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Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o

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901Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 1:58 am

She said picking up the tasty juice and walking over to an empty table and sitting down.
As she sat down she noticed a man out across the room and for some reason her gave her a familiar feeling.
A puzzled expression crossed over her face.

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902Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 2:07 am

Losing himself in pleasure again when she bit him, the pain was going away, a nice change. This time the after-effect didn't last as long as before, almost immediately as she pulled away and started driving the pain returned in full force.

Feeling like he was dying in that seat he started laughing maniacally, only to stop couple of minutes later when his whole jaw felt like it was melting away.

The rest of the ride he remained silent in the seat, burning up in fever and letting out painful sounds every now and then.

When they reached the warehouse, Yuviel wrapped him in bandages, he didn't do much to help her but nothing to make it harder for her either. When she left the truck he pulled his last bits of mind together and tried to act normal while she talked to the people outside.

<The Nurse>
Listening to the girl in front of her she quickly became more serious when she heard the Headmaster sent her here, the injuries could be quite serious. Quickly going back to the door she told Aiya;

Follow me,please.

Entering her office she left the papers on her desk and pointing Aiya to a medical bed on the side of the room she calmly told her;

Please, undress there. I'll be with you in a moment.

Finishing her sentence she started walking around the office, gathering various tools.

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903Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 2:13 am

Following Lily as she moved over to a table the hunters around them getting slightly more nervous Michael sat down next to Lily noticing her looking puzzled he looked to see what she was looking at only to see a man and he wasnt sure what kind of aura he was giving off but he knew it wasnt friendly towards him for the moment.

Someone you know?

Michael said curiously starting to drink from the bottle of whiskey.

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904Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 2:16 am

i feel, i feel like i know them from some where...
She said staring at the person who was obviously staring her direction.
but i dont feel like i know the person they are with
She said still looking puzzled.
shrugging she downs one of the beers
best not to worry about it

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905Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 2:24 am

He was staying prepared for anything the bounty on them and these strangers could just be chance but he wasnt prepared to accept that his sword coming to his side attached to his waist he continued to drink and said.

You're right its best we just keep to ourselves.

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As Yuviel was explaining things to the council members, the lone survivor leapt out and sat next to her without making a fuss … it seemed content, the council members stood back pointing weapons – Yuviel simply said to calm down or at least, that was as it sounded.

Yuviel eventually came to an agreement with the hunters, receiving half the pay and half the bonus so she could keep the beast – they were a little skeptical but otherwise accepting, Yuviel pulled some dust out of her pocket and asked for a bag… dropping it within the bag, it smelt like vampire dust – showing some disgust … they let her keep the full bonus.

(675 Gold crowns)

Receiving the payment in full – Yuviel turned around and got in the truck, saying they can come back the school and pick it up from the south carpark in an hour – they simply nodded as she started it up – the beast was sat in the middle seat panting like a mad dog … the truck made it was back to spirit sanctuary as Yuviel half-arse parked herself over 3 parking spaces in the carpark.

Time passes to 18:20

Yuviel can be found dragging Alexander out of the military truck and princess carrying him to the spirit dorms at flash-step speed … the beast following at normal beast running speed … arriving at the dorms roughly a minute after Yuviel had reached the dorms…

Waiting for the beast and putting Alexander down so he could walk normall – Yuviel says something counter-productive…

The next 19 hours will be hell … I’ll be here for you.

The trio begin to walk inside.

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907Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 2:48 am

The man and his associate seemed to keep staring at lily, this was making her uncomfortable but she tried to ignore it.
Downing her second beer hiccuped silently.
so this is a bar
she said looking at michael.
they have lots of this tasty juice, right?
She asked him curiously.
As she wa talking she was listening for sounds of the people across the room talking.
her curiousity spiked when she heard some elvish being spoken.
But she didnt look over at the people she just waited for michael to answer her.

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908Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 2:50 am

Aiya followed her orders and undressed, revealing the scar's true damage, the scar started at the top of her left shoulder, about an inch thick give or take, and by the time it finished doing diagonally down her back it was about 3-4 inches in width by her hip. she sat down on the medical bed, the damage from the cut on her side seemed to be doing fine. she sighed and waited for the nurse to come back.


Gray was sitting at the bar, to anyone watching him he looked like a normal patron sipping on what looked to be scotch, also reading a book. he gave a curious look to the demon and the girl that was in company of said demon. he smirked and took a sip of his drink then spoke to the bartender

hey tender, give those two a round on me thanks

he paid for the drinks and continued drinking without another word afterwords

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909Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 3:06 am

Letting out a relieved sigh when Yuviel came back into the truck, he almost enjoyed the ride back to the school.

Once they stopped she took him in her arms and carried him at an amazing speed, Alex was just being more and more impressed by her.

When they stopped at the spirit dorms she let him down on his feet which almost gave up on him but he remained standing, leaning on the wall with his hands. It seemed they were waiting for their new pet.

When Alex heard Yuviel talk, he made a painful smile, he wanted to kiss her right there and then but didn't, controlling his desires he just replied almost laughing;

..i'll be in your care

At that moment their pet caught up with them and they walked inside, Alex slowly followed Yuviel, using the wall as support when he walked.

<The Nurse>
Grabbing all the tools she assumed will be needed she walked over to the bed and placed them next to Aiya.

Readjusting the glasses as she inspected the long cut on her back, the nurse seemed intrigued by the wound.

Placing Aiya on the bed laying face down, the nurse took a large amount of a gel-like substance from one of the many tubes on the bed and then said to Aiya;

This might sting a little but over time it should be less and less painful.

Proceeding with the treatment the nurse rubbed the gel over the wound, making a thick line that followed the cut completely covered.

Chanting something in elven language, holding her hands roughly over the middle of Aiya's back and the scar, the gel made a sudden green glow. It started seeping into the wound and burning off the edges of it.

The nurse finished chanting and left the gel to do its purpose, talking back to Aiya she said calmly;

This should take care of it, however it might take a while.

The nurse remained standing next to Aiya, gently patting her head.

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910Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 3:09 am

He could see she wasnt so comfortable with those two but as she had said they should ignore them so instead he answered her question.

They have vast amounts of it all the... juice that you want.

Laughing slightly as more drinks were dropped off at the table the source was a patron of the bar Michael just thanked him from the table and went about starting to drink them.

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911Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 3:32 am

After Aiya left Bruno stayed in her room for a bit thinking with an annoyed look.

well didn't that go well

He then sighed and looking at the room and seeing it still in a mess decided to help out a little. His eyes started to glow even brighter and waving his arms around a strong wind entered the room. Suddenly everything out of place started to move and get into place. He then sighed and turning back to his normal human form got dressed and decided to go take a walk around the school. He saw what appeared to be a couple headed towards the spirit dorms but ignored them.

Note the furniture is now back in its proper place. Any broken items like shards have been placed in a disposal bin. Clothes can be found folded all over the bed.
Bruno is now walking around the school he can be found near the main entrance on route to the main building

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912Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 3:36 am

thats good
She said smiling at the new drinks that appeared.
they taste really good
She said taking a sip from one of the beers.
Her eyes drifted over to the man across the room again, she was still being stared at.
Why are they looking at me?
She said under her breath.
Getting up from the table she walked across the room and slammed her fist on the mans table.
Have you got a problem?!
She said loudly.
The man didnt answer but the person he had with him stood up.

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As the Trio walked in … the beast began sniffing out the rooms, finding something that smelt like Yuviel the beast nudged the door open and waltz in … getting under the bed and staying put.

Yuviel watched Alexander got onto her bed – not putting much effort into slipping his shoes off or anything, Yuviel decided to pull them off and picked Alexander up … putting him under the quilt instead of ontop of it.

Looking around Yuviel had to make sure it was dark… pulling the wardrobe over the closed widows … she pulled the bed to where it was making sure no direct light could get over the bed at all…

Yuviel took the robes off herself and the facemask – she started on the boots and gauntlets as she sat on the bed leaving them on the floor. Yuviel then began on the tight fitting top and pants … leaving herself completely bare – getting into bed, she laid ontop of him … dozing off ontop of Alexander.

I’m here…

As Yuviel fell asleep, the beast got onto the end of the bed – watching the door.

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As Lily got out of her seat and moved quickly over to the two people at the other table Michael put his drink down and moved right after her she had shouted at them neither had replied but one had stood up at this Michael unsheathed his sword getting between Lily and the two strangers and said.

Who are you and what is your intrest in this girl.

His sword was ready but he felt uneasy around the two of them.

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Laying down on the bed, feeling Yuviel's bare body on top of his made him feel strangely peaceful.

He looked at her sleeping face on his chest when a sudden headache forced him to shut his eyes, the jaw feeling like it's burning away again. Clenching the fists as he grabbed the sheets on both sides of the bed he tried to control his breathing.

The pain started to float away slowly but he didn't dare to open his eyes again. Placing his left hand out of the quilt and pulling it over her at least somewhat, he left his hand on her back as he started to fall into a painful sleep.

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Lily pushed passed michael moving him out of the way and squaring up to the man who had stood up.
you got a problem?
She said moving her face closer.

While she was doing this the silent man stood up as well putting his hand on michaels shoulder and moving him away from lily and the other guy.

The guy lily was squaring up to then took her hand, kissing it for a second then closing a bracelet around it. Once the bracelet was on lilys ears changed to human ears.
hey what are you....What the?! get this off of me!
Grabbing the guy by the collar with both hands she slammed him against the nearest wall.
But the man simply answered no.
He then put his hands around her wrists and squeezed enough that lily began to wince and then let go.
using this opportuinty the man swapped positions with lily so that she was now against the wall.

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As Lily started to get more forceful with an attempt to get answer the second man started to move Michael away and in an instant the first had placed a bracelet on Lilys arm her ears returned to normal and he sensed a drop in her magic. Michael struggled with the second man as Lily slammed the first into a wall and was quickly overpowered by him Michael was at this limit now and in an instant with a force that sent the second man flying into the bar Michael transformed to his demon form moving across the bar in an instant his sword pressed to the back of the first mans neck he said.

Let her go or your blood will stain this wall Elf.

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The pair falling asleep, the room began to darken un-naturally a fog forming as the beast also fell into a slumber, the only movement came from Alexander who was still turning – occasionally moving, but Yuviel’s body acted like an anchor not giving in any movement.

Notes : those in or around the spirit dorms will feel colder, the lighting starting to dim regardless of voltage or placement within the building … the spirit intern has started to camp outside Yuviels room waiting for them to come out or to let them in.

Descriptive note : If Alexander wakes up, he’ll find his leg has something wrapped around it – whilst the quilt looks higher than it should be … Yuviel has sprouted wings and a tail.

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Gray was already out of his seat by the time the second man hit the chair he was in and then hit the bar, he slowly walked over to the demon, everyone else in the bar was moving away of the current situation. gray reached the demon putting a hand on his shoulder for a split second

no killing will be required right now thank you, plus, i doubt scaring everyone out of the bar is helping business

he walked passed the demon and walked over to the elf touching his right arm, a surge of power out of nowhere appeared then vanished as fast as it came as he appeared on the other side of the elf and touched his other arm then snapped his fingers another surge of power happening and two golden rings appeared around the elf's wrists causing his arms to go numb and then was pushed into his chair that he was in earlier.

you sit there like a good boy and you wont be hurt, understood

his eyes turned to the girl, he smirked for a moment then spoke to the both of them

how about we get you another drink young lady, fighting in a bar isnt how i want to spend my time today. dont worry, ill pay for all the drinks and maybe we can chat a bit. he wont be bothering you anymore today

he turned around and walked to the table sitting on it comfortably

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His head turning around in the bed, rest of the body pinned down, covered in sweat he opened his eyes, gasping for breath.

Eyes half open he looked around the room, slowly regaining his senses through the constant pain all over, Alex noticed his left hand was no longer on Yuviel's back but resting on the bed. Something also seemed to be wrapped around his leg and squeezing it.

Slowly raising his head up, Alex looked at the hump that formed under the quilt. Moving it away slightly an amazing sight uncovered in front of his eyes.

Not being covered by the quilt, Yuviel's wings spread in all their glory and then folded back around them. She still seemed to be sleeping but Alex was mesmerized by it.

The wings had thick, purple bones that were thinner as they went to the end, ending in sharp spikes at the end of each bone. They were covered in dark pink skin that turned into a lighter shade of pink where the bones separated when spread and where the skin was thinner.

Alex raised his right hand and touched them, still in complete awe. The skin felt soft like mink under his fingers.

Smiling, Alex kept on gently touching her wings and seeing her move slightly, caressed her cheek with the other hand.

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Time passes to 18:50

Feeling something striking her right cheek, Yuviel came to – feeling something new and strange … the tail moved, Yuviel sat up … looking at Alexanders “awe” face – Yuviel pulled off the strange looking turning Vampire… her wings moved and Yuviel jumped off the bed.

Examining her current new limbs, Yuviel was stood upside down on the ceiling naked and confused, so many new sensations all at once, she knelt “down” and looked at the tail more closely, moving it around she eventually got the hang of it – as for her wings… flapping them seemed to come much quicker once she realised how this extra limb thing worked.

Alexander… you need to sleep, I need … to try these out.

The strange beast looked upwards a little confused … Yuviel mearly shook her head

Guard the man, or I’ll remove your head.

Falling from the ceiling Yuviel landed on her feet … the wings and tail seemed to move more freely with each passing moment – looking around the room, she had to find clothing that would fit her new found limbs.

Looking around she saw her bra – proceeding to put that on first, it seemed to fit around her wings – just. Next came pantsu … both being purple, they matched her wings and tail at least. Her tail ended just above the normal line for trousers, so she put on her normal black trousers and started on her boots – not the plated ones.

Problem … how does one put on a tank top with wings…

Yuviel looked at the tank top in her left hand and then at her wings … thinking about this she figured she wanted them away, or at least reduced … the wings retracted whilst the tail remained.

Okay… not lying, I’ve always wanted wings.

Putting two slits into the back of her top … Yuviel slips it on, the wings slowly coming back out through the gaps of the top filling the tares.

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The silent man stood up and brushed himself off after being thrown into the bar, picking up his sun glasses he walked over to the man who had put the bracelet on lily. Checking that the man was ok he then turned to faced michael and bowed and then also bowed to the man sitting on the table. The bow seemed to symboloise an appology.
Once that was done he took a deeper bow to lily, held it for a few seconds and then stood up and talked to the bracelet guy in a voice that couldnt be heard.

Lily rubbed her wrists after the man was removed from her, looking at the hand marks on them made he angry but she did nothing. She walked over to michael who still seemed very angry, grabbing his arm she pulled him over to the guy who had helped them.
Looking the new guy in the eyes slowly after her offered her a drink she said.
yes please...
in a quiet tone of voice.
still holding onto michael so he couldnt go back over to the people.
she was feeling very vunerable now that she had a bracelet clamped on her wrist.

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When Yuviel got off him, Alex kept watching her getting used to her new extremities on the ceiling.

When she jumped down he turned to his side and continued looking at her, ignoring her advice to sleep for now, how could he?

A smile went across his face once she started dressing up, having problems with her shirt.

It was pointless for him to tell Yuviel to take care of herself, she was not the same helpless girl he met few days ago. Alex remained silent in the bed, leaning on the side and supporting himself with his arm, the look on his face saying more than any words could.

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924Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 5:54 am


Yuviel looked at Alexander… he still had a good 18 hours before the turning is complete, he was still very much treatable for vampirism at this point - something clicked in her head.

You can go back to being human … Alex…

Yuviel put on her shades, the glowing from her red eyes became hidden – Yuviel went to her robe and pulled out the coins from the payment she had received from the council.

Placing the pouch in her pocket… Yuviel headed to the door and opened it slowly heading out wards.

I command you to stay, Alexander.

Note: The door opening, the dim light will feel like sharp needle injecting his eyes – and Yuviel’s voice will feel like a dead weight forcing him to stay in the bed, it will be very painful mentally to fight it.

Yuviel headed out of the dorms with cash in hand and headed straight for the main build, flashstepping around unseen – her wings and tail retracted.

Reaching the Nurses door Yuviel sensed an Elf and someone else behind it – Yuviel simply knocked on the door without breaking it.

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925Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 37 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on April 12th 2010, 6:20 am

The sudden appearance of them man wasnt what he had expected but he didnt much care as long as Lily was safe. The second man bowed to Michael in what he guessed was appology at this point he returned to his human form and soon after Lily had ahold of him and was leading him to the table while Michael sheathed and dismissed his sword he then remembered the bracelet that Lily now had and it worried him. As they reached the table Michael pulled two chairs together to allow Lily to still hold onto him and as they sat he said to the stranger.

So who exactly are you?

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