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SS Idea thread

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1SS Idea thread Empty SS Idea thread on January 31st 2010, 4:19 am


Post your idea's for plot advancement here.

Currently in the works before anyone considers anything :
- The invasion of the Doppleganger.
- Chibi, the path we choose.

Awesome sounding title is not a requirement, but since this are two spoiler options already planned out... I'll let you fear them or whatnot.

As for your ideas, a basic plot after the title / idea name is a must*

[quote author=Toliris link=topic=108.msg2255#msg2255 date=1264794707]
Well i have 2 ideas based on my character read my Bio if you need slgithly more info

Michael losing his ring of suppresion/it gets broken

Michael would fuse with his evil side and become well..... evil until brought down by substantial

The Unknown creatures that attacked him at a young age finally track him down

They attack the school and a grand defence is needed

Only possibles i though of based on my Character but would need a little bit of char developement and some more time in the RP first Razz

[quote author=Kirky link=topic=108.msg2290#msg2290 date=1264802030]
Ive got one. My character being the spy she is sends an order that the magical people in this school are a threat to humanity/an observation period of her mission ends and they send in teh human troops with guns etc, I would like an ending to it that doesnt ciminalise my character so ill have her against the human troops comein in because she comes to like the school/spirits. This plot would allow some character developement for my and other characters if done correctly and it will be epic fighting hords of human army dudes. Also with the boss guy mentioned in my bio we will have an evil dude who we will have to deal with.

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