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Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o

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26Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o - Page 2 Empty Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on February 26th 2010, 5:18 pm

Watching as she leaves he continues to eat his breakfast thinking this over in his head.

No soul... that can only mean one thing however it wouldnt appear she is aware... this coupled with that hunter... clearly theres more to this place than meets the eye.

Seeing time pass by he was getting bored so bored that he decided to go to class as late as he was he savoured the last of his breakfast before leaving the cantina and moving towards his class moving quickly he reached the room the teacher looking at him and questioning his lateness his reply was.

Im late thats all that matters lets not waste time with the excuses

He then walked to his seat at the back of the class away from the window and with an empty seat next to him and infront of his it kept he away from the class as a whole which made him happy looking on at the lesson with boredom on his face he hoped something exciting would happen.

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Aiya finally found her class, she sighed knowing she was late, she had saw someone enter the room just before she had time to catch the door it was closed behind him. She held her composure and quietly opened the door herself walking up to the teacher at a moderate place, whispering to him about her transfer and why she was late. The teacher nodded and turned his attention to the class.

attention we have a new student joining us, pls introduce yourself

Aiya bowed politely then smoke in a clear voice, she seemed to have most of the class’s attention

Nice to meet you all, my name is Aiya and I’m sorry for interrupting your lesson,

She was directed to her seat in the far back away from the window in front of who she noticed was the person that was late just before her. She walked over and sat down quickly and focused her attention for the most part, to the lecture. She half gazed around noticing the stares out of the corner of peoples eyes, she could tell that they were looking at her hair, the color, as she was used to by now, was quite abnormal.

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Walking up the top level of the main building, where the classrooms are located on each floor – she eventually reaches her classroom and looks into it … the cloak reads
09:35 – glancing around, she saw Michael again and decided to keep walking – heading to the roof.

Reaching the top of the stair access to the roof, Yuviel kicked the door in a little, enough to make sure it opened … and climbing the ladder onto the roof of the access – decided to drop off under the sky.

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As the new student entered the room all he could think about was the fact she would no doubt he seated closer to him breaking his seculsion from the class which bothered him slightly but not noticably and not to his suprise he was right he just looked at her as she sat down and her attention was on the lecture but he also noticed the others reaction to her looking mainly at her bleach white hair that he noticed to be tinted blue he thought to himself.

If these people think the color of her hair is something strange then they would be horrified at what i truly am.

Out of the corner he noticed the girl from the cantina look into the room for a second and caught his eye then walk on this brought a smirk to his face but he just continued to sit there bored at the lesson starting to wish he hadnt come to it.

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What’s decided by the elders is impossible to get out of…
Lily says with a thought filled look, then breaking her own train of thought she smiles at Malus.
I don’t mind the marriage, plenty of time to get to know who I’m going to marry. And the elders ar….
As Lily is about to explain about the elders the silent man picks her up princess style and begins to walk towards the main building again at a pace slightly faster than normal walking speed.
Lily’s face becomes confused but she doesn’t scream like would be expected, she just lets herself get picked up.
Are we running late?

She asks him calmly.

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Malus watched as the silent man picked up Lily and walk with her towards the school. It was slightly suspicious that it happened when the conversation was just getting interesting. Though thinking about it, it should be about 9:30 now, so lessons were probably be just beginning. He shouted toward Lily who was rapidly fading from his sight, and dissapear into the school.

Um... Have fun in lessons. I'll see you around!

That silent guy really was weird.

Now that Malus was all alone, he looked around for something to do. He was thinking about retreating back to his tree, but he noticed some movement on the roof. It wouldn't be a staff member, they don't tend to go up there. That left one thing, a student, and they should be in class. Time for a beat down, unless it was another pretty girl. Malus smiled and started walking toward the school, and after that head toward the roof stairway.

It was quiet inside the school and through the halls. As he walked down the hallways, he peered into the classrooms and saw everyone busy at work. It looked tedious, but Malus enjoyed his freedom. Upon reaching the stairway for the roof he slowly jogged up the stairs, taking three at a time. As he walked up the second flight of stairs, he noticed that the door was open, someone was deffinately up there. He thought about scarying them off of the roof, that'd be fun. He bent his knees and lept up the flight of stairs and burst through the doorway...

Aha! Got ya!

There was no one there, he looked around and saw nothing. Curious, he was sure he saw someone up here. He turned to leave when he saw the ladder to the flat area above the door. Maybe they were up there, he gabbed the ladder with one hand, and proceeded to pull himself up, sword in one hand, for poking delinquent students. He reached the top and peered over the edge...

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Hearing some noise, Yuviel sat upright, lifting the hat from her face back onto her head, even though the sunlight within the grounds didn’t hurt her – it was purely habit.

Noticing a head pop up from the ladder, Yuviel’s first reaction was of shock… how dare someone invade her nap on the roof – getting a better look, she could tell he was an adult used to spending time in darkness like herself.

Stop where you are, unless you want my foot in your mouth … who are you?

Yuviel lifted her foot and was more than ready to kick if the new person tried anything funny, Yuviel used one of her hands to hold down her skirt to prevent any perverted looks.

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After being threatened by another unknown person, Malus titled his head to the right and smiled. He lifted his right hand up and tapped her foot with the hilt of his sword. Keeping his smile, he looked into her eyes, they were an attractive shade of blue...

Those are fighting words, don't get me excited now.

Upon closer inspection, this brown haired, and very attractive girl, was wearing some abnormal clothes along side her school blouse and tie. She had a long skirt, coat, white gloves and a hat. Malus groaned, another weird person. Why couldn't it just be a regular kid that he could shout out and be done with it. This person wasn't gonna go to class easy. But then, maybe he didn't have to make her go. The big rack was more than ample excuse to "make nice".

He pulled himself up on to the roof, careful not to get too close to this girl and end up with a boot shaped mark on his face. He squated down on the corner of the roof and looked her up and down. Deffinately not normal, and very aggresive.

You know you're not supposed to be up here right? Shouldn't you be in one of your tedious learning sessions?

He smiled at her again, lay his sword on the floor , turned, and sat on the edge of the roof with his back to the girl.

By the way, i'm Malus, the Groundskeeper.

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Watching the strange man introduce himself as Malus the groundskeeper, Yuviel put her foot down as the groundskeeper squatted.
Putting herself back into a laying position and hat over face to prevent sunlight landing on her face … she says in a slightly mocking voice;

You can’t hurt students, nor can you drag me anywhere… you try anything and I’ll scream that you touched me.
A slight giggle escapes her control as she finished the sentence.

Yuviel’s left hand remained on the hat to stop it from slipping, as her right rested over her stomach – almost unbothered by the freakishly pale man was squatted only inches away.

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Aiya sighed, the class was so boring but she figured it would be over soon enough, she took a pencil and juggling it within her fingers doing odd and fancy tricks with little effort, when the teacher finally turned its back to the class she turned in her chair and looked back at the person behind her, waving with her free hand. She turned back around before as she sensed the teacher turning around again. She sighed thinking to herself,

well at least this school isn’t completely normal, peaceful enough I guess too.

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Malus thought to himself. Screamed that i touched her? So what? She's weird.... deffinately weird, and that's the second one today. He turned around to talk to her and saw that she had gone back to basking in the sunlight, appearing as if she didn't care about what he had said. Maybe i should just drag her to her classroom, it's no big deal right?

He got up, picking up his sword as he did, because who knew what this girl would do next, and walked over to her. He bent over and removed her hat. And then looked her in the face.

Yeah, as scary as your threat of sexual abuse is, i'm gonna have to ask you to move along. If i don't, the Head is gonna make me do work. So make sure you move along sometime soon.

He replaced her hat and then jumped down onto the roof and moved over to the fence to survey the grounds, just to make sure no one else was loitering. No doubt this girl would attempt to kill him, and today was far too nice to be fighting for ones life. Whilst he did this, he listened for any aggressive noises coming from the girls direction. That boot to the face could happen anytime now.

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Her hat removed, Yuviel’s eyes close as the sudden rays hit them… squinting in pain and keeping them closed – she hears some sarcastic mockery of her threat – followed by the hat landing back on her face.

Eyes watering from the pain, Yuviel sat upright and annoyed – only to see the Groundskeeper getting down from the roof. Not happy at all, Yuviel climbs down after clearing up her eyes, luckily she wasn’t wearing any makeup this time… and walks slowly towards Malus.

She gets within arms reach of Malus, then sidesteps quickly next to his ear – hugging him letting him feel her chest squishing into his back, tip-toeing up so she can whisper in his ear…

You know something, grounds keeper…
Then shouting as loudly as possible

I don’t like the sun in my eyes!

Kneeing him up the backside and walking off in a huff – Yuviel ignores anything said to her as she staggers slightly reaching the roof access, still dazed by the sunlight suddenly entering her eyes.

As she gets inside, she slams into a wall and slides downward – almost falling asleep instantly.

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Malus was right on the moeny when he expected some sort of retaliation from the girl. But it wasn't what he expected. She hugged him? What the hell was going on? And then suddenly she yelled in his ear and the whole world went blank. She let him go and he started to drop like a stone, when suddenly, she thrust her kneed him from behind, sending him crashing into the fence. He grabbed hold of it to keep himself up.

For the next fifteen minutes, Malus felt like he was physically going to throw up, but he steady himself on the fence and took deep breaths, calming his stomach, and more importantly, his head. Did she know that he had sensitive hearing, or was this yet another coincidence? This place had to many deja vu type incidents. Malus sat and considered this for a while before, out of the corner of his eye, he saw yet another loiterer at the back of the school. One out of two people today were nice, that left him with a 50% chance that this person would be good to talk to.

After much deliberation and weighing the pros and cons, Malus decided he might as well go and send this person to class, or try. He got up, sword in hand, and swayed towards the roof access, still affected by the attack. He pulled the door open and inside was the girl who'd just partially deafened him, she was lying unconscious on the floor.

Oh dear. That can't be good. What to do, leave her here? Repay the favour? Or take her to the Nurse? Best not risk touching her, she might wake up

Instead, Malus took off his coat, rolled it into a ball, and placed it under her head. He looked down at her...

What am i doing? This place is making me far too nice. That kid down by the tree is gonna have to be tortured. Sorry.

He walked down the stairs, now coatless, holding the rail to steady himself so as not to fall down to the bottom. After reaching the bottom, he made his way to the back door. By this time he was feeling much better, though his balance was still a bit uneasy. At the back of the school there was a guy, wearing the school uniform, sitting alone in the shade of a big tree. He looked pretty well built, but at the same time rather slim, if was a bit paler, Malus would think he was part Druchii. He had tribal tattoos on some of his body, like on his wrists and neck and even one on the left side of his head, going down the side of his face. It looked pretty menacing, but Malus had seen worse people. The weirdest thing was his silvery hair, was he an old man indisguise? A trap maybe...

Hey! You over there. Students are supposed to be in lessons. Whats your excuse, hm? And it better be good, i'm in no mood for any crap!

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Slowly looking up at the new challenger that appeared. He was quite pale and looked quite physically weak compared to what Alex was used to see. Alexander didn't feel intimidated by his presence at all, however, Alex was well aware that the sword around the guy's waist could prove to be a hefty advantage if a fight was to happen seeing as he has left his packed in the dorm room.

Rising up from the floor slowly, still keeping his eyes on the new guy Alex dusted himself off and replied to him casually;
...i've got no excuse..and i don't care about your mood in the slightest either...
Alex took a small step forward and looked the guy in the eyes, noticing they're different colors. Alex wasn't startled by it at all, but it wasn't really something he knew happens to humans, which would only mean one thing - the new guy was something else.

That fact made things a lot easier for Alex, he's not the one to look for fights, but if something that isn't human comes close to him and gives him attitude, he wasn't going to back down.

Still keeping eye contact with him Alex continued and asked the stranger; we have a problem here big guy?

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Suddenly Malus was face to face with the new guy. And was apparently taking attitude from him. Last week was so much easier, why is it that all the weird ones start showing up now. Looks like it was gonna get rough again, but as long as no one shouted in his ear again.... Malus sighed...

Big guy? Aren't you bigger than me? By the way this is my 3rd introduction today, i'm Malus, the Groundskeeper, and basically i get to laze around until someone like you ruins it. If you're gonna be at school at least attend your lessons once in a while.

This guy was pretty big to be just a school kid. Special training perhaps? A brawler, he had no visible weapons on him atleast. Malus stabbed the scabbard of his sword into the floor and leaned on it, he then looked at the guy infront of him. This guy was pretty much challenging him to a fight right there and then, Malus knew he shouldn't, but what the hell, he needed to let ooff some steam.

So, what's your forte, delinquent?

Then he titled his head forward, casting an eerie shadow down his face and let out a small smirk.

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Quite surprised at the answer Malus gave to him and even more at the question he asked, Alexander replied with a confident voice;
...i see...a lazy guy that doesn't let other laze around...very interesting..
Alex made a brief pause as he looked at Malus and tried to judge his strength, before he continued saying; ask for my strengths before you attack? very nice of you...i will answer you then.... my field of expertise is swordsmanship...much like yours i assume, however i'm not see...
Alexander turned around and made a small step towards his old place under the tree, and with a smirk on his face, asked Malus over the shoulder;, are you gonna walk away now.. or am i gonna have to use my hands to get you out of my sight?

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Fight between Malus and Alex, located at the back of the school, mid-morning.

The head strictly said that i'm not supposed to fight students...

Malus started to walk away and then stopped.

He span around and unsheathed his sword and let it rest upon Alexs shoulder.
...For you, i think i could make a little exception.

Malus produced a wide grin.

Looking at the sword on his shoulder, Alex smiled, looking at Malus in the eyes. He suddenly moved his head backwards and to the side, making a small jump backwards, gaining some distance. He quickly took off the school uniform jacket and pulled the tie off his neck, throwing it casually next to him. Malus could see the runes on his wrists and neck begin emitting a faint red glow. While the one on his head stayed dormant.

Hm, so it seems you have some skill...
His sword was still in the air, as he brought it back, his placed it back in it's scabbard. Then Malus noticed the markings on the guy start glowing, it was curious, they seemed almost like magic.
Thats some cute trick you got there, i best not underestimate you huh..?
Malus grinned at him and then pointed his resheathed sword toward him.
Tell me boy, can you dodge a moving blade, or am i gonna be picking pieces of you up from the floor?


He said while looking very carefully at the movements of Malus' sword.
..I hope you aren't all talk and no show.
Alex said as he quickly moved towards Malus, to avoid the stretched out blade Alex ducked and slid on the floor, turning around he caught the back end of Malus' legs, causing him to lose balance.

He watched as the silver haired man ducked under his sword, grab Malus' leg and attempt to knock him off balance. Instead Malus turned it into a roll, and spun 'round on one knee and drew his sword infront of his face and lunged at the guy with his fist.

Seeing the fist flying towards him Alex took it straight on the cheeck, the force of the punch slamming his head down on the ground. A minor injury he shruged off. As he was punched, Alex stretched his right leg out and kicked Malus in the rib area, moving him away from himself. Alex then rolled over to the left and quickly got up his feet.

Taking a hard kick to the ribs Malus span across the floor. He timed the spinning and then hit the floor with his right arm, which launched him into the air, he corrected himself mid flight and then landed on his feet. He grinned, and rubbed his ribs.

Seeing Malus holding his ribs Alex launched forward, he faked a punch with his right hand and used his left hand spread open to hit the wrist Malus was holding the sword, making the sword drop down on the ground.

Grabbing his left hand, Malus pulled Alex toward himself. In one quick motion, he bent his left knee and dug his right foot into the ground, then he tightened his hand into a fist and slammed it into Alex's stomach.

Bending down from the force of the impact to the stomach, Alex pushed Malus away a few inches with his left shoulder only to quickly turn around 360 degrees and catch Malus with his right elbow across the cheek. He was now a step away from Malus, trying to catch a breath.

The impact of Alex's elbow and Malus' jaw was enough to send a vibration through all his teeth. Malus stumbled to the side and spat out a little blood on the floor, he then wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve. He spun on his heel and kicked his leg at Alex's side.

Alex dodged the kicked as he side stepped only to step on Malus' sword and lose balance, falling down on the ground sideways, facing Malus.

Malus watched Alex fall to the floor with a thud. Malus then sprang toward him while he was vulnerable and tried to stamp on his chest.

Seeing a foot coming down on him, Alex put his right hand up, his runes now glowing brightly. He managed to stop the kick and retaliated with a kick with his right leg to Malus' other leg, directly under the knee. Making him fall down as well. Alex used the chance and rolled over his back to get back on his feet. Now standing he looked towards Malus and said
Come on..Get up!

Feeling annoyed at being goaded on by this piece of trash human. Malus sprang to his feet and launched himself at Alex with all the strength he could gather. He swung a heavy punch at Alex's face, in an attempt to knock him to the floor and the proceed to beat him. That sounded good.
Take this, scum...

Seeing Malus charging him Alex swung his right fist up, with no time to dodge his attack he got hit with full force. He felt his fist connect right before the impact he took sent him flying backwards, landing on the back. His vision was blurry. He tried to get up but to no success.

As Malus scored a punch, he saw Alexs fist coming up toward him, it hit him on the chin and also sent him hurtling backward, he slammed on the ground. His ear was ringing once again from the deadly uppercut he just recieved. There's no way he was getting up, this guy was pretty good.
Hey man, how about we call it a draw this time?
He shouted to Alex, whilst smiling to himself...

Alex laughed heartedly.
..Yeah...I guess you're right..It's a draw..
Alex finished his sentence and turned around, trying to get up on his feet. He was kneeling as he spat out some blood and wiped his mouth off with the white shirt, leaving a visible trial behind. His runes went back to their dormant state and he just kneeled there for a moment to get himself together.

Well, it’s time for me to make a move before staff sees this.
Malus groaned while he got to his feet, his body was aching, and there was blood dripping from his mouth.
I look forward to next time.
He bent down and picked up his sword then walked toward the front of the school to get a good rest up in his tree, the sun was a little higher, seems their little fight went on for some time. Malus couldn’t wait till next time.
He reached his tree, struggled up to a middle branch, and slumped into a comfortable position, then closed his eyes…

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Sitting still in the classroom the sound of the teachers voice making the boring lesson even worse when the girl infront of him turned and gave him a small wave it gave him some relief that he wasnt the only one bored here and this made he give a slight smile. About 5 minutes after this he felt two souls fighting one was the hunter from before but the second was something he hadnt felt before it was elven but it was different somehow the two fought for a small while and suddenly it ended both souls still alive at this he assumed it was either sparring or had ended in a draw. He just sat there deciding that he needed to find the soulless girl once more but this time he would be more careful about his approach. Wanting the class to end quickly he continued to sit there.

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After a short while Alexanders head finally cleared up enough for him to be able to walk almost normally so he stood up, turned around and picked up his jacket and tie. He threw them over his shoulder and walked off.

There was no way in hell he'd be going to class now, beaten up, sweaty and bloody on places. As he walked he went by his old resting place - the bench. Alex immediately sat down on it, making himself as comfortable as possible, spreading as he wished.

As he was sitting there he felt his cheek and now hurting jaw, thinking;
...that was more than i bargained was a fun pass time..
Thinking back about the fight Alex decided it would be a good idea to start carrying his swords with him, however he wasn't sure how well that would sit with the head master. But for now, he's gonna take some rest on this bench.

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A good 20 minutes passed since passing out and it was soon to be 2nd lesson (lessons lasting an hour each) – Yuviel awakens in a complete daze, checking around she finds a coat had been put under her head.

sitting up; rubbing her arm after finding it’s slightly bruised – she grabs the coat and begins to slowly head down the stairs … reaching ground floor she eventually finds her way to the nurses office.

Finding it empty – Yuviel puts the coat on the end of the bed and collapses on the middle part, dragging herself over and rolling until she was face up, then curling up away from the barred window which was letting in light.

Talking quietly out to herself…

If I see that groundskeeper again, I am so smacking his face.

Letting unconsciousness take her… she fell asleep again.

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On right second row from the left of the classroom Bruno leaned his head on his left hand while he looked out the window daydreaming.While doing so he sensed two people fighting and thought.

Wonder whats going hope everyone's alright.

Looking around the class room he saw a girl wave to the boy on the desk behind her. Ever since he entered the classroom those two made him nervous. He sensed a strange magic coming from the girl with the light blue hair which puzzled him. The boy to whom she waved was even worse he could sense a demonic aura around him which instinctively made him nervous. Looking at them both he taught with a curious face.

Hum these two people one of them seems to be a human but her magic is strange and you can't even call the male student human he is clearly a demon but I shouldn't pick a fight just because of that. I'm getting a bad feeling out of him I think I'll keep an eye on him.

He then sighed and turned back to the teacher and began taking notes of the lesson waiting for lunch.

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Once they arrive at the reception the silent man puts lily down and walks over to talk to the person behind the desk. But even though he was speaking, his voice was to quiet for lily to hear.
The silent man finished speaking and the person behind the desk went into the office that was beyond reception.
I wonder what his voice sounds like
Lily thinks while looking at the silent mans back.
The person behind the desk comes back out of the office and gestures for the silent man to go through, the silent man turns to lily and makes a motion at her, lily takes it that it means she is to stay there.

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GM note : to prevent stagnant talking I am time-skipping the roleplay to 5 minutes before lunch.


Notes for roleplayers : The sky is becoming darker as clouds begin to take over the sky, although it's still sunny.

Other things to take into consideration is you've likely moved classroom for additional lessons (3 in the morning, 2 after lunch)

Special note for Lillian : You've been in the heads office, talking to the head for 2 and a bit hours.

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After his morning lessons were done Bruno was feeling hungry so he decided he should go eat something. He got up from his desk and quickly glanced at the male student with the demonic aura and then back at the door and thought.

That guy really makes me nervous...

He then walked towards the door and left the classroom at a normal speed with his hands in his pockets and headed towards the cantina. He got in line and after a bit of waiting when his turn was up he showed his tie to the person serving the food with his right hand which was answered by a nod signaling they understood. He then picked up a tray and ordered some rice and soup two large steaks and a piece of chocolate cake for a desert and a soda. He noticed the surprised and curious looks the other students gave him and the whispers they said to one another but simply smiled and picked up the tray and went to sit down at an empty table by himself on the left corner and began to eat.

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Awakening in the Nurse's office, Yuviel began looking around - the curtains had been pulled and it was alot darker in the room.

Her eyes were quite used to the darkened room and she felt quite content with it - even the lights had been turned off.

Gathering herself - she notices a shiney paire of glasses, looking more closely, it was the Nurse's assistant peeking at Yuviel as she slept.

Sitting upward ... Yuviel signals the assistant to come closer... stroking his face and moving in for a kiss - Yuviel punches him in the stomach and lets him fall over her shoulder.

Whispering in his ear

I don't like being treated like some object to be observed - remember that ... Ecchi.

Grabbing the coat she had from what smelt like the groundskeeper ... Yuviel headed towards the cantina - entering from the not-so-used entrance of the two it has she headed for the line.

Waiting in line, Yuviel checked herself out to make sure nothing was missing.

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