 crowns.

He made his way back to the school not really noticing anyone along the way and made his way to his and Lily's room storing the crowns he had won in his personal storage dimension with the rest of those he had gained through jobs amongst other things and threw himself onto the bed falling into a deep sleep.

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Yuviel held onto Alexander like a loving mother onto a child, hanging from the ceiling she wrapped everything she could around him until they became one – the pain began to dig into his body as he called out in pain… the only comfort was from her touches and kissing, mixed with blood and sweat.

Timeskip of 19 hours, the time will become 08:00 Wednesday Morning ... it's snowing slightly, it has settled – the clouds are a brilliant white grey as Dawn breaks over the new day.
- The council have taken jobs as Security for the school, patrolling the inside instead of outside, armed with silver-using Glock-34’s and magical stun batons for suppressing Humans or sending vampire-kind stupid. (Dressed as police)
- The horde has managed to crash the police car into the furthest hospital and have raided the blood supplies, they can be found in the sewers with a makeshift hangout full of medical equipment and blood supplies.
- The head has arranged accommodation for Yuviel and Alexander Silverstone to move into the Punishment dorms, a room has been converted to accommodate their unusual habits and requirements. (Weapon’s allowed within the PD).
- The goblins have begun to train themselves in combat to help reduce the normal of ghouls hanging around pubic places around the city as a whole, as such… those of the spirit dorms have been granted combat passes to help with the problem, and will be compensated with magic training or crowns.
- Bounty information updates
o Ghoul ash per vial reduced to 1 crown a vial.
o Vampire ash per vial reduced to 1 crown a vial.
o Alexander Mograine, Human, Tattoo covered, Corpse accepted only; 750 Crowns.

- An increase of Lycan’s have been seen around the city, as a direct side effect of the vampire population, being natural biological enemies – the lycanthrope council have requested an audience with the head and the Silverstone living on the grounds
- More hunters have taken an interest to the city, the outpost is found full of hunters almost all day, it’s accepting female staff to help out behind the bar or as entertainment.

After Yuviel put Alexander to sleep, relieving him on all his pain – Yuviel had fallen to sleep as well… waking up, she sensed Alexander had finally ended his turning and was finally at rest.

Smiling to herself, the blood was still damp in the room in a state of gentle movement, sheets completely drenched still in blood despite the time that had passed… slowly moving down, she released Alexander onto the bed and got off of it… holding onto her stomach smiling.

Sitting back down on the edge, all the blood in the room started to move towards her as her killing intent was starting to return – her hunger was increasing as the little monsters within craved their feed from her body.

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Alexander slowly woke up after a whole eternity of pain, at first he did not open his eyes he just lay there. Taking in the smells around him that he never felt before...he felt like a truck ran over him, twenty or so times... but at the same time he felt incredibly good.

The blood beneath him that was slowly running away from him seemed to attract him way too much as he bit the sheet drenched in it. As he sucked the few drops there, the rest of the blood was already gone.

Slowly opening his eyes Alex kneeled up on all fours on the bed and took a deep breath. Slowly rising even further he noticed he was a complete and naked mess, partially covered in blood and mostly covered in sweat.

Yuviel was sitting on the edge of the bed and Alex slowly crawled towards her, hugging her from the back he leaned on her. Alex wondered how long he was out... but for now he had to tell her something else, something that was burning from the depths of him...

...I'm hungry~..

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Aiya was up far earlier than she originally thought she would be, rolling over in her bed she looked over at the pile of stuff that she had dug out for some reason. She didn’t know why she kept most of it, with a sigh she got out of bed and walked over to her wardrobe, pulling out the usual school uniform, pantsu, and bra and got changed.

After getting changed she walked out of her room, looking around the quiet dorms that didn’t seem to have much stirring about this early in the morning. Stretching a bit before moving on she started by leaving the dorms, wondering if the head was still busy. Passing the courtyard she made her way to the main building, her pace slowing down as she looked to the sky and watched the light snowfall for a bit. Turning around she found an empty bench in the courtyard, her eyes continuing to watch the falling snow as she sat down and relaxed, not caring about the cold.

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While he slept Michael was once again confronted by himself who stood infront of the school which was now ablaze, bodies of students strewn across the grounds. Amongst the bodies he know many of them from his day to day job as the student council head and some... he knew from the dorms and he just fell to his knees as he looked around everything he knew had crumbled around him be it real or not his own insanity had created it and he knew that given the chance it would make it a reality.

Not really worth our time I dont think...

Came the voice from his counter-part as it walked towards him grabbing him by the collar and pulling him to his feet it said.

Feel no remorse for what has been done, care not for the blood that has been spilled.... isnt that what you were always taught?

As memories of his training slowly flooded back to him the days spent with his various teachers and his father doing nothing but fighting and learning. Michael looked at his own insanity its smirk starting to piss him off but it was right about a few things but in protest he said.

Ive changed... im better than I was... im better than you ever were... and its all because of....

Before he could finish he was cut off by his insanity.

The girl? You think some little elf is going to stay with you? And what an elf you choose... can never keep things simple can you? You have changed... but I wonder how she would react if she saw what you really are....

Getting more and more angry as the copy of himself continued to talk he could feel it slowly spreading through his mind as the fight to supress it began once again but he knew it wouldnt be able to take control.... for now.

Michael forced himself awake slowly getting up from his bed and moving to the bathroom and starting to fill a bath he didnt even feel like moving around much but decided he would check for anything important and moving to his door and opening it he found a note just outside his door he picked it up and moved back inside. Turning the note over he noticed the heads seal and reading it seemed all those living in the dorms were now able to go out and hunt the ghouls openly and he felt his own insanity stir at this thought. Moving back to the bath Michael quickly washed himself and made himself a few sandwiches with his new found supplies before leaving his room and moving out towards the courtyard only to find it had snowed and moving through the courtyard he found Aiya and waved to her but moved on towards the classroom finding his seat inside quickly he sat around waiting for the classes to start.

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Sitting on the side of the bed, as the blood gathered around her and onto her skin it began to seep into her slowly – her innate killing cravings were slowly being fed, as well as the evil little monsters that were to be her children. Smiling to herself as the blood moved into her, she heard Alexander starting to wake up the first time as a Vampire.

He moved to hug her, and telling her in the ear that he was hungry just made her feel a little naughty, she decided to try something out… it was going to be quite cruel and unusual – but for Alexander, it might be enjoyable to be forced to do it.

Voice of Command: Clean my body with your tongue.

Yuviel pulled away and stood up, retracting her wings and tail – maintaining all other vampire features, the blood attached to those parts starting to drip down at the last part that retracted into her body … filling her back and inner thighs with more blood.

Watching Alexander … Yuviel couldn’t help but enjoy the conflict and confusion that was starting to appear on his face as he began to move towards her, tongue ready.

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Hearing those simple words Alex felt like his body got pushed forward by something, it felt weird, he tried to get back but the same force kept pushing him forward to Yuviel who was now standing in front of the bed.

Crawling after her, Alex tried to control his movements a bit but that only led on him falling down from the bed, face first as he crawled forward. Picking himself up from the floor Alex noticed his jaw was open and that his tongue was already out.

He reached her leg and started licking her, collecting the blood from her skin in his mouth, the scent was driving him crazy, his fangs coming out uncontrollably. While he finished cleaning her left leg and started working on her behind and lower back, Alex found out that he can retain the control over his body as long as he willingly complied to the order.

There was no way in hell he would not follow the order he was given, being almost completely lost in the scent of the blood he was eating off her. Couple of minutes later Yuviel was completely cleaned off blood, even behind the ears. As the task was completed Alex felt freed from her words. He stood up, being fed he felt incredibly energized and he gently pushed Yuviel backwards until her behind reached the desk and stopped there.

He pulled in closer and kissed her, holding her head with both hands. His fangs were still out, he didn't know how to pull them back but he was only made aware of it once he felt Yuviel's tongue touching them. Breaking the kiss Alexander decided to thank her for the meal...sticking his tongue out again he ran it across her neck and by pulling himself lower all across her torso, the stomach he kissed at the belly button until he reached the end...smilingly...

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Aiya watched as Michael passed her, waving back while she had the chance she stood up and started moving to the main building. She took her time but it still didn’t take long to get to the main building, reaching the heads office she knocked on the door politely and waited. After a moment the door opened on its own as a sign for her to come in. walking in the room she looked around then sat down in a chair near the desk speaking quietly.

headmaster I’m not sure how busy you are at the moment but I just have a small favor to ask you… I was wondering, if you could break the seal that the nurse told me about in the back of my mind… I don’t care what its for

standing up and walking around the desk he walked up to Aiya, moving her head so to look up at him then placed a hand in front of her eyes then focused a bit. Only taking a minute or two to find the almost completely obvious seal he was slightly surprised by the contents. He spoke a moment

are you absolutely sure

Watching her nod slowly he sighed and snapped his fingers, the seal shattered but he was unsure of the results completely.

Aiya’s eyes went out of focus for a moment, her memories started flashing before her here and there. Her emotions didn’t kick in until she fully remember everything that was sealed away. Her powers on the other hand were a different story, a devastating amount of power was released and she could barely control it. Giving off an aura that the entire school’s non-human populous could feel, it stayed for a good solid minute before it died off.

Anyone near her room could hear something loud going on, sounded like construction work, the sound of banging metal and wood breaking and the occasional banging sound. After the aura died off a bit and aiya finally made a sound, her heart racing and her breathing heavy, the aura wasn’t completely gone but it didn’t give off any real heavy emotion. She stood up slowly the head moving out of the way. She walked to the door, turned around and bowed speaking slowly

curiosity killed the cat, I think I’m going to go to class now, unless you are going to stop me…

Watching the head motion that she could go she turned and left the heads office, after she got out of the main building she took a deep breath as she started walking to class. Her eyes had changed to a very dark blue, her aura finally dying down but it made her presence a bit harder to hide as she made it to her classroom, looking over at Michael she went to her seat and sat down. She crossed her arms then put her head down, staring out the window at the snow.

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Alexander had finally finished his breakfast, indeed cleaning every part of Yuviel’s bloodied body – he rose up after being done and started to kiss her tongue and all, enjoying the whole process – noticing his fangs were still out, she convinced them to back off with a simple tongue attack.

Alexander was showing his thanks to Yuviel by licking and kissing all the way down, he smiled once more as he reached what he really wanted – Yuviel pushed him gently away and started to take human form again…

No no, Alexander… I’m going for a shower… then food… I’m~

Yuviel almost fainted slightly as an Aura filled the school violently, it went on for quite some time; Yuviel was like a fountain downstairs for that minute … wondering what had hit her… sitting in a puddle of her own fluids completely satisfied, she looked around slightly confused as it ended.

I’m… not feeling too … mmn~

Yuviel started to fall forwards as she passed out completely exhausted.

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Alex waited surprising as he was pushed away, at the same moment a heavy magical force ran throughout the school grounds. Thanks to the meal before, it did not affect him nearly as much as it did Yuviel who seemed to have gotten the treatment he wanted to give her by it.

Soon after the magic stopped flowing and Alex got his senses unscrambled he saw Yuviel sitting down on the floor, muttering something before falling forwards. Alex caught her with ease as he instinctively went for her, he was still not completely aware that he was a vampire now.

He held Yuviel in his arms and carried her over on the bed, removing the sheets from underneath her and placing her on the bare mattress, placing the dry pillows beneath her head. He took a plain shirt from the nearby drawer and wiped away the fluids from her.

...the shower will wait a little bit, hun~..

Kissing her forehead and covering her with a quilt Alex quickly slipped into a pair of jeans, his shoes and the shirt from the floor not even buttoning it up he stormed out of the room. Leaving the dorms Alex squinted his eyes at the weak winter light outside, almost blinded for a second he continued his way to the cantina in a daze.

Entering inside he skipped everyone and everything, going straight for the kitchen where he ordered the goblin to open the storage for him. This time much to his surprise the goblin complied without a question.

Seeing all the bags filled with the red liquid whose scent was making Alex distracted even with the breakfast he had. Slamming his head onto the counter, leaving a dent in it, Alex started taking out the blood bags. He could not afford to lose himself with the blood now that his loved one and their children were waiting on him after they took so much care of him.

Carrying as much as he could Alex rushed back, promising himself a blood bag when he gets to Yuviel. As he left the cantina he got dazed by the light again, losing two bags in the process. His hands were full but the two bags on the floor looked so tasty he just didn't have the heart to leave them be there, walking back and forth for a moment he had to leave them, tears formed in the corners of his eyes as he walked away.

Getting back into their room Alex did the same thing as before, dropped all of the bags on bed, all 13 of them. Taking his shirt off again he sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Yuviel up so her back was now leaning on his chest.

Grabbing one of the bags and opening it Alex could see his hands tremble slightly and his fangs making their way out again as he moved the bag closer to Yuviel's mouth.

...Yuvi~...please, w-wake up..

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As he sat around in the classroom it slowly filled with students taking their seats and around that time he felt a large burst of magic somewhere in the grounds but before he was able to respond to it he started to hear the voice in his head that of his insanity saying.

Why do you care so much? Or are you afraid they have finally had enough of you and this is them raising their forces to bring you down? Dont worry as long as you have me they wont be a problem.

Michael started to look around the classroom catching people smirking in his direction almost mocking him he was even sure if it was real or a trick of his mind. Michael tried to clear his mind and a few minutes later Aiya came into the room with a wicked smile on her face as the voice said.

Look its one of those they would raise against you... Let me free and we shall bring them down right now!

Michael tried to ignore everything around him as the teacher entered the room and got the class to be quiet as he started to teach the class. Michael is now sitting in a partial trance still able to respond to others but he is trying to push back his insanity for now.

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Waking up to the smell of Alexander and blood, Yuviel saw his neck and said blood culprit … not thinking about it, she sunk her fangs into Alexander and took a few mouthful – enough to make him feel an ecstasy and get Yuviel’s initial thirst out of the way; flashbacks of various memories hit and Alexander’s mind became open to her… giggling slightly as she watched the events unfold in her head on how he got the blood.

The sounds of the bell rang, as lessons started : 09:00.
Grabbing the bag before Alexander dropped it from the sudden increases in pleasure, she finished the bag completely and shoved Alexander straight into her bosom.

You’ll need a bigger dose of my blood, Alexander… to keep your sanity and control – go ahead – but you’ll have to clean me up in the shower~

Falling backwards slightly, forcing Alexander to be above her – she started to open another bag and started to drink… waiting for Alexander to give in to his new vampire nature.

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Alex did not expect the bite he received from Yuviel but his surprise quickly went away as pleasure filled his body, she only took a few gulps of him but they were more than enough.

As the pleasure slowly faded away and he looked in the front, he found himself on top of Yuviel with his face in her chest. Alex heard her tell him that he can drink her and he reluctantly gave in, promising himself that he would only take a little from her.

His fangs were out already and as he pulled himself up slightly so he could see her Alex quickly leaned down again and licked the soft skin of her chest, slowly leading him to the tip of her breast Alex kissed her and slowly bared his fangs through her skin.

As the scent of Yuviel's blood started spreading around and entering his mouth, it almost drove him insane, he wanted to stop himself but he was not able to...thinking of their children inside her Alexander managed break the bloodlust and to pull out his fangs.

He was not sure how much he drank nor how it would affect Yuviel. This was the first time he drank someone's blood. Slowly pulling himself up to her face Alex worriedly asked her, still under the dazing effect of the fresh feeding, after he kissed her cheek:

Are you ok Yuvi~?I'm sorry I just couldn't... did I hurt you?

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Finishing her small feed, Alexander attached himself like a baby to her bosom – feeding and feeding … Yuviel couldn’t help but enjoy the sensations of being fed – but being recently turned, Alexander didn’t know when to stop Yuviel began to feel a little weak.

Finally coming to his senses, he seemed quite upset with himself as Yuviel laid there breathing heavily; he asked if she was okay after kissing her cheek – to which she pointed at the remaining blood.

Stupid Alexander… only a little … now … pass me those … before I pass out…

Yuviel wasn’t angry, but she wasn’t enjoying the side effects of Alexander’s gorging, the wounds left by his fangs were slowly healing.

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Alex felt terrible when he saw her fatigued but there was no going back, it was a part of the curse he accepted. Feeling incredibly powerful from Yuviel's blood Alex jumped off her and placed her in his lap, making her sit comfortably in his arms.

He took all of the bags and slowly gave them to her, one by one the bags were emptied and thrown away, thankfully Alex was overflowing with Yuviel's blood and was not even phased by the blood she was consuming even though it smelled nice to him.

Yuviel was obviously feeling better by the large meal she had but Alex still felt guilty for what he has done, squeezing her tighter to his chest he caressed her beautiful face that was resting on it as well. His hand went lower and gently stroked her stomach as he kissed her hair on the top of the head, asking worriedly;

...How are they doing?

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Being held up by Alexander, her annoyence started to die down as he started to take responsibility again for his actions; being babied by him had it’s advantage – feeding quickly she was done within only a handful of minutes – more surprising was the fact he wasn’t trying to steal the blood at all.

Having finished her meal, Alexander started to kiss her head and stroked her stomach whilst embracing her into his chest – asking how the children were doing…

They’ll be fine~ … Alexander, if I get to a certain point in the pregnancy… and I ash, they’ll appear in the ash unharmed, I’ll die long before they do… now you can carry me to the showers – I need to wash and get ready for today’s arrangements.

Yuviel began rearranging herself slowly until she had Alexander in a leg hold in the perfect position for various acts, whilst holding onto the top of his back and resting her head just below Alexander’s head.

Now go, before I make it so you can’t walk straight ~giggle~

Yuviel started to rest her eyes, quite prepared to go through with the ‘threat’.

Time passes to 09:20...

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Alexander felt a bit better after she reassured him that the kids were fine but he had to say something to her before anything else.

There will be no hear me?

Even though her threat sounded more like a reward than a threat Alex listened to the girl he loved and got off the bed. Yuviel felt light as a feather, it was an odd feeling for him.

He carried her all the way through the hallway to the bathing area where he had to let her down in order to undress completely. With that out of the way the two of them went under the warm water of the shower.

As the water ran down their bodies Alex stopped holding back and turning Yuviel towards himself. leaned in and kissed her, slowly and passionately, his hands quickly going down her back until they reached her lower back, teasing Yuviel he pulled away and grabbed the shampoo.

Creating the lather in his hands Alex started cleaning Yuviel's body slowly and thoroughly, slipping in a kiss or two on the skin he cleaned. He took his sweet time finishing the job, getting a couple of moans out of her as he went over the sensitive spots was just a bonus.

Smiling happily, Alex hugged Yuviel from the back and kissing her neck, reaching her ear he nibbled on it slightly and then whispered; turn now..

Slowly turning her around Alex handed the shampoo over to Yuviel but he didn't pull away from her until he gave her another passionate kiss.

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Her legs went weak as the whispers hit her ear, being turned around and kissed again Yuviel broke away looking quite pleased with herself … she wasn’t going to give Alexander all the pleasure though – he didn’t deserve it after the stunt he pulled.

Swinging Alexander around, she forced it into a lather almost burning Alexander’s skin with the roughness of he washing… making sure to get every part of his back in equal measure, enjoying the pain she was causing him to suffer.

Next time, I’m commanding you to take a few gulps…

pushing Alexander into the wall – Yuviel walked out of the showers and out of the room obviously still ticked, regardless of Alexander’s gentle attitude towards her – Yuviel, entering her room hopped over the bed and picked the wardrobe up and planted it on the door so it wouldn’t open, tiring herself out slightly… looking around the rest of the room, Yuviel noticed the tattoo stuff was still ready and sighed… hopping upto the ceiling above where the wardrobe used to be, cat-napping.

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Alexander slid down onto the floor from the wall he was pushed into, only letting out signs of life as he uncontrollably twitched on the floor. He could swear he could hear the water evaporating on his back as it landed on him.

..auch, auch, auch....

He said as he stood up after a couple of moments, turning the water off he stumbled out of the shower and grabbed a towel, drying himself off.

Yuviel was nowhere in sight and he wondered why she acted like that, he did all the things she liked, maybe she played a prank on left him puzzled as he walked back to their room wearing only the same pants he had before.

When he reached the door handle and pressed it down the door didn't move. Was it locked? If expressions could be shown Alex would have a big glowing question mark above his face.

He was afraid to put all his force into the doors, they might break so he started knocking on the door and loudly calling Yuviel.

Yuvi~!..let me in! Come on, please! I'm sorry honey!

His loud voice could be heard echoing throughout the spirit dorms while he stood at the door and waited like an abandoned kitten in the rain.

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Resting on the ceiling, it didn’t take Alexander long to get to the door… Yuviel wasn’t happy with him in the slightest especially on how he was shouting out in… an evil glint could be sensed from Yuviel’s eye for anyone reading Aura’s, a small smile as Yuviel thought of a suitable punishment.

I’ll forgive you Alexander… on the condition that you’ll have no choice but to suffer this …

Dropping down and walking towards the door, slowly… Yuviel could be heard giggling evilly as she approached it. Pulling the wardrobe back to find a soaking wet and shampoo’d vampire wearing some pants.

Voice of command: Drop your pants.

Watching Alexander do so made the next part oh so much more enjoyable.

Voice of command: Run 3 laps around the school naked.

Yuviel started to laugh at Alexander as the conflicting emotions started to arise… staring from her door also completely nude, she watched him begin running.

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Combo post with Michael and Alexander.

Alexander finally felt glad that Yuviel opened the door and almost jumped in to hug his loved one but when she opened her mouth and said those words that he would usually be glad to hear, Alex froze in place, stopped by the same force he experienced before.

Alex was looking at Yuviel with surprise as his hands unbuckled the pants on their own and dropped them down on the ground. He was curious as to what end this is going but he didn't wait long to find out.

She told him to run 3 laps around the school, naked. The expression on his face changed from curious, surprised to fear and embarrassment as she didn't stop the command and his body started to run towards the exit. A loud yell could be heard throughout the hallway;


Quickly Alex found himself running around the school butt naked even without socks on. The air was freezing and it was still snowing, Alex could feel the goosebumps all over his body and he thought his private parts would fall off after five minutes of exposure to this cold.

Finishing the run around the main building, Alex could feel the stares as he ran below the school building, the screeching of the girls and chairs being moved in haste - he wanted to die.

Michael spent a while in his trance holding his insanity back but making no progress on supressing it but he was suddenly pulled out of his trance by the sound of screams throwing himself out of his chair quickly seeing students starting to collect around the windows he rushed over and looked out for himself. Much to his surprise it was Alexander running around the grounds… naked he didn’t care why but he had to stop this. Pulling the window next to him wide open a few students looked over to him as he jumped out giving at some more screams but as he landed softly the pupils let out sighs of relief and some cheered for him as he chased after Alex.

He closed in on the boy easily but something seemed off about him and it struck him almost instantly that he couldn’t feel his soul anymore meaning Yuviel must have turned him but for now that wasn’t of his concern. Rushing in front of the boy he struck him in the chest knocking him back a few feet he looked at him and said.

What exactly are you doing out here… like this…. Because you aint impressing anyone with…. *cough* …. That.

Michael let out a small laugh at the misfortune of the boy but his face became serious right after that.

Being stopped and knocked back a few feet by Michael didn't help much as Alex's body got back on its feet and started running again, going straight towards Michael.

Hearing the comment about his poor and freezing manhood made Alexander blush, which was impressive on its own as he could barely feel his cheeks from the cold...both pairs of them.

...I-I-I can't stop!!

Alex cried out as his body made a sharp turn and passed around the surprised Michael. Yelling to Mike.

Help me!!!

Michael sighed as the boy ran passed him again unable to stop and he could only guess this was Yuviel’s fault so he would have to confront her on this matter but first the most important thing was dealing with the naked vampire in front of him so Michael rushed at him kicking for his left leg and feeling the bone break as Alex let out a small scream in pain and falling to the ground but he didn’t stop and instead dragged the broken leg behind him. Michael was getting steadily angrier at this whole situation so he decided that time for something drastic was now and grabbed the head of the boy from behind he put a great deal of force behind slamming his head into the ground creating a small crater around the boys head he felt his body go limp as he went unconscious and Michael grabbed him and placed him over his shoulder and started to walk towards the spirit dorms to confront Yuviel.

As he arrived at the dorms he saw Yuviel standing in her doorway a smile on her face until she saw him walking with Alex over his shoulder and as he got closer he threw him at her almost knocking her to the floor as he did and shouted at her.

What the hell do you think you are doing? Do you think this is all some little game? What you’ve done is beyond dangerous reckless so what is your reasoning behind this? And would it hurt you to wear some damn clothes for once?

He could feel his insanity creeping slowly as he got more and more angry but ignored it for now more focused on the stupidity that Yuviel had demonstrated.

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Unable to control a laugh as Alexander screamed as he ran off, unable to control himself at all … she waited for his return, unable to keep a straight boring face; shortly after he left… Yuviel noticed something considerably wrong with the returning picture… Michael had captured and knocked out her Alexander.

Stumbling slightly as her Alexander was thrown at her, she glared to the point that her Aura went out of whack as her eyes went red;

I was teaching Alexander about consequences for feeding too much, something you should be well accustomed to…

Yuviel’s tone of voice filled the entire dorm with an eerie deathly sound as she closed the door, dragging Alexander like a rag doll… throwing him on the bed, she opened the door again before Michael could walk off;

and I’m naked when I sleep or shower, which is what I’ve just had… thank you!

Her tone changed to that of an angry teenager as Yuviel slammed the door, putting the Wardrobe back into place over the door – looks around the room, she decided she had two things to do, complete the punishment and rune up the lover.

Tying up the knocked out Alexander took it out of her more than she thought, falling asleep ontop of him, as all four limbs were bound by trousers and tied to the bedposts.
(All of which is Alexander’s clothing).

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