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Hostile and not so hostile NPC bios thread!

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1Hostile and not so hostile NPC bios thread! Empty Hostile and not so hostile NPC bios thread! on April 12th 2010, 2:44 am

Here you can post the bios of mainly various villains of this roleplay for quick and easy reference.

PANTSU ROLEPLAY - Spirit Sanctuary, or is it?

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Name - Death

Real Name - Adrian

Nickname - The Grim Reaper, Gramps (By Michael)

Age - 200 Human Years Old (Has spent millions of years in pocket dimensions)

Gender - Male

Personality - Completely emotionless towards most people, Protective towards his family or those under his families protection.

Bio - He started life the same as any prince in the undervoid does with lots of training in fighting, culture, languages amongst other things to allow them to blend into human culture easily to complete whatever goal they set out for themselves. He lived in the undervoid during the time of the seventh great war and the time his family started to take control of the main section of the void itself. He grew up knowing battle strengthing quickly he started to show signs of strange magical abilities that he later discovered were the starts of him being able to manipulate dimensions. Using his new found power he quickly destroyed all enemys in his way bringing an era of peace for the void. Now aged 50 and having a son of his own he left the void to spend the next 100 years in pocket dimensions fighting to strengthen himself and during this time he found a strange dimension in which time didnt seem to pass at all. He had grown far beyond his original expectations and his presence in any dimension desides this timeless one were to damaging so instead he split his power hundreds of thousands of times sending them off to many dimensions to serve as an extension of his will. He had gained dominance over life and death and strived to keep the natural balance by removing all those whos time had ended based on the sand remaining in their hourglass he is able to determine the amount of time they have been granted to live and will claim the life of any whos sand runs out. Once his copy had reached his home he saw that his son had done nothing but rule as a tyrant which didnt please him and he rejected his son who for years tried to impress his father but failed until the day he had a son. The boy was raised and became powerful it was then that he saw his sons plans to kill the boy arriving to late to try and save his grandson he was surprised to fine he had bested his father and from that day onward watched closely over him as he continued to grow. In many dimensions he has been refered to as Death or the Grim Reaper as he is seen as the last step towards the end but he dismisses such supersitions but doesnt mind if people call him by those names.

Race - Pureblood Demon

Weapons - The Grand Scythe - His weapon is contructed from nothing but souls making it lighter and stronger than any other weapon and able to absorb the souls of those he uses it on, the scythe itself is also able to pass through any solid object to strike directly at a soul and claim it.

Power - No magic is beyond him he has long since mastered every concievable type and variation, Beyond God-like strength and speed, flash step, teleportation, able to moved through the infinite dimensions at will, able to constuct powerful weapons from the souls of the dead, able to infuse the souls of the dead to extend the time given to someone and increase the time the hourglass gives before they must be removed.

Weakness - No notable weakness but is unable to enter a dimension with his true body for fear that he will cause wide spread damage so he is only able to send "small" amounts of his power to any dimension to watch over it and uphold the balance.

Appearance - 8'5" (standing), Shrouded in a black smoke-like cloak with his face completely unseen, carries a large scythe that constantly has souls flying around it.

Alignment - Neutral unless it involves his family.

Hometown - Undervoid

Job - Lord of Death

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Name - Trennen Brown

Nickname - n/a

Age - 16

Gender - Male

Personality - Quiet, intelligent, polite

Bio - Being top of his class he spends most of his time in the library reading books, when hes not studying hes also the captain of the chess club and spends his time at the library's chess board waiting for opponents.

Race - Human

weapons/powers/strengths/weaknesses - N/A

Appearance - 5' 9" scrawny, tidy brown short hair, green eyes, wears the school uniform, also wears glasses

Alignment - Neutral

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Name - Karen Achimu

Nickname -

Age - 17

Gender - Female

Personality - Shy, loner, is attracted to dangerous stuff

Bio - Karen comes from a completely normal family. She has two sisters, one older and one younger. She was always shy when it came to other people but she also always wanted to go on a adventure, do something dangerous or find herself a bad boy that would be her hero. When she accidentally bumped into Alexander one day at the cantina entrance and saw his outer appearance she decided to pursue her goal. Even though she has been rejected by him and has seen him with another girl frequently, Karen has not yet given up. She can often be seen watching Alexander alone or with Yuviel from afar. She also has a small notebook filled with pictures of Alex taken by her, Yuviel is torn off on all the pictures she was in.

Race - Human

Appearance - 5'6'' tall, blond hair, blue eyes. She's always wearing the school uniform.

Job - 3rd year student

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Name - Mia Atsumaki

Nickname - Mia-chan

Age - 14

Gender - Female

Personality - playful, generally friendly, a bit negative towards guys, horny, loyal to one person.

Bio - Transfer student that came in a month late, Mia didnt have many friends but managed to fit in well enough with one of her sempai's from the kendou club, a 3rd year that seemed friendly enough. after a bit they became "close" but kept it their own little secret. just before christmas after some certain events they were found by yuviel, dont need to explain much more

Race - Human (1/10th vampire)

Appearance - 5'4", medium length light brown hair, hazel eyes, c bust.

Job - 1st year student, member of the kendou club

"powers" - include increased agility, increased speed, regeneration (including that of a limb over several weeks).
Blood loss = more power gained up to a point, where eventually the vampire within will consume her again if she fails to feed.

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Name - Nina Floyheart

Nickname - Nina-sempai (or kohai depending on the year)

Age - 16

Gender - Female

Personality - calm, friendly, competitive, horny, loyal to one person.

Bio - Nina was the oldest of 3, always being the one to look up to she didnt have the same hobbies as most, she took up kendou when she was young, and being second to the captain of the club she was good at almost everything she did, but had a secret about her sexuality that if it got out would ruin her reputation, not to mention the relation to her family who were turned to ghouls without her knowledge as of recently

Race - Human (or was)

Appearance - 5'9", short red hair, green eyes, d bust.

Job - 3rd year student, member of the kendou club

"powers" - include increased agility, increased speed, regeneration (including that of a limb over several weeks).
Blood loss = more power gained up to a point, where eventually the vampire within will consume her again if she fails to feed

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