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need race ideas, go!

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1need race ideas, go! Empty need race ideas, go! on April 1st 2010, 10:10 am

So yeah i need ideas on a race btw for those reading this and actually willing to help, for those who need to know character bio is twins (brother can control water and has medium dark blue tinted hair)any ideas will help greatly thanks,

Name: Renna "Lightning" Grandterra

Nickname: Renna-chan

Age: Appearances show her looking around 12-13, age is actually 15

Gender: Female

Personality: Quiet, Patient, Not easily angered, Kept to herself, friendly to others

Bio: Renna being born a full minute after her nearly identical brother claude, she was born with as many health problems as her brother, unlike her brother she was in and out of hospitals most of her early life. she spent most of her time with her brother, the only small difference between them was their hair color and length. At an early age, their parents, who were part of a highly diplomatic peace keeping organization were killed during a raid on their house by a organization with a sinister plot of its own. Renna and her brother managed, with the help of their parents to escape and run as far as they could. they managed to find themselves sneaking into a circus tent that was being put up, after mishaps and causing a bit of trouble without trying the ringleader took them aside and tried to figure out their story.
Note: The Circus Troupe are actually part of an organization called the Guardian Corps. who spend most of their time outside performances helping people in need.
Renna and Claude were taken in by the Troupe like family and were made sure they were educated so not to miss out on school. around the time they were both about to turn 13 they found out about the guardian corps and their own individual powers and were trained mostly in control, as soon as their training was finished the troupe was attacked, in the madness of everything, claude and Renna were seperated. not to meet back up for another 2 years


Power: Ability to control Lightning (dunno where that lies), Ability to Flash Step.

Weakness: Cant use her abilities during rainy weather or when drenched.

Appearance: 5' 2'' slender, dark deep purple hair (looks black to people that dont look close enough), light purple eyes.

Alignment: Neutral


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2need race ideas, go! Empty Re: need race ideas, go! on April 1st 2010, 10:17 am


The eye colour, hair colour and the powers would lead towards the following races without issue

Elf, Dark Elf, Half-any-Elf.

Spirit kinds wouldn't have those kinds of qualities... but an Half-spirit would have around 25% of the power of a spirit and non of the drawbacks when in the real world - it has other issues though which can be talked over.

You then have Demons or part demon ... or the parents were mages and the child was born with powers and got lucky.

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