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NPC's and class notes - from AJ

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1NPC's and class notes - from AJ Empty NPC's and class notes - from AJ on March 14th 2010, 7:16 am


Class "numbers" - the following classes have the following "special features"
listed for convience and to help people who can't be bothered to look at their
Biography or their classmates one :insert smiley:.

Subject to change randomly with various filler / expendable students.

class list:

1A - Hayden Soranda
1B - 100% Human
1C - 100% Human
1D - 100% Human
1 F - 100% Human
2A - Yuviel Silverstone (She only uses the class as a cover), Amory Akehoshi,
Tia'rya Greenwood, Aiyariela Vanrain
2B - 100% Human
2C - 100% Human
2D - 100% Human
2E - 100% Human
2F - 100% Human
3A - 100% Human
3B - 100% Human
3C - Izzabell Noel, Vince, Sinclaire, Damien Varsin (Class Rep), Miu Amaya, Ayumu Ichimonji
Bruno Aldaron, Aeririalis Ferid
3D - 100% Human
3E - 100% Human
3F - 100% Human
4A - 100% Human
4B - Joshua Cross (Student Council head)
4C - 100% Human
4D - 100% Human
4E - 100% Human
4F - Charlotte Silverwing (Harem NPC), Alexander Mograine, Mike

PD - Lillian White (Student Council), Multiple Goblins NPC, Hiroshi Bravo

NPC Extended Bio's

Meltorez Vanhiking - "Mr.Vanhiking" / "Vanhiking" / "The pervert".


Human with Magically enchanted eyes
6'6" Read hair (Rito orange), built like a scotsman.
Mini bio - In place of Yuviel Mr.Vanhiking runs the school pretty much in and out when all matters come in about and around humans in general, to everyone not related to spirit matters, he and the mrs are the ones who run the school and Yuviel is their daughter (appearences only).

Personality - Lolicon with a huge sence of loyalty to the school, he'll go out of his way to either date or protect the students in all ways possible, only to be abused later with good cause!

Skills - Extreamly well versed in the art of Barrier and shield magic, he's also been trained in the art of memory wiping which only seems to affect normal humans (so most players are safe from this)

Misc - Weapons : Bastard sword, silver throwing knives, pink suit combo.
"other" items : Blood bags, rings for various access, shades of the stalker.


Mrs Vanhiking - No first name as a running gag.


Human with magically enchanted eyes.
5'4", Jetblack hair, Tanned appearence, big bust, wears rose tinted glasses and a female suit (BDSM gear can be seen under said suit) she also has Hazel eyes.
Mini bio : She works mainly as the receptionist and never leaves the office connecting to the heads, she works as the Vice headmaster when it comes to matters of anything Human related - as well as these duties she'll act as a council for anyone seeking.

Personality : Strict, firm and cannot tollerate Lolicon's in the slightest so when she notices anything like it happening, she'll go into a rage and chase the culprit. She enjoys causing harm to others as long as they consent but otherwise will act kind and caring to students, as she knows her role in the school. (Insert inner demons here).

Skills : Minor emotional detection as well as common sence, she's able to feel Lolicon behaviour from a mile away. Weapon concealment.

Misc : Weapons : Chainsaw, whip, metal bar, Two-handed waraxe.
"other" : Rings for access, silver cross.


North gate spirit


Pure spirit, appearence of an older man in his 60's.
Grey hair, 5'8", oriental background, wears sunglasses all the time.
Mini bio : Bound to the stone set within the north gates pillars, the spirit guards the entrance from would-be attackers, as well as extending the headmistress's powers a good 100 yards outside of the school grounds - allowing her to greet people unable to enter her grounds.

Personality : Shy and sneaky, if he can avoid being seen or fully materialise into human form, he'll do it - he'll control random items before needing to come out ... if he's ever seen, he'll simply "fall asleep randomly" followed by some simple magic to get out of any trouble.

Misc : Weapons : The school barrier, random items around the area.
other : Rings for access.





Name – Talana Goldleaf

Nickname – “The nurse” / Nurse.

Age- about 110 years old her resume had that part scratched out so this goes by the only document found about her

Gender – Female

Personality – Playful, tease full, cheerful, sometimes childish although shows great knowladge and perception on people at certain times yet at other seems oblivious of things close to her.

Bio – Talana was a former leading researcher in the studies of healing magic. She graduated at an extremely young age for an elf receiving top marks at healing magic and soon beacme part of a major organization of various experts for the development of new magic. It is unsure why but after some time in the organization it is said she left out of her own will. The cause is unknown but rumour goes it had something to do about what she and the organization were researching on, after some time doing solo research she came into knowledge of a nurse position at spirit sanctuary and went to see if she would get the job. She was immediately accepted after seeing her record as a healer and she as been the nurse since then.

Race – Elf

Power – Master at healing magic and it's other side as well.
A side effect of using healing magic, she also excels at White magic, useful for fighting against the undead.

Physical powers – Increased strength, Increased agility, increased
reflexes, increased eyesight some although very limited training in using swords.

Weakness – Her magic is not fit for battle although she can take care of herself in a fight she doesn't know many offensive spells in a fight so she mostly plays a support role.

Appearance – She is rather tall measuring 5.8 she has purple medium long hair green jade eyes and although somewhat tanned mostly white skin, a large E bust and she wears glasses (her bound item).

Alignment – Neutral, Good. She is good to most students and nurses them back to help however she retains a close judgement how she heals and what she does in doing so.

Hometown – A major Elven city in the land of elves.

Job – Nurse

Title – Nurse

Misc : Weapons : The nurse keeps a Cross and set of Silver Daggers around to keep Vampires away.

Nurse Assistant

Name – Adrian Suno
Nickname – has none, everyone calls him by his first name
Age – 26
Gender - Male
Personality - quiet, responsible, dependable, loner, suffers from OCD
Bio – Comes from a rich family but was always overshadowed by his older brother. Never had any real friends but was a great student, having best grades but was given little credit. He joined the med school and is now helping the nurse with her care for the student of the school. He has a secret crush on the nurse and can be hostile towards male students that the playful eye of the nurse catches.
Appearance – 5’8’’ tall, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Wears a pair of glasses.

Power – none, is a human

Weakness – cannot handle chaos, everything needs to be in perfect order. Slightly bad eyesight.


Charlotte Silverwing - HAREM NPC


Normal Human, Stalker, no magical powers, good with converting females to her cause.
(Her mission : 2 people other than herself with Vince)
Mini bio : Single child who’s lost her mother due to some unforeseen accident no one really cares about – her father works for the military so she’s always home alone, this also gives her access to government sites and various other things like useful gadgets.
Appearance : Silver hair, 5’0”, moderate bust, red eyes (leans towards the brown)
Personality : Stalker, assertive, determined, hates considerably older woman (Grey hair)
Misc : Weapons : Her body, pistol, military knife, machete.
other : Military contacts, surveillance equipment.


Spirit Dorm Intern


Name - Emily Violet

Nickname - Scary Emily

Age - she has been a ghost for 9 years

Gender - female

Personality - quiet, responsible, dependable, loner.

Bio - Emily was a normal human who was once a former student in the school. Through a series of events she came into to contact with the spirit world and befriended and treasured many people there despite being just a normal human.
Unfortunately she died in a unfortunate accident and became a ghost, however due to her love for spirits and desire to take care of the school she remained in the school haunting it for some time until yuviel discovered her and asked if she would like to keep taking care of the school has the spirit dorm intern. She now spends her time taking care of the spirit dorm and protecting the students there and pass on advice for whoever wants to listen and is brave enough to do so.

Appearance - that of a ghost girl think the ghost from the ring

Power - she can pass through walls and levitate objects the full extent of her powers are unknown as it varies from ghost to ghost.

weakness - light magic and holy talismans ceremonies etc

Location - Spirit dorm

Title - Spirit dorm intern


Dorm Intern

Name - Jack Colt

Nickname - all trades jack(only known to some people)

Age - 27

Personality- Freindly, childish at times, seroius at times, knowlageble about a variety of things

Bio - Jack is a former student spirit sanctuary, during his school years he came into contact with the spirit world and was fascinated by it and decided to his best so that humans and spirits could coexist in the school together. After he graduated he explored the world for a while learning many things and meeting various people from several organizations until one day he was given the offer by yuviel if he would like to be the human dorm intern, to which he replied "yes" and is doing so until this day.

Race - Human

Powers- He is a weapons expert and has many hidden away for use in case of a emergency or when he feels like playing hit the target.

Weakness - Normal human.

Appearance - 6'0" feet light brown hair fairly muscled, green eyes wears special contact lenses which is how he can see gold stars.


Library Pirate Ghost

Name – Aerendyl Whisperwind


Nickname – none, likes to be called by his name (is very strict on the usage of honorifics)
Age – over 9000, to a human he’d look like a man in early 30's.
Gender - Male
Personality - Quite calm, Gentle, but very strict when it comes to rules.
Bio – One of the oldest Elves around. Very knowledgeable in magic of all types but unrivaled in white magic. He’s been spending the last few decades wandering around the Earth with his motives and work unknown to others. Not too long ago he’s been seen and contacted by Yuviel herself to come to her school and to train a young elf.
Race – Elf.
Power – Well versed in all elemental magic types and a master of white magic.
Weakness – Running, he’s not capable to run due to an old dark injury on his left leg. Unhealable but doesn’t affect normal walking.
Appearance – A tall man 6’ 4’’,brown eyes and long green hair.
Alignment - Good
Hometown - Unknown
Job - Biology Teacher at the school

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