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1Getting started Empty Getting started on January 31st 2010, 12:20 am


In this thread, I will be adding various guides to roleplaying and it's general set up.

The first being the Bio - a must have in any roleplay.

Setting up the bio: now, I know… a lot of people will be thinking, why do I need a bio – you have my username blah blah blah. Well, to the blunt – when roleplaying, you aren’t you! That means the username you are currently using as well, as to be quite blunt … as far as we are concerned – that is you!

Name – Aside from the obvious thing, name is most likely the biggest thing … everyone will call you that, or rather the character you are roleplaying. Try to avoid your username or real name if possible – damn it… be a nerd and find an Elf name if you’re an Elf. Google, use it. You’re a Vampire – pch … come up with an interesting title to match the name! (Note : My current roleplay is a little different to the normal version of any races mentioned).

Nickname – Again, you are roleplaying someone else – they might have a nickname given to them by someone else, or favour it over their birthname (or given name in some cases, like those who lose memories and are found by strangers)

Age – Now, this Is normally measured in Human years (aka, actual years!) but~ you might be Immortal. (15 year old Vampire comes to mind) So… you might be 15, bitten by a Vampire and have been like that for 8 years. That would make your age 23, but you’d also comment that you look 15! (example : Age – 23 (looks 15) )

Gender – Well, 99% of the time… you are either male/boy/guy or female/girl/woman we do have the odd interesting option when using certain genre to Genderbend … or allow certain functions to switch Gender at will or randomly (like a sneeze!)

Personality – Everyone has a personality… everyone. Even the emotionless ones! Angry, happy, playful … basic single words or whole sentences help – if you aren’t too smart, that’s ok… list the most common emotions the character has, and if it all goes well, you end up with a wall of text the size of this paragraph!

Bio – Some argue this is the most important part, you effectively shove a small segment of your life into this part, now you might be thinking… my life? I’m roleplaying. Wrong! You are this new character, where are they from… what are they like, where are they going – why are they here? Did you die and come back, are you into Yuri? Heck … anything like those things should go into the Bio.

Race – Depending on the roleplay itself, not all races will be an option, so for the most part “Human” goes into this part, however… if like in Haruhi you are different – example, Esper. You’d put “Race – Human / Esper”. You don’t need to put much else unless (again) you are a Vampire, you might want to state you were either born a Vampire or bitten.

Power – Ah, now this may or may not be needed in most roleplays – so in some types, this could be pretty much ignored, removed or deleted. Power could be contacts, military or otherwise. You could be a priest, giving you power of said religion. Or you might actually have powers, in which case you might want to put a few of those down. Example : Flying, laser eyes, summoning. The basic stuff.
- You might also want to add how experienced you are in these areas, like … just started to learn how to summon a Chibi (Kawaii!) or you’ve been a flame user for 100’s of years.

Physical powers – This one should be included in most Bio’s if not all! Are you strong, fast, crippled, blind? Tell us – are some of your limbs different, tail – ears? Wings? Are they useful. If not… ignore them. But you might want to include transforming abilities into this section as it’s a physical change.

Weakness – Everyone has something to pull them back, even the GM must have limits. You can be God… but only under certain circumstances. Everyone, has a flaw. Nothing is perfect. Humanity heals slow, mortal… pretty weak. Zombies are braindead idiots. Vampires and (typically!) daylight / silver. You need to think what is a normal weakness of the race you pick and apply it. Typically, being Human is weakness enough.

Appearance – How you look, silly! Scars, hair colour, eye colour … everything like that, is one arm black whilst the rest of you is pink? Do you wear funny clothing? Are you a nudist? All questions you need to ask yourself when designing a character. How does the body look, if weak are you fat or skinny to the bone?

Alignment – a lot of people seem to struggle with this one – well, to put it blunt. Are you good or evil? Are you someone who doesn’t like to get involved? Shockingly people in it for themselves are actually evil! That’s right, they might show a little goodwill, but in the end… they are evil. Think someone like Han solo, he’s evil.
Some magic / powers are strictly alignment based… only a good priest could caste the magic required to banish evil from holyland (or unholyland).

Hometown – Pretty simple this one, I think. Where do you call home? Doesn’t mean your place of birth… unless of course, that’s home! A lot of the time, you might want to say… can’t remember, that’s fine – this is one of the lesser items not as important as most of the above stuff.

Job – Depending on the roleplay itself, will change this slot from anything that’s useless to something that could be quite extensive. Military rank for example? Student? Student with a side job?

Title – This can be many things! Are you a count (think Vampire, again). Private? Headmaster/mistress? Whore? Okay… I’ll be blunt, the last one should never be in a roleplay. You need to pick the right title or none at all, let the GM pick a suitable one, even if you like the meat, you can’t call yourself that kind of thing… keep it PG-13!

Now that we’ve gone through Bio’s with you – this thread will have more added to it, remember this one additional thing before adding your new bio to a roleplay. Ask the GM if it’s fine, or PM the bio so they can add it to the list.
(Lethan’s personal system that she likes!)

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