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Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o

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51Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 3 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 1st 2010, 5:05 am

Leaving the class after most people had left he moved quickly to the cantina ignoring all the students around him. As he neared the cantina he thought about what had happened that morning but as he entered to his suprise she was standing at the back of the queue and he decided it was his time to try a second time. As he reached he said.

Im sorry about this morning but I would love to have a second chance so here it is.

He stood up to his full height and said.

My name is Michael and it is a pleasure to meet you may I ask for your name?

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52Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 3 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 1st 2010, 7:03 am

Sitting on the bench after the awesome but tiresome fight he had with Malus, Alex feel asleep. Waking up, after quite some time from what he could tell, with a pain in his neck. When Alex looked up he watched the darkening clouds coming their way with a few rays of sunlight still passing through.

After a few moments Alex decided it's time to get moving and suddenly stood up, as he did that to fast, he got dizzy, lost balance and fell down on the ground face forward splitting his torn lip open again. Some curse words can be heard as he was rising up slowly. He spat out a bit of blood and let the rest coagulate, he had enough of his own blood on the sleeve from before as it is.

A cold beer and maybe a snack is what he needed to get himself back in shape so he picked up his jacket from the bench and threw it over the shoulder casually. He then noticed he almost forgot the tie, which he couldn't be bother putting on so he just stuffed it in his pocket.

Slowly walking up to the cantina and reaching it's door he entered, the place was packed.
It must be lunch time..
He thought as he was slowly walking up to the line that was created on the counter. Reaching the back end of queue he noticed that shady demon guy pestering a girl with a rather large bosom and unamused expression on her face. He was pissed enough as it is with how this day went on this far so he walked up to the demon guy, pushed him aside stood in front of him showing him his back said harshly;
..don't you see you're bothering her...go find yourself some weak minded fool that your petty tricks will actually work on..
Alex was now leaning on the counter turned towards the girl not giving her much attention nor if she was watching his bloodied and messed up appearance.

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At this sudden interuption he was angered and grabbed the shoulder of the hunter with his demonic strength slowly pressing in on his shoulder bone he said to him.

I would love to but sadly i dont have time to play with you so if you will please remove yourself from my place in this queue or do I have to teach you a lesson to get it through to you.

His grip on the hunters shoulder tightening with every passing second.

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As the awaited retaliation from the demon came Alex laughed away the pain in his shoulder together with the demons threat.

Suddenly turning around by 180 degrees, lowering his shoulder while turning and breaking free from the painful grip, upon finishing the rotation Alex then grabbed the demons hand that held him for the elbow and stretched it backwards whilst using his other hand and the memento from the spin to grab the demons head and slam it onto the counter.

Holding the demon in this improvised lock Alex leaned to him and said almost whisperingly; you really think it's wise to start fuss in a cantina full of humans..i'm sure the headmaster won't be pleased to see your demonic ass on a rampage..
As he said that, he let go of the demon and with a smirk on his face went back to the place he was at before.

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As the hunter started to make a move the seal on his eye turned to crimson red and his eye also turned red which is unseen to normal humans, and as the hunter turns to face him their eyes meet and he unleashes the power of his eye and invades the mind of the hunter implanting false images of him getting the upper hand causing him to stand still infront of Michael in a trance state and look at him for a few seconds Michael then leans into his ear and says.

Looks like I found that weak minded fool after all.

He releases the hunter from the false images and starts to laugh so that only those close to him can hear he then shakes his head at the hunter and says.

Like I said remove yourself from my place before im forced to teach you a lesson

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Slightly taken by surprise and off guard by the unexpected turn of events, Alex got his composure back after a few seconds. Slowly turning around towards the demon he rose his hand up as if was gonna go through his hair only to stop his palm on the rune on his face that started emitting a faint glow. He looked at the demon and said in a lowered voice;
..let's see you do that again demon...i told you before..i'll tell you again...knock it off before you get yourself in more trouble than you can handle..

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In a whisper he says to the hunter.

If you think your more trouble than I the conquerer of a demon realm can handle then I will gladly indulge your suicidal nature but until then you have still skipped me in the queue and I dont believe that is good behaviour but that cant be expect from one of your kind can it so i guess i can forgive you..... however if you think a little trick like your runes can fend off a seasoned ability like my eye your mistaken its to late for you anyway.

He motioned for the hunter to move from his path and let him back to his place in the queue.

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As Bruno was eating he saw the student from his class with the demonic aura approach a girl in line and talk to her. Just after he saw a male student who looked somewhat beaten up approaching the demon and talking to him. He placed his eating utensils on the table and placed both his elbows on the table his arms up with his hands together and leaned his chin on them and began observing the two. He sensed that the student who approached his class mate was no normal human he could feel a strange force emitting off him and so he choose it was best no to interfere yet. As he was watching the two of them the conversation suddenly got physical as the unknown student grabbed his classmates shoulder. Looking around him Bruno noticed some students had began observing this too and thought.

what are these two doing starting a fight in a place like this? Wasn't this place supposed to be peaceful?

He then witnessed something strange he sensed a strange dark power and saw his classmates eye turn red and the unknown male student was left in a trance like state for a few seconds. When the student came too Bruno saw him place his hand on his face and sensed a growth in magical power and thought.

Oh boy this doesn't look good may be I should get ready for something just in case. That red eye and power...just what did he do to him?

At this he took his elbows off the table and was placed himself so he could get up quickly should anything happen.

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After standing in the line for less than a minute, Yuviel finds herself approached by guy she saw at breakfast – and basically making sure she caught his name in a sleazy way, Yuviel just gave him a very unimpressed look … although she found it quite amusing when someone new stepped in that she had not yet met.

Getting into what seemed to be a small fight, that the strangely tattooed guy seemed to be winning – only to let go suddenly and got some mouth off Michael – this left Yuviel both annoyed and confused at the same time.

Again, facing what seemed to an impossible womaniser probably going after her assets and nothing else – Yuviel checked at the queue and found she was about to be served … taking her order (same as the morning) she showed them her tie and moved to the end … waiting for it.

After receiving her meal, she asked if they could have it sent to the VIP dorms… and that she would be in the living area – in which they asked her to follow them.

Yuviel following the kitchen staff, soon found herself in the storage area faced with what seemed to be a puddle of water standing upwards – basically being pushed through it, she found herself in the living area of the dorms with the food in hand.

What in the world am I doing here?

Quite shocked at the ordeal she had been put through, Yuviel sat the tray down on the table and fell into the seat, removing her hat and gloves, followed by coat and boots.

Those hooded guys said this place would turn my world around… didn’t think they meant literally!

Still talking out loud to herself, Yuviel opened the keg and went at her food… no random events were going to stop her eating something!

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Laughing in the demons face as he yapped, Alex just turned around and noticing the girl was gone, took a step forward. Being the next in line, he ordered a cooled off beer and and a sandwich.

Almost immediately getting his order was a nice surprise, he took the sandwich and the beer on a plate with one hand, holding his jacket with the other. As he was walking away he gave a taunting wink to the demon and sat down on the first empty place. Opening the beer bottle he took a few gulps and started eating his sandwich.

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Malus awoke to a midday sun. He was a bit achey, but otherwise feeling pretty good. He knew his body was not in great shape, but he could deal with the dulling pain. He'd suffered much worse during the war. He sat up on the branch and streched his arms and legs. His ribs hurt the worst, and his jaw was a bit stiff. He smiled and jumped out from the tree. When he hit the floor he stood up, and soaked up some of the sun. His stomach growled.

Hm... Lunchtime?

He brushed some dry blood from his mouth and started off toward the school and then the cantina. As he was walking he recalled his fight with the guy who had all the tattoos. He wondered if more was to be had at this school. He'd have to be careful though, physical violence between staff and students was forbidden.

When Malus stopped picturing the fight, he realised he'd stopped in the courtyard. A slight cold breeze ruffled his hair and graced his body. He felt goosebumps rise on his unprotected neck.

I swear I had a coat this morning... I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere.

He continued his walk, and in a few minutes he was in the cantina. It was a bit quiet, that was unusual, but not unaccepted. Usually the human meat bags talked far too loudly, it played havoc with his hearing. Much like the girl from earlier, such a violent girl. He shuddered and held his ear. He could die happy if he never experienced that again.

He skipped the long line of students queing for food and picked up a bottle of water and bowl of salad. Even though it was pretty horrible, it was pretty much the only healthy food on offer. He walked past the students again as he walked out of the cantina, most of them giving him evil glares. He didn't care, he could kill them if he were only allowed.

He reached the staff room and picked a chair in the shadows. Sun was nice, but back home there wasn't alot to see through the messed up sky, so his eyes were abit unused to it. He ate his salad in silence and waited for the next event of the day to begin.

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Aiya gazed at the clock as everyone got out for lunch. she sighed her eyes looking around to watching everyone that left go by and head there way to the cartina. she followed closely behind, she could hear the whispers and talking about her from most of the students that were conversing. she finally reached the cartina, but before she walked in she thought for a second, she could sense something going on, her curiousity sparked she walked inside. she looked at first the hunter, then the demon, then sighed figuring that it would be unwise to interfere. she sat herself at a lone table since it seemed every "normal" person seemed to avoid her like the plague.

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As the hunter laughed he was happy in the knowledge that he had already invaded his mind and could use it anytime he wished without the need for eye contact. He moved forward ordering a steak and a bottle of cider showing his tie he takes his food and turns noticing the girl from class he wondered how the hunter would react to this and moved over to her table and says.

You are the new person in class arent you? My name is Michael.... do you mind if I take this seat

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Aiya sighs gazing at michael as he introduced himself, she then looked at the hunter off in the distance for a moment, then back at michael.

Ill let you sit here, after you answer one important questions. why out of all of the people here, are you the first person to even confront me.

her eyes gazed into his, her piercing stare gave off an intimidating presence. her eyes unmoving as she waited for his answer.

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Looking straight at her he replys.

Because out of all of the people in this room you are the most interesting.... may i take a seat now?

He then moved next to a chair waiting for her reply.

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Aiya sighed and rolled her eyes, thinking to herself

figures, why is there always one person that uses that excuse

She looked around, there wasn’t a single person within one table of her and Michael

yeah I guess you can sit down now

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Time passes to 12:55 (Meaning 5 minutes to afternoon register and classes)

Yuviel finishes her meal and passes out on the counch (3 seater) and falls into a deep sleep, no natural light enters the living are and the lights were turned off.

Yuviel's obviously not enjoying her dream, and it will take a fair amount of effect to wake her for her not-so-peaceful sleep that she has fallen into.

NPC notes : The head can be found patrolling the school's walls, along with both Vanhikings - talking what seems to be quite casually.

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Alex found himself daydreaming on his favorite bench in the courtyard where he took a seat in order to laze around after his meal.

Looking up to the sky he noticed more and more dark clouds assembling together. His first thoughts were about rain, one of the things he didn't need right now.

Standing up on his feet Alex slowly walked back towards the dorms. Entering the dorms he proceeded to his room. Once he found himself inside his room, Alex threw to jacket he was carrying on the desk and then took of his bloodied shirt.

He decided some proper rest is in order so he threw himself on the bed without a shirt and quickly doze off.

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After sitting at the table with Aiya for about an hour they had talked casually for most of the time without anyone taking a seat at any of the tables around them which made him slightly angry at how they avoided the girl but as it neared the time to go back to class Michael decided he would ask the question that was on his mind and in a hushed voice he says to her.

What exactly is your "story"? I just cant figure you out and its been bothering me slightly a strange kind of magic seems to surround you and ive never felt anything like it before

He looked at her eagerly anticipating her answer.

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Malus had finished his food a while ago and had been lazing around on the staff sofa. He was relaxing when his sensitive hearing picked up on the Heads voice passing by the open window of the staff room. He thought it would be a good idea to find out some information about the guy with the glowing tattoos. He jumped up and moved over to the window. He peered outside, and to the right, walking away from the staff room, was the Head and the Vanhikings. He lept over the wall below the window and landed outside. He jogged toward the small group.

Excuse me. Daishi.

The Headmaster turned around, along with the Vanhikings, and confronted Malus.

Ah, Mr. Ardanien. Beautiful day isn't it?

Malus stopped and looked up into the sky, he squinted from the heavy sunlight.

Uh...Yeah? I guess so... Um... i had some questions about one of the students...

The Headmaster appeared to still be admiring the "beautiful day", when Mrs. Vanhiking nudged him. He snapped back to attention.

One of the students? Not causing trouble to them are you, my my, i hope it wasn't you who put our dear Yuviel in the nurses office.

Malus was puzzled, he didn't know Yuviel, infact, he didn't know many student names.

Uh... Yuviel?.. Actually, my questions were about the student with the weird tattoos.

The Head tapped his lip and hummed.

Ah yes, Mr. Alexander Mograine...

The Head then proceeded to tell Malus some details about Alex, nothing confidential of course, but being a staff member, Malus was entitled to know the "special" abilities of students.

...And that's all i have to tell you about him. I hope it helped. Please, go easy on our students, it'd be too much hassle to have them all in the nurses office at once. Hehe.

Malus face dropped slightly, did the Head know about the fight? Smiling at Malus, the Head turned back around and continued on his patrol duty with the Vanhikings. As he walked off he said outloud...

...Oh, and Mr. Ardanien, you have my permission to go into the dorms and retrieve your coat from Yuviel. Just be careful around her, she's a tough one...

Malus knew the Head was weird, but he'd never talked to him alot, perhaps he was the most weird person in the whole school. Everyone was weird. Urgh. But the dorms huh? He'd never set foot in there, students and spirit staff only. Oh well, he'd be careful when he got in there, he guessed his coat would be left in the dorm lounge or something. With that in mind, he headed toward the dorms.

He reached the dorm and entered, he walked down the hallway, not quite sure where he was going. By dumb luck he stumbled upon the living area. The lights were off, it was not a problem to see, but Malus turned on the lights anyway. On one of the sofas he saw his coat, he smiled and walked over to retrieve it, but when he got there he noticed a woman on the sofa. She appeared to be asleep. And not a very peaceful sleep at that. He was going to take his coat and leave when he realised it was the girl from this morning. He'd helped her once, and now that she was in a bad situation again, should he help her again? Against his better judgement, he shook her quite roughly, in an attempt to wake her up.

Hey. Wake up.

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Yuviel, still struggling with her dream – fighting against something – suddenly something quite nasty began chasing her, getting closer and closer.

Eventually a fanged man reached her and grabbed her arm … shaking her violently
Yuviel lunged at him aiming for the neck holding with all her might.
Waking up, Yuviel finds the groundskeeper choking with her arms around his neck completely off-balanced from the sudden lunge at him.

Keeping her hands in place, but loosening the grip to let him breath, Yuviel looks around – cold sweat dripping all over, she finds it too bright for her liking… eyes squinting.

Looking back down, Yuviel sat in a position usually reserved for intimate couples
but not caring… she asks in an almost normal tone;

Can I help you at all?

Still getting her bearings… Yuviel adjusts herself slightly – finding it quite uncomfortable in her old position.

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Malus found himself on the floor, with a pair of hands around his neck, and feeling slightly light headed due to a lack of oxygen. When he could finally breathe again, he noticed that girl who was on the sofa, was now sitting ontop of him. She was sweating, and her eyes were squinting. She asked if she could help him...

You know, there is one thing you can do. Could you get off of me please?

He shifted uncomfortably underneath Yuviel. And then he smiled weakly at her.

I was just making sure you were ok... Heh.

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Withdrawing from her current position ontop of Malus, Yuviel gets up slowly and punches the lights off, breaking the switch in the process, hurting her hands as well.

I really do not like bright lights, I'm sorry for choking you.

Yuviel walks back to the sofa, walking around Malus - rubbing her hand somewhat(right hand). Grabbing her clothing, and ignoring the tray of what was once her meal, Yuviel begins to walk off, undoing her shirt as she went.

If you want your coat, it should be on the 2 seater.

Going around the corner, towards what seemed to be the exit - Yuviel entered her room, leaving the door open.

Descriptive note : Removing all items of clothing and finding fresh undies / shirt and skirt.

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Malus sat up, he rubbed his neck with his hand.


He stood up, catching his breath. He looked around and spotted the 2 seater sofa. On the arm of the chair was his coat, draped over the side. He picked it up and ruffled it, shaking off some dust. And then he drapped it over his arm. That's when he noticed his missing sword. He muttered a curse under his breath...

Damn, i must of left my sword in the staff room.

He looked around and was just in time to see Yuviel disappear around the corner.

Uh.. Thanks for my coat.. Um... Hello?

Malus walked toward where Yuviel had disappeared. He followed her around the corner walked a few paces and saw an open door, as he walked over, he tapped on the door frame. He turned and looked inside the room..

Yuviel..? Thanks for looking after my co-... Ah! Sorry!

He jumped 'round with his back facing into the room. Malus was surprised to find that this student was randomly stripping herself with her door open.

Your door was open so i assumed it was ok to walk in. I did not mean to see you getting changed. Especially as it'd get me in trouble with Head, which he advised me not to do.

As he stood there, breathing slightly heavily. He couldn't lose the image of Yuviels almost naked body.

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As Malus entered the room, Yuviel was only in her pantsu - still going around hunting down clothing - she let out a giggle and continued.

after gathering all her items, she grabbed a towel and walked by Malus - waving him off.

Thanks for the wake up call, going for a shower.

Yuviel carried on down the corridor, going by the living are and ending up in another room ... moments later - the sound of water hitting stone could be heard.

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