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Roleplay Rules

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1Roleplay Rules Empty Roleplay Rules on January 31st 2010, 12:40 am


This section is for Roleplayers only, lack of post count does not give you the right to spam.

- Be polite, consider others when posting.

- The GM of the respective roleplay is GOD, the end. You annoy the GM or troll etc, they can and sometimes will kill you off and have you removed.

- Although it's usually enforced, double posting (unless a GM of an roleplay) is not permitted, if a roleplay is not active, get others to post by asking them. If you're the last one standing... tough, merge posts before double posting... edit button is there for a reason.

- GM's should only double+ post when : Setting up a roleplay and applying a vast amount of rules. Repairing roleplay for whatever reason, or posting warnings etc.

- Ask the GM of a roleplay before barging in, if the thread says ask first... do it, if you just walk in and say hi I'm "bob" and I kick you in the face, that's called being an asshole ... big no no.

These rules are subject to change and will be updated.

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