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Mock RP #2

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1Mock RP #2 Empty Mock RP #2 on February 23rd 2010, 10:40 pm

Special notes: this rp will not effect anything in the main rp, its just here to give us something to do in the times when AJ is down or you just cant think of anything in the main rp.

Setting Notes: The setting for this mock rp is going to be a Christmas party, the time at the start of the mock will be around noon, no classes are going on, Aiya has sent out Invitations, the dinner that night is to be a potluck where everyone is to at least bring something. Aiya got a banquet room reservered for the party which is where she is currently positioned. (everyone who is participating has gotten a invitation.)


Aiya sighed, the goblins were busy with other christmas preparations that she barely got any help, she was up fairly early just putting up decorations in the banquet hall. she looked at the clock and noticed it was already 10am and she barely got the decorations up.

i hope this turns out well, otherwise i'll be working for nothing.

She took the ladder she was using for decorations and put it back in the storage closet then went to the tables starting to move them so they were made one large rectangular table. she found the cloth that she was going to use for table, she waved it high managing to get across about 90 percent of the table. she walked to the other end and pulled the cloth the rest of the way over making sure it looked nice then heard a knock at the door.

Come in...

A guy came in with 2 mediums sized boxes, he set them down by the door and walked over to Aiya asking for her signiture which she gave then watched him leave. she walked over to the boxes and looked at the return address, looking at the name she blinks then opens the boxes looking at the contents of the inside. realizing that they were the glasses and other dishes she asked for, for the party.

After finally finishing the table setup and the decorations in the room, or at least most of them she decided that she should probably take a small break, sitting in one of the chairs her excitement still rising. Aiya was wearing a red skirt and a white turtleneck, with a red jacket on, her hair tied with a red ribbon.

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2Mock RP #2 Empty Re: Mock RP #2 on February 24th 2010, 7:41 am

Bravo looked at his watch, it was coming up to 12. The invitation said that the festivities started at noon, so he had a few minutes before he should head into the banquet room.

He stood down the hallway squirming in his suit. These type of clothes always felt so restricting, and he'd had to buy these clothes especially for today and every piece of clothing was new, and slightly uncomfortable. He was wearing a white shirt with a black tie, he also had a black jacket and matching trousers and shoes.

Leaning on the wall, Bravo took out his carton of smokes and lit one up. Tonight was probably gonna be a bit hectic. But maybe he'd be able to enjoy himself. He puffed on his cigarette then looked down at the food he brought with his, the invitation had asked for everyone to bring a little something. He'd opted to bring an old favourite from Germany, some Black Forest ham, which ironically, is a variety of smoked ham. He smiled and continued smoking his cigarette.

After he had finished, he patted himself down, made his hair presentable, and entered the door to the party room.


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3Mock RP #2 Empty Re: Mock RP #2 on February 24th 2010, 8:24 am

Aiya looked at bravo when he entered the room not expecting anyone to show up as early as this. she stood up and walked over to him inspecting the suit he was wearing while giggling.

well uhm, the invitation did say party was starting at noon and going all day, didnt expect anyone to be punctual, im still kinda setting up, also the invitation said dress up nice, not well, as much as that..but i have an idea, take off your tie and undo the top button, you look like your going to a funeral.

she took the ham from bravo and set it on the table, the container on it gave off an aura as it sat there, she had the goblins put a spell on the tablecloth so it would keep everything at the appropriate tempature so food would be better tasting. she looked back at bravo speaking softly

well i still need to decorate the tree and maybe later ill put mistletoe in the hallway on the way out if its worth it.

her tone of voice showed that she seemed to be under a lot of pressure and also in a rush to get things done.

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4Mock RP #2 Empty Re: Mock RP #2 on February 24th 2010, 8:41 am

Stepping into the room, Bravo took in his surroundings, the room was packed with decorations. The Goblins were doing quite alot of the work, but it seemed really good. He also noticed an undecorated tree in the room. After hearing Aiyas comments about his clothing he decided to take her advice.

While she took his food to a nearby table, he preceeded to remove his tie and undo his top button. He then tucked his tie into his pocket and as Aiya returned, he faced towards her.

Ah, sorry, am i really that early? I was getting a bit bored waiting around in my room.

Bravo tugged on his sleeves.

I don't really own many clothes, so I thought that I would buy something fitting for the occaision, and too be honest, i feel more comfortable without the tie. And, erm... If it's easier for you, I could leave you to your work?

Bravo noticed that she seemed a little bit stressed. He smiled at Aiya and said...

Though, i can stay help with any more work you have to do around here... By the way, Mistletoe sounds fun.

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