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SS - or is it? II

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126SS - or is it? II - Page 6 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 19th 2010, 6:27 am

Michael wasnt sure what was going on all he know was they had come to collect her and she wasnt happy about this. When the man he knew to be her fiance came around and whispered something to her he saw a change in her attitude she no longer seemed to want to fight them and she even agreed to go with them at which Michael shouted out in anger.

What are you doing isnt this what you wanted to get away from? Did you waste all those years with me just to give up like this?

Much to his surprise his anger had caused his anti-magic to activate and he could feel the chains slowly weakening but nowhere near enough to make escape even remotely possible.

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127SS - or is it? II - Page 6 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 19th 2010, 7:00 am

Silence! You have caused enough trouble!

The Headmaster said to Michael harshly. Focusing back on elven clique he said somewhat calmer;

I take it you have come to a conclusion then with your personal matter. Go on then...and mark my words, if you step on my grounds again with the intent to kill my students, the consequences of your actions will be much more graver!

Pointing a finger at Michael the chains holding him down loosened up and slid down to the floor. Making a simple move with his hand Michael disappeared and found himself in his room.

Opening up the door from his room Daishi escorted the elves out and then disappeared himself without a word.

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128SS - or is it? II - Page 6 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 19th 2010, 11:41 am


Yuviel and Alexander had spent what felt like 2 hours alone in the room together ... Yuviel started to wake up, after crying even in her sleep.

Rubbing her eyes, she looked around the room and the soggy clothing she ended up giving Alexander. Getting up slightly and looking around she realised she was still in the room the head had teleported them to.

Walking up to the door and holding onto the handle, it felt somewhat heavy and gave a mild shock to Yuviel - who seemed to enjoy it ... getting wet from the shock.

Looking at Alexander with a blushing face... Yuviel walked upto the bed and slowly got back onto it, mounting Alexander in the process, unclothing him regardless of his sleeping state.

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Waking up after being nudged by the movement of his body as Yuviel seemed to be unzipping his pants. Alex looked up and saw Yuviel sitting on top of him, her sudden change of mood had him confused so he stroked her cheek gently and asked her;

..are you ok Yuvi~?

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Hearing Alexander wake up, didn't stop her from removing his entire lower part of his uniform in a single motion ... again with the mounting, Yuviel showed signs of not being herself - almost in a trance of lust - Yuviel began to push Alexander up the wall in an unnatural manner until she had up on the ceiling, she finally stopped with Yuviel sitting "ontop of him" and looking "down at him" ...

H-how did I?...

Yuviel again looked "down" at Alexander and giggled - not really thinking she procceeded to kiss his chest and neck eventually moving towards his mouth.

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131SS - or is it? II - Page 6 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 19th 2010, 12:30 pm

Alex was quite surprised when she pushed him against the wall and dragged him up but he trusted her enough and didn't do anything. They quickly ended up on the ceiling with Yuviel in the same position as before.

At that point Alex was going to protest and tell her to put them down but one moment later she started kissing him. He returned the kiss and then said;

..Yuvi~...are you sure you want this?..

Even though Alexander seemed reluctant, forcing himself to speak reasonably but his body disagreed with him, blushing when he noticed his boxers "hanging down".

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Waking up completely from the shock, Yuviel found herself in an amusing situation - looking around and "down" Yuviel wonders why she's naked and mounted on a bottomless Alexander.

Moving the pair across the ceiling - Yuviel pulled back and dropped Alexander onto the bed... almost breaking from the impact.

Sorry Alexander... I ... don't know what happened.

Yuviel stayed on the ceiling out of reach, looking around mainly towards the door.

The door ... makes you ... want it...

Yuviel sounded strangely concerned about the doors nature, despite her normally horny demenor.

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133SS - or is it? II - Page 6 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 20th 2010, 12:51 am

Alex sat on the bed and listened to what Yuviel was saying from above, his eyes clearly sticking on her naked body.

Wondering about the door he stood up and walked over to it. It didn't make any sense for a magically locked door to have that kind of effect...

...carefully stretching out his right hand Alex touched the door handle only to get a mild electric shock. Pulling back his hand and shaking it he assumed Yuviel's natural attraction to magic had that effect on her.

Turning around Alex went back to the bed, sat down and looked back at Yuviel, simply saying with a smile on his face;

...come down..

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Watching Alexander receive a shock from the same door, Yuviel simply giggled at what happened to him - it didn't help her current mood any when he sat down and invited her down with him.

Dropping to the floor almost casually, walking up to Alexander and the bed - Yuviel came to Alexanders side and rested by his right side, interlocking her leg over his but not taking it anywhere else.

Lets just wait... I think I'd break you if we did it in here...

Yuviel giggled and hugged Alexander.

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Alexander wrapped his right hand around Yuviel and listening to what she said and then gently raised her head with his finger on her chin.

Alex's thumb went slowly over her lower lip while he leaned over and kissed her. Pulling away quickly while he still controlled himself Alex smiled and said;'s ok, i can wait....

Looking back at the door then back at them, Alex asked Yuviel;

..we've been here for a while now...i assume they will let us out soon...should we get dressed?

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Enjoying the hug, and the promise of patience from him ... Alexander suddenly suggests getting dressed Yuviel pushed off him and looked slightly dissaproving towards him.

Sounds like you want me covered... humph.

Getting off of Alexander, Yuviel looked at the neat pile of clothing with a somewhat annoyed face at the plain but practical underwear... putting the bra on but not doing it up, Yuviel pulled up her pantsu inviting Alexander to do her bra up.

As Alexander did her Bra up, Yuviel pulled up thighhighs and started to do up her shoes... as Alexander clipped the buttons on the back of her bra - Yuviel put on her shirt and did the buttons up, following was the tie and coat...

Yuviel finished and did a silly little spin, her hair wafting in Alexanders face, then she pounced him...

Your turn!

Getting off of Alexander, Yuviel watched him getting dressed.

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Grabbing the school pants from the pile of clothes Alex put them on, having trouble finding a belt he took his old one. A pair of standard school shoes he spent ages tying up was the last thing he put on himself when they heard the doors unbolting and opening.

Alex took a shirt and put it on as people stepped into the room, looking at them calmly he continued to button up his shirt. A tall man with orange hair looked at the couple and stopping his eyes on Alex asked him with a smirk on his face;

What took you so long to get dressed, lad?

Alex looked up as he did the last two buttons of the shirt and started working on his tie, putting it on loosely as usual when he calmly replied;

..with all due respect, that is none of your business...

Laughing over it the tall man crossed his arms and said more seriously this time, mainly looking at Yuviel;

The Headmaster has decided to let you off this time seeing as it wasn't you that started the whole mess. The elves haven't made any charges against you either young miss so you two are free to go.

Looking like he forgot something the man pulled out a letter and handed it over to Yuviel.

Almost forgot this! It's from the Headmaster for you miss.

The tall man and his escort left the room, leaving the doors open. Alex looked somewhat confusedly at Yuviel, waiting for her to move.

Notes: When they leave the room they'll find themselves in the spirit dorms hallway with a wall behind them.

The letter: Ms. Silverstone I feel the need to address the issues you seem to have with your new found powers. Firstly, any killing on the school grounds is strictly prohibited, especially humans! We should consider ourselves lucky that the elves were the aggressors here and didn't raise any charges against the school. You must work on your self control Ms. Silverstone!

Secondly. It was brought to my attention that you and Mr. Mograine have broken into the medical storage and used some of the blood from there. Needless to say that blood's purpose is not for feeding, you can get any amount of blood from the cantina after the students have left the grounds, our goblin staff works diligently long into the night.

And last but not least I have to remind you that Mr. Mograine is just a human. Rest assured I have no intention nor desire to impose on your private matters but you must bear in mind where the path you're threading on might lead.

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Watching the Human built like a brickwall leave... Yuviel read over the letter and a smile went over her face regarding feeding. A look of concern soon replaced her smile as it involved the antics with Alexander.

Folding the note into her shirts pocket, Yuviel looked at Alexander and the exit - thinking about what to do next.

Time passes to 15:00 End of school.

Standing up and making sure she had everything - Yuviel walked up and hugged Alexander.

You want me, right?

Yuviel seemed a little upset, obviously from the letter she had just read.

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139SS - or is it? II - Page 6 Empty Re: SS - or is it? II on April 20th 2010, 4:04 am

Surprised at the sudden question that came together in a package with the hug from Yuviel, Alex looked down at her beautiful hair and hugged her back, talking through a smile;

..what kind of question is that you silly...of course i do!

Kissing the top of her head Alex pulled away slightly, keeping his arm around Yuviel as he led the way out of the room.

As they stepped out they could hear the sound of a door closing but when Alex looked back over his shoulder he only saw the wall of their hallway.

Looking in front they were in the living room area, used to crazy things like that Alex just smiled at Yuviel and then curiously asked her; the way, what was that letter about?

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Being kissed on the forehead and led out of the magical room, the sensation of lust ending as she left the room being replaced by the spirit dorms presense slightly calmed her.

The question that Alexander posed, was a little too much for Yuviel to want to answer ... letting go of Alexander, Yuviel pulled the note out of her shirt pocket and started to walk off.

I'd like some time to think... Alexander.

Yuviel flash-stepped to her room, opened the door and walked in ... as the door closed, the sound of the bolt followed with a slumping sound on the bed.

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Being left alone in the living room Alex turned around into the direction Yuviel left, her door was closed.

Pulling his hands through the black hair Alex wondered if it's something he has done or said, what does she have to think about?

It all was confusing and frustrating to him but he just threw his hands to the side and started walking out. If Yuviel needed time, so be it.

Leaving the spirit dorms Alex walked around the school grounds aimlessly. Catching himself turning around in hope to see Yuviel every now and then when he would hear a girl's laughter.

Standing in the open Alex looked to the right and saw his favourite spot - the bench, taken by a couple kissing on it. Sighing Alex started walking towards the cantina...

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Aiya had stayed in the courtyard, still laying in the tree not really wanting to do anything else. after a few moments a human student had walked up to the tree and yelled her full name which had caught her attention as she slowly made her way down the tree, hanging upside-down on the lowest branch speaking quietly

whats up?

the student handed her a letter then walked away, she blinked then hopped down from the tree and landed gracefully on her feet as she headed towards the spirit dorm reading the lecturing letter from the head about her constant skipping of classes. she sighed and shrugged, reaching the living area of the dorms, laying herself on the larger couch thinking to herself.

well that was expected... i guess that one was my own fault, it seems pretty boring lately though, wonder what i want to do.

She knew she couldnt leave the school, with gray still wanting her dead she couldnt really go anywhere, causing her boredom level to go up in the end.

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Going into the cantina Alex walked past some of the familiar faces. Getting stopped by a girl from his class she asked him why he and some other people skipped on the second class. Making a poor excuse about them doing an errand for another sensei he slipped away.

Buying a bottle of that wonderful orange juice Alex quickly left the cantina. Taking sips of the juice as he walked back to the spirit dorms.

Entering inside he took another sip and started walking down the hallway, looking at Yuviel's door he knew not much time has passed but he missed her already.

Walking past the living room he noticed a familiar face sitting down. Thinking that a small chat might help him spend some time faster Alex sat down on the opposite side of her and politely said;

Hello! are you?

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Aiya blinked, completely spacing off the presence of the person that walked passed her until the person spoke to her, she turned her head and noticed the familiar face and sat up.

oh hey, its you, im doing alright, as bored as bored gets though. how about yourself you seem well.

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Back in his room Michael had no idea what to do Lily had been taken from him he felt nothing but rage filled his thoughts he knew what he had to do was get her back but an attack on the lands of light would require more than just him so his first action was to contact one of his generals telling him he required a sizable force of demons on standby for the attack he was told they could be ready within hours and told them to make their preperations. He left his room passing the hunter and the girl from earlier walking out of the spirit dorms and in the direction of the north gate the anger clear on his face.

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Smiling back at the bored girl Alex took another sip of the juice and then replied to her;

..i'm fine....i'm having a little girl trouble but..i really hope it's nothing serious, i really love her..

Finding himself splurting out his worries so easily Alex smiled uncomfortably and then he noticed Mike walking down the hallway. Alex wondered how his talk with the head went but he didn't seem to be talkative so he just let him be.

Looking back at the girl in front of him Alex asked her nicely;

..i'm really sorry but...i don't remember your name..heh, a lot has happened recently..

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Aiya giggled, it was funny to hear him spouting off his feelings but she found herself thinking but spoke softly out loud, just barely loud enough for alex to hear.

love.. huh..

She wasnt surprised at the fact that he didnt remember her name, she couldnt remember his either.

you can call me Aiya, i have to admit i forgot yours as well, i was never good with names

she shrugged a bit then went back to laying on the couch her mind in a slight daydream but decided that a bit of conversation wouldnt hurt

you said love... you mean that girl you've been hangin out with all the time, i mean... sorry i guess it isnt my place to be asking questions

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Alex laughed slightly when she said she doesn't know his name either and then told her; name is Alexander, just call me Alex for short....

Going over her last question Alex calmly replied but watching what exactly he could say;

..heh, i guess people notice..but yes, she is the girl i love, her name is Yuviel..

Alex looked down a bit then took another sip of the juice and then casually asked Aiya; there someone like that in your life as well?

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The last question alex had said to her struck deep mentally, she slowly sat up and stared at the floor her mind lost in thought as she dug for memories of her past. after a bit she looked up at him and shook her head.

no one... i..

laying back down she closed her eyes but obviously not sleeping. she spoke quietly, her voice didnt have emotion to it, almost as if she was hiding it.

i think we should change the subject.. if you dont mind

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Alex nodded in understanding even though she didn't see him with her eyes being closed and then he said;

..yeah...i agree..

Thinking about a new topic to discuss Alex took another sip of his juice, the bottle was almost empty, sadly. Trying to think of a mutual topic Alex then said in a more cheerful tone;, how do you like the school so far? have you joined any clubs..?

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