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Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o

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101 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 2:51 am


Eventually reaching the roof, Yuviel had managed to sneak into the store cuboard with a very large bottle of rum and some apples.

Opening the door quite loudly, she noticed the same pair talking to each other ... not much caring, she left the door open and made her way back down the stairs.

Reaching the bottom, she looked around ... quite easily sneaking around as students were still rushing from their lunchbreak being pretty late - Yuviel made her way to the sportshall.

Entering the hall, she ignored the class that was getting ready and entered the spirit baths with her stolen goods - taking off her coat gloves and hat - she began her feast.

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102 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 5:21 am

Aiya noticed no one in direct earshot and sighed a bit looking back at Michael with a look of annoyance.

you should really watch what subjects you bring up in public, it can adverse effects on people when they obviously don’t know or even possibly believe in the subject that you wish to hear about. But lets see, at least you were direct enough to call me strange to my face.

She giggled a little bit and sat down by a tree thinking about where she should start.

im surprised in myself that I havent been approached by anyone about my little entrance. I guess I was far enough out it seems, that or everyone is so dull that they couldn’t sense it from a distance. Hmm where to start. Ah I know. Well for one, as for what would be a strange magical presence I can explain that pretty easily.

She stopped for a moment then realized that she it had been a long time since she explained it to anyone. She noticed that no one was around still, keeping alert.

lets see, for one, im not from you world really. Or at least im not either from the same time or space, or maybe both, I really couldn’t tell you. I cant really tell you how long ill be here. For all I know I’m stuck here. Or for all I know this place could be my home dimension but in a different time and place. Its been like this for a very long time it feels like, ive learned a lot of things. Most I wont expose cause I swore to keep those a secret which I will. But hopefully you now understand how different I can be from everyone else.

She stood up and brushed herself off a bit. Looking at the time.

if you don’t mind I’m going to head to class now.

She started to walk off in the direction of class.

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103 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 6:10 am

Behind the school if anyone was watching they would have seen a small tiny girl land behind a tree with such grace that anyone would have stared in awe. Izzy landed after her long flight down. The headmaster knew she was coming but he didn't know when or where. She was keeping most things secret from everyone.

She gently walked out from the woods and walked slowly to the school. With her standing at 5 feet she was quite tiny and most people thought she was an easy target. She was quite able to stand her own however. As she walked towards the school a small trail of flowers sprouted up, daisies mixed with tulips bloomed behind her shining to the sun. She decides to head up to the roof to look at the clouds as they pass by. Making her way over, she climbs the ladder to go up to the roof. When she reaches the top she sees two boys drinking some beer. Izzy's face tightens up for more then 1 reason. Izzy walks over to the two boys, being a shy and reserved girl Izzy decides to persuade them.

Umm, you boys shouldn't be doing that. It's not very appropriate to drink on school grounds.
Izzy's face reddens up and she looks away.

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104 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 6:32 am

Looking at the small girl that approached them, Alex looked at Malus then back the beer he left with sadness as he listened to her speak. He stood up, dusting himself off in the process. He walked up to her, adjusting his collar as he was taking the few steps, and then asked her as politely as he knew;
..what's such a small girl like yourself doing in a high school?

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105 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 6:35 am

Izzy looked back at the boy who spoke to her. She got a look of such indignation. She was older then him! Her hunger started to sweep up, but she remembered he had no way of knowing how old she really was.

With a look of soft understanding she spoke softly,

I am 17 years old. I am no child.

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106 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 6:41 am

Slightly surprised by her answer he scratched his head and smiled at her. He stretched his right hand in a greeting fashion and said; name is Alex, i'm a fourth year student here...what's your name?
He wondered how she would react to the runes on his arm that were slightly showing out of the sleeve and the one on his face that was clearly visible to her.

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107 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 6:47 am

Izzy looks at the boy and notices these tattoos on his face and arm. She thinks they are something different and special but she isn't sure. She will research them later. Izzy doesn't understand why he put his hand out towards her. Angels never greeted each this way. Looking puzzled it finally dawned on her. When she went through her human course, she heard about this weird ritual they did where they shook each others hands to signify friendship and good nature. Grabbing hold of his hand, a bit too rough, Izzy is quite strong, she shook it violently.

I'm Izzy I'm a third year, I just transferred today

Izzy beamed at the boy.

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108 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 6:56 am

..oh,is that so?
Alex asked curiously when she introduced herself. He managed to break free of her firm grip still keeping his smile on.
Looking at her, he wondered how she's actually only a year younger than he is. Is she even human...crossed his mind but he quickly decided not to pursue the thought.
Unsure when she actually arrived he asked her;
..have you talked to the headmaster yet?

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109 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 6:58 am

Izzy continuing to look at the boy answered in a very soft voice as usual

No I haven't, I just flew down a few minnnn...Uh I mean I just got dropped off. I should go speak to him
Izzy looked to the sky and wondered what all her friends were up to.

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110 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 7:18 am

Alex had talked about his runes, and it interested Malus, to say the least. Something like that would be very useful if he ever got to go home. Hell, it'd be useful here too, but it was probably a family thing, so getting them would likely be out of the question. Malus was going to ask if it was at all possible for him to get himself some runes when they were interrupted by a small girl. She thought that Malus was a student, humourous. Alex started to talk to her.

Malus had kindly let the two kids get to know each other for quite some time now, infact, he was now on his penultimate beer. He had been fine up to now, listening to them. But it started to get real boring being a third wheel.

Little girl, it's nice that you came to say hello, but do you to have to talk so much. The roof is supposed to be a peaceful place.

He stood up and confronted the new person. He rubbed her head and smiled.

I'm the Groundskeeper here, but my only real job is to make sure the students don't skip class, well except this guy. He's my entertainment. That said, i assume you're a student, if you need to find the Head, i'd be happy to help you, or you may ask Alex if you prefer...

He sat down, finished off his beer, and held the other toward the girl.

...Or you can relax in peace here with us... and the beer.

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111 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 7:26 am

Izzy watched as the other boy walked over to her, when he pat her head she wanted so badly to send a shock through his body, but she remembered that it usually ended up shocking her instead. So she decided to glare at him. She could sense something different in him then the first boy. something she didn't really like. He then did the unthinkable and offered her some beer.

I would never drink that filthy despicable drink. You should be ashamed of yourself!
Izzy then went over took the beer and threw it over the side of the building. She then stormed off and to someone with a keen sense could see a trail of wind blowing right behind her. Then the clouds started to shift in and the wind picked up and she smiled as she made her way to the headmaster.

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112 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 7:45 am

Malus watched as his last beer was thrown, heading over the fence of the roof. Malus scowled at the girl and quickly turned 180°. It was the final beer, no way he'd be losing that. He pushed his Elven abilities hard, it was a stupid reason, but the last beer was always the best. He ran to the fence and jumped clear over it, he reached for the beer, but it was just too far. He followed it over the fence as it started falling to the ground. He was about a 1/4 of the way down the building when he managed to snatch the beer. Luckily he'd fallen along side a vertical drain pipe. He latched on with his hand, and gripped hard, slowing himself. He hands got hot, if not for his gloves, he'd be burnt.

He slowed just before hitting the floor. He jumped from the pipe and rolled. He ended up flat on his back. He looked the sky, holding his beer infront of his face.

Well... That was exhilarating, and all for a beer. Heh! And that girl, so mean...

He opened his beer, ready to taste the last beer goodness. He put the bottle to his lips. Then immediately threw it at the wall.

Damnit. It got shaken to much.

He stayed on the floor, rubbing sweat from his brow.

She'll pay for that.

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113 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 8:08 am

Watching Malus somersault over the fence after the beer Alex let out a hearty laugh. Turning around he slowly went down the stairs, following the way he thought the little girl went.

Reaching the ground level, Alex entered the main building to see if she's there.

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114 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 8:33 am


Time passage : 13:25

Finishing the apples, half the rum had gone too - Yuviel sat in the spirit bath changing area, enjoying the new sensation of the room spinning.

Sounds could be heard from outside, as students talked - lessons were going on as usual, and it seemed to be PE at least for them. Yuviel had little care for what class she was meant to be doing at the moment.

Placing the bottle down, she took a quick look around and noticed the room had no lights, and seemed to react to her favourite time of day.

Descriptive notes : the room is held in a constant late-dusk light, myst on the floor set very thick and the air seems to have a slight cold winter feel to it.

I've missed this feeling...

Looking at her hand, it seemed to sway in slow motion - little did Yuviel know it was her head that was moving, not that she would care in the slightest.

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115 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 8:33 am

Izzy started walking towards the reception to go visit the headmaster. She heard a door behind her close and she turned to see Alex, the boy from the roof. She smiled at him and continued to the receptionist.

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116 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 9:04 am

Seeing her smiling at him, he walked up to her and said;
so this is where you went...
He looked around the reception office, luckily not many people were there.

Looking back at her he asked;
..waiting for the headmaster?...

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117 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 9:30 am

Yes I am waiting for him. I don't know my class schedule. Do you know if the receptionist will be along soon?

Izzy stepped on her tippy toes and peeped over the counter. She had to lean over as much as she could, her feet were no longer touching the ground.

Ahhh help me! I'm stuck!
Izzy feet were flailing around.

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118 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 10:15 am

Picking her up around her waist, he gently pulled her down to the ground, making sure she's balanced and standing steady he let go of her..

He looked outside and then back at her and said;
well...i'll leave you here then so you can talk to the headmaster..if you need someone to show you around once you get settled..feel free to find me..
He waved at her and started to walk away.

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119 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 10:30 am

Malus had been laying on the floor for sometime now. He was still upset about losing his last beer. It was time to go and take his mind off it, no doubt there were students to pick on.

He got up and started walking around the school grounds, he couldn't find anyone outside and so he eventually ended up inside the main building. He grew increasingly bored, and there was absolutely nothing to do.

Why did everything have to happen this morning? I'm so increibly bored.

He was about to give up and just go back to his tree and sleep when he noticed a girl walking in the direction of the classrooms, it was time for him to play Groundskeeper.

Excuse me. You know you should be in class by now right? Unless you want to entertain me!

He smiled at her. Playing Groundskeeper could wait for another time and place.

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120 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 10:46 am

Aiya turned around innocently and smiled her eyes showing no real emotion that could be told. She looked around.

you know my kind sir, you really should be more specific on how you ask for “entertainment” someone might take the wrong idea

She sighed, stretching and yawning as continued talking

so how about you enlighten me on this so called entertainment. Also if I were you I wouldn’t want to be around any staff smelling like beer.

She stood there tapping her foot, but on her guard her hands giving off a faint energy if she had to defend herself.

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121 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 10:55 am

He thought about the word entertainment for a second. Of course Yuviels version had been the best thus far. But then, so had Alexs. A third type could be even better, he'd see how it panned out.

Well... entertainment as in give me something to pass the time. Talk, eat... sleep... Whatever, i should make you go class, but i've had way to much excitement to stop now.

He noticed her hands raising in defence, was she going to attack him? He kept his hand on the hilt of his sword just in case, maybe another fight would happen. He hadn't fully recovered from the morning fight with Alex, but he could still have fun.

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122 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 10:59 am

Aiya blinked and sighed turning around speaking in a taunting tone of sorts

ill just go to class now like I was originally

She started to walk off in a flirty sort of way

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123 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 11:04 am

Go to class? Really? You're boring. You sure you wouldn't rather do something with me?

Malus stood his ground, hoping that maybe she would change her mind. He noticed that she was walking away quite seductively. Perhaps he'd have another Yuviel situation. That would be entertaining. Either way, he'd let her make the decision. He brushed a hand through his hair and looked out of the nearby window, awaiting his response.

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124 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 11:06 am

While Izzy was waiting she decided to hum, she was getting bored waiting. She then saw a man approach from behind the counter. He looked kind of annoyed.

How can I help you miss?

I'm Izzabelle, I just transferred here today! Who are you?
Izzy smiled gently at him.

I am your headmaster. I heard about you. You are a very special girl. Did you enjoy your journey? I should hope so. Anyways onto more pressing matters, I arranged for your luggage to be sent to your room. I hope you like it...
He started to fidget and look around.

Here is your class schedule. Today it is no big deal if you miss classes, so you can get used to the grounds and to get situated. I don't like any of my students to miss class but if you ever need to have some time off just let me know. And now I should bid you farewell, I must get back to more uh...pressing matters. Please enjoy your stay with us. Oh and please try to hide any special gifts you may have from humans, that is greatly appreciated. Have a most wonderful day.[/b]

Izzy noticed he almost vanished on the spot. He was interesting. She shook it all off and decided to go look for her dorm room. She got to the entrance and waited at the front of it looking at all of the nature. She bent down and grew herself a small plot of flowers. She picked a daisy and smelled it. She sighed and wished she could see her family.

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125 Re: Spirit Sanctuary - or is it? :o on March 9th 2010, 11:11 am

She turned around quickly her arms crossed and her eyes piercing, she spoke sharply with a slight hint of annoyance

I rather be boring then try and get people in trouble, now if you don’t mind im running late

She sighed and threw the ball of energy in the air forgetting it was set to form, she walked away without a care, the ball hit the ground between her and the groundskeeper a large spear forming up like a spike popping out of the ground then vanishing about as fast it was made. She continued on to class now slightly annoyed.

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