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Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o

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76Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 4 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 6th 2010, 6:29 am

Waking up after a little time, Alex looked around the room rewinding the recent happenings in his head at the same time. He got in a sitting position in his bed and looked at himself, he was a mess.

Deciding to get a shower before anything else, Alex picked up a long towel and threw it over the shoulder, not bothering to put a shirt on. Most of the students should be in school so he didn't bother covering his runes.

Walking down the corridor towards the showers Alex noticed a familiar figure standing outside someone's room door. Upon closer look he noticed it was Malus, the groundskeeper.

Alex stopped next to him and looking at him, noticing his irregular breathing, asked him kind of curiously but in friendly tone;
..what's up?

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77Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 4 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 6th 2010, 6:57 am

Malus was trying to understand his current situation. Was this student messing around with him? Either way, getting involved beyond a staff student relationship was bad, the Head would murder him. That guy was unbelivable, which he found out the hard way during the first week of the school term.

As he was mulling things over, Alex came towards him. He asked him how he was and Malus looked at him. And opened his mouth to say something, then sighed.

Uh... Well, i think one of the students is playing with me. Curious.

Malus noticed the towel that Alex was carrying and smiled.

Heh. If you're going to the shower, she's in there at the moment. Maybe you'll have better luck than I. For me, i think i need to go crash in the tree by the front gate, my head hurts. If you see her, let her know that she's... fun, heh. Oh, and get back to lessons, you wouldn't wanna get that pretty face any more beaten up, haha.

Malus gave him a cheeky grin, and walked off toward the exit of the dorms.

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78Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 4 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 6th 2010, 10:47 am

Not really bothered by the fact that there's a girl in the shower, he was more curious as to what that girl is and what have they been doing to make Malus so confused. He waved Malus off and proceeded towards the showers.

Once reaching them and entering inside he heard the sound of water running, must be the girl he spoke of. As he undressed he entered the neighboring shower cabin and let the warm water run.

Alex then remembered he was told to relay a message to her so he spoke in a little louder voice to be heard through the sound of water, saying;
...hey there...the groundskeeper finds you quite fun...

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79Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 4 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 6th 2010, 11:11 am


Spending only a handful of minutes in the shower, Yuviel hears someone else enter the room ... ignoring the other person for a while longer, they have the nerve to shout something.

Catching the end of the statement completely, Yuviel turns the shower off and silently pops around the wall and peeks at the newcomer - bathing in the buff.

I can be... and now we are even

Sticking her tongue out, Yuviel heads for the towels and puts one on her head and another over herself - exiting the shower room with her clothing in one arm and her other holding the towel loosely in place.

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Malus found himself outside the dorms, once again basking in the sunlight, feeling the warm rays grace his skin. He was passing the staff room when he remembered that his sword was still in there. He jumped back through the open window, walked over to the sofa he had been laying on previously, and found his sword propped up against the side of it. He fixed it to his belt. And then he realised, that he'd yet again lost his coat.

Damn. How did i manage to forget it. After the trouble i had to go through to pick it up.

He sighed and decided to go back for his coat. This time he used the door to exit the room. He walked through the school, and back towards the dorms. He eventually reached them, for the second time today, and entered through the main doors. He walked down the hallway, and got back to the living area. This time he put his coat on. He slipped his arms through the holes, then shrugged his coat into a comfortable position.

When he was ready to leave, he noticed Yuviel heading back toward her room, she'd have to walk right past him. And she only had a towel loosely wrapped around her.

Ah, hello again... Third meeting of the day, must be fate. Ha.

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Unfazed by the peaking girl Alexander laughed in amusement, she could hear his laughter before she left the room.

After a thorough wash, Alex left the shower cabin. He wrapped the towel around himself, only covering the lower half of his body. Picking up the stuff he came in, Alex left the showers and proceeded towards his room.

As he was walking through the hallway he noticed the girl and Malus talking again, a small smirk went across his face as he walked pass them.

Reaching his room, Alex proceeded to get himself dressed in a fresh set of clothes.

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Deciding not to change in the living area this time, Yuviel makes her way to her room to get dressed again. Before reaching her room, she found herself bumping into Malus again - simply rolling her eyes at what he has to say for himself.

Fate huh? I don't think fate has anything to do with it.

Watching Alexander walk by smirking, Yuviel barged by Malus and headed into her room saying

You just wanted to see my body again, keep that coat with you for once.

Keeping the door open, again... Yuviel starts rummaging through her makeup box and bag she keeps packed for some hair products.

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Aiya sighed, looking around the room. And speaking quietly

my story huh, sensitive subject there. How about we take a walk and maybe ill give you a story or two.

She stood up and every “normal” person seemed to notice but she didn’t really care. She motioned for Michael to follow as she headed for the door. she looked to be heading for the courtyard.

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84Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 4 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 8th 2010, 4:21 am

Malus stands in the doorway to Yuviels room, and leans on the doorframe, arms crossed. He watched as she sifted through boxes for something.

Wanted to see you? Haha, you think highly of yourself. Perhaps you forgot about shouting in my ear? Doesn't exactly make you the most popular person on my list.

He smiled, even though she was turned around. He tapped his foot on the floor, and rested his hand on the end of his swords hilt. He carried on observing Yuviel, waiting for some sort of retaliatory response. No doubt she'd say he provoked the attack by removing her hat.

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Expecting some kind of annoying reponse and more peeking as she got ready - Yuviel heard exactly what she did not want to be reminded of.

Grabbing the bag and walking over to her bed, she slammed it onto the bed with a solid thumph.

Like your ears, my eyes can't handle extreams ... why do you think I wear what I do outside?

Taking off the towel casually, she pulled up some pantsu and started putting on her bra, fitting in perfectly - plain black.
Yuviel walks up to Malus and turns around, asking quite bluntly;

Mind doing my bra up?

Yuviel awaits for Malus to do up her bra.

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Extremes huh?

He watched intently as she came towards him and then turn around, she waited for him to fasten her bra.

Do it up? I can try, i have more practice taking them off of women though.

He grinned to himself, and stood up straight behind her. He pulled the clips of the bra tight together and connected them. He then put a hand on her shoulder and nudge her back toward the bed and where she had originally been getting dressed. He resumed his previous slouching position in the doorway.

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After getting nudged by Malus, she let off a slight "ah!" as she begins to walk back to her stuff, starting with the shirt... she does a few buttons up and pulls up her long skirt.

You're enjoying this, aren't you?
As she begins to button up the rest of her shirt - finding the tie and starts on that as well.

Make yourself useful and close the door or take your leave.

Finishing her tie, Yuviel grabs some thigh-highs and pulls them up without much thought, shortly following - she sat on her bed and slipped her feet into some near-knee-high black boots.

Content that everything was tied up and on correctly, Yuviel stands up and puts her coat on. Doing it up, she finally puts on her hat and gloves.

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88Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 4 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 8th 2010, 5:44 am

Malus was watching her getting dressed, he'd not seen as much female flesh as this since before he was brought to this school. And human (as far as he knows) women were also a first.

Of course i am enjoying this, what male in their right mind would not find certain pleasures in this... entertainment.

He slightly lowered his head forward and smiled, hair falling over his headband and covering his forehead. It gave him a sort of animal look.

He stepped inside the room closing the door behind him. He watched her slip into her uniform. He was enjoying today very much, fights and women, very good, now he just needed to have a refreshing alcoholic beverage.


Yuviel was finally dressed. It was a shame really. He walked up to her, standing sever feet infront of her. He smiled.

All ready are we? Princess. Ha!

He winked.

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Rolling her eyes, she pulls out a small pocket mirror from the back and starts applying some blusher, eyeliner and eventually does her eyelashes and slaps on some lip balm, letting her lips stay natural toned.

Winking at me wont get you anything...

Walking by Malus, Yuviel slaps in a more joking way across his face, letting her hand slide across it as she walked towards the door.

I may have gotten ready, but I have no intention of going to class... may I ask why you keep hanging around me?
Yuviel opens the door and leans on the doorframe - her arms pushing against the opposite frame as she asked the question.

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Malus stood there as Yuviel walked toward him, and then pretty much stroke his face. She was pretty, and couldn't help but be caught in her charm. His hand reached up and touched his cheek. He snapped out of his stupor awake, and then turned around to see her posing in the doorway.

Not going to class, that'd be bad for me. It's technically my job to make sure students stay out of trouble.

He smirked at that thought, he never really did work. He usually scared the kids back to class, but these new students were alot more rebellious. Not that it wasn't fun, once more thinking of his spar with the tattoo guy, and now this situation. These were alot better than work.

Hanging around you? You say it like i'm a little lap dog. But to be honest, my time here is boring, i enjoy entertainment. And right now, you're very entertaining, and not in a bad way.

He smiled and again, walked up to her.

It's not nice to slap people.

He moved his face rather close to hers, her chin resting between the curve in his fingers. He looked deep into her eyes, attempting to leave a... pleasant... thought within her mind. Her arms fell to her sides, either she was about to hit him, or perhaps something nicer else. Either way, he decided to let go of her and took a few steps past her and out through the doorway.

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As the girl motioned for him to follow he got up and moved just behind her and as they reached the courtyard they started to walk beside each other and said to her.

Well we are here now you were saying your story was a sensitive subject why is that?

They continue to walk and he waits for her responce.

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Slipping in a fresh pair of clothes, not bothering with the tie he merely pulled the collar on his shirt up and put on a uniform jacket. He left his wet hair to dry itself and exited the room.

Standing there alone in the hallway with his hands in the pockets he decided that going to class now is just not worth it, he wouldn't stay here until the end of the year way or another.

Walking back down the hallway from whence he came, he saw that "fun" girl standing in her doorway and Malus standing in his way, basically in the middle of the hallway.

As he walked up to them, Alex stopped and leaned on the wall with his shoulder, a little bit behind the girl's doorway. He smiled and asked;
..what are you two up to?

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Hinata, after an incredibly long travel, finally arrives at her destination. Looking up at the gate at which she assumed to be the north entrance she walks up to it. She then puts her hand on the gate and attempts to open it. She then discovers that the gate has been magically shut, not allowing her to open it without completely breaking it if she could. Grumbling a bit she looks through the gate trying to see someone who might open it for her. Noone in sight, Hinata plops down on the ground and puts down her heavy bag next to her leaning it and herself on the gate.
Well someone must come eventually
she thought to herself while patiently waiting.

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Letting Malus pass her - Yuviel was about to close the door when she heard someone behind her, casually looking back whilst reassuming her old position.

Friend of yours, Malus?

Given the tone of voice Yuviel used, she wasn't really that interested - taking in mind she had already seen him in the shower and didn't really dig the tatoo thing.

Pushing herself off the doorframe and onto Malus... pushing him into the wall Yuviel shoves her tongue down his mouth for several seconds and pushes off.


drying off her mouth, she playfully wonders towards the exit giggling to herself.

I'll catch you later~
As Yuviel enters the daylight - Yuviel holds her hat downward and heads for what seems to be the main building.

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Malus had turned to confront Alex when Yuviel had asked if they were friends. Were they friends, perhaps, but at the moment this guy was just a good laugh and fun to fight with. Thinking about it he turned back toward her instead, he open his mouth, about to respond. But when his gaze fixed on her, he noticed her move suspiciously, he had his hand on his sword in seconds, but that was when she jumped him. He crash into a wall and before he knew it, her lips were around his, and her tongue was in his mouth.

It lasted several seconds, and then Yuviel happily walked away toward the exit, laughing to herself. Malus had to execute a double take on the situation that just passed...

What the...?

He looked at Alex, a confused look on his face. Then back toward Yuviel, who was now almost gone. He scratched his head, and then smiled at Alex.

You know, this day just get's better and better. Want to get a beer and hit the roof?

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Staying silent to her question, he kept looking as the girl toyed around with Malus, Alex couldn't help but to shake his head. The situation was way too familiar to him.

When she left the building and he heard Malus talk confusedly, he got off the wall he was leaning on and approached Malus, giving him a friendly tap on the back he said;

..yeah..let's go get a look like you could use one...groundskeeper..

Alex finished his sentence in a teasing tone with a slight smile on his face as he motioned Malus to lead the way, he followed him by his right side yet again with his hand in his pockets.

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Malus lets go of his sword. And begins walking toward the dorm exit, Alex in tow.

We could go town, but you're a student. It's bad enough that i'm not forcing you to go class. So let's just go to the cantina then head to the roof.

Malus started to cross the courtyard. They wwalked in silence, Alex with his hands in his pockets. They reached the cantina after a short while. And Malus proceeded to fill his coat pockets, he managed to fit in 6 bottles of beer. Then he handed 3 to Alex.

These are mine, those are yours. Can't have you getting drunk now.

Alex seemed slightly annoyed at the gesture of being a lightweight, but seemed to understand. They left the cantina and emerged shortly on the roof. Malus lay his beer on the floor, then lay down himself, after removing his coat. He opened a bottle and took a deep swig. He then lay back in the sun.

Ah, that's some good stuff. So, how are you?

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Taking a seat a few steps away from Malus, putting the beers next to himself he answered to Malus in a funny tone; was a good day compared to the days i spent back home....aside from some guy knocking me out this morning..haha
Finishing his sentence he reached out for a bottle, opened it and took a long chug, finishing half the bottle in one go. He took a deep breath, placed the bottle beside him and looked up to the sky. There was still no rain, even though the occasional dark clouds passed through. A ray of sun now hit him and he instinctively raised his hand up to block it.
He peeked towards Malus and asked him curiously;'s your story? what brought you here?...

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Malus was lying on his back, his eyes lost in the sea of blue above him. He was using his hands as pillows behind his head. Then Alex asked him a serious question. Malus drank some more of his beer, and then started to recite the story of the great war, and how he was thrown here mysteriously.

...and when we reached the machine we managaed to make our way down to the engine room. I have to say that the security on the weapon was severly lacking. It was all far too easy. When we saw the engine powering that thing we were awe struck. It was the new prototype engine that the Druchii been experimenting with. Obviously we had a spy somewhere in the tech department that would have to be taken care of. But either way, it had to be destroyed. We had our demo guy rig it up, and then we got ambushed. A few were killed by the enemy, but i got surrounded. Just as i thought i was gonna get out of that mess, the bomb went off. And instead of dying, i woke up here. And as far as i know, i'm the only one who got thrown here. I had landed right here on the roof, and the Head found me, some how he knew all about me, saying he'd met a Druchii a very long time ago. He said i was free to stay here until i could find a way home, if there was. And that's about it, i've been here for 2 weeks now.

He looked at Alex, who seemed to be having a hard time processing all the information, but to be fair, there was alot. He finished off his beer and started a new one.

So... my turn. What's with the tattoos?

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100Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 4 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 12:20 am

While he was listening to the story about Malus, Alex finished off his beer slowly, leaving the empty bottle on the opposite side, near him.

Raising an eyebrow to Malus' question he turned his head slightly to the right, and pulled his collar down and stretching out his neck, showing a larger portion of his neck and towards his torso.
..this you mean?

He asked rhetorically whilst looking at Malus, seeing he was intrigued by the drawings on his body. And then he continued to answer his question;
...these tattoos as you call them are not really.. tattoos...they're runes....i'm not sure how much i should tell you about my background but...i am basically born a human...these magically empowered runes were engraved on my body a few years back in order to help me surpass my human limitations...each of the runes on me has a specific role...

He made a short pause to open another bottle, take a few sips and put the bottle down. He then pointed at the rune on the left side of his head and said;
..this one for example...blocks any harmful effects that would otherwise harm my mind or make me lose control myself...which is why you haven't seen it activate in our little..sparing...haha..

Alex then pulled up his right hand sleeve towards his elbow, revealing the whole sleeve of runes running around his arm. He clenched the fist and the runes started glowing faintly, as time progressed they glowed more and more brightly. He looked back at Malus and said;
..the rest of them, like this one...are primarily there to boost my physical strength and my speed multiple times of a normal human..

Finishing his sentence he loosened up his arm and put the runes back to "sleep", the glow completely gone.

Alex leaned more on the wall with his back and took another sip. He looked back at Malus to see his reaction to what he just told and showed him.

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