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Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o

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976Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 5:31 am

Awakening he found Lily still holding on to him with one hand he smiled as he slowly moved away from her looking outside he noticed it was morning which meant it would be time for school.... if he decided to go today. Reaching the edge of the bed and sitting up he shook Lily gently in an attempt to wake her.

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977Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 5:38 am

Being shaken lily slowly stirred and opened one eye, seeing michael infront of her and then realising the room was bright.
She said closing her eye tight and turning over hiding her face under a pillow.

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978Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 5:46 am

As Lily threw herself back hiding behind a pillow Michael said.

Come on you dont want to be late for your first day of school do you.

Laughing at this as he said it he moved to his wardrobe grabbing a new uniform, boxers, socks and a shoes he moved back over to Lily and said.

Im going for a shower now you gonna stay here or you gonna come with me?

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979Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 5:50 am

When he finished wiping off, leaving his hair to dry off on its own he threw the towel to the bin and missed. Sighing, Alex just left it be and picked up his old stuff and proceeded to put them on.

While he was pulling up his trouser he noticed the holster containing two throwing knives was still attached to them. Removing it he threw it away in anger, hearing it bounce off the wall made him even more agitated.

Turning back to the bench he found himself confused at the lack of a shirt and then he realized he didn't even have one on when he came here. Shaking his head and laughing at his own stupidity he left the bathroom.

Walking down the hallway he stopped next to the living room and looked at Yuviel, not knowing what better to do he sat down on the opposite couch and watched her and the goblin sleep in front of him.

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980Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 5:53 am

Lily said in reply to the first day comment.
Though when he said he was going for a shower she remembered there had been screaming last night and didnt want to be alone.
Slowly she sat up on her knees and rubbed her eyes trying to adjusted to the brightness of the room.
Looking at michael with a sleepy face she yawned and stretched.
she said sleepily brushing her hands through her hair.

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981Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 6:10 am

Giving Lily a minute to full adjust Michael started to lead her towards the showers. Opening the door to the living area he saw the hunter and sensing a soul he felt slightly releaved noticing a goblin as his eyes moved around the room but what he saw next was close to what he had been expecting from the aura from last night two giant wings hide the true menace beneath but Michael knew exactly what it was and he started to lead Lily towards the shower much more quickly. Reaching the showers he opened the door showing Lily in he grabbed some towels handing a few to Lily he started to get undressed next to one of the showers throwing his clothes to the side as he did.

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982Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 6:21 am

Lily yawned as she was lead out of the room but before she could look around much she was hurried towards the showers
michael i cant walk that fast
She said in a tired voice.
Once they where in the shower room she was handed towels. putting them down, she took her clothes off.
Placing them in a neat pile she then stretching and yawning again. rubbing her neck which was sore from how she was sleeping she stepped into one of the shower cubicals, turned it on and then sat on the floor.

the love bites from the night before will be very obvious.

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983Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 6:32 am


Awakening from her slumber - Yuviel found herself upside down, smells filled the room ... the first being something quite bad. Looking down, opening her wings and retracting them ... her tail dangling down.

A goblin was sleeping on the couch - holding a bag of what seemed to be of precious metal, dropping down on the couch Yuviel used her tail to coax the bag out of it's arms - waking it in the proccess.

<insert insulting screaming noise here>

The goblin darted off panicked into a purple puddle.

Staring at the bag, she emptied it onto the table after an agile jump ... 300 or so crowns, noticing Alexander on the counch Yuviel smiled without saying a word.

Looking towards the showers, Yuviel hears water and jumps up to ceiling and darts across to the shower door and opens it.

Crawling into the showers, she see's and smells an Elf with the Demon - not taking any chances Yuviel drops down and sits on the floor examining her tail.

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984Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 6:44 am

Placing his clothes in a semi-neat pile on the floor he took his towel and walked into the cubical next to Lily putting the towel over the door he turned on the water wasn't stinging as badly as normal when he went under it which meant he was starting to heal from his wounds he guessed the lack of actualy fights for most of the last day had allowed him time to heal. Standing under the shower he took the soap and started to wash himself saying to Lily.

Looks like its gonna be another eventful day.

As he continued to wash himself something didnt feel right the aura was moving and it was coming in their direction he heard the door open he knew what had joined them. Grabbing his towel his sword appearing in its sheath in his hands he moved quickly to Lily's cubical he said.

We dont want to be here.

Michael was ready to protect Lily at this point awaiting her reaction.

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985Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 6:45 am

As Bruno wondered the school as if in a daze his mind was filled with thoughts about his fight with the demon and Darthius.

If it weren't for the silver flame I would have died...All those years of training yet it looks like there are still allot of stronger people than me...Well guess that means I just gotta get stronger...Maybe someday I'll be able to find out what happened to my parents...well no point thinking about it now think I'll go for sight seeing and tomorrow I'll have a talk with the head,maybe he can think of something.

Now noticing it has gotten dark he looks around him checking for people. Noticing no one he transforms into his half dragon form. with his white draconian armor on he opens his wings wide and quickly takes flight,after getting out of the barrier he started flying tough the dark sky seeing the city from above as it was illuminated by the lights. While flying he senses a strange presence on the ground and heading towards it finds an abandoned lot. Around it are two human boys wearing what seems to be the school uniform surrounded by 5 ghouls. Suddenly the ghouls start chasing the two humans as they begin running in a somewhat sloppy fashion. Seeing no one around he sighs and nose dives spear first straight at the ghouls. After just a few seconds he lands on one of them going straight trough one of the ghouls spear first. The other four stop chasing the boys who are now staring at the unknown person in front of them. Quickly the begin charging all at him, Bruno quickly gets ahead of the two boys and concentrating what appears to be energy on his spear it begins to glow he then leaves a circle of fire around the boys for their own protection and charges at the ghouls.

Two of them jump in the air and try to strike him form above only to have him dodge to the right and pierce one trough the chest the other one quickly charges at him again as the other two start doing the same. It furious slashes at Bruno yet he ducks and sweeps its legs and as the ghoul falls it is pierced even before it hits the ground. the other two now berserk charge at him wildly yet fling above them he gets behind them and pierces one trough the chest. As only one remains it turns around only to have an open palm right at its face as a white flames burns its head off.

Just as he destroys the ghouls two armed humans appear and start saying.

First human
Hey you thanks allot you killed our bounty!

second human
Yeah,but still you got some sweet moves man! how come I don't see you in the outpost more often?

He turns to them confused and says.

Hum sorry but I saw people getting attacked and helped them...Say this out post what is it and where is it?

The two hunters turn to each other with a puzzled look and give him a brief explanation of the outpost function and how to get there from the school.With this Bruno looks back at the boys who are now yelling being trapped in the fire circle and waving his arm lets it down.Turning to the armed man he says.

Hum thanks I'll check that place out some time seems very interesting...Oh and as for the ghouls make you a deal you take those two home safely and you can have whatever money the ghoul bounty was worth. However if they don't arrive safely I'll come after you.

With this the armed man look at each other excitedly and very eagerly agree.Waving to the two boys who are now with eyes wide open looking at him speechless he waves to them and spreading his wings takes flight yet as he leaves he smells a strange odor (alcohol) form the two boys. He then yet again touring the city and its many sites. Thinking that school should start soon he bolts it to the spirit dorms. After about 2 minutes he arrives landing in a deserted place. Going back to his human form he walks to the dorms and enters them noticing that same presence from before but ignores it.

He then walks to hallway as he hears a scream and sees someone dart off.Sighing and realizing school will start soon he decides to just go rest on the sofa for a bit until school starts. Sitting on a one person sofa he waves to a male student who is there in a greeting fashion.He then looks up at the ceiling deep in thought.

Note those with heightened senses will be able to tell he had killed ghouls. To a normal person however they would just smell a very faint trace of ash.

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Lily was sitting sleepily on the ground.
Not paying much attetion, then michael appeaered in her cubical saying they didnt really want to be there.
Remembering last night her heart raced but she put up a front.
Standing she pretended to be confident but her eyes showed she was worried.
Whats going on? we got to defeat something?
She said wrapping a towel round her body. standing as close to michael as she possibly could without looking scared.

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987Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 7:10 am

His hand ready on his sword he started to lead Lily out of the cubical while saying.

If we have to we will but I hope it doesnt have to come to that.

As he walked towards the door he saw Yuviel on the ground the aura was coming from her turning to Lily he motioned for her to get her clothes his sword now unsheathed the seals on his eye broken and glowing as he stepped closer to the vampire.

Lets get away from here quickly Lily.

His sword is ready and he will shield Lily from anything that is attempted against her.

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988Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 7:19 am

Alex looked up and noticed a boy sitting in a sofa and staring at the ceiling, he didn't even notice him come after he lost himself in thoughts again when Yuviel left.

Standing up Alex walked over and grabbed a handful of coins, not counting nor caring how much he took Alex left the rest on the table and walked away.

Entering his room he threw the coins on the desk and pulled off his pants. Quickly dressing up in the school uniform, this time even wearing a tie although very loosely.

Picking the coins and putting them in his pockets Alex left the room, slamming the door loudly.

Leaving the spirit dorms behind him Alex walked to the cantina and opened the door, a group of male students started walking out at the same time.

As they walked past him one of them bumped shoulders with Alex. Alex ignored the accident and stood, waiting for them to pass so he could go inside. The student however didn't take it so lightly and started telling Alex to move away when they're coming through. His gang jumped in and laughed at Alex, provoking him, confident in their numbers.

Alex was unphased by the provocations, he didn't care what they were saying, ignoring them in hope they would walk away. But then one of the student decided it would be funny to push Alex forward.

Staggering a step forward Alex turned around and punched the guy in the face, breaking his nose. Kicking him behind the knee made the guy fall down on it, raising his hand above in protection, Alex grabbed it, stretched it out and punched his elbow.
The sound of bone cracking as his hand bent in an unnatural way could be heard. The student was numb in pain but Alex let go off his hand and slammed his head into the door.

The whole event lasted only a couple of seconds after which Alex turned around and walked into the cantina, leaving the student's friends to clean up the mess.

Notes; Alex took 16 coins. For those who enter the cantina he'll be eating breakfast alone.

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989Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 7:35 am


Feeling the demon move aside for her, Yuviel pounced into the shower and stood upright, her tail retracting - she started to hum as if nothing was happening.

The warm body started to wash out dry left overs from the blood she indirectly absorbed in the night - her skin was whiter than before, but this didn't bother her in the slightest either, examining her skin - it felt like cold silk, whilst the smell of a clean Elf filled the air - alongside that of a demon.

Eym ...

The words just weren't coming to mind... Yuviel stopped and couldn't quite figure out what she wanted to say - instead she did the stupid thing and pulled up the side and looked over and smiled - pushing back before the sword from the demon could point at her.

Nothing but a giggle came from Yuviel as she continued to wash, extending and retracting claws from her finertips - Yuviel was quite amused.

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990Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 7:47 am

Once lily saw what michael was pointing his sword at she wasnt really scared anymore.
Was all she said when the person/thing moved into the empty showers.
Walking over to her clothes lily picked them up.
Opening the door and looking back at michael waiting for him to follow.

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991Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 13th 2010, 7:53 am

Almost forgeting his clothes Michael quickly grabbed them his sword and sheath disappearing as he moved back to Lily he started to lead her towards her room saying as he did.

Not quite what she use to be is she.....

Reaching her room Michael opened the door moving inside he started to get dressed.


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992Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 40 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 19th 2010, 2:34 am


Unknown error ... thread locked for unknown reason.

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