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Ex-members of the roleplay

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Below are some EX-members of the roleplay, banned or simply lost interest along the way ... they are no longer considered part of the roleplay and can be treated as NPC's for all intents and purposes of any actions done to them.


[quote=Skell;434353]Name - Miu Amaya

Nickname - Nightflower
Reason - A play with her name, the flower being the part meaning the beauty or beautiful.
Age - 17
Gender - Female
Personality - Gets shy easy when talked to and scared easily, also blooms easy when being near a male that she is interested in, she believes that her life is meaningless and she feels like everyone around her is stupid while her being a genious, she sometimes get suicidal thoughs.
Bio - Getting higher grades while being a beautiful girl, her female classmates felt jealus and began humiliating her in class and infront of her friends, it ended up with her dropping out of the school and joining a new one wich she never gained any friends, but one, it was all because of her past experience, she had become shy and didn't talk with anyone, luckily she gained a friend who helped her until there ways had to seperate and she found a new school, with a new chance to gain friends and find happiness.
Race - Human
Power - None, she has no knowledge to magic and doesn't know the existens of it as she always tries to find a "logical" reason for it.
Appearance - Ex-members of the roleplay Picture
She is 143.6 cm./4 ft. 8.5 cm.
Alignment - The world isn't only coloured White and Black, it consistes of more colours in different shades of dark and light, this girl is grey with beautiful white sparkles that shines as hope for a better future, while there is very dark parts in the grey that shows the hole in her heart because of the experiences she has had and her believes of not having a reason to live.
Hometown - Gardenline
Job - Student
Title - None

[quote=Jacks;432160]Name: Tia'rya Greenwood

She has adopted the human name Tia Green for simplicity.
Age: By look? Sixteen. Her actual age is something she has not disclosed to anyone as of yet.
Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet and studious. Eccentric in her ways and at home as a bit of an outcast.
Tia is of the opinion that school should be for learning and that's all. Her classmates constant prattling of who is dating who and party plans does nothing to change her dislike for them. Older and wiser, but still only a teen in the eyes of elves, she came to the school to learn things known of to humans rather than elves. It's lucky for her that many others in the school are less than mundane in their form. Her demeanor is usually calm and composed, but when anger finally touches her personality she can become violent and rude to those around her. Trained with sword rather than bow, her goal is to one day become a paladin. Though given the lack of females in that profession it's not looking up for the young elfess.
Race: Elf
Power: Strength, though not on par with that of a vampire. Speed, enhanced hearing and sight. Photographic memory. She can cast light holy magics, though her talent does not lie in the arcane, and the sword that remains in her room is made from blessed silver and steel. Accelerated healing (not regeneration, just a bit faster than a human)
Appearance: At 5'11" she all but towers over her fellow female students, and several of the males. Honey waves fall to her hip, though normally they are kept in a bun or braid, and eyes of light teal often look confused if she is spoken to. Her uniform shirt is a size too large, giving her the appearance of being tall and scrawny, though that's just so that she'll be left in peace. To hide the delicate points of her ears Tia keeps a small leather wristlet on her left wrist, a faint tracing of gold indicating it's masking abilities. She wears a blue tie and hates the mundane uniform, often wishing for the more fantastical clothing of her home. In school she wears black horn rimmed glasses.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, which she tries desperately to hide in favor of Lawful Good. Her true nature is far different from the appearance she puts on.
Hometown: A very small elven village that she does not discuss for fear of giving her form away.
Job: Second Year Class Representative
Title: None

[size=10pt][glow=red,2,300]Banned - Allowed to be killed off if it serves a purpose to plot.[/glow][/size]

[quote=Soyamoto;438608]Name: Warren Drayke

Nick: Draco
Race: Half-Human/Half-Dragon
Magical Power: Controls the powers of Fire and Wind can also transcend time although this ability extremely exhausts Warren he can only use it 3 times a day.
Physical Power: Master swordsman, Titanic Strength, Flight.
Appearance: Black hair and Hazel colored eyes. When Warren loses his temper his eyes turn crimson colored. 5'11''. Warren can also reveal his wings at any time and fly. Instead of turning into a Dragon a sword appears across his back and his clothing switches to combat gear(will supply example). The sword has a dark red leather hilt with a hand guard shaped like a pair of wings. When not in combat the sword's blade is just like any ordinary blade. But when in combat it glows a hot white. Looks to be 22 (Actually a 127 years old.)

Out in public.
Up-close wearing combat gear.
Weakness: Get his blade away from him and he can't use his fire powers.
Gender: Male.
Bio: Much of Warren's memories have faded since becoming immortal but he remembers 2 things. His transformation into a Half-Dragon and his magical teachings. And that he was a Warrior of the Silverstone family. He is quiet and collective but is friendly once you get him out of his reverie. Warren has a split personality (Warren and Draco) Draco is aggressive and cruel and loves a good fight.
Alignment: Can switch between Light and Dark depending on which personality is in control.
Hometown: There are speculations upon where his origins are located but most seem to think he is from Romania or Russia.
Job: English and History Teacher
Title: N/A
Black suit like in the Public picture supplied.

[size=10pt][color=green][glow=red,2,300]Banned - Allowed to be killed off if it serves a purpose to plot.[/glow][/size]

Name - Tamamo no Mae
Nickname - none yet.

Age - over 9000 (lol) years old, has the looks of a young adult female (probably around 19-20)

Gender - Female

Personality - Like all foxes likes to play tricks, also likes to play perverted jokes on people. Can be serious and loyal but is mostly very nice and playfull (or maybe it's because of the sake...). can sometimes be a bit sexually voracious. Despite the sexual and alcoholic tendencies isn't unsympathetic and will even help out people.

Bio - After coming new on the school as a Neko Spirit in disguise she mostly spend her day drinking sake, torturing Vanhiking (and being tortured) and just relaxing around because she saw it has a little vacation from her work. After an accident some bastard put spirit ore in her mouth, she is allergic to that so she changed back into her real form, a well developed Nine-tailed fox demon, so she could rest and kill the person who did that later. After living for over 9000 years she saw a lot and has been through a lot, actually lived together with gods and goddesses for a long time untill she got tired of them and descended to earth, she met a young man there who introduced her to The Council and because of her power she got the option to be the boss of the Universe Garden and handle the problems there, they didn't want her as a Ferryman like her friend because they thought she looked suspicious. A couple of hundred years later at a Council party her friend said: ''I want you to cook my breakfast and make my bentou everyday while only wearing an apron, I want you to do that and be with me forever.'' He got on his knee and asked her to be his wife, she accepted and they got engaged. Sadly a few months after that he got killed while doing his job as a Ferryman. Depressed she pulled herself back in the Universe Garden for a couple of years till an other young man showed up and kicked her out of her house saying that she needs to pick herself up and that he will help her. For now they are still really close friends. She earned the trust of multiple members of The Council and is now more informed about all sorts of things but still has the same job. Currently fooling around in the school, probably planning on assaulting the nurse or maybe do something else so she can stay here longer and enjoy her vacation.

Race - Nine-tailed Fox Demon

Power - because of her job she can open doors and teleport anywhere. She has never actually used her powers because she didn't feel the need to, but being over 9000 years old her powers have increased a lot compared to when she was just a young little kitsune girl with 1 tail.

Weakness - pink suit purple tie combi. Brings up the urge to puke.

Appearance - Young adult well developed (lol bewbs) female, long blonde hair that's a lil bit curly, big fox ears and nine tails, or you can just look at the pictures in the club album which give a much better view of how she looks like.

Alignment - The good side!

Hometown - Currently has her own traditional house in the Universe garden. (lol a space hall XD )

Job - one of the most strongest goddess in the Universe Garden and mostly is the boss there handling problems of people from different worlds and times. No job at the school (yet) .
Head of the Punishmen dorms.

Title - Languages teacher and Punishment dorm tutor.


Name - Yomi. (real name unknown)
Nickname - none yet.

Age - 16 year, fairly new.

Gender - Female

Personality - When first met really shy, but opens up after getting to know people better, clumsy, curious, likes to pull pranks in secret.

Bio - New at the school and has yet to discover alot, she was dropped off by school by her guardians with the inheritage her parents left her and since then the guardians haven't been seen anywhere. Further information regarding her, her parents and her guardians is unknown. People suspect that royal blood flows through her veins

Race - Neko Spirit

Power - None yet, new and still has to learn alot, REALLY alot. Also hasn't been in contact with any power since her parents died.

Weakness - clumsy,

Appearance - Girl with long blonde hair, usually in twintails by large ribbons which can also hide her cat ears, looks younger than she is and isn't very tall either.

Alignment - none yet

Hometown - Used to live in different places, she got a necklace with a pendant in the form of a small turtle from her mother that is her bound item (and which she always has with her or around her neck). There are only records of where she lived with her guardians, no records of where she lived with her parents.

Job - student.

Title - /

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