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Location of the new SS

Which location would you like?

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43% 43% [ 3 ]
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1 Location of the new SS on March 24th 2010, 11:11 pm


Due to some issues, that I'm unaware of, the V4 may have been lost before we could copy it - sucks for us, right?

Well, I'll be having a chat with Rotaku at some point ... and if all goes badly - hopefully not - I'll be forming a new roleplay as the mainstream one.

The locaction will be in the Spirit world, and instead of maybe visiting said world... students go into the real world every so often.

But we need to decide what kind of place we turn the roleplay into, from school to something else.

So please, pick what you'd like "Spirit Sanctuary" will basically become.

Castle - Complete with moat and towers, the design will be agreed with the roleplayers and myself, perhaps even a map drawn before all the rooms and such will be decided.

Fortress - Usually a small castle, with wooden fencing and placed on a hill or other natural defence, a village will be within sight and usually used for living.

Village - several houses, single learning building, other normal things like farms and such.

Elvish tree village - see village, only difference is it's all to do with nature.

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2 Re: Location of the new SS on March 26th 2010, 9:08 am

Chances of being able to get the old forum back up are slim to none if I'm completely honest. I already used my "I've bought paid hosting but haven't transferred it yet" card last time. I really wish I could get it back for you guys but it is extremely unlikely tbh.

If you guys feel that AJ is too unreliable to RP on I'll understand but otherwise I'll be happy to have you guys back.

Either way, I'm sorry for everything that's happened up until now.

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3 Re: Location of the new SS on March 26th 2010, 12:10 pm's not really your fault rotaku:)

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4 Re: Location of the new SS on March 27th 2010, 1:37 am

Might not be my fault directly but I still feel kinda responsible.

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5 Re: Location of the new SS on March 27th 2010, 2:39 am


I don't like this at all Rotaku ... but I hope you'll understand what it means for those who only wanted somewhere to have fun without trouble ... we went from moderator abuse to forum changing.

It saddens me - alot - that we've lost the old forums, even though they are still paid for - those hosts are assholes, and cheats.

As for the topic on hand, it seems we have a clear winner - I personally voted Fortress, but obviously people want a castle.

I'll want some submissions on basic floor plan (I.E a distance view and a birdseye map) of the general shape everyone wishes the castle to take, so we can all agree on what it looks like.

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