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3 Months go by, SS - or is it?

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Alex was quietly listening to Yuviel talking to the two guys behind the Headmaster. She was talking lower and lower until she completely gave in and passed out.

At that moment Alex almost completely lost it and stood up but was interrupted or better said stopped by the Headmaster on time.


All is obvious that miss Silverstone needs to rest now. Oh have my congratulations mister Mograine.

Daishi said smilingly, turning around that smile disappeared almost instantly when he faced the council members, telling them;

You've heard enough here. There is no need to disturb them any more, now let's question the rest of the students...

Wanting to finish his sentence with "so I can get rid of you", Daishi showed them to the door and followed them out. Michael took the hints and stood up as well, going after them.


Alexander let out a relieved sigh as he watched them leave their room. Closing the doors behind them he quickly went back to Yuviel and gently laid her down on the bed, caressing her sweat covered face.

...I know you want more blood Yuvi~

He kissed her briefly after saying that and watched her with a mix of happiness and anxiety shown on his face.

...I can't let you have it just yet..

Saying that softly he slowly pulled away, letting her rest on the bed. He went to the door and quickly ran into his room, passing by the headmaster in the living room who was talking to Aiya now.

Entering his room Alex went to his table and flipped the silver sheet, the herbs were done a long time ago. Turning them into a fine dust Alexander spent the next 10 or so minutes preparing the substance that would turn into ink soon.


Returning back to their room Alexander found Yuviel still on the bed, it seemed she regained her conciousness now that all of them left and she didn't have to fight her hunger so badly.

Alexander went over to their table and placed the needles on it, together with two bowls of milled herbs and a small bottle of a oily liquid that would make the ink once it would be mixed with the herbs.

Turning back to the bed and Yuviel, Alex slowly started walking towards her. Unbuttoning his shirt as he walked, letting it slide off him by the time he reached the bed.

Kneeling on it he reached Yuviel and gently picked her up to his naked torso, softly saying to her;

...are you ready Yuviel?

He was ready to completely give himself to her, hoping that his fresh and warm blood would give her and their children enough energy for at least a small while.

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Not knowing how long she was out, she opened her eyes to find Alexander opening the door – it seemed he had been flower picking and prepared the inks for processing into runes onto his skin, he started to strip down and got onto the bed without his shirt on.

Kneeling before her, he pulled Yuviel up to his torso and offered himself to her completely – Yuviel was a little confused, she wasn’t ready to begin the turning yet…

It’s not… time … Alexander … but I will do those runes, please… don’t tempt me …

Yuviel nudged herself back but couldn’t find the willpower to move herself from Alexander’s scent which was unfairly filling her up to the point where her eyes went red again.


Yuviel started to get upset as her fangs started to show themselves.

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Aiya sat there, her arm hurt but she had a feeling that she was going to be interrupted if she got up now seeing that the head was walking her way already. She sighed looking at the men behind then spoke up first

hello headmaster, you look well today

The headmaster walked up first then signaled the council members to sit down at the opposite couch as he summoned up his chair but then looked at her arm first.

I may look well but you look like you’ve had your fair share of fun today, may I ask what you did to your arm before we get started.

She watched the council members sit down nodding with his statement and she saw Michael following the head. She didn’t motion or pay to much attention to him as she shrugged her shoulders before she spoke

I had a run in with a not so pleasant dog, its nothing serious. So what can I do for you gentlemen today

the council members didn’t like her tone and the way she was talking. The head noticed this and sat down his face a bit more serious now

I need to know what you were doing and where you were last night

Aiya sighed as the head’s expression changed but she recalled mentally what happened last night then turned to look at the council members then back at the head.

well, at one point I was hanging out with alex and bruno we went to hunt down some demon, I remember hanging out with bruno some more after alex went and did his own thing. We came back to the school and I went to bed early or I think it was early. I was so out of it at that point I don’t remember much else.. You might ask bruno

the headmaster stood up and so did the council members, thanking aiya for her time he spoke one last time.

see me later when im not so busy

He bid her farewell and he and the council members took their leave.

Aiya watched them leave not knowing if Michael was going to follow them at that moment. After the councilman were out of sight she took a deep breath then winced at her arm. She looked towards Yuviel’s room, wondering if everything was alright.

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Following the head out of Alex and Yuviel's room it wasnt long before they found the next student who needed to be questioned. Michael followed them into the living area but stood back from the questioning observing for the most part until they left he guessed they would search for the dragonboy and he wasnt interested in him after what had happened before so instead he took a seat across from Aiya and said.

That looks kinda nasty what exactly happened?

He could see clearly it was causing her pain and he wondered if it was infected at all or worse.

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Aiya looked over at Michael then looked at her arm a bit speaking quietly

I went out to the outpost… some hunters were worried about a missing friend on a lycan hunt.. Or thought it was a lycan.. I offered to investigate and when I got there it was a royal mess… then I was attacked by the thing that cleared out the area some huge dog/wolf thing that bigger than me… I took a nasty scratch from it. I was going to see the nurse but I noticed that the head was here so I figured it was important.

She let out a sigh then looked back at Michael

I guess all that was going on last night seemed to stir things up… not to mention what that baka did..

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...all right..

Alex said softly but not hiding his disappointment. He gently placed her back on the bed and on the pillow, leaving the bed.

He picked up his shirt from the floor and put it on again, buttoning it up as he walked to the desk where his jacket was.

...I'll get you your blood..

Putting on his jacket, Alexander quickly left the room and went down the hallway, passing by Michael and Aiya.
Leaving the spirit dorm Alex took a deep breath of the cold air and ran his hands through the hair, letting out a sigh.

Once he got to the cantina he went to the back of it again where the goblins surprisingly looked at him. Alex told them what he needed and then pushed one of the goblins from their workplace towards the storage.

This time around the goblin didn't require any further explanation and just opened the storage for Alexander. Crouching down again he started taking out the bags from the filled container...he wondered where all that blood was coming from, maybe they created it magically.

Shrugging it off Alexander stood up and walked away, pockets filled and hands full of blood bags. Soon he was in the cold outside again, rushing his way back.

Once he went back to their room Alexander firstly went to the bed where he emptied his hands and then the pockets, taking his jacket off he threw it on the chair and then sat down on the bed, opening one of the 12 blood bags and handing it over to Yuviel. you go..

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Listening to her explain what had happened and her comments after that he said.

Well for now its all been taken care of but I guess we should go get that arm seen to.

Standing up from his seat he moved to were Aiya was sitting and said.

Unless you just want to leave something like that alone...

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Aiya nodded and stood up moving a bit then walk around to the other side of the couch

Are you coming with me to the nurses… I figured I would ask, it seems you don’t have much else to do beside maybe follow the head around

Aiya leaned against the couch and looked at the bandages, her arm tingled a bit almost as if it was falling asleep, it bugged her a bit as she got off the couch and started moving to the exit.

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Waiting for Aiya to get out of her chair and ask her if he would come he said.

He only needs to find that dragonboy now and im not interested in him after what he did so I aint got a problem going with you if you want me to.

He then started to walk with Aiya towards the exit of the dorms.

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Yuviel watched as Alexander ran off again to fetch blood, taking this chance – she stripped off all of her clothing which was soaked in sweat and hid it all under the bed – badly… it took her most of the time Alexander was away, which was ticking her off more and more as she was full of blood, she should be able to lift cars at the moment.

Managing to hide herself under the covers slightly, Yuviel was completely covered minus her head when it came to Alexander re-entering, to which she finally found a reason to have a cheeky smile on her face.

Giggle~ Thank you Alexander.

Removing the covers to reveal all, taking the first bag she playfully started to drink it – intentionally spilling a few drops down her chin onto her body… narrowly missing the sheets.

Removing the empty bag from her mouth, she had managed to cover her chest and stomach in blood, only stopping just at her belly button…

So do you want those runes, or …

Yuviel licked her lips and awaited for Alexander’s next move.

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Aiya nodded and led the way, leaving the dorms with Michael next to her, she had put her hands in her pockets to keep them warm. Walking passed the courtyard arm went dead on her, she could barely feel her finger tips but she didn’t say anything to Michael. Speeding up her pace subtly she made it to the main building and stopped outside the nurses office for a second then walked inside, the smell of salt that was usually around was stronger than usual.

Looking around the room she noticed the nurse was cleaning something, aiya cleared her throat then closed the door behind her.

The nurse turned around and looked at Aiya then looked at the bandages on her arm, walking over to her she turned her a bit and lifted her arm as she unwrapped the bandage without asking Aiya about it. Looking at the wound for a moment she went over to a cupboard and looked through it for a moment before coming back with a small pill which she handed to aiya

swallow that, it will neutralize the poison..

After giving her that antidote she healed the cut on her arm and the cut on her hand and dismissed her.

Aiya swallowed the pill and made a face at the taste of it. She could feel her arm again and the pain was there until the nurse healed it.. Being dismissed she walked out of the nurses office to see if Michael was still there.

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Walking with Aiya all the way to the nurses office he waited outside knowing that even if he wanted to he couldnt go in. Looking out into the courtyard he watched a few students moving around the school until Aiya returned to him and he said.

So I guess shes looked at it and its fine now then?

Michael was curious if there was something bigger going on behind all these events lately but kept quiet for the moment.

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Aiya nodded a bit, her arm was a bit stiff still but she figured that would happen

hey Michael, is there anything you want to do… I think ive had my share of adventure to be honest but with those guys in the school I really don’t want to be here. I guess I really just dont know what i wanna do.

it was odd for her but her mind wandered to yuviel's condition, she wondered if she would be alright

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Alex watched Yuviel play with the blood, following her every move. No normal man could stay cool watching her do that but she got him off the track with the question about the rune, his mood dropping almost completely.

...when you got yours you were asleep and you don't scar.....but getting runes back is not fun..they will wait until you bite me..

He said calmly and then went away from the bed and walked over to the table and lit the last candle that was there. Realizing he was acting a bit selfish here Alex turned back to Yuviel and unbuttoned his shirt again, letting her watch him as he was taking it off and leaving it on the desk.

Carrying the candle he placed it on the drawer and slowly got onto the bed, giving Yuviel a playful smile as he avoided not to step on the blood bags scattered around on the bed.

Leaning over her now Alex came closer and kissed her deeply, feeling the specific taste of blood still in her mouth. He wondered how the blood would feel once he became hers.

While he was kissing her, his right hand started wandering around her body, smearing the red liquid on places she did not and even on the sheets. Pulling himself down Alex started licking her neck and pulling himself even lower, her chest...licking off the blood from all the right places Alex kissed her again, giving her the blood he collected.

Pulling away he smiled at her flushed face that was glaring at him. Alexander picked up another bag and opened it, putting too much force behind it he ripped the bag clumsily and sprayed his chest with blood...quickly he handed the open bag to her laughing slightly, she must have thought that he was teasing her.

To make up for the misunderstanding Alex pulled himself all the way down on the bed while she was enjoying the blood and decided instead of talking to put his mouth to a better use and increase her enjoyment in the meal....

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As Aiya refused his offer he was unsure of how to react but thinking that if he insisted it would just make her more angry at him still with his head tilted down he says in a low tone.

Okay fine...

Holding the bag in his pocket he walked back to the spirit dorms ignoring anyone who wanted to talk to him. Arriving in his room he placed the bag on his bed and left the dorms again. With his hands in his pockets he raised his head up looking at the sky and thought.

So...What am I going o do now...Won't be long until they come for me...Guess I'l just take a walk and enjoy the scenery...

With this a weak smile appeared on his face as he put his head back looking forward and started walking. During his walk he walked around many areas of the school while remembering the three months he spent here. Although this place was different and very far from home he had made friends here, he had laughed here, he had cried here, to him this place had become like a second home and before he realized it tears were flowing from his eyes as he thought.

I...I don't want to go back! This place is fun I'm happy here...I know I'll have to leave someday but leaving right now just isn't fair!

With this he cried a bit while looking out into the school building. As he looked at the building something inside of him suddenly snapped. Wiping his tears away a determined look appeared on his face as he thought.

OK...I can't get like this I'll figure something out!

With this he started walking and feeling the presence of the headmaster with his hands now out of his pockets and a determined look on his face he walked towards them with a unyielding resolve.

Just after a bit of walking he came to face with the headmaster and two man in what appeared to be a formal uniform. Guessing they were from some kind of police force he somewhat ignored them yet said politely while looking mostly only at the headmaster.

Greetings, I'm sorry I'm not in class headmaster...I had to clear my head and thought it was best not to go right now.

With this the headmaster nods yet the council members are somewhat displeased with him and give off stern looks. Suddenly the headmaster claps his hands and they now find themselves in his office.Looking at Bruno the headmaster in a serious tone says.

Well this is more comfortable Bruno that is understandable and I can see why you did it so I won't punish you for it...Now onto more serious matters Bruno where were you last night?

At his question Bruno's face doesn't even show the slightest hesitation as he says looking at the three of them.

I won't come up with excuses so I'll just answer your question directly. As you probably have already concluded I was the cause of the damage outside the north gate. I did it alone and no one else was involved thus I take full responsibility for it.

With this the council members are shocked at his statement and say in a stern voice raising their voices quite a bit not even giving Bruno a chance to answer back.

member 1
He admitted it! Daishi the boy as just said it his fault and as taken the blame for it he must be punished!

member 2
Yes my colleague is right! This boy as just said it was his fault, from what we saw outside and what the mage's reported we were lucky only that damage occurred and there were no victims! I suggest immediate expulsion from school and incarceration at one of our facilities.

At their words Bruno watches the two with cold eyes and resists answering back. As he does this the headmaster who is now sitting at his desk slams his right fist on the table letting out a small burst of energy.with his elbows at the desk and his arms up he joins his hands and leaning his chin on it says in a cold and commanding tone while looking at the three.

Gentleman! I hope you have not forgotten that this case is still under my jurisdiction...Thus although I appreciate your eagerness and suggestions please refrain from making such comments again...

Now making an angered face he says in a harsher tone going back to his previous position.

Also do you have any idea of what you are saying!? You both may not be aware of this but this boy is an envoy from the dragon realm and thus as the status of a diplomat! By doing what you suggested this could turn to a full blown war! Now Bruno tell me do you have anything to say in your defense?

Although somewhat angered that Daishi as used what was to be his trump card he remains calm and looking at him says in a polite tone his face filled with a certain coldness.

The only thing I have to say in my defense is...I apologize for the damage and will pay for the repairing of the destroyed property and try never to do such a thing again.

With this one of the council members interrupts him and says in an angered and harsh tone.

Member 1
There's still an unsolved issue do you have anything to do with the deaths of our agents!?

With this Daishi doesn't say a word just awaits Bruno's response.At the council member's accusation Bruno is extremely angered. Making an expression he hasn't since he came to this school a feeling of authority and royalty fill his face as he says coldly.

How dare you...No matter what you represent is, how dare make such an accusation against me. Your agents were killed by the vampire's and ghouls due to their own lack of power! Don't you dare try and accuse me of such an action!

With this the first council member grits his teeth and takes out a crossbow and aims it at Bruno as he says extremely angered.

Boy! How dare you talk of them like that! They were good man and died protecting your lives!

Just as he finishes aiming the bow it disappears instantly. As Daishi is about to raise his voice Bruno explodes as he remembers rose and all the humans that have disappeared and shouts out still remaining his intimidating presence.

Protect our lives!? You surely must be kidding!? Not only did they get killed easily they couldn't even protect the humans of this school so we have to intervene! And how dare you point a weapon at me!

Now clenching his fists his magic starts to rise quickly.With this Daishi gets up and shouts out


With this the council members are filled with shocked and angered expressions yet as they are about to speak Daishi interrupts them and says.

*cough* Enough is enough we shall not discuss who is to blame. Now for pointing your weapon at one of my students I have to ask you to leave or else I will not restrain him and will give him permission to defend him self... So gentleman now if you will excuse us I must ask you to leave me alone with the boy to discuss his punishment...

With this the council members quiet down and leave the room escorted out by Mr Vanhiking but say before leaving.

Member 2
We expect a full report from you soon...

Now alone with the headmaster who is back to sitting down and his previous position he sighs and asks Bruno with interrogative eyes yet no malice in them.

Before we discuss your punishment...Tell me since when have you been able to use that flame, how much of your memories have returned and what exactly happened last night that drove you to do such a thing...

Glaring as the council members leave he calms himself down and looks at the headmaster and says in a somewhat shocked voice.

How do you!?

Its natural I know my students circumstances is it not?

With this he answers in a somewhat saddened tone.

To answer your question I have been able to use the flame since 3 months ago but have refrained from doing so...As for my memories I just...I haven't nearly recovered even half of them all I could remember is something painful that just brought me more questions and which I wish not to discuss. As for last night after I got my memories back I went for a walk to clear my head and saw them...The vampires and ghouls feeding on one of my classmates and friends...Rose Okazaki. After that I just lost it and you know the result...uhm does this mean I'll have to leave...?

With this the headmaster sighs and says in with somewhat distant tone.

I see...So thats what triggered it...

Getting back to his usual self he says now in his normal tone and realizing Bruno's last question.

*cough* well guess it can't be helped...Wait what!? Of course not! Although what you did was serious due to your previous record and circumstances I'll let it slide...this time.Now as for your are to go to the punishment dorms for 1 hour after school for a week magic control training. I'll send you the details later now off you go get to class.

With this he says happily.

Thank you!

He then leaves the heads office passing Mrs Vanhiking who is carrying a huge stack of papers inside the heads office. He then goes to the remaining class apologizing for being late as he enters the class and sitting down.

Raising from his desk and looking at an object he took out of his desk and says to himself.

*sigh* Old friend...Your son is just as big a trouble maker as you were...

With this Mrs Vanhiking enters and drops the huge stack of papers on his desk while smiling and and says.

These are the papers you have to review and sign because of the property damage and other things...have fun

With this she leaves and from the headmasters office a loud yell can be heard saying.


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Wondering exactly where Aiya would like to go he said.

Well we could always take a look around the town or theres this bar you might know called the outpost if your up for an early drink...

Still not entirely sure what Aiya would want to do he just waited around for her to reply.

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Aiya shrugged a bit, then looked around a bit..

ive already been to the outpost once today… I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go back there I guess we will still have to find an alternate exit.

She started walking, figuring that Michael would follow.

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Looking around for a moment making sure there was noone around he grabbed Aiya by the shoulder to make her stop before opening a portal next to them and motioning for her to enter it and as she did looking at it cautiously Michael followed after her. Both of them arrived inside the outpost and the barkeep looked up and said.

Ohhh hey you back already and looks like you brought one of those peons with ya is she a friend of yours or something?

Laughing at what the barkeep had to say he moved up to the bar and said.

I guess she is but anyway on to the drinks I think another bottle of that nuke is in order.

As the barkeep handed him the bottle laughing he said.

Drinking whole bottles of this... damn thats just crazy but hey I know you can take it... so what can I get for you then young lady.

Michael opened the bottle but left it for a moment awaiting Aiyas response.

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Aiya listened as michael talked to the bartender, looking over when the bartender asked what she wanted to drink

uhm, a glass of scotch would be nice

Watching the bartender nod and walk away she looked back over at Michael

it must be nice, being able to jump around like that

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Losing herself in the moments, Alexander’s hands were getting better at keeping her distracted from what she was about to ask – seemed she had made herself far too irresistible to Alexander, giving him playful evils. Being sprayed by the blood she couldn’t help but enjoy the moment – being handed the remaining blood – Alexander had helped himself to her.

Screaming and moving around, letting out all kinds of amusing sounds – Yuviel continued on another bag of blood; Alexander in the mean time had an unexpected shower as she was at the point of no return – feeling content in everyway, she stopped but was breathing heavily.

It’s … time, Alexander… We, we, I … cover… with blood…

Yuviel was ready to begin the turning process however, she needed other sources there and then before she did anything to Alexander, falling slightly backwards – Yuviel began opening a blood bag and gave it up Alexander – signalling to cover himself with it.

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Raising his head first Alex slowly got up, licking his lips and smiling at Yuviel. It looked like she finished another blood bag while he was busy and she seemed more lively now...apart from the heavier breathing that is.

Now completely straightened up Alexander was kneeling in between Yuviel's legs and was watching what she would do next. Hearing her say that was far from expected, he didn't even manage to ask her if she was sure when she handed him an opened blood bag and motioned him to spill it over himself.

Slowly bringing the bag to his neck Alex turned it slowly towards him and the blood started pouring out, going down his neck, back and front. The cold liquid made him shiver as it slowly ran down his chest, following the lines of his muscles all the way to the bottom where it went over his still closed pants.

After not to long the bag was empty and Alexander was mostly covered in the red liquid that was dripping down beneath him. He grabbed Yuviel's right hand and pulled her up to him from her laying position, kissing her again he could feel her fangs under his tongue.

Pulling away slightly he couldn't resist it and gave her another kiss while his right hand slowly went down her chest...

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Watching Alexander move into a better position, still wearing something at least – he did as Yuviel asked and drenched himself in blood – Yuviel’s eyes couldn’t help but follow the blood, ruining the sheets… not that she cared, easily fixed.

Being pulled up wasn’t shocking, even though she was willing she still felt somehow drained – the little devils growing inside were likely laughing at her – as the kissing began something clicked in Yuviel’s head, her killing intent shot through the school like a dam breaking and flooding a valley.

Yuviel’s legs acted on their own, grabbing Alexander and pulling backwards – taking a missionary position, hugging tightly and still kissing – Yuviel’s hands held Alexander’s head in place as her fangs extended and penetrated his tongue, Yuviel started to suck the blood out whilst making slight clawing motions on Alexander’s back – trying not to break him too much.

Rolling over, Yuviel released her legs and let go of Alexander’s head – rubbing against him … she passed another blood bag forcefully into Alexander’s hand, not letting him try anything else – mouth and tongue very much still as one.

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Once her fangs went through the flesh of his his tongue and started sucking out the blood from it, Alex ignored the stinging pain on as she ran her nails over his back.

The kiss was still going on while she turned him around on his back and handed yet another blood bag to him. He held the bag and tried to open it but it was not possible with one hand and Yuviel kissing him.

Even though it was not want he wanted Alex had to slowly push her face from his, gaining some distance he took the blood bag and opened it easily, handing it over to her, he pulled himself up a bit and started kissing her bare chest, blood slipping out of his mouth that was still coming out of the small wounds on the tongue.

Alexander felt a strange sensation going through him but it was still not the pleasuring effect of the vampire venom...and the pain was still far from kicking in. He looked up to Yuviel that was getting smeared in blood dripping down her chin and going down her chest, mixing with his own that he left there only a second ago.

Smiling as he felt her movements on him, he took her hands and let the emptied blood bag drop down on the floor. He just had to pull her down again and kiss her. His hands let hers free and they went up her legs until they reached the end of them...

Keeping their lips on each other Alexander started feeling the primary symptoms of the venom kicking as his brain went haywire from the intense sensation as the blood around them, on them and beneath them started turning into a red mist...

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Looking at Aiya as she talked about his abilities he said.

Its a mixed blessing... it makes travel much easier... but you end up with people asking you for them a lot... but I guess with my curious nature I like to know what people are up to so I dont actually mind so much.

Michael then looked to his bottle taking a small drink from it a few hunters looked over at him in amazement clearly at him being able to handle drinking this drink in such a large amount.

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Noticing the venom was taking effect, Yuviel pulled back a little and bit her own tongue after spitting out some blood to the side – heading back in for a kiss, her skin tone started to change and general features, wings and tail extruding… the tail grabbing a bloodbag as Yuviel screamed with pleasure at Alexander’s handy work.

The mm~ pain will start soon, Alex~

Bringing the bag to where her hand could take it, she managed to open it and began pouring it over herself completely – she repeated this multiple times until both herself and Alexander were completely drenched it blood and body fluids… Yuviel made Alexander drop his pants as he did that, she embraced him completely, wrapping herself around him and pushing them up to the ceiling where Yuviel kept Alexander from moving.

I’ll be here… Alexander Silverstone … the whole time…

Notes: Anyone who would dare enter the room, will find the bed completely covered in blood – all the bags have been used and Ripped clothing is on the bed.
Yuviel is hanging upside down from the ceiling, encased within her wings is Alexander whom is slowly turning – as the blood drips it turns to a fine blood mist that floats around the pair.

side notes - a timeskip will take place if and when everyone has ran out of things to do.

Time pass to 13:00

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