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Graphic Battles! Rules

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1Graphic Battles! Rules Empty Graphic Battles! Rules on February 13th 2010, 11:29 am

To start a graphic battle with another person either:

A battle between two artists. One artists makes a new thread challenging a certain artist or challenging the first who accepts the challenge.

for example: make a thread saying "I challenge cookiemonster"


But there is a twist... Those of you who are not artists, but enjoy seeing the work of the artists on the forums, may declare a battle between two artists.

But, both artists have to agree to your battle in order for it to be valid.

for example: make a thread saying "I want to see LostSouls vs. Cookiemonster''

Rules to apply

If you are going to challenge another artist, or declare a battle.
Please set some standards.

For example:

Set dimensions such as width and height.

set a deadline after the challenge has been accepted.

a certain set stock/render.

all rules are strictly optional

you may create your own rules but the challengers will have to accept.

The Final Touch

Once the challengers agree and both artists have posted their work, The graphics mods will happily set up a new thread with a poll.

and poll will sit for five days before declaring the winner.

*note* mods please feel free to edit this if you feel differently about something.

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